Purest Ember Prologue

Baba No!
The words play in my mind over and over again, but it won’t bring him back. It will never bring him back. My hands tremble as they hold Baba’s gentle face. I cough from the smoke that has filled the room as the monster stalks over to me. Their weapon stains the floor with a trail of fresh blood. Baba’s blood. The heaviness of their steeps ring out over the crackling of the fire, the sound of wood burning and screaming of my people. My skin is hot from the heat erupting from the flames, but all I feel is the cold of the night and emptiness of Baba’s death.
Step, step, step. I feel their weight as they come closer. The Floorboards giving way to their power. I won’t move. Let them kill me here with Baba. My coughing turns into sobs as the tears break away and stream down my face.
I hear a grunt now, followed by a thud. I bury my face into Baba’s shoulder. I wait for the moment my life will end, and I will be with Baba once more. What are they waiting for?
I turn my head to a new monster is standing over the last. This one is bigger than the last one. His weapon held at his side, and his hand outstretched to me.
“Madam, I need you to move!” He says, inching close to me as if he is scared he will startle me.
“Why do you hesitate to kill me, monster!” I scream, pulling Baba closer to me.
“I’m not here to kill you. I am here to help you. This is not the time to talk about this.” He says. I hear a crack above me, and when I look up, my bed is falling towards me. I brace for it to crush me, but I see it fly towards the far wall in a blur. I look back to the monster, and he is placing his axed staff back to his side. “This house is coming down. I need you to come with me.” His voice is more gentle now.
“Let me die here with Baba. Haven’t you’re people done enough.” I say, followed by another cough.
“Madam I, I will not pretend to understand your loss, but I will assure you I am not the one that killed him. See look, I have turned on my kin to save you. I have others, but I need you to come with me. Je vous veux aider.” I look behind the Monster and see the Tagil that Killed Baba is lying on the floor, now missing his head.
By the Gods!
I scramble back to get away from the Monster.
“Do not touch me!” I shiver and shielding Baba from him. I hear him sigh, then a calm washes over me as he begins to chant.
“Blessed are the servants of light, that are shielded by the righteousness of Thenosan. May her children always know that she is with them and hear her voice in the darkest times. Be still my child and allow those anointed by the might of the mother of light, guild you as she has chosen her knights by the character of their heart.” That is the Chant of the Holy Mother Thenosan. Only clerics and priests say that chant.
I glance up and see the Monster glowing white for a moment, and an aura of holy light emanates from him. He is not a monster but a guardian sent to help us.
“Who are you?” I say, with an unusual steady in my voice.
“Madam, I am Thierry Dulac. I am here to help. But we must leave quickly.” Even with all the chaos going on, he is gentle, calm, and patient. Undoubtedly, the Holy mother has sent an Angel to guard and guide us.
I take his hand and get to my feet. His touch cools my core and allows me to follow his words. I look into his light green eyes and feel safe. Why does he evoke this feeling in me? Once at his side, he walks over to Baba and places his hand on his head. Golden light surrounds Baba for a second, then it’s gone. Somehow I feel better. He comes back to my side and retakes my hand.
He guides me out of the house of my Baba, all the while holding my hand. He is gentle but firm enough to stay me. As we enter the battle-torn streets, he is careful to guide me away from as much of the death as possible. When I look at those affected by this bloodshed, he pulls me close and comforts me with words.
“It’s okay, madam, were are nearly out of here.” His words do a lot to calm me. I wish to understand why, but I realize this is not the time. I only grip his hand to let him know that I trust him.
He brings me to a big military truck. He helps me up to the back where there are more of the townspeople. They are all huddled and quiet, as he has probably already calmed them. I squeeze in where I can, He had found many of my people, and we were packed in as tight as we could be. I turn to face him as I hear him start to talk once more.
“Everyone, you are all that I could find. Others are saving your people, and I’m sure we can not fit anymore. We are going to go now. I will guide this truck to the Holy City of Revé. Stay quiet, and we may make it out of here.”
We say our thanks and join hands. With our hands locked, we begin to Chant the Holy Mother’s chant. Surely they will see us through this. If only Baba could have made it. I oddly no longer feel sorrow for Baba. Was this by force of magic or the spirit of our guardian? No matter, I think that we are in the hands of the Holy Mother’s protection as we huddle in the small back of the canopy of the truck.
As we hum the chants, I can feel a presence of power around us. Surely the Gods are looking on us. I began to thank the Gods for our guardian. Mr. Thierry Dulac.


