Lost in the calm of the plunge pool, D’wavoire rests near the bottom. Using her magic to sink to the bottom, she enjoyed a view that many could not access. The best view, however, is when she resurfaces to her Mated lounging near rocks with their drinks nearby. She glides over to him, wraps her arms around his neck.
“I love it when you come here with me, Beloved.”
“Yeah, a real slice of paradise, Mated, but do we have to be naked the entire time we are in Glazen?”
“Do you not enjoy its freedom? You, Humans, are too restrictive.”
“I enjoy its freedoms, just don’t want others to get a free ticket to the show, is all.”
“Beloved, the residence of Glazen are not like you city dwellers. We care not for a free peep show.”
“Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re one of the residents and, you love to watch.” D’wavoire smiles at his jest and kisses him while taking her hands below the water. He eases into her touch and embraces her back.
“Yes, but I am different. You are mine, Beloved.”
“Yes, I am, Mated.” He says, pulling her in closer.

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