Stepping out of the shadow realm through the shadows of his bedroom, Erois takes a sigh of relief after a quick job. Eager to get back to his day of relaxation, he frees his pockets of his usual carry alongs: knives, his gun, and wallet. Shedding himself of his blazar and shirt, he turns to see Tabitha, in what he would call nothing, but she insists on calling a gown.
A small covering of white lace hugs her body and contrasts perfectly with her toffee skin. She shows much of what Erois feel in love with but concealing in just the right places to make him have to work for essence.
“I don’t get it, Doll. Why the get-up? It’s not like you’re being subtle in what you want.”
“Apparently, I am, Erois. I want to watch as you strip me, then watch your eyes go from desire to hunger.” Tabitha says, her Drow accent is thick with lust. Erois waves his hands and summons shadow tendrils that tie down her wrist and cover her mouth. Even with the tendril covering her mouth, her moan can be heard.
He stalks across the room to their bed, and her body aches for his touch.
“Thanks for reminding me why I’m happily married, Doll.”

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