Jean has lost his mind! How does he think this will bring about a better world for our people? This will only make our people a target. This will make everything worse! My blood boils at the thought of the coming carnage that will consume the land.
The thoughts pour over while riding down the highway atop the X3 Convoy truck. Luckily I was able to find a civilian capable of driving the thing after saving him from Sylvia. This woman had always been kind to me. Now a battle-thirsty beast just like Jean. The man had been so scared he didn’t know what to do.
When I walked over to him, I felt this strange glow. Placing my weapon to my side, I assured him that everything was going to be okay. And he … hugged me, as if I was a long lost relative that he hadn’t seen in years. He wept into my shoulder and hurried as I guided him to safety. Once he spotted the truck, he was all too eager to volunteer to help me rescue the people if I was willing to protect the truck.
I agreed. Even though it makes me a huge target.
This was worth it. Undoubtedly around this time on a typical day, it would be spotted with workers coming to and from the night shift, but now was a desolate place littered with the charred boxes of metal and flesh.
I turn my head to face the horizon, trying to distance from the horrors that my kin have done.
I will not be apart of the mass genocide of a people. No matter what ‘Grand Dictorus’ says. He is not worthy of the title. The Grand Dictorus is a leader of the people, not a dictator who will use his power to wage war on the world. That is not what Katin would do.
Maybe I should go to him. He can still help, can’t he? I’m not sure what the Monks of the Council of Volgas do precisely. I just know they are a higher ruling than all the world’s kingdoms. Hopefully, he can resume control until a more suitable candidate can take over.
Turning back and I no longer see the chaos of before. Yet now there is a circle of my people hovering around the center of the city. What could be going on? By the Gods! is that a vortex? What being could create that. I tap on the top of the cab to let the driver know to step on it. He checks the rearview and notices the destructive winds swirling above the city. He indeed puts metal to the floor, or however the human saying goes.
I don’t know where that power is coming from, but I do not want to be stuck anywhere near it. Oddly enough, I think it’s actually keeping us safe. I hear a slight whispering in my ear.
“My child, worry not about the forces of nature you look upon. One of the Guardians of the Spirit Guardian faces your leader.”
Holy Mother? She does not speak again. I just feel a humming in my body. After a short while, the vortex goes away. Is there really a mortal that can fight Jean? A mortal that can command the spirits to such a degree? Surely there must be.
We make our way a little further down the path, and just as Peliski fades away, I witness a massive wave of magic focus towards the town. No, it will be destroyed. But before it lands, a giant ball of darkness appears and sends it back. What in all the realms is going on?
I can only imagine what is going on in that place. I am miles away from the city now, and I can still sense the power a little. How strong are these servants? Can that power be just one person that isn’t a God?
Hopefully, they were able to save the people. I grabbed as many as I could, but that is still only a small portion of people. By the Gods, I can’t let this get to me. I need to be strong, if only for a little while. I have done my best with the situation.
I did not kill any civilians, soldiers, yes, but I couldn’t bring myself to harm the innocent. Then I would be no better than those we are supposed to be fighting against. I hate that I signed up for this. But. Then where would these people be? Had I not signed up for this assignment, I would not be here to protect these people against… my people.
Monsters. That woman, by the Gods, She looked at me with pure fear. Undoubtedly the same way our people looked upon their hunters. We were really no different. Her hazel eyes pierced into my soul. How I was able to calm her with the words of Thenosan, I will never know. I am grateful that she allowed me to take her to safety.
God’s mercy, what could she be going through right now? Her father untimely taken by my people just to have me save her. She saw the light and the dark side of the Tagil so unsuspectingly. Which side will call to her more? The one that took her father or the side that saved her?
I Just hope she doesn’t blame herself for her father, as I blame myself for all her people. She looks so pure like she was never made for anything like this. I mean, are any of us really? She had the eyes of the innocent, though. Like it held all the goodness in the world. Even though she wanted to look at me in rage for her loss, they still shun with purity.
I hope this night does not change her.

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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