Kiss of the Vampire: pt 3

Aniker thought about calling in sick on more than one occasion. But how would she explain to her doctor in a way that she would be able to have an excused absence? Even if she could, Amanda wouldn’t let up on her. Besides, admitting to her doctor that the new ER doctor put a spell on her to make her incredibly horny anytime she’s around while wearing a wedding band wasn’t something she cared to do today, or ever.
She needs a way to do deal with this. A way that would leave both her employment and dignity intact.
Little has been intact since the fated meeting of Emily Moulin. Behind her cutesy smile, was a destroyer. A destroyer of sanity, concentration, and willpower. Damn that bite! Aniker found a little peace in moving about and staying busy. Today seems to be a good day for it.
Just as she contemplated conjuring up her high school habits of feigning sick to play hooky, a patient came to the back. Young male, early twenty’s, suffering from goblin wounds.
When Aniker first started this job, she was fascinated by how such strong warriors could be wounded by things that seemed so weak.
Sure she wasn’t capable of taking on more than the weakest goblins and only one at a time.
Her brother on the other hand who had spent a brief life as an adventurer had explained. Compliancy kills. Once they stop seeing any risk, they often time slip up and get too comfortable. That had made sense to her.
She had gotten too comfortable with Emily and here she was the biggest danger to her career since she started.
Aniker takes another deep breath as she makes her way over to the bed. She doesn’t need to think about all the hot flashes of dirty sex that plagues her mind all morning. Just getting this wound cleaned, applying ointment, and getting it wrapped as slowly as possible that doesn’t draw suspicion.
The wide-eyed human acknowledges her bedside manners and tries to avoid eye contact. Aniker knew this move. This was the I’m so embarrassed by a hot nurse tactic. She calms this by telling the patient about her brother and how she knows that these things happen. Placing a hand on his, he relaxes a bit and tells his story.
Aniker always liked hearing their stories, it was fascinating. She didn’t want to tell her brother that she was upset when he quit, but she didn’t know how to feel. On the one hand, his stories are amazing, but on the other, he is much safer and she loves that.
The Human was ambushed after he completed his mission. He rescued some researchers who had gotten themselves stuck in the woods looking for Nymphs root, but once the