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Most of the stories here (if not all) will be wrote in the world of Drekenvold. Check out this post to learn a little more.

I Welcome you to Drekenvold


Lisa is a single Drow woman with her own Alchemy shop. Life and business are already complicated enough, without her ex-crush Andre showing up. What’s Lisa to do?

The Wolf Called Yaoguai

Yasuhiro Yabe is a loving father and husband. He is also a famouse monster slayer. Trying to balance life with his wife sick and his daugher growing up makes things harder than he’s used to

Becoming Xioa Niao.

Zhao Shufen is going home in a week, to her conservative parents. Worse, they don’t know that she’s fallen head over heels for a older Drow woman. Kira Haynes, was her martials arts instructor, but now is so much more.

Chapter one

Chapter two

LMPD Chronicles

What I am reading

About me.

I’m a guy who likes a good story, so I thought I might write a few

Hello all, I’m your typical nerd, IT work, polyglot, Fantasy Romance, loving guy. You know the usual stuff. I have a fantasy world that I created, and most of my writings will take place there as it took me a really long time to make it feel real and normal. So most of the time, I just write from what I know. I try to tackle or highlight many different issues and types of people while twisting the stereotypes of fantasy races. We have fun here.

Working on this site has been one of the most incredible things to happen to me. However, with more content comes more work. If you can give anything to help, I will be grateful. I promise that premium content is also coming and a YouTube channel

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