Andre stands across from exhausted and probably bruised bodies of teenagers.
“I thought Sammy was better than that,” Xiao says, snacking on a slice of pizza.
“Prince Simon,” Andre corrects, “Is still just a child.”
“At his age, I was an A-rank bounty hunter,” Xiao says, slurping down some of the cheese that was trying to get away from her.
“He’s very capable of handling most missions that you’ve done, but he’s not good in a scramble. None of them are?”
“Even Alexa?”
“Even my daughter,” Andre confirms. Xiao takes the last bite of the crust and dusts her hands off. She ties her hair back and taps into her Qi.
“Alright, kids, Auntie Xiao is going to show you how to handle things when they get a little crazy.”
Andre doesn’t have to see the smile to know that it’s there. Andre pulls out his phone and calls his wife while watching his Prince, the Princess, and his children get knocked around by Xiao.

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