Kiss of the Vampire pt 1

Aniker hitches a breath from the masterful strokes of a tongue, her back arching to near painful limits as lush pink lips pull and suckle her pearl.  Aniker and the Vampire overseeing her pleasure let out moans as the Vampire lifts her head to place wet circles over Aniker’s clit. 

Sliding her fingers in, the Aniker’s lover’s slender fingers find Aniker’s g-spot and messages as if she is trying to pull her soul from her body. Aniker spasms when her body gives in to the sweet surrender of only the Dragons knew how many orgasms. 

A ragged breath finds a way to escape only to be cut short once more when the Vampire loops her arms around her thighs and pulls her in once more. Aniker’s fingers tangle with the Vampire’s pink hair, releasing curses fueled by the pure bliss of her skill. Aniker’s legs quivering with pleasure doesn’t slow the Vampire down. 

The pink-haired lover grasps at Aniker’s knees, nearly pinning her knees to the bed as her tongue plunges into Aniker’s sweet nectar. 

Aniker grips hard on the bedpost while shots of fire drive through her veins. The slurping and smacking of a wonderful tongue send waves of delight through her core and beyond. Aniker’s lips part, but the gripping of her thighs pulling her back in causes her to swallow a breath and she braces for another wave of ecstasy to wash over her. 

Her back snaps to an arch pooling her tangled yarn of hair in response to this unrelenting mouth that will devour her. Her legs quiver more, trying to find some strength after being sapped from the multiple orgasms that pulse through her. Nails digging into her rear adds much-desired pain to the pleasure, only adding more of the feeling of her juices being sipped and lapped with expert skill. 

A cry escapes her lips in praise of her skilled partner. She opens her eyes to a blurry vision, she turns her head to focus on something closer. Her small clock comes into view. She concentrates on the small black box as tingles of heat flash throughout her body. Her eyesight starts to sharpen, and when it does, it causes her to let out a different kind of curse.  

When she pops up, the Vampire snaps to look at her weary expression. 

“Something wrong ma petite?” the Vampire says, her accent sending the wrong type of emotions through Aniker. 

“I’m late for work. Again,” Aniker responds, scooting back on her bottom and rushing out of bed. She takes a moment to find her balance but then starts towards the bathroom. She can’t be late today. She just can’t be. 

Aniker hastily walks past the Vampire but turns as she doesn’t want to be impolite. 

“This was crazy fun …,” Aniker starts a syllable of a, then am, stretching it clearly looking for a clue. 

“Emily,” The Vampire corrects. Aniker takes a small win in being close. 

“But I should have left fifteen minutes ago, and I need to leave as soon as possible to not be in the ‘getting fired’ range. I hope to see you again, but you have to leave. Like now.” Aniker says, pressing a kiss to Emily’s lips. Emily’s lips curl into a dangerous smile, showing one of her fangs. 

“What if I could teleport you?” Emily says, for once meeting Aniker’s honey golden eyes shimmer with shock and hope. 

“You can do arcane magic?” 

“Again, I ask, what if I teleport you?” 

“That would give me like, um, fifteen minutes.” Aniker stammers, tripping over her words in excitement. 

“Bah, that is no time at all,” Emily’s accent pours through her words. “What will I get for doing this for you?” She folds her arms over her breasts as to say, no more free looks. Aniker wasn’t looking at Emily’s delicious full chest – that much. There is a blur of words, that Aniker miss, just now realizing she was staring at Emily’s lips. Shaking the lust from her mind she refocuses. It wasn’t as if Aniker didn’t catch Emily looking at her hips and thighs through this little exchange. 

Oh right, she asked a question.

“I’d love to see you again, just have to check my schedule,”  Aniker finally responds.

“What about a date?” 

“Oh no, can’t do dates. My husband is fine with me having sex with women, but dating is a little too intimate,” Aniker answers, all too familiar with the rules. 

