Tabitha knew she was being stalked, but it could only be one person. Only one person would attack her in the training yard, and she was prepared for her. Tabitha takes a break from her assault on the training dummy and grabs her bottle of water.
After refreshing herself, she casts an anti-projectile barrier. Walking through the yard with her sword in hand, she knew her stalker would attack soon. Tabitha’s ears perk when she hears a faint sound, but it is not what she expected.
Doing a quick dodge roll, she evades the spray of a giant spider’s web. Having her spell already prepared, she blasts the Spider with a sharp gust of wind, and there she was.
Elaine, her younger sister, leaped from the shadows with her daggers ready to strike. Tabitha sidesteps the lunge and engages her sister in combat.
Tabitha is impressed with her effort. She is becoming more resourceful with her traps and using her animal companion to take on targets. Unfortunately, she’s still a little inexperienced, and Tabitha has dealt with her tactics from others before.
Tabitha trips Elaine, but she can’t capitalize on the attack. The Spider is now springing forth with an attack. Tabitha propels herself away from the attack with her wind magic, then mixes her wind and fire magic to make their fighting zone extremely hot and humid.
As the heatwave reaches Elaine and her Spider, they become noticeably uncomfortable. The Spider starts to back away, but Elain yells at it to keep it in the fight.
“What’s the matter, baby sister? can you not take the heat?” Tabitha mocks.
“Shut up, you arrogant bitch!” Eliane shouts and fires an arrow at Tabitha. The arrow whizzes by Tabitha while she laughs. Elain commands The Spider to attack, but the extreme heat gets to him, making his movements slow.
Tabitha fries the Spider with a fireball and casually strolls towards her sister.
“Do you have any idea how long it took me to tame that spider?”
“I’m sure you’ll complain about it in the spirit realm once I kill you.”
Elaine grits her teeth and nocks another arrow, whispering a spell into it. She shoots the arrow above Tabitha’s head.
The arrow burst into a cloud of acidic gas. This was a new one for Tabitha. Her magic quickly goes to work dispersing the gas.
“Fuck!” Tabitha yells when Elaine runs by, slashing her side. “That you will pay for, baby sister.” Elain grabs three arrows and starts the spell but misses all three shots when Tabitha closes the distance quicker than she is ready.
With a fierce swing of her sword, Tabitha severely dents Elaine’s bow. Elaine tosses the bow at her and reaches for her daggers, which she drops instantly. They have become too hot to use. Elaine tries to escape but finds herself face first in the dirt after wind bolt to the back.
She frantically starts to crawl away but feels her ankle snap after Tabitha stomps on it.
Elaine fights to the bitter end until Tabitha grabs her by the back of the neck and slams her against the outer wall of their yard. Elaine has no choice but to sit and watch as her sister prepares the killing blow.
“Give me one good reason why I should keep you alive?” Elaine is surprised at this. Is this mercy? Drow women were not known to practice this.
“I will watch your back.”
“So you can put a dagger in it?” Tabitha moves her blade to her throat.
“Precisely. I may want to kill you, but I don’t want anyone else to. I’ve killed two assassins this week that was after you.”
“How do I know you’re telling the truth?” Elaine carefully goes into her pocket and pulls out a small pouch, and hands it to Tabitha. Tabitha sheathes her sword and looks through the bag. She finds a couple of keepsakes that she would expect her sister to have to commemorate some of her kills. Among them was the seal of house Brighton. There was recent talk of two of their soldiers that had died in ‘mysterious’ ways. Tabitha ties the bag back and hands it back to her sister.
“You will be my eyes and ears. And if need be, an extent of my will.”
“As long as you know, I will kill you if I get the chance.”
“You wouldn’t be a proper Drow if you didn’t. Now, about your bow, daggers, and spider, we will need to acquire new ones. I can’t have my shadow running around with rubbish equipment.”
“those weapons are top of the line in the Underdark. Where are you going to find better?”
“Dear sister, this is why you will never beat me. You’re too close-minded. The spells I cast, are they Drow spells?”
“No, I think they are Elvish.”
“And the sword I use, is it Drow?”
“I get your point,” Elaine says, looking over the Talon curved blade.
“Come, sister, let’s get you to the clerics so that we can do as the surface girls do and go shopping together.” Elaine takes a small vial of healing potion and drinks it. It is enough to fix her ankle partly. That would be enough. Catching up to her sister, Elaine devised more plans to kill her sister and take her spot as the next in line for Matriarch. She would get inside her brain and figure out how she worked. Then it would be all too easy.

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