In the seclusion of their backyard, Daniel and D’wavoire sway in their hammock by the grace of the wind. Enveloped in the arms of her love and caressed by the gentle breeze, D’wavoire was happy. If there were anything that she loved more than a good fight or a good beer, this would be it.
She snuggles closer to Daniel while he plays in her hair, her naked body against his. She was slowly falling to sleep. Not really fighting the weight of her eyelids, she grips Daniel’s side while sinking into slumber.
Every inch of her body has to fight her instincts when his phone starts to beg for attention. A few feet away from them, his phone sat on a table, vibrations causing it to do a little dance as it sings his tone on non-important calls.
Daniel reaches out with his powers to beckon the phone to him, only to have D’wavoire use her powers to have the table wrap around the phone.
“Mated, I need to see who it is?”
“It is not work. It can wait, Beloved,”
“What if it’s my mother?”
“Can wait.”
“But you love Mama Harrison.”
“Can wait.”
“What if it’s the food I ordered for us?”
“Daniel, I will not fall for your tricks. This is a way for you to get me to admit that I love food more than you family.”
“I don’t need to trick you for that, Mated. Everyone knows that,” Daniel says with a smile, then kisses her on her forehead.

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