“I’m sorry, did you think this was a request?” Tabitha says, taking the last sip of her wine and getting up from her desk. “Let me explain how this works since you are not familiar with Galvornia. If you want to come here and set up a bookstore, by all means, live your best life, Luv, but if you want to deal in any of the black markets, it is only by my will. Do you understand?” Tabitha walks around the desk and stands across from the young and arrogant Vampire.
“Ma Cherie, you forget your place,” she says, making sure to show her fangs.
“Would you like me to get your sword, Lady?” Vincent asks. Tabitha waves it off, and her fingers move into a spell. The Vampire tries to rush her but quickly finds herself on her knees, gasping for air. Tabitha pulls the air from her lungs, only leaving her enough to cling to life.
“Vincent, go get another bottle of wine. It seems as though our guest will be staying a little longer than we expected.”

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