Morning Tea run

No matter how high Esmeralda turned up her music, the mockery of the women in the cafe pierced through. They mocked her hair, which she had dyed white. They mocked her shirt, which named and portrayed her latest anime crush. They mocked her shoes, which she got at a very good deal. It’s hard to find good skateboarding shoes in a town that’s filled with monster hunters. 

But probably dumbest of all, they mocked her custom-made Damascus Steel katana, gifted to her by her master. The Tsuka is crafted from the finest Elvish wood, high-quality hide, and ribbon made of Lycan silk. Her Katana, Taiyo no Senshi or Taiyo for short, was awarded to her after passing her trail of Bushido with flying colors. Taiyo was her earned nickname, being one of the only humans taken seriously in Honin. Los Mitichas was known as the city of the sun. So she became the Sun warrior. 

So if these women knew how powerful of a weapon she had and what it took to obtain it, why would they mock her? Because so many Humans have been diving into Lycan culture with the invasion of Anime and Manga. Esmeralda was sure that could be the only reason they would think to make fun of someone. Either way, Esmeralda didn’t care. All she cared about was getting her tea and getting back to her apartment. 

“Do you think she’s ever been kissed? I mean, look at how weird she is,” one says, snapping yet another selfie of herself. 

“I’m sure some weirdo loser will touch her. Probably some lard ass who works at a comic book store. They probably talk about all their little action figures together.” Her blond friend joins in, laughing. She apparently finds herself hilarious. Well, she and her followers. 

“Or some loser skate punk. Look at her busted-ass shoes.” The friend with the glasses says and then snorts. Is this what popular girls from high school evolved into? Housewives with nothing better to do than try to bully others until they become unsatisfied in their marriage and get divorced? 

Esmeralda moves up, hoping that the person in front of her won’t take long. There weren’t enough Lycan pop or Anime theme songs to get her through their miserable attempts to make her feel bad. 

“I bet she thinks because she has abs, guys still want to be with her. No man wants all those abs, bitch,” Selfie speaks up again, and the others agree. 

“Yeah, they want someone with a nice slender figure. Not someone strong enough to break trees.” They continue, but all their insults are kind of flattering to Esmeralda. She has been working pretty hard, but she didn’t know her muscles could be seen underneath a pretty loose-fitting shirt, and … well, maybe her legs were a giveaway in her skirt. Come to think of it, her shirt was tied back, which could show off her defining lines. 

Esmeralda just continues to ignore them, bobbing her head to the grooves in her headphones. She’s delighted when the person in front of her moves to the side, and she’s waved up by Yusei, one of her favorite clerks. 

“Ohaiyo Yusei. What’s up?” Esmeralda says in perfect Lycan but in her Anime voice. 

“Ohaiyo. I want to get out of here. Will you have your usual?” He responds back in Lycan. He shows far more irritation than Esmeralda does when the women behind her start mimicking her. 

“You know I will. I can’t get enough Sencha.” 

“I’m going to throw something at those bi…,” 

“No, no, Yusei. You’re more honorable than that.”

“Not really.” he returns. His lip visibly showing his struggle to keep calm.

“Then don’t do it for me. Your favorite customer.”

“You’re not my favorite.” He says with a grin. Esmeralda pays and gives him a look of disbelief. 

“Then who is?”

“Xiao,” He says, his grin growing wider.

“You make a very fair point,” Esmeralda says. Xiao comes every day, much like her, but Xiao buys about fifty dollars worth of tea. Esmeralda couldn’t afford that quite yet. She was only a B-rank bounty hunter, whereas Xiao was an S-rank. Not even taking the time to write her name down, Yusei just yells over his shoulder that Taiyo was here and got a confirmation from the back. 

Taking a step to the side, she places her headphones back in her ear and continues to jam out for a couple of minutes. She watches as Selfie and friends couldn’t even get their orders together and hold up the line. Then they struggle over the proper names of the tea, taking a liking to the Human pronunciation rather than the Drow, Orcish, or Lycan from where they come.

Esmeralda wasn’t going to let that get to her. Soon she would have her tea, then she could get back to her apartment and put this all behind her. That’s the plan anyway. She thinks that may change when she sees that the women need a little more time to make themselves feel better. 

“Hey, I’m talking to you.” Glasses speaks up and gets in her face. Esmeralda removes her earbuds once more and puts them in her back pocket. She knew that this wouldn’t end with her minding her own business. 

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Esmeralda gives her full attention. 

“Is that your boyfriend? He seems awfully nice to you.”

“Yusei? No, we’re just friends.” says more animated than needed.

“Is he a loser like you?” They start laughing. 

“I’d imagine not. He’s the day shift manager.” They laugh even harder. 

“Oh, he must be so cool. Shift manager at a shitty cafe like this.” Selfie joins in. Esmeralda just looks around nervously while they continue to bully her. “I bet that sword isn’t even real. Just want to grab attention with that thing.” Selfie reaches for her sword, but Esmeralda just pulls away. 

“Come on, let us see your stupid sword.” Blond makes another attempt. Esmeralda is saved by her name being called. Skillfully stepping around them to get to her cup, she grabs it and makes a beeline for the door. The women continue bullying her more by calling her a coward and a fraud, but she’s beyond caring at this point. She’s just happy to be out and into the sun and fresh air. 

Grabbing her board from the wall where she left it, she hops on and takes a victory sip to her freedom. Those women aside, the neighborhood that she lives in is friendly to her, and she is very well known. She cruises and sips for about two blocks until she is back at her apartment. Popping the board up, she tucks it under her arm and enters her code to enter the complex. 

She makes it through the lobby and to the elevators, and once she presses three, she’s almost where she wants to be. The doors open and puts her only steps away from her safe haven. She digs in her pocket, fiddling for her key, but before she can even open the door, it opens for her. 

There in the doorway was Ben, her Demon boyfriend. Shirtless as usual, he had a body that both models and athletes alike envied. One hundred eighty-eight centimeters in height, steel-gray eyes, long black beard, and coal-colored skin enthralled her as it always did. He takes her board for her and leads her in the house. 

Esmeralda tries to walk by him, but he grabs her by the waist and pulls her to him. 

“You left without kissing me,” he says while kissing her neck and his hand traveling up and down her thighs. 

“I always go to get tea in the morning.” She says, almost dropping her cup. She finds a place to set it down quickly when his hands reach up and grip her breast. She turns her head to face him, locking lips with him. Soon after, her ass can feel how much his body missed hers. 

Her moans are all the encouragement he needs to slide her skirt to the floor and walk her over to the couch. On any other day, she would shyly protest and play cat and mouse games until they end up in her bedroom, but after hearing all the mocking, she needed to get the doubts out of her mind.

 She knew what they said had some truth to it. She is weird, she doesn’t fit in, she isn’t like other girls. But that was why she has a beautiful Demon man yanking her panties down and bending her over the back of the couch. His rod sliding into her slickness and pulling on her long white Anime hair. 

His growls feed the fuel to her desires and burn away the women’s nasty words. His passionate strokes let her know that he saw her as beautiful. His hunger for what she could offer proved that her warrior’s body was desirable. They knew nothing but what they were told. Esmeralda preferred knowing what she could feel. 

And right now, she felt as he pressed his strong hands on her waist and let her feel every long stroke from his rod.  Even though she was a warrior, he was always careful. They had been together long enough to know what each was capable of taking. Esmeralda loved him for that. But right now, she wanted a little more. 

“Harder,” the whisper leaves her lips. No sooner than it’s said it is fulfilled. She feels the slamming against her bottom as he pounds harder into her. Slapping her backside, pulling her faster into his strokes. 

“More,” she calls for, and he hesitates this time. 

“Are you sure?” He asks, but she’s lost in the slow tempo that he’s taken while waiting for an answer. She wants to answer, but all that answers with is soft moans. The shock of an orgasm waves through her, but she still manages to nod her head. 

“Liebling?” He calls out for another confirmation. 

“Yes!” She screams, gripping onto the pillows of the couch. He lifts her legs and spreads them on the beam of the couch. With nothing to hold on to but the pad, she feels as much as her body can. Her legs spread so wide that she cannot monitor any of him, so she gets all of him. Raw and pure. His hands with a death grip on her butt, she feels as he slams it down on his stiffness over and over. 

She hasn’t told him how wonderful a little pain makes her feel sometimes. Usually, the more passionate and affectionate sex they have is what she needs, but thanks to those women, she needed to be on the end of pure lust. His growls turn to moans, and then moans get shorter and shorter. She can feel the buildup in him as he’s trying to slow down. 

Esmeralda doesn’t help him at all. With what leverage she has, she moves to his tempo and speeds them up. Feeling himself going over the edge, his hands release her bottom and find her breast. They both shiver as they ride the wave of combined climax until he nearly loses his balance. She goes forward, ending up on the couch, and he ends up propped against the wall. 

“That was…,” He starts.

“I know,” she finishes, nearly as out of breath as he is. “When you can, come over here and kiss me.” Only a few seconds pass and Esmeralda can hear his footsteps walking around the couch. He leans over to kiss her, but she pulls him on the couch. He’s not much of a challenge for her. He’s weak in the aftermath. Letting her lips and hands show how satisfied she is, he nuzzles her neck and enjoys her affection. 

“I take it things went bad at the cafe?” He says, rubbing his thumb over her throat. She wraps her legs around his waist and pulls him in for another kiss. 

“I think it went well, wouldn’t you agree?”

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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