“Quand même? C’est fou! This is unacceptable, ma petite,” Emily says, pacing a bit. “ How badly do you wish to make it to work on time?” Emily faces her with a smile that Aniker knows better than to trust. 

“I need to be on time more than anything, especially today. What if I make myself available on my break?” Aniker tries to hold all the cards of bargaining by starting the suggestions, but Emily and she both know, who has the better hand. Emily places her hand on her chin, going over the offer. 

“Not your break, I want you when you should be working, while others are looking for you.” The idea sends flashes of heat through Aniker’s body. 

“Did you not hear the part about me almost being fired?” 

“Take your chances now, or take them later.” Her smile was two parts dangerous. One part sexy as hell, and one part devious. What other options does Aniker have? If she doesn’t take her help, she will be at least thirty minutes late. That is grounds for termination, but so is having sex on the clock. But one is hotter than the other and will make for a far better story. 

Her husband does provide for her, and they don’t need the money, but getting fired from her first nursing job isn’t on her bucket list, so she will need to be careful. 

“I’ll take your offer. Should we shake on it?” Aniker says, holding her hand out. She quickly finds herself being lifted and sat on top of the dresser. 

“I have a better idea,” Emily says, spreading Aniker’s legs. 

“Be quick, I only have about ten minutes or so,” Aniker purrs, her fingers finding themselves swimming in the locks of luscious pink hair. There is a laugh against her skin. 

“I like where your mind is, Ma petite, but no,” Emily says then opens her mouth. Aniker watches her elongate her fangs and winces from them brushing against her skin. She waits for pain that never comes. 

Instead, a warm euphoria pulses through her thigh and gives her a high she’s never felt before. Her body completely relaxes and warm memories flash in her mind of Emily kissing and caressing her. There is a tingle that gives her a slight buzz, and somehow energy all at the same time. 

Whatever this feeling is, she wants it all the time. 

“What, what did you do?” Aniker feels like her voice is different. 

“Le Baiser du Vampire,” Emily says, rising to meet Aniker’s gaze. She licks her fangs free of the blood and her green-gray eyes lock on Aniker’s lips. 

“You know I don’t speak Vampire,” Aniker says, unable to keep her hands off of Emily. Her hands start at her face, then make their way down to her full breast and flat stomach. From there they just decide to freely roam over the bronze skin of the Vampire. 

“The kiss of the Vampire. It is very taboo amongst my people to do to someone who is not my mate, but I think we can make an exception. Wouldn’t you agree, ma petite?” 

Aniker moans to agree with a mouth full of Emily’s breast as she caresses her thighs and ass. 

“ I knew you would,” Emily says, flipping her hair out of the way. 

Just pulling on Aniker’s hair was enough to nearly make her cum. Every touch, her sensations around Emily was increased tenfold. Emily grabs a fist full of Aniker’s hair and pulls it hard enough to send both Aniker’s gaze and arousal to the ceiling. 

“You need to get ready for work,” Emily says, placing kisses along her neck as she says it. It seems as though she is also struggling to restrain herself. “and you won’t be able to focus as long as you are near me. I’m going to get us breakfast. What would you like?” Her words cause more heat and arousal as her accent wraps her in. 

“I want … I need… whatever you give me,” Aniker’s words are coated in desperation. Every word meant, every word full of hunger. Emily growls and lets out a deep chuckle, its sensual roar sends vibrations deep within Aniker. 

She eases on the grip of her hair and uses the other hand to guide Aniker’s lips to hers. Emily stills Aniker’s body with a passionate kiss. Aniker feels Emily smile through the kiss and then she watches as Emily seems to glide across the room to the strewn-about clothes. 

Aniker’s eyes longingly watch as the dress wraps around Emily’s body and silhouettes above her knees. The black and white anime dress looks like a school girl’s outfit and watching the loose pieces hug her skin as she moves, sends pulses through her once more. When the door closes behind Emily, it was only then that she heard her say goodbye. 

