Xiao hears the footsteps approach the door, finally. She hates waiting.
“May I help you?” a young man says. The twelve be damned. Is this what passed for the attire of hardened criminals these days? His clothes seem tighter than Xiao’s. Xiao rolls her eyes, remembering a time when criminals respected themselves.
“Can you fly?” Xiao asks, her face showing her great annoyance.
“That’s a bit of a random question coming from someone …” Before he could finish his sentence, Xiao grabs him by the throat and carries him over to the window. The young man’s posse scrambles to adjust to what is happening as she traverses the junky apartment of wanna-be high rollers fresh out of college, still living off of mom and dad. Using the young man as a battering ram, she breaks the far wall window and dangles him.
Guns were now drawn on her. She ignores the screaming of Mr. tight pants and calls out over her shoulder.
“You shoot, he dies. Then you’ll die. You don’t shoot, and maybe he dies. I don’t have anything better to do with my afternoon, so either way is fine by me.”
Xiao can hear as they all tuck their guns away and shuffle away from her. Turning her gaze back to Mr. tight pants, she continues. ” So the question is if you can’t fly, why would you screw over Laoshi? Did you forget that even criminals can put in a request on the bounty board?”
His whimpers give her the answer.

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