“By the Queen, move out of my way!” Lisa yells, pushing through an emotional crowd of parents, siblings, friends, and lovers. She saw a glimpse of her best friend, Andre. Lisa would not miss seeing him before he went off. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything other than that. The thought of him going off to war would probably always frighten her, but she couldn’t let that stop her from seeing him
breaking through the blockade of bodies, she can finally see him. Standing among their high school friends. From the moment her eyes landed on him, he turns to meet her stare. How did he know she was there? With a bro tap to his friends, he walks off to greet her.
She had seen his uniform the night before, but seeing it fit his body, made her rethink sharing her feelings for him. There had always been a desire of him, but he made sure to establish their platonic friendship early on in their history.
Yet that didn’t stop Lisa from mentally drooling over the black uniform’s tight fit of Andre’s body. The sight of the combat boots to soft cap made the entire man seem more dangerous. Not to mention the hunter’s gaze in his eye as he strode over to her.
“Come to say goodbye?” Andre says, his voice sending shocks to her core.
“No, I won’t say goodbye to you,” Lisa returns.
“Not saying won’t keep me from going. I’m bound by law to go.”
“Well then, they will just have to understand that our friendship is more important than their war.”
“Yes, I’m sure the Queen will understand that fighting to avenge our King takes second place to our friendship.” Andre chuckles.
“She is a woman of logic, is she not?” Lisa laughs.
“I will miss you, Lisa Philips,” Andre says, moving in to hug her. Lisa revels in being wrapped up in Andre’s arms and embraces him tightly.
“Come back to me, Andre Coleman,” Lisa says, Her heart touching his.

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