I Welcome you to Drekenvold

What’s a Drekenvold? Doesn’t sound like any place I’ve ever heard of 

Drekenvold is the world in which most if not all of my stories will take place. It’s a world full of magic, but also technology. What I wanted to do with Drekenvold is create a world that would be my answer to, what if magic existed? So I took that and applied it to (mostly) how our world works and wrote what I “saw”. What I came up with is a world full of people you can’t wait to fall in love with, even if you don’t know it yet. So whether you like the goodie goodie hero or the bad boy/girl villain. I have that and everything in between.

Why do this? 

Because I was once told I’m good at crafting stories and I was told just enough times to believe it (please don’t hate my bad joke). On a serious note, I’ve always loved writing and it’s something I would want to share with the world. Taking this fantasy world and applying it to a more modern world in the likes I’ve never seen, just felt like what I was always meant to write.

What to expect? 

Well, that’s hard to explain plainly but I’ll try my best. You will get stories that are blood rushing, action-packed stories that will rival those of your favorite books and movies, but you will also get soft and romantic stories that will have your heart swooning. Then you may just get scenes of rivals or good friends comedically bantering back in forth. You could even get a horrifying thriller that will have you reading with the lights on. What I have learned in all my years of writing is that I can’t plan too much, or the reader will be able to tell. So all of these things are things that I love so they will appear here and there. Drekenvold is a place that is constantly evolving with new stories and ideas popping up all the time. As of this day, I have a story that is a love story amid a civil war, and I also have a story of one man’s road on the way to become a king. I also plan to try to create new content at least every week that will be spin-offs of what’s going on in the world. So you never know.

Content every week? A book every week? That’s Crazy!

Yes, that is crazy and that is exactly why I’m not doing that. I will try to create short one-off stories that aren’t that long or maybe ‘interviews’ with certain characters. I will take suggestions on some things and try to put it into the world. I do know that at some point I will be releasing a guide on the world, and that is going to take a while. So maybe it will just be some background and lore for those who are into that kind of stuff.

I like your writing style, but nothing you write really fits me. 

Well send me a message on messenger or send me an email. Keep in mind that I write fantasy romance in a world that has pretty set rules. That doesn’t, however, stop me from writing stories with more magic or less. It doesn’t stop me from writing stories with more horror and/or mystery or less. Dare I say it, sure I guess, doesn’t stop me from writing stories with more romance elements or less. You are my audience and at this very early stage where I have a few ideas but not much set in stone. I welcome the idea of my audience giving me ideas and collaborating with me. Because at the end of the day, I’m an entertainer and without I’m just an IT guy in Detroit.

Okay, well I hope I’ve given you a pretty good idea of what I’m trying to do and will do in the future. I hope that I can get you to stay and be able to provide you with great stories that you will want to share with your friends. Till next time.

2 thoughts on “I Welcome you to Drekenvold

  1. I’m excited to read what you have created. There were two errors above… Search your page for : something’s and email. keep in mind


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