Aniker sucks in a hard breath as she can finally move freely. Warm tingles dance about her skin where Emily touched her. Her body feels warm like the feeling of first love all over again. Her mind is in an intense state of euphoria. 

This has to be the magic of the kiss.

With the precious little time that Aniker has left, she hastens her steps to the bathroom. Staring down the army of beauty products, she only has time for her elite few. In a rush, she grabs what she needs, turns on the water, and hops in.

Not waiting for the water to warm, is something that she is all too familiar with. The life of a nurse is hectic and when she’s not working, she’s using what precious time she has for sleeping, tending to her husband, and of course, having hot and steamy sex with random women. 

After she washes her hair and puts in conditioner, she makes a quick lather and works on the rest of her small frame. Moving down to her thigh, she stops. The place where Emily bit her was no bigger than a  bug bite and nearly healed. This was not possible. Her fangs are much larger than that, and the wound should be much fresher. 

Aniker runs her hands over it, and with the slight bump being the only exception, it is smooth. 

Okay now, this was something that she needs to look into. Aniker is all into freaky things, but not when it makes little to no medical sense.

While it was true that Vampire bites are so rare that even some elven doctors well in their centuries of experience have never seen one, she is certain it would leave more of a scare than this. 

Aniker didn’t have the luxury of trying to figure this out. She forces her hands to move so that she can get ready before Emily comes back. Tilting her head back to rinse the conditioner out, she reasons that she plans to see her again. She’ll ask her questions then. 

That or just search on the Internet. 

Killing the water and jumping out of the shower, Aniker grabs two towels and wraps her hair and body while making her way to her dresser. 

Other people may not like studio apartments in the inner city, but Aniker loves hers. With all the open space she could want. Compliments of her husband. 

It is her place where she gets the sexual stimulation that he was no longer able to provide her.

Her sexual sanctuary.

Putting her mind back to task, she works her way to the closet and grabs any pair of scrubs within reach, and pulls a pink pair with birds decorating it. Scrubbing at her body with the towel until her skin was dry enough, she slips into the uniform. 

With that done, she darts to her vanity and starts her makeup. Looking over her pallet, she goes with her natural colors of bronze and starts the process of moisturizing her skin and applying makeup. 

Make-up is done,  and working on hair, Aniker checks her time and slips out a light curse. She has to be at work in twenty minutes, and there was no sign of Emily. She hopes by the Dragon’s grace that she wasn’t lying.

Did it matter?

She would be late either way if she was. Working the blow dryer to her hair, she gets it just dry enough to where she can style it in a ponytail, no time for anything else. Then when her hands return to her lap, she has an urge to rub them back and forth on her thighs. 

Heat prickles through her skin and she cannot stop herself from placing her hand on her throat and applying pressure. Dragon’s mercy she is dripping with arousal again, which means one thing. 

Aniker turns to find devilish green-gray eyes looking at her.

Pure impulse pulls Aniker across the room to Emily and lunges into a kiss with her. Her tongue finds its way into Aniker’s mouth and a moan finds its way out. Aniker feels as Emily’s arm wraps around her, and it didn’t matter that the paper bag from the cafe brushed against her skin. As long as she has Emily’s embrace she would be fine. 

“Ma petite, where do you work?” 

“Galvornia memorial on Mack and 2nd.” There is a buzzing in the air, and it tingles as Aniker continues to kiss Emily. The energy from the magic sends shocks through Aniker, but she doesn’t want to break the connection. 

She shivers a little bit from the fall wind whispering at her neck, and then she feels as Emily pushes her breakfast in her hands.

Aniker takes a look around then she can see that she’s on the roof of her job, and shortly after, she watches Emily disappear.

Left with a feeling of longing for Emily and hunger for the bacon, egg, and cheese croissant, Aniker takes her breakfast from her bag and starts to munch on it while heading for the stairs.

She couldn’t wait to see Emily again.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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