Kiss of the Vampire: pt 2

Aniker is having the best morning in her recent memory. Even more than prom morning and even more than the morning of her graduation. She was given a hand full of orgasms and breakfast. Not only that, but for the first time, she’s early for work, not just the usual, just on time or far too often a little bit late.
For once she could take her time as she wanders to her department and places her items in her locker. She wasn’t even bothered by the stares from the other nurses as she strolls over to the lounge to wait to clock in.
There is one that she didn’t want to hear from.
“What a shock. You’re actually early,” Amanda, the charge nurse says, looking up from her coffee and her phone.
Amanda is a sun-kissed human in her early forties. She carries a little more weight than the other stick-thin women of Galvornia, but she wore it well. Her green eyes brought out her mahogany bob-styled hair. If Aniker didn’t think she was such a bitch, she would find her attractive.
“Yeah, I got a ride today,” Aniker says refusing to do the same.
“What luck, I was about to write your name on triage again, but seeing as how you are here, that seems to be unnecessary. Aniker knew that bitch was putting her on triage to punish her. Now that she said it, she could report her. But it would be her word, a new nurse who’s been late more than a handful of times, versus the charge nurse, a veteran of at least ten years. Fighting her Underdark city girl instincts to call her out and possibly fight her, she just smiles as her brother has told her to do so many times before.
Though Talon, her family is from the Underdark. A rough place where strength is valued over almost everything. She and her brother who changed his name to, Kong Lijie, moved from there together. He took the starting a new life thing a bit further than she did, as he took to the Orcish practice of Taoism and donned an Orcish Name. It has taken Aniker some time to adjust to not only her brother’s radical change but also to realize that his teachings held some weight.
“In any case, I hope this ride of yours is consistent. I would like to see you flourish here. You are a good nurse. Just with one too many bad habits,” Amanda says then resumes her morning ritual. Aniker hates her for this because she shut her out and didn’t give her a chance to respond. Lijie’s lessons be damned.
“Maybe, maybe not, we’ll see,” Aniker says, unable to resist the urge to fight back. Her blood boils when Amanda doesn’t even look up to respond.
“Then you’ll stay in trial by the fire until you do.”
And try to remember no one pays attention to the triage nurse. You’re just one more distraction to them. If you want to move up and gain recognition, you’ll need to be on the floor working with patients. Anyone can be a pair of hands in triage, but it takes special nurses to tend to patients on their own,” Amanda’s words come out, then there is a sip. “Oh, and not to mention how easy it is to lose your nursing license if you make a mistake on triage. All of your mistakes are under a microscope there.”
Aniker doesn’t care if her words are true, she wants to fight her. It has been far too long since she’s gotten her hands dirty, mostly due to her brother, but Aniker realizes that this was just due to her dislike of Amanda as a person. How she likes to wield her power to try to groom the people she likes and damn those she doesn’t.
Finding a spot at the table, Aniker sits and starts to scroll through her social media apps. Determined not to let Amanda ruin her perfect morning, she finds herself biting her lips.
Then Aniker feels a warmth pooling between her thighs, her breast hardened, and she struggles to find air. Images of Emily’s hand wrapping around her neck, and working her mouth on her sex pops back into her mind.
Clearing her throat, Aniker adjusts to get more comfortable and crosses her legs, and tries once more to read the post in front of her.
Aniker’s body fills with fire as the memories don’t stop and the tight pressure of her legs crossing feels divine. Moving her legs back in forth, rubbing against her center, and the feeling of just her legs rubbing together summons jolts of electricity. Looking at her watch, she finds that she still has a little time before she has to be on the clock.
She stands up and walks out of the room as fast as she could without drawing suspicion.
Aniker quickly moves from the nurse’s lounge to an empty on-call room. Nurses weren’t usually allowed in, but they often did for one reason or another.
One of those reasons was why Aniker was in there now.
Locking the door behind her, she moves to the bed and leans back. Slipping her hands down her scrub bottoms, she finds it irresistible to keep her hands from herself. Moving her fingers in tight circles, she feels the pulses of an orgasm coming and she speeds it up to move it along. Tilting her head back she arches with the fiery feeling of all the buildup and when she looks back down at her hands, she sees a familiar little waist with pink hair flowing around it.
Emily’s face came into view between the bars of the bunk bed that Aniker was in, and her smile just broadens as she watches.
” I’m not on the clock yet,” Aniker breathes heavily.
“I know,” Emily says, her words dripping in deviousness.
“Then…,” Emily stops her before she can start.
“I want to watch you.” Unable to hold back, Aniker’s legs give way to trembling as the orgasm is more intense than she is ready for. “Delicious,” Emily says once the wave of spasms finishes.
“Are you going to torture me all day?”
“Non, ma petite. At some point, I’ll have to get some work done.”
“So you’ll just be popping in and out throughout the day?” There is a laugh from Emily.
“You could say that.”
“What do you mean?” Emily doesn’t answer. There is just a smile that is far too innocent for the face it’s on. Aniker’s eyes betray her as they can’t help but look lower and lower. Aniker’s heart stops for a brief second when she notices the badge attached to Emily. Oh, Aniker was in deep trouble.
Emily’s new attire was now royal blue scrubs, tennis shoes, and an ID badge that said, Doctor Emily Moulin.
Then it sunk in.
Aniker would have to work all day. With this heat. While Amanda and Emily watch her.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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