The smell of breakfast wakes Tabitha up. Her nose sounds the alarm, and her stomach puts the fire underneath her to get her out of bed. If she knew her husband, there would be two sunny side up eggs, three strips of crispy bacon, a slice of rye toast, hopefully, a buttermilk biscuit, and a cup of Drow coffee with two creams and no sugar. She notices a little black dress hanging on the door. She knew what that meant. These moments were always bitter-sweet.

She slips into the dress and heads downstairs. When she enters the kitchen, the table is set with candles lit, the breakfast she was expecting, and Erois dressed in his black business suit. Erois walks over to her, kisses her, then seats her. Once he takes his seat, they begin to eat.
“So how long, Luv?” Tabitha says, taking her first bite of eggs.
“Two weeks tops. It should be an easy job. How are your eggs?” Tabitha doesn’t show how upset she is. She knew the type of work he did and how often he had to go on ‘business trips’. But that was the trade-off of being married to an assassin.
“Oh, that’s got a nice kick to it. I love the spice, Luv.”
“I got it from your old garden in the Underdark. I thought you would love it.” Erois says, digging into his breakfast. Tabitha smiles and thinks how lucky she is to be married to him.

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