“My Queen! We’ve lost the prisoners,” one guard says, running low on breath, and if Queen Solaria’s mood did not improve, low on luck.
“How did they escape? If I were not mistaken, I pay you to keep them here.” Queen Solaria says, in her usual tone of – you disappoint me.
“Somehow, a rescue team came and assisted,” the guard says, inching backward.
“Somehow? So my intelligence failed me, and so did you. Here I thought I wouldn’t get any cardio in for today.” Queen Solaria says, walking towards the soldier
“My Queen, please tell me what I can do to fix this,” the soldier grovels.
“Excuse me?”
“Run, I like a good chase,” Queen Solaria says, licking her lips. The Soldier waste no time turning tail and heading for the throne room door.
“Kalima,” Queen Solaira says, opening her hand and summoning her dark sword. With a blink, her eyes switch to pitch black. Faster than that, she is in front of the soldier. Sinking her sword into the face of the soldier, she feels his weight slink on her sword. After a flick of her wrist, his body crumples on the floor.
“Careful, my Queen, if you do not curtail your power, you could lose control to the Jinn.” Her adviser warns.
“What’s life without a little danger,” she says, with a hungry smile.

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