“My mom said you’re the mean lady,” the small orc child says. Queen Solaria kneels next to her.
“I am a queen, a warrior, and a conqueror. I fight to protect my people, and sometimes I have to do some things that aren’t very nice,” Queen Solaria says, fixing the hair of the young child. “But one thing I am not is mean.”
“Then why did you hurt all those people?” the Orc Girl says with bright eyes.
“Those people wanted to do bad things to friends of mine. Would you let anything happen to your friends?” Queen Solaria says, giving the child a bright smile.
“I don’t have any friends,” the Orc Girl says, holding her head down.
“Hold your head high,” Queen Solaria says, using her finger to pull The Orc girl’s eyes to hers. “You too shall be a warrior, and you do not hold your head down. What is your name?”
“Xiong Da,” she says softly.
“With a name as powerful as yours, you do not say that softly. Say your name more proudly.” Queen Solaria says.
“Xiong Da!” she shouts.
“Soldiers!” Queen Solaria says, standing and addressing them.
“Yes, Queen!” all the soldiers around their camp respond.
“Truly, the Dragons favor us. They have brought to us a warrior. Hince forth, Xiong Da, shall be one of us. Welcome our new fighter.” Queen Solaria walks back to Xiong Da’s side. “Worry not. You now have plenty of friends.
Xiong Da smiles.

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