The Demon in his heart part 5

Victor takes a sharp inhale of the cigarette and spews a huge cloud of smoke into the disgustingly humid air, but all in all, things were going well. Once again, Borjas instincts kicked in, and everything seemed a little too easy. Following his gut, he told Salib that he needed to get a drink and went back to the bar. People commonly down-talk the bar, but there is no greater hub of people telling the truth than a bar on the weekends.
“So I hate to pry, but from the sounds of the guys in there, it sounds like you have sprout. How old is he?”
“She,” Victor corrects. “Yeah, my little Isabelle is going on six now,” Victor says with the kind of pride that only a good dad would.
“Six, whoo, I hear there nothing but trouble at that age. I guess it’s better to have them in the explorer phase than where you’ll be in ten years or so.”
“I know, I don’t even want to think about it. I’ll take the little princess drawing on the wall, over sneaking out.” Victor says. He digs into his wallet and starts to show pictures, and just like most parents, he can’t help but tell Borjas all about his special tiny Human.
Borjas comes from a big family and can’t wait to settle down and get to this stage. He still hopes that by the Gods mercy, he wouldn’t be like this. Whipping out his photos, protected by cheap retail store sleeves, anytime someone remotely brings up children. However, there was something that caught Borjas’s attention.
“I see there a couple of photos with her in the hospital. I mean… you know what, forget I asked.
“No, I get asked this often. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is how comfortable I am talking about it. Isabelle has a rare condition to where her magic builds up in her body, but since she doesn’t know how to use it,” He stars.
“It wreaks havoc on her body,” Borjas finishes.
“Exactly. Me and her mother have been taking her to the hospital a lot, but we can only get medicine to lower the rate her body takes in magic.”
“Have they tried the surgery?”
“They want to, but we don’t have the money for that. My insurance won’t cover but a small portion of it.”
“Any rituals?”
“The clerics won’t touch her. They believe she is as the Gods created. Shamans and wizards are more expensive or troublesome than hospitals.”
“Really? I guess I’m just lucky that my kid sister dabbles.”
“Is she a Shaman?”
“Nah, Witch, but maybe she could help.”
“I couldn’t ask you to do that. No matter what route we go, it’s super expensive.”
“I’m sure that her taking a look wouldn’t hurt. Besides, I’ll pay for the consultation.”
“Sir, I couldn’t,” Victor protests.
“You can because if I have to be a walking purse for a day or two, your daughter is getting looked at.” Borjas really sinks it in. Finally, Victor caves and gives him a wave of thank yous. Borjas tells him not to worry and sends the text to Salib that he thinks he’s found what he’s looking for. After trading info with Victor, he hands him another cigarette and offers him a drink. He knows that he won’t take it.
“No, if they don’t want me in there, I’ll just go drink at home.”
“The Mrs doesn’t mind?”
“As long as I wait until the baby is asleep.”
“Well, you have my number. Give me a ring if you want to go to another bar.”
“Thank you, but it probably is best if I just head home,” Victor says, asking for a light. With a move practiced from his years watching Noir films, he strikes a match and sparks the cigarette. Sending a puff out, he waves goodbye to Borjas. When Victor turns around, Borjas taps into his Finesse and fades into the shadows.
Borjas didn’t trust when things were easy, but it feels a little more real this time. He has to follow this lead. His gut is telling him this could be the real one.
Though his Finesse cloaks him in the shadows and muffles his movements, he still needed to be careful. He isn’t invisible, just harder to detect. This ability is one of the main reasons rogues make up most of the detectives in every country.
Borjas makes sure to stay a healthy distance from Victor. He’s only harder to detect through sight and sound. If he gets suspicious, magic could find him easily. However, it looks like Borjas has nothing to worry about. He seems a little overjoyed on his way home. Borjas guesses it’s the good news that he had given him.
A few blocks of following him, he makes it to a small house nestled in a blue-collar neighborhood, but he stops when he makes it to the door. Borjas takes this time to find the nearest tree and get cozy. That stop was usually followed by searching your area. Luckily for Borjas, most people never looked up when searching. Using Finesse once more, he leaps into a tree in the yard across from Victor.
When Victor turns around. It’s worse than Borjas thought.


