Hosni Na’garin sends his nephew to the ground with a swift slash to the stomach. He circles the boy with disgust.
“Get to the clerics, and don’t come back until you are a capable fighter!” Hosni yells, tossing his sword to the ground in anger. His brother looks on in disgust, but what can he do? He’s trained all his sons to take his place as the head of House Na’garin, but all of them came up short.
“What is this embarrassment you call heirs Tarmin? None of these boys will be able to keep the seat when you are gone? Maybe I should kill you now and let my sons become the new heirs.”
“You remember what happened the last time you challenged me, Hosni?” Tarmin says, happy to have something to smile about on this Dragons forsaken day.
“Without your magic, I could take you, Tarmin.”
“That is like saying without all the might the Gods possess. You could take them as well.”
“Leave it to the mighty Tarmin to compare himself to a God.” They both laugh.
They then notice Tarmin’s youngest walking into the room. He has a bow over his shoulder and two swords at his side.
“Erois? What are you doing?” Tarmin questions. He quickly dodges when Erois nocks and fires an arrow at his uncle. Hosni can evade the first but is hit by another to his right side. Rolling to pick his sword up, he does his best to deflect as many of the arrows as he can, but he is finding Erois to be an excellent archer.
When Erois is out of arrows, there are a total of three that hit Hosni. Not the worse to happen to him, but this is not a great spot to be. The only way he’s going to fix this on such short notice is to use his Dragon transformation. He hated to do it but is proud that Erois made him.
Allowing his dragon’s blood to activate, He starts to grow scales all over his body, and his tails and wings begin to sprout.
“Ah!” Before he could fully transform, Erois rolls by him, slashing at his legs and tail. Hosni drops to a knee and screams as Erois takes to his wings. Hosni rolls and counterattacks, but that’s met with a parry, and Erois disarms him.
Hosni finds himself defenseless and on his back, looking up at the ten-year-old warrior before him.
“Get to the clerics, Uncle Hosni. You’re no more use to me.” Erois says, sheathing his weapons and making his way to his father. Hosni writhes in anger, being disrespected by Erois. He reaches for his sword. Erois turns and tosses a knife in Hosni’s shoulder and watches as he yells in agony.
“The next one goes to your head. I’ll let you decide which one.” Erois says coldly. Hosni waves his hand in surrender, then calls for the servants to aid him.
Erois continues his walk to his father and bows before him.
“Don’t worry, father. As long as you have me as a son, you will have a capable heir. Inshallah.”
“Inshallah, indeed. Where did you learn to fight like that, my son?”
“From your teachings. You told me that if I wanted something, then I should make it happen. The dragons gifted our bodies with the strength to overcome all of our enemies. All we need is knowledge.”
“Your three older brothers received the same lessons, yet they did not listen. Why did you?” Tarmin walks up to his son, pride swelling.
“They do not hunger for what they believe is theirs. They feel their position is their birthright, that the Dragons have given them their high birth, and that is enough. They miss understand the teachings. That they still must work for their blessings.”
“The Dragons have blessed me with one wise son, and I shall teach you to rule well, Prince Erois.” Tarmin’s smile is short-lived as a portal opens in his throne room. The guardian of the Dark Spirit realm and lieutenant of The God of Death, Lord Lynal Jounce, walks from the portal.
“Maybe there is something better I can offer.” His golden gaze set to the young warrior.
“The Gods can no longer mettle in the lives of mortals, Lord Jounce, so maybe you should turn your gaze to me,” Tarmin says, walking in front of Erois.
“This invitation is for Erois, not for you.”
“I am the boy’s father!”
“Please, as if you would claim him had he not nearly assassinated your brother. You only claim what is useful to you, your highness.” his words sting as if he called him what he really wanted to call him.
“The boy is not capable of making such decisions. He is a minor.”
“Like he wasn’t capable enough to sneak past your guards and train in secret with the assassin’s guild? Like he wasn’t capable of performing two hits last month? Like he wasn’t able to…,” Erois makes a sign for Lord Jounce to stop knowing where this is going.
“The law is the law, Lord Jounce.”
“You speak of laws now that they benefit you. Where was your sense of justice when you sent your raiders to enslave Humans?”
“Father, let us hear what I guest has to say. The Dragons would not like us being so inhospitable.” Erois finally speaks up, moving from behind Tarmin.
“Your son is already a better leader than you, Tarmin.” The God turns his gaze to Erois. “The Gods have had their eyes on you for a while now. We would like to invite you to join the Celestial Academy, where we train you to become a God. Will you accept?” Erois knew that the Gods were low after the bloody war when Lord Rouse took power, but he had no idea that this was their answer. He looks over at his father, then back to Lord Jounce. Erois smiles.

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