The bandit runs and screams, but in the end, it doesn’t help. Erois slashes him, splattering his blood all over the bunting. Taking the daggers from the fallen bandit, Erois makes his way to a new group of bandits. With flawless and efficient movement, Erois cuts down the new group.
A bandit gets a shot on Erois with his bow from his vantage point in the tower, but Erois puffs into a cloud of smoke when it hits. Erois appears behind the bandit, snaps his neck, then takes his bow and quiver. In quick session, he takes out the remaining archers and a few of the bandits down below.
Another takes a shot from a revolver. The bullet passes through Erois body as he phases into his shadow mode before it is fired. Using the last arrow, Erois sends it through the eye of the one with the revolver.
Taking the revolver and ammo, Erois walks through the halls of the keep, shooting all that he comes across. Once the building is cleared, he finds the leader frantically starting his motorcycle.
Erois gives a nice big smile, points the revolver at the Bandit leader, and pulls the trigger. The Bandit leader nearly falls over at the sound of the click. Erois laughs and tosses the empty gun to the side.
The Bandit leader starts his bike and wildly drives off to put distance between Erois and him. Erois lights a cigarette and walks over to his apprentice, Henry, who’s been struggling to keep up.
“Erois, sir. He’s getting away.” Henry says, huffing.
“Nah, he won’t get far,” Erois says, taking a puff. He looks around and finds a bolt action long rifle. Picking it up, dusting it off, and ashing his cigarette, Erois hands it to Henry, urging him to use it.
Henry takes the rifle and checks that it’s loaded. He pulls down his visor and turns on the aim assist. After the visor locks on, it pops up his percentage to hit.
“Erois, Sir. The effective range of this rifle is only one hundred fifty yards. He’s well past that now, and I can’t make the shot. Erois huffs and takes the gun. He takes a few steps, passes his cigarette to Henry, lines up the sights, and fires.
The Bandit leader’s head plummets down into the handlebars, and the bike crashes. Erois tosses the rifle to the side and pulls out a new cigarette, signaling for Henry to finish that one.
“You sure you cut out for this work, kid? You didn’t get many kills.” Henry takes a puff and chokes near immediately. He goes to toss it, but Erois encourages him to give it another try.
“Well, Sir, I’m not very good at anything but my weapons. Having to kill them and use theirs was a little more difficult for me. Remind me why we had to do that?” He takes a smaller puff and can manage this time.
“Well, we are the wrath of the Gods. But the Gods said that they wouldn’t get caught up in mortal affairs as much anymore. So, our job is to make it look as much like a natural course than a hit when we are summoned. Using their weapons makes it look like another bandit gang took them out.”
“I understand that for you, Sir,” Henry says, not realizing that he’s become accustomed to the smoke. ” You use shadow magic blades. I use.”
“Specially modified firearms, with very limited suppliers, which could be traced back to you. And you are registered as a member of the CA.” Erois hands him a new cigarette. Henry looks down to see that he’s finished his less than half that was given and takes the new one.
“I see your point, sir.”
“Stop all this sir business. Call me Erois or E. Either is fine.” Erois says, flicking his butt on one of the bodies.
“Erois, sir.” Erois gives him a look. Henry takes a step back. “Why were we here to kill these bandits? I mean, I know they are a gang in all, but they didn’t seem to be any more of a threat than any other gang.” Erois taps Henry on the back and nudges him to walk with him.
“Let me show you something.”
Erois leads Henry into the keep of the tower, and behind a random statue of a hero of the First War, there was a small chest. Erois picks the lock and opens it up. Henry gasps and takes a step back.
“Is that. It can’t be.” Henry says, carefully reaching in the chest.
“Careful, those things like young people. They are the ones stupid enough to fall for their games.” Erois laughs. Henry doesn’t find it amusing. Grabbing the demonic charm, Henry hears the Demon’s voice immediately. It realizes that he’s not the person he made the pact with, and when it looks through the charm and sees the seal of the CA on Henry’s chest, it spits out a lot of curses.
“I’d always imagined they would be more frightening, Erois.”
“They are when you’re fighting one. Not so much when you’re holding their little portable portal.” Henry taps at the charm and watches as the Demon on the other side gets more and more frustrated. Finally, the Demon gives up on this charm and severs the link, making the charm nothing more than a piece of jewelry.
“How are you feeling after your first completed mission? Excited? Ready to execute a politician to stop a civil war?”
“I don’t think I’m ready for anything that complex yet, Erois.” Erois smiles.
“Well, you have to learn quick,” Erois says, showing Henry their new file.
“By the Gods! We just finished here!”
“Like I said, are you sure you’re cut out for this?”

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