“You’re such a fucking idiot,” Walpurga, Victor’s Demon lord, whispers in his mind.
“Watch your tone. I am your eyes and ears. You can’t affect the world without me.”
“You believe you are my only servant? You underestimate me, Human. You gave your soul to me, which means you do as I say.”
“Not when it comes to Isabelle.”
“The bastard that’s not even yours? She’s not even fit for my lowest level spells.”
“Watch your tongue. I will kill you, hag!” Victor’s anger growing out of control.
“Please, I welcome you to try. I haven’t consumed a human soul in quite some time. Please, deliver yourself to me, so I can stop wasting my time with such a useless Warlock.”
“If I’m so useless, then why do you still grant me your power?”
“Because, unlike your kind, a Demon is bound by our contracts. You haven’t done anything to breach it. Yet,” Her words growing more aggravated.
“If I am such a disappoint me, then why do you care if the man who is trying to help Isabelle is a cop or not.”
“Because if you get caught by a cop, your powers go to waste. If you are going to get caught, I’d rather it be someone who will kill you. No need holding on to a contract with someone one who can’t even kill in my name.”
Victor closes the link with her in his mind and goes to the kitchen. Going straight for the fridge, he hears Rosa clear her throat. Turning to face her, trying his best to not show his anger, but he has nothing to worry about.
Dressed in nothing but a flowery robe and dressed is used loosely, she sits at the dining room table with a beer open for him. The beer isn’t the only thing open for him as well. She sits with her legs apart to let him know that she’s been waiting on him to get home. She grabs her own beer and drinks it slowly, watching him hunger over her.
He walks over to the table, grabs his beer, and downs it in one gulp. When their eyes meet again, she sets her bottle down and rubs her hand down her thigh.
“As your wife, my duties are to make sure that you are tended to. Which head shall I tend to first, my love?” Rosa says. It’s not like Victor needed to be reminded of why he was in love with her, but this moment was a pretty good one.
“Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up,” Victor says. Rosa gets up, hands him another beer, and takes a sip of hers. Victor reaches for his fly, but Rosa beats him to it. Her nimble hands quickly free his passion and just as quickly gets to work. They have been married for nearly six years, and she has always been ‘thankful’ to him. But every time she relaxes him, he can’t help but brace himself.
Her skills in all things passion has always surprised him. Every woman that he’s ever been with, their sex life would die down after a while. Days, weeks, and on the scarcely, months of sex before either of them would want to slow down a bit – Not Rosa. She was just as desirable as the first day they meet, and the sex was just as good. Victor grips down on the table and thinks, just maybe, it might even be better.
For the life of him, he couldn’t figure out why this was. It couldn’t be the magic, He hasn’t even had a chance to reapply tonight, yet she was quenching her thirst for him. He had made sure that she was Human, or maybe he didn’t. The truth was, he didn’t really want to know. Why question happiness?
If happiness wasn’t having the love of your life serves you in the kitchen while drinking a beer, Victor didn’t know what happiness was.


“Be careful, my child. You don’t want to take too much.” Walpurga whispers in Rosa’s mind, but she was way ahead of her. She has been feeding off of Victor for years. She knew exactly how much to take. While his sexual energy was through the roof, he did have his limits. If Rosa was going to pull off the spells that she needed to get him out of the trouble he’d been in, she would need a lot more of him. Quite possibly, she may have to pull some from her old prey.
She will cross that road when she gets there. Rosa grips Victor’s waist as she feels him succumb to her skills.
“If you take power from his seed, you will take too much!” Walpurga scolds.
“That’s what the potions are for.” She returns, preparing for his orgasm. Walpurga searches the banks of Rosa’s memories and sees that she spiked the beers she’s been feeding Victor.
“You may be my best Warlock yet,” Walpurga says. Rosa tries to acknowledge her patron, but she needs to focus. Victor’s burst of satisfaction fills Rosa with power, so much so that she can’t stop draining him as he rides the waves of pleasure.
“More, dear,” she says, licking her lips and massaging his member. Victor conjures his powers to stiffen up, and Rosa can’t help but smile. Victor picks her up, and once inside her, it takes all her concentration, not to get lost in the pleasure of him, but to use her body to absorb more of the Demon soul inside of him. She’s nearly got all of it over the last couple of days, but there was just a little bit more.
They do their nightly ritual dance of moving down the hallway and into the room. Though they usually have sex in a more animalistic nature, Rosa gets Victor on his back and rides him passionately. Her crevice snuggly hugs his sex, her tongue locked with his, and her body fully enveloped by his embraces. This is what she needed to maximize her draining.
Every so often, she dropped her spell and just enjoyed the feel of him pleasing her on all levels. That and so that he wouldn’t get too suspicious. She did love him. She had to. The more she cared, the more powerful the magic, but there was a small part of her that just loved him.
She couldn’t let herself fall entirely, no matter how much she wanted to, and every day, he made that a little harder for her. In the end, she knew that the more she fell for him, the harder it would be. She knew that she would be the death of him, one way or another, and it seemed that the day for that was coming much sooner than she expected.
“Te amo, mi amor,” Victor says in between passionate kissing.
“Te amo tambien,” Rosa returns, moaning to hide a tear.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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