The Demon in his heart pt 6

Surely the Dragons are Great! Salib’s mind is throwing a party, and she can’t stop squeezing Borjas’ arm. He got her approved to work undercover, which means she can wear a dress. It had taken her what felt like hours to settle on the yellow and gold asymmetrical one-shoulder dress. Salib even did her make-up to compliment the occasion. Its been so long since she could just dress like herself that it was hard for her to not indulge.
Her mother did her hair, nothing fancy, slicked back into a low bun. Her perfumes finally getting some use. Her bracelets and other accessories now getting some of the sunlight they so desperately miss. The real highlight of this, dress aside, was the sunflower yellow ankle strap heels. Salib was dying to take them out somewhere, and this was her chance.
Getting into the death trap of a car with Borjas, she awaited his mocking.
“I know you got approved to dress like a civilian and all, but you sure this is what you want to go with? We are still after a murderer.”
“Let me enjoy this. By the love of the Dragons, let me have this one. You are the fast one anyway. I can cast my spells in this, I promise.” She pleads. As much as she hated to admit it, she did look up to Borjas as a big brother, and if he made her change, she would. She would hate him, but she would.
“Just stay behind me when we get there. I wouldn’t dare take this from you. You look nice.” Salib absolutely beams with joy. She leans over and kisses him on the cheek. She gasps when she realizes that she left some of her lipstick on his cheek.
“What are you doing? You know how hard this stuff is to get off?” He says, grabbing a napkin from his console.
“It’s not that bad. It’s not like you have a woman to answer to.”
“I feel slighted.”
“You shouldn’t. No one woman can tame the mighty Borjas,” Salib flatters
“That’s more like it,” Borjas says, shifting into drive and pulling off. “While you’re in a good mood, I destroyed your base. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that gold mine you’ve been working on.” Borjas watches Salib struggle with her facial features. She goes into her purse and opens up the app, only to realized that her phone had been giving her notifications all this time. Opening up the app and tapping through the news, she just smiles and slouches back in the seat.
“You know, I normally would be mad, but I can’t be upset in this dress. Besides, I give up on trying to beat you at your own game.” She says and then fires up another app with puzzles and a more mellow tune.
“What’s that?” Borjas inquires.
“Oh, you wouldn’t like it. It’s far more girly than your game.”
“You any good at it?”
“I’ve been playing for a couple of days now. I’m pretty far on the leader board.”
“Send me a link. I’ll top that for sure.”
“Not everything between us has to be a competition.” Borjas chuckles. “You’re right. That was silly of me,” She says, joining into his laugh. She taps a few buttons, and Borjas hears the chime in his phone.

They make it to Victor’s house, and Salib is feeling fantastic. From the moment she steps out, she notices a few eyes on her. It felt good to have people’s attention without her badge on her hip. Especially when those eyes are jealous eyes of men who think that Borjas is her’s, or something like that. She hooks on Borja’s arm and joins him in the walk up to the door, and halfway there, she can feel the Demonic vibes. This house was unquestionably the house of warlocks, just as Borjas feared.
After a few raps at the door, a lovely young woman opens up, wearing a floral sleeveless halter dress. Her figure is a cut above Salib’s, and if she is honest, so was her fashion. Salib mentally shakes off her shock and gives herself the excuse that she would be more on top of things if she didn’t work all the time, but that still wouldn’t put her in this woman’s class if Borjas stares are anything to go by.
“Rosa?” Borjas says, realizing that everyone was sizing each other up.
“Yes, Miguel and Farah?” the woman returns.
“That’s us.” Borjas answers.
“Where are my manners? Please come in,” the woman says, opening the door for them. Borjas presses his fingers into Salib’s arm, and she knew what that meant. When their host turns to walk them in, she activates her astral sense, and it didn’t take long to confirm what she thought.
“Could I offer you anything to drink?”
“Cerveza is fine for me,” Borjas says.
“Would you happen to have agua fresca?” Salib asks.
“What kind of Human would I be if I didn’t? I’ll be right back.” The woman says and elegantly leaves the room.
“Did you know the woman was also a powerful warlock?” Borjas snaps his head to her.
“Yes, her. We’re going to have to be really careful.”
“Careful enough that bringing those shoes was a mistake?”
“These shoes are never a mistake.” Salib snaps. Shortly after, the two take their seat. The woman comes back with two beers, a glass of agua fresca, and the cutest little girl that Salib has ever seen.


“My dad didn’t tell me you were so pretty,” Isabelle says, looking up at Mr. Miguel’s sister. The sister blushes and nods to Isabelle.
“Thank you, my dear. That means a lot coming from the prettiest girl in the room.” Isabelle gives her cheesy grin and walks over to her.
“Are you here to heal me?” the sadness in her voice shows.
“I’m going to try my best,” the sister says, grabbing Isabelle’s hands. Going into her purse, the sister pulls out a weird pebble and tells Isabelle to hold it. Shortly after, she empties a vial of dust into her hand, powers it with her magic then blows it all over Isabelle. The dust melds into her skin, and then the pebble shines.
The face the sister makes is disheartening, but she seems to see something. She inspects her further with all types of reagents that Victor couldn’t identify, then a moment that makes his heart burst with joy.
“I can fix this, and for cheap, actually.”
“Does it take a long time to do?” Victor asks, for once hopeful about her situation.
“Nope, but you do have to go somewhere the spirits are strong. There’s a nature shrine not far from here. I could pull it off there in about a day or two.”
“How much?”
“I’m sorry, I don’t follow?”
“How much will it cost for this ritual?” Victor says, ready to pay any price.
“For you… nothing. My brother is going to pay me.”
“I am,” Miguel says, snapping into the conversation after hearing his name.
“Well, I guess you’re going to pay. I’m sorry, what’s your name,”
“You’ll pay Rosa too.”
“You’re taking me shopping, and I NEED to know where she gets her clothes from. Are you looking at this dress?” Victor can’t believe this is happening. After so many years of looking for an answer, this woman is just going to fix her, just like that. By doing…
“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to question you, but how are you going to heal her?” The sister looks over at him and puts her tools away.
“I’m sorry, I got so excited about my brother taking me shopping I forgot to tell you. Isabelle, she is what we call a slayer. Her body is not producing magic at a higher rate. She’s absorbing the magic at a high rate. These people in the old time were perfect for mage hunters as they could absorb magic and use it at their will. Her problem is, she doesn’t know how to let the magic out that she absorbs, so I will just add a magical outlet for her to return her magic to the world. To make one big enough for her, it’s going to take more magic than I have, so we have to go to a place where spirit magic is powerful.”
Victor begins to cry and can’t believe that it’s nearly over.
“If that’s been the case, then why has no one ever noticed before?” Rosa speaks up.
“Because it’s a super rare condition, and if you don’t have a really good physician, then it will be overlooked. Don’t believe me.” Farah says, then charges a bolt of spirit magic. Victor runs to protect Isabelle but isn’t fast enough. He hears Rosa gasp. He prepares a ball of demonic energy and looks at Isabelle.
“This tickles dad,” Isabelle says, with a white glow around her. Victor turns and nearly drops his spell when he notices that Miguel and Farah have guns pointed at him. Isabelle whimpers.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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