“My name is less important than who I am. Sure I am Tabitha Vrammagon, head of house Vrammagon, councilwoman of district six, Leader of the Gentleman Gang, and the most prominent information broker on the Main Land’s west coast. But all of that pales in comparison to who I am.”
“And who are you?” The Orc businessman asks, sitting across from her table.
“I am the lover and wife of Erois Na’Garin. I am a champion of the people affected by the great war. I am a big sister and a mentor, which is unheard of in Drow culture. But most importantly‚Ķ,” She stops, and Erois picks up.
“She’s a businesswoman who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Tabitha may be one of the most fierce women on the planet, but at her heart, she cares for people more than she would like to admit. So that is why we need your company to be the frontman for her charity. Can we count on you?” The Orc strokes his beard and looks at the couple. He had worked for years on his stonewall face, but in the presence of such a loving pair, he could not hold it.
“You had me at ‘lover and wife’,” he says with a grin and his hand outstretched.

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