Desmond rushes in with his red aura of power, dodging the attacks from the stone golem. He shield bashes the leg and follows with a strong sword swipe to cleave the limb off. While the Golem falls, he takes advantage by leaping up and shattering its head.
With the Golem defeated, Desmond puts his weapons away and taps the button on the side of his helmet to get it to retract. He walks towards Prince Simon.
“I didn’t even know that golems had tendons for you to slice.” Prince Simon says, completely confused as to how Desmond’s attack worked.
“I figured an egg head like you would have known that golems and other monstrosities tendons are magical.”
“I’ve never heard of such,” Prince Simon says, pulling out his phone and doing the research.
“That’s because you just use magic to get rid of them. Us real warriors have to fight without such luxury.” Desmond says, then reaches in his backpack for a snack.
“Are you saying I’m not a true warrior?”
“Is that what you heard?” Desmond responds, then takes a bite of his sandwich and smiles

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