Black Widow Woes pt 7

Detective Borjas drops his weapon after a powerful slash leaves his arm with a huge gash. He jumps and rolls out of the way of the more fatal strike that follows it. Cursing the sky, Borjas keeps his eyes on Mrs. Roberts, who is now walking towards him. There is a warmth that washes over him, and his arm seals back up, and the pain evaporates.
“Thanks, Mal,” Borjas says, not taking his eyes off of Mrs. Robers.
“Please be careful. I am running low on mana,” Salib says, but she’d rather keep him alive than jump back in the fight. Every time she did, she was meet with swift punishment.
It was not hard to believe that this sweet old lady that had just feed them scones and served them tea was a force to be reckoned with. In this entire skirmish, they don’t think they’ve done more than a scratch to her, whereas they would be dead more than three times over if Salib couldn’t heal.
“You got anything in your bag of tricks to get us out of this?”
“I thought tricks were …,” Salib has to stop mid-sentence to evade a slash of power being hurled their way. Being separated was not good. Borjas could not protect Salib and Salib could not support Borjas. But of course, Mrs. Roberts knew that.
“Are you sure we can’t end this madness? I rather like you two and don’t want to have to kill you.” She says, dropping her stance for a moment.
“The way you’ve been swinging that sword around, I’d have to disagree,” Borjas says with a chuckle.
“Oh, stop it, dear. I’ve only nicked you a few times. I knew Detective Salib could heal you, love.”
“Unfortunately, you’ve assaulted an officer, on several occasions by my count, and I have to bring you in now.” Mrs. Roberts doesn’t say another word, just gets back in her stance. Out of nowhere, she looks down, then stares towards her front gate in anger. Borjas wants to see what’s that all about, but he doesn’t have to. The police radio lets him know that backup has arrived.
Luckily for Salib and Borjas, they sent a small SWAT force. Backing away and watching them approach, Borjas knew these guys. Officer Bezarel, Officer Sylvin, and Officer Feng were the responding officers. Officer Bezarel was an Angel Barbarian known for his hot temper and greatsword. Officer Sylvin was a Lycan crook turned officer, specializing in long-range firearms and grenades. Officer Feng, An Orc refugee who wanted better for his life, was always the defender with his enchanted riot shield and club.
“Freeze, you’re under arrest!” Officer Bezarel says. When he notices that Mrs. Roberts doesn’t comply, he leaps in the air, drawing upon his power and preparing an overhead strike. Mrs. Roberts’ body creates a blue aura, and all you can hear is cursing. When Officer Bezarel lands his strike, Mrs. Roberts’ shield flashes white and, with one swift swing, launches him to the far wall. She fully countered his strike. Only the highest skilled warriors knew how to perform that skill.
Before Mrs. Roberts can recover, a grenade lands at her feet. She tries to kick it away but, Officer Sylvin lays suppressive fire to keep her in place. Gas releases from the grenade, and then her aura starts to fade. In between Officer Sylvan’s rifle shots, she spins quickly, sending power slashes from both her shield and sword. He quickly moves out of the way and resets his stance on the wall, only to fall a second later as she collapsed the wall he was using.
Officer Feng is up next, and he clashes shields with her. He seems to be the only one not immediately thwarted by her. Borjas takes Salib’s gun and starts to rejoin the fight, but it’s still not easy even with the extra three bodies. For all his skill, Officer Feng is only really able to keep her on defense. They are all still struggling to get any attacks in. Salib goes in her blazer pocket and drinks a potion, and starts preparing a spell.
Mrs. Roberts uses her power to stop, knocking Borjas to his feet, and making Feng take a step back. She sends him to the ground with a powerful overhead slash then turns to Salib with another power slash. Officer Bezarel manages to jump in front of Salib in time and block the attack with his greatsword.
“You just keep up whatever you’re doing.” He says, attempting far too much to be cool, then jumping back into the fight. When Salib’s fingers stop their preparation and release the spell, the officers feel like a coat of armor hugs them, and they feel more protected than before. Mrs. Roberts out matches Officer Feng and knocks him back with a shield bash, she lands a direct slash across the chest of Officer Bezarel, but it does nothing but ricochets off.
“Oh bullocks. Well then, I guess I have to try harder.” Mrs. Robert says, and Borjas and Salib feel a bit afraid. Each thinking, if she wasn’t entirely trying before, how strong was she? Mrs. Roberts Aura stuck to her body, becoming more of a shield that covered her from head to toe, and her sword burns the brightest red. It was both a good and bad thing that Borjas knew what this meant. This attack was a powerful one, and they need to stop it.
Borjas ran to retrieve his gun and focused all his finesse into his weapons. Firing rapid precision shots from both his and Salib’s weapon. It was enough to force her sword out of her hand, but not to be trounced, she transferred what she could to her shield and started to pound the ground. Before the shield made contact, Borjas using his finesse once more, jumped to the shoulders of Officer Bezarel and managed to jump behind Mrs. Roberts. The powered shield bash only went forwards. Knocking Officers Bezarel and Feng to the ground. Leaving the other three to open fire. With bullets coming from two different angles and spell from another, Mrs. Roberts was no longer able to block them all.
Her power is spent in her last attack, and with the last of it fading, one shot makes it through. Borjas watches as she grabs her side and goes to the ground.
“Mal, now!” Borjas shouts, waving off more fire from Officer Sylvin. Salib’s fingers do their dance of a spell, and her magic begins to bind Mrs. Roberts’ hands and legs together with magical shackles. Salib and Borjas rush to her side and start to apply first aid to her gunshot wound. Borjas quick hands and first aid kit make sure that the bullet isn’t in a spot that it could be easily removed. Once confirming that it passed through, he leaves Salib to her healing magic and reads Mrs. Roberts her rights.
“How marvelous that all was. I haven’t had a decent fight in years,” Mrs. Roberts says, struggling to breathe properly.
“As strong as you are, it’s no wonder. You gave all of us youngsters the fight of our lives.” Borjas returns.
“Speak for yourselves. I had better fights in middle school.” Officer Bezarel says, putting his sword away and playing the part of macho.
“Says the guy that got smacked over bushes and through a statue,” Officer Feng retorts
“And spent most of the fight on his ass or away from the action,” Officer Sylvin continues.
“See, what you not going to do is tell me about the action when you all the way in the back,” Officer Bezarel argues back. They continue their discussion away from Borjas and Salib.
“Be a dear and make sure those scones go to proper use, will you?” Her voice is shorter than before.
“I’ll make sure to bring them to the station. We can have more when we get there.”
“Oh dear, how sweet you are. I fear I won’t make it. I used too much power. My body isn’t readjusting.”
“Don’t say that,” Borjas says. He feared that’s what her shortness of breath was but didn’t want to believe it. Having the SWAT team call for a medic, he starts to do CPR.
“You sweet boy, that … won’t…,” she falls prey to a coughing spell.
“Salib, heals!”
“My magic can’t heal this. Only a monk can reconstruct the body in such ways.”
“Then at least help get her under control.”
“No buts,” Borjas says frantically, trying to get her under control.
“It’s quite alright dear, I was ready to go.” The spirit of Mrs. Roberts speaks to Salib. When Borjas looks back at Salib and sees her astral eyes lit up, he looks down and comes to grips with Mrs. Roberts no longer moving. Standing up, he moves to Salib’s side and just looks over Mrs. Roberts.
“Hey boys! Do you want snacks while we wait for the EMT?” The SWAT team looks confused as Borjas leads them into the house. Officer Sylvin is the first onboard with free food. Salib walks, rubbing the back of Borjas and watching the spirit of Mrs. Roberts pass along.


Cassandra watches Ali magically disguised as her and thinks. Does my ass really sway that way? Cassandra is more than likely sure that Ali has taken a few liberties with her body, but if not, her body was more impressive than she thought. A small smile crosses her lips in the disguise of the redhead human lawyer. She added to the guise by adding glasses and making sure her hair is in style familiar to Galvornian women.
“Are you sure that these disguises will not trip the magic alarm?”
“I told you, Ma Petite Chou, all is well. Don’t worry, your pretty little head. Everything will be fine.”
“And you’re sure…”
“Yes, I can hold the spells under the police-level magic dampener. Do you think I wish to go to jail?”
“I wouldn’t put it past you.”
“If I go to jail, I can’t collect your trade. Perjury is a minor offense. I will end up in minimal security for a couple of months. Serial killer, however…,” she says with a giggle. Cassandra does her best not to show her relief. Perjury was a severe offense. Often, the offender would be tied to the violation of the crime they were trying to covering. If caught, they could be in the same prison. It made Cassandra feel safer that even though Ali’s magic had grown more powerful, but she still didn’t know a lot about the legal system. So she was in this to get away with it.
Ali is the first to the door. Cassandra holds the door for her and allows Ali to got through the magic detector first – Not a peep. Ali had told her that her magic was on a different frequency than what the sensor searched for. Seeing Ali walking through with such confidence boosted Cassandra’s. Moving through the double security doors, Cassandra checked over Ali once more. Just as she stated, she was holding on to the spells just fine. It is a little weird for Cassandra to hear her voice call officers over to submit herself, but everything was going to plan.
Ali told them that she would sit and wait for Detectives Borjas and Salib, and they were okay with that. Taking them to a waiting area in the back, they were even served coffee. The officers called it coffee, but Ali and Cassandra were a bit of coffee snobs and went for the water before they would ever let that swill touch their lips. Cassandra feels a hand rub down her side. Turning to Ali, she feigns a smile.
“Are you nervous, Ma Petite Chou?”
“Who wouldn’t be. Please get into character. I don’t speak Vampiric.”
“Quite, shan’t happen again, love.”
“I’m also not that Drow.”
“Are you sure? You sound rather traditional if you ask me. I reckon you just don’t pay that close attention to it.”
“You bloody listen here. I’ll not have make a mockery of me.”
“Careful, love. Humans don’t talk like that.” Ali says with a smile. Cassandra tries to calm down, but all she feels is sorrow. She searches her feelings and can’t seem to figure out why.
The more she searches, the more she feels her heartache. Then, a horrible thought races through her mind. She reaches out with her astral force but can’t go far. Remember the magic dampener, she runs outside. Officers try to tell her to stop, but she tells them that she forgot something in her car and they just node to her.
Once past the dampening field, she reaches out once more. She can’t sense her mother. Going to her car, she calls her on the phone. No answer. Then she notices a couple of text messages that’s she missed. The one that sticks out the most is the one from Suko.
‘Sorry to hear about your mother,’ and ending with a sad face emoji.
Wondering what happened to her mother, she sends her a text back, asking for an explanation. Her response ‘You didn’t know?’ Followed shortly by a link to a news article. The article read, “Drow woman dies, fighting off police in her home”. Cassandra drops her phone and feels the tears begin to flow. Cassandra refuses to break down. Her mother would have despised that. Instead, she tossed the phone back in the glove box and walked back into the precinct. Sitting back next to Ali, she hears her voice whisper.
“Is everything okay?”
“Yes, everything is fine. But there will be a change of plans.” Cassandra said, hiding her rage.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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