Tabitha’s smile dissolves as soon as the call ends. Snapping the phone shut and handing it to Vincent, she turns her attention to the young punk who is beaten and bloody before her.
“You should have kept your paws to yourself,” Tabitha says dryly.
“I’m sorry, Lady, I didn’t know.”
“You didn’t know the older gentleman was a veteran in the Great War? It says so right on his hat.”
“Or you didn’t know that he was an LT and one of the Heroes of Goblin’s Cove, the assault that ended a supply chain for the Dragons, which was vital for the war efforts?”
“I swear, I’ll make it up to you, Lady. Please just don’t kill me.”
“Oh, killing you would be too good of a punishment for you. Vincent,” She turns to her right hand. “Go get this nice boy a suit. He has some major debts to pay off.”

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