Tabitha ponders her life as she sits in front of the tv, sipping a glass of sweet red wine. Each sip is invoking memories and feelings of her past and present without prejudice. She’s told her husband that she was satisfied with her life, but was she really? Her body hums with desires to tell her, yes, but her mind wants to protest.
She was once the most feared name in all the city. Politicians feared her support, knowing that they could not suppress the people anymore, now that they had a real fighter on their side. Mobsters feared her strength because no one messes with her and keeps all of their limbs. And even beyond the city, The Underdark trembled at her house’s name, and her name carried more respect than most.
At the height of her power, she could choose to rule where ever she saw fit, and now what? She was a housewife. Okay, maybe not an ordinary one, but a housewife nonetheless.
Her sister has taken over her criminal empire. Who is so unqualified to do so, she needed the help of her husband’s servant to run it. Her house surrendered their independence to ally with another house for fear of war. The only good thing she still had was political power, but her insecurities made her feel that she didn’t carry the same respect as before.
Sure, the criminal empire was running better than ever with people who could dedicate their entire time to it. Sure, House Vrammagon was prospering with their new alliance. And sure, With only having to focus on politics, she could get far more done for the people and actually have time for herself.
But who wanted to be happy? Not a proper Drow woman and especially if she needed a man to do so. Drow women are empresses. They need no one. They rule over all.
Or at least that’s what she was taught.
Erois came into her life and changed all of that. He gave her the missing piece of a puzzle that she previously held together with duck tape and glue- maybe even a couple of pieces of another puzzle. With Erois, her life had more meaning, and she just couldn’t get past that.
Where her life was once her dominating everything in her way, it was now purposeful and sharing with someone that completes you. This was everything that was taught to Drow women as dangerous and ugly. But how could that be? Everything about Erois and her was beautiful – in their twisted kind of way.
She didn’t have a book club, she didn’t host dinner parties, and damn sure didn’t go to minor league games. But that was okay, this was Erois and her marriage, and they would rather save the world from civil wars and run cities together.
And wasn’t that enough?
The hotness of her core told her yes, as she pondered and waited… and here he is. Erois walks through the shadows on the wall, looking just as good as he always did. Those silver eyes locked on to her with lust and hunger that made her not mind submitting to him.
“Come to me.” He commands, and Tabitha obeys. She walks slow and luring across their room to her husband. Taking one last sip of the wine, she places the glass on the dresser and looks into his eyes. He removes his blazer and starts to unbutton his shirt. She had made the mistake of helping him before, and she did not like the outcome.
“Undress.” He says, and she slowly removes her gown’s straps to let her exposed body be on display for him. She loses eye contact with him when her eyes wander to his shirtless body. No matter how many times she sees it, the hard muscle lines always entrance her.
“Kiss me.” She wastes no time closing the gap between them and feeling the rush of his lips on hers. Her flower swells and her breast harden in anticipation of what’s to come next.
She lets out a loud hiss as he cups her bottom and pulls her into a kiss on her neck. Getting the slightest signal from him, she leaps into his arms as he picks her up. Her legs wrap around his waist while he carries her to the bathroom.
Setting her on the countertop, the cold of it doesn’t bother her one bit. She’s too focused on the feel of his arousal next to hers, the feeling of his lips, tongue, and breath on her neck.
While Erois reconfirms his status as her greatest lover, her fears meld away in the ecstasy.
She was better because of Erois. He gave her more purpose than she had before. Her criminal organization doesn’t care about her, only the money and respect that she gives them. The politicians and people don’t care about her as long as they are well paid, well-fed, and get their way. House Vrammagon doesn’t care about her, as long as they have a strong ruler. So why should she care about them? Any of them.
Erois proves every day that she is his world. After five years of marriage, he still looks at her the same as the night they first met. After five years of marriage, he still cooks her favorite meals when she’s feeling down. After five years of marriage, he still tries to win her heart. And that is what makes her the happiest.
That and great lovemaking.

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