When honor is lost part 1

Borjas doesn’t move when the arrow lands at his feet. Salib takes a step back, making Borjas a little agitated because he knew this would happen. Hence the reason he told her to wait in the car.
“I don’t want to make this any harder than it has to be. Just let me go in and grab young David Zaw, and we’ll be on our way.” Borjas says, exuding confidence. The stocky Orc who fired the warning shot isn’t impressed.
“Zhao Dawei! You can’t even get our names right,” The guard grumbles. “You know our laws. You don’t have jurisdiction here. Come back with your leader or get permission from ours.” The guard says.
“Xiao or Yan Wang are not our leaders. They are bounty hunters with lives. I can’t drag them away on police business every time this happens.”
“Every time this happens!” The guard yells and is joined by his buddies. “Are you to say that our people are filled with criminals?”
“Sure am,” Borjas doesn’t even miss a beat. “Petty theft, grand theft auto, distribution of narcotics, and the list goes on. Ever since the Treaty of the Three, Orc crime has increased. They know they can do whatever they want and then just run here for sanctuary.”
“There would be no treaty if your people didn’t slaughter our innocent,” The Orc says with a lot of his buddies chiming in.
“By your logic, we should be going to war because you are letting your people slaughter ours. I’m here to take him in to bring justice to our city and your tribe. Just as Yan Wang and Yasuhiro Yabe did before.” The gate to the village opens, and a few of the warrior Orcs walk up armed to meet Borjas and Salib. Salib starts to prep a spell, but Borjas stops her.
“They are just as afraid of Yan Wang as we are. They will not attack us. Not without cause,” Borjas said, lighting a cigarette. They march across the empty field until they are nine meters away. Then, showing their bows, swords, and shields, they try to bait them into fighting. Borjas doesn’t budge.
“Enough!” A voice calls out from behind the Orcs. They scramble and part for the Orc that they are clearly afraid of. An elder Orc, frail and thin, but the magical energy radiating off him is frightening. The air stands still for him, and the earth beneath his feet shifts with him, almost as if it was protecting him.
“This man is merely trying to do his job.” The Elder says.
“Thanks, finally someone with some sense.”
“But he knows our laws and shouldn’t be here.”
“Come on!” Borjas exclaim with a mouth full of smoke.
“There is no trust between your people and mine. That must still be built. This, our leaders knew, and this is why the Treaty was written so. You understand this, Detective.”
“I understand it, but what you don’t seem to understand is that your people are taking advantage of it. David didn’t even try to hide what he did.”
“Then we will bring him to justice on our end.”
“That’s not good enough for the family of the Talon that lost her life.”
“Would you fight this hard if it was one of our own? You only care because your partner is Talon.”
“That’s not true. We take every case as serious as the other.” Borjas says, finally letting his anger get the best of him. The one thing no one can do is bring up Salib to him.
“Careful Detective, you are not above our laws. Attacking us will put you in our legal system. Is that Talon worth it?”
“My Sister is,” Borjas says, flicking the butt of the cigarette at the feet of the Elder.”
“Borjas, don’t lose yourself. He is a powerful Shaman. I can feel his power.” Salib speaks up.
“Listen to your lizard friend,” the Shaman says and finds Borjas’ gun right between his eyes.
“Calling an officer of the law any slur is a hate crime. So I can take you in for that. And you may be a powerful Shaman, but bullets work on everyone.” The Elders’ backup moves to rush him, but the Elder holds up his hand to stop them.
“Are you willing to risk unrest over a girl?”
“You have the right to remain silent….” Borjas starts and turns the Elder around and freeing his cuffs with this other hand. The Elder laughs and nods his head. When he does, Borjas looks up and notices the other Orcs running to him. Clasping the cuffs quickly and pushing the Elder to the side, Borjas can hear Salib transforming and going into a breathing attack. Tapping into his Finesse, he swiftly moves out of spray range when Salib lets loose with her fire. The Orcs with shields step forward to protect the archers, but as soon as they drop their guards and the bows come up, they are tapped with shots to their shoulders.
The shield Orcs run to rush Borjas but are repelled by Salib’s magic pushing them back. In her dragon form, so takes to the skies and casts a barrier to keep the other Orcs from taking shots while she and Borjas take care of the ones closest to them. The barrier comes up just in time, and a wall of arrows slams into the barrier, but Salib’s magic was strong enough to take a few arrows.
Back on the Ground, Borjas was showing the Orcs what a Finesse user was capable of. Dancing around their attacks and landing precise blows to their jaw, knees, and throat whenever they opened up. It didn’t take him long to drop the big muscle-bound Orcs who couldn’t even tap into Power.
Turning his attention back to the Elder, he notices that the cuffs were on the ground next to him.
“Remember, detective, you asked for this.” The Elder says with a maniacal smile.


“Dawei. Dawei! They have the Elder!” a youngling Orc cries out in the chambers of Dawei. Dawei’s anger builds as he rises from the altar to face the youngling. The Humans have no respect for the laws of the Orcs. Yan Wang should have sided with the Talons to crush the Human city. Maybe then, Dawei wouldn’t have to kill their sick. Those who would side with the Humans.
“How is this possible!” Dawei roars. The youngling shrugs his shoulders and tells him to come quick. The warriors that went to greet the Humans came back injured. Dawei grabs his shield and sword and follows the youngling to see what affliction the Humans have caused now.
The healers have gathered near the village gate and were casting healing spells. Dawei was surprised to see burn marks as a part of their injures.
“How did this happen?”
“One of the Detectives is a Fire Talon. She used her Dragon form to breathe fire at us.” One of the Orcs says.
“Yeah, she’s a powerful witch. She was able to create a barrier in no time. Strong enough to take quite a few arrows.” Another says.
“This is why we should have never stopped fighting them,” Dawei starts. “They are ruthless and will be the death of us all. They don’t care that they attack our sons, brothers, fathers, and lovers. No, they only see us as criminals and monsters, ready to be killed or imprisoned.”
“Dawei, they were only here because you killed one of theirs!” Gen says. How Dawei really hated that Human loving Orc.
“And I only killed them because they are recruiting the other races to finish the job they started.”
“That’s not true, Dawei. Your hatred blinds you. I have lived among the Humans, and they valued me as one of their own.”
“Lies! They used you to learn about us. Learned our secrets to better know how to defeat us.” Dawei says, arming himself with his sword and shield. Gen sees this and takes the weapons from a guard. Gen is a warrior.
Dawei can feel his Power aura already. However, Dawei knows that Gen’s Power was no match for his Divine energy. Channeling the power of vengeance, Dawei creates an aura of fear around him. Everyone but Gen moves away from him in fear. Gen is stronger than Dawei gives him credit for.
Gen Shouts to the sky, and his body gains a blue aura. Dawei bites back a curse. A red aura is fine, the extra strength can be dodged. Blue auras, on the other hand, were harder to deal with. It was clear to Dawei that Gen was a defensive fighter. He would have to use all his divine energy to get around this.
Gen Charges Dawei, and there is a moment of fear in Dawei when he strikes Gen in the head, and not so much as a wince. Gen Tackles Dawei and smacks him in the face with the shield. On instinct, Dawei uses his magic to repel Gen off of him. Scurrying to his feet, he is just in time to see Gen’s knee hit him in the face. Dawei only stumbles back from the knee but quickly finds himself in the air from the uppercut slash. Facing the sky, he watches as Gen’s shadow covers his face. Reaching out with his power, Dawei manipulates Gen’s mind. The spell hits, and Gen forgets why he is fighting.
Dawei gets to his feet, and as soon as Gen drops his aura, he charges his shield with divine energy and smacks Gen in the face. The force from the attack knocks Gen into the Gate wall, and before he can remember what’s going on, Dawei’s sword plunges into his stomach. Dawei rips the blade out and turns his back on Gen as he bleeds.
“You see! The Gods see me as worthy. It is he who spreads lies!” Dawei yells to the group surrounding them. “The Humans are a threat, and we must prepare for them.”

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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