Black Widow Woes pt 4

Detective Borjas and Detective Salib relax during their lunch, trying to avoid the inevitable questions on their minds. The city is humming with business in the lunch hours, while Salib and Borjas snack on burgers. The two have been keeping the conversation to a minimum, but finally, Borjas can’t take it anymore.
“So, whatta ya got?” Borjas throws out after tossing his burger box in the trash. Salib rolls her eyes and takes a deep breath.
“It wasn’t the wife. She knew about the Victim seeing the escort. They even picked her out together.” Borjas takes a sigh of relief.
“Hot damn, whew. I was scared there for a second.”
“So it wasn’t personal gain either?” Salib sits up from her slouching.
“Nope, it looked like a funeral at the bank. They all missed the guy. Even the head of security was unpleased with the news.”
“Same, I’ve been facing heartbroken people all day. Not even Baba is as big of a saint as this man was.”
“That’s saying a lot,” Borjas says behind a sharp whistle.
“So any leads?”
“All I got is, a big law firm pulled out from doing business with them recently. That’s what caused the stress, and that’s why he was at the hotel. What did you get?”
“The night of the murder, that wasn’t the Victim’s normal mistress. A new Drow woman arrived, not his escort.”
“How’d you get that?” Borjas raises an eyebrow and slips down the last of his drink.
“The man came home. Even after death, he was a good husband.” Salib wants to gag a bit. She couldn’t take all that mushy romance.
“See, there are some good guys out there. Maybe you should let your folks fix you up for once.” Borjas flashes that rogueish grin.
“Why? So I can keep paying you to scare them off?”
“I mean, my favor funds are getting a little low,” Borjas says behind a smile.
“Maybe you should take the car back then.”
“Cool it, sister, that’s not up for debate,” Borjas says, a little more rigid than he means. “So what’s our next move? Bank or escort?”
“The bank will be easier to find, and not sure how to find the escort. The Victim said that he called her number, and that’s how he got the new girl.”
“So we call up the new girl and find out where the old one is.”
“Not that simple.” Borjas looks at his partner, curious as to how she knows this. “She’s a top-shelf escort, and you need a referral to even get her number. They do that for security reasons. Only clients are allowed to call. So a random number would just tip her off.”
“And you know this …,”
“The Victim was very forthcoming with information.” Borjas puts his hand over his heart and gives her a look of – don’t scare me like that. She rolls her eyes, and they get out of their seats. Walking to the car, they continue.
“So all we have to do is put a trace on the number. Find out where the phone has been. If a new girl has the phone, it had to be a recent change. We may even want to look for a new body.”
“Why’s that?” Salib says, buckling up and preparing for the too-fast car ride.
“Why would the last girl give up her phone? It seems like business is good. Why cut off profits like that?”
“That’s an excellent point. And again, you always think about monetary gains.” Salib jumps a little bit as Borjas starts up the car.
“It’s a good motivator,” Borjas says, rubbing on the dash of his car. He pulls off the curve and continues the conversation. “Go ahead and call in that tracking. I’ll get us to the bank in no time.”
“That’s what I was afraid of,” Salib says, popping in headphones and clutching on to the seat belt.

The bank is also shocked to see them. How did this man have so many friends but ended up dead? Borjas juggles with the thoughts.
“By the grace of the spirits, Miguel’s death touches us all?” The short and portly lawyer says.
“You close with all your clients like this?” Borjas says.
“Miguel was a lifelong friend of mine. We grew up and went to college together. I hope you don’t think we have anything to do with it.” Mr. Gray says, racked with grief.
“We’re just following up on some leads, sir. No one is being accused of anything yet.”
“Whatever you need, my firm will help you. Please, let’s go into my office.”
They follow Mr. Gray through the building of far too expensive for Borjas or Salib to ever be able to afford their services. The workers here seem to be well-educated and noisy people with hushed gossip about why the detectives were there. They make it to a huge corner office, and Mr. Gray offers them a seat.
Wouldn’t you know it, a picture of the Victim and Mr. Gray is on a shelf next to a softball trophy.
“Miguel has been my friend for a very long time. I feel so guilty about how the business deal went down. It’s all my fault. I thought the partners wouldn’t care about my banking there. There are ways around that. They just didn’t want to take the risk, and I made a fool out of my friend.”
“We all make mistatkes,” Borjas says.
“Not ones that publicly humiliate our friends.”
“I take you were a scholar in college then,” Borjas smirks. Mr. Gray presents a gesture that is clear appreciation. He got him to crack a smile.
“That is a different matter all together sir. And if we had the time, I could tell you some stories.”
“My schedules all clear, come on. Tell us what kind of man Miguel really was.”
“I’m not sure these stories will help.”
“You’d be surprised at how the minor details could help. Habits could help us determine what moves Miguel might have made last night.”
“Well, if you insist, I could use some day drinking on the job.”
“That’s the spirit,” Borjas says, joining Mr. Gray at the bar on the far end of his office. Borjas looks back at Salib, who already knew what her partner was planing.
“My religion forbids me from drinking. I’ll be just outside.” She says. The men wave to her, and she exits the office—time to do some digging.
Exiting the office, a woman bumps into Salib. After they say their pardons, the woman compliments her on her suit.
“Thanks, I hate this thing. I can’t wait to get out of it and into a dress.” Salib says to the Drow lawyer, dressed perfectly in a forest green sleeveless dress.
“I don’t know. You are rocking that blue. Maybe it’s just that killer bod you have.”
“Thank you, work keeps me in shape.”
“All the men at your job this fit? Maybe I need to visit your station, Detective…,”
“Salib, and your name?”
“Cassandra Robert. Charmed to make your acquaintance.”
“I love your accent. Are you from the Underdark?”
“No, my mother moved here when I was still in her belly. I’ve been maybe once or twice.” Salib walks with her and chats a bit. Trying to pull all the info she could.

Cassandra is cursing the Queen. She becomes worried when the detectives have been at the office all afternoon. This isn’t how the cop shows she watches usually go. She finds herself wondering, what do they know.
To make matters worse, the female detective has taken a liking to her. Cassandra wasn’t entirely sure, but she believes they were at the same game. They both wanted information but wanted to be as subtle about it as they could be. Cassandra runs through their conversations again while pretending to be on her phone. She needed to make sure if asked again, she could present the same lies.
Why weren’t the families of those bastards she killed trying to cover this up? Why did they want an investigation? Her mother’s husband had been nothing like that. He wanted the media as far away from his life as he could get them.
Was Cassandra wrong about the men?
No, that was impossible. Cassandra spent weeks researching those men with families that used the Escorts services. She even watched a few like the Banker. She heard their families in the background from time to time. Did the wives not know? Did the cops not tell them? Cassandra needed answers, but she didn’t know how to get it without bringing unwanted attention to herself. Well, maybe she should have thought of that before she did a little girl pow-wow with Detective Salib.
That had been an accident. Cassandra says another curse after thinking about Detective Salib’s body, but hotness was hotness. She hated seeing the shield on display on her belt, but better than not seeing it at all.
Cassandra thinks about slowing down for a while. Two bodies in two days were enough. But what would she do with her time now? She couldn’t go home to her mother, not without some time of stimulant. Seeing her mother in her state nearly brought Cassandra to tears. It was a part of the reason why she did what she did. She knows her mother would disapprove, and she knows that it won’t’ unbreak her mother’s heart. By the Queen, it wouldn’t even get revenge on her mother’s husband. But it made her feel better by doing something.
Detective Salib’s partner walks out of Mr. Gray’s office. By the Queen, the detective got him drunk. Cassandra turns her chair back towards her computer. She’s heard that some detectives can pick up on fear in the smallest details. She could not afford any chances.
Logging back into her computer, she pulls up files, any files just to look busy, and not hear the smooth voice of Detective Salib’s partner. Why did both of the detectives have to be so attractive?
Cassandra listens as they make their way towards the door. Without fail, Suko rolls over to Cassandra’s seat.
“Who do you think killed him?”
“It was definitely Stacey from accounting. No one loves cats that much in their twenties and is a sane person.” Cassandra giggles.
“Girl, no. It has to be Mr. Gray. Jealous that even though he has the better paying job, his friend had the better-looking wife.”
“And why are you not a detective?”
“I know, right. I should be able to pass the exam with as much crime tv I watch.”
“You and me both. Are we still on for the marathon of femme fatale movies this weekend?” Cassandra swings her chair to face her.
“No, Ikari has football practice. He needs it. The way those kids keep scoring on his goal.”
“Why does he not just play another position? Like striker.”
“He’s stubborn like his dad, that’s why. ‘A true Lycan doesn’t quit,'” Suko mimics her husband.
“Is that how you ended up with three kids?”
“I ended up with three kids because I saw him in his uniform.” They both laugh. “If only you could come tonight. We’re having game night, and none of our other friends are coming because of the fireworks.”
“You have other friends?” Suko smiles.
“No, hence why we will be alone tonight. Come on, and the kids miss you.”
“You know what, my schedule did just clear up.”

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