“You’re going to miss,” Prince Simon says, spotting for Hako
“Do you ever shut up?” Hako returns, still struggling with her sniper’s position.
“Darling, your targeting system has been shoddy ever since got in that barfight trying to bring the Lycan pirate in.”
“That was fun,” Hako says with glee. A smile spreads across her lips as she thinks of all the fun she and her fiance have doing things other couples wouldn’t find as enjoyable.
“Concentrate, My Love. Your giggles are going to throw off your shot. Now is the time to practice your breathing like we talked about.”
“You don’t even use sniper rifles. Magic bows are much easier to use.”
“Would you like to switch?” Prince Simon says, pulling his bow from his back. Hako Growls, he knows she can’t use that thing. “And besides Love, Godfather did teach me to use snipers,” he says, with his trademark smug grin.
Hako huffs, pulls the stock to her check, corrects her position, takes a deep breath, and fires.
Direct hit. The monster falls to the shot.
“Most people fire better with a clear head. For the life of me, I can’t understand why you shoot better when you’re annoyed at me.” Simon says, walking to the kill. Hako can’t help but stick her tongue out at him.

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