The feel of her lips on mine and they truly pulled me in. I feel myself take a step to continue our embrace even after she’s pulled away. I open my eyes, and she is giggling at me. I’m such a dork. Did I really just stumble after being kissed? I look away to try to play it cool, but I think it’s too late for that.
“I take it you liked the kiss, Luv?” Kira says, turning my eyes back to hers. I want to answer, but I don’t trust myself. I just smile and nod. Having to take so much of her in, I realize that I haven’t fallen in love. That’s reserved for people who are aware and in control of their faculties. I’ve completely plunged in love. “Good, I was scared that I was a bit too old for you,” Kira says. I frown at her.
“Don’t say that anymore,” I say and reach for another kiss, which Kira graces me with.
“Fine, Xiao Niao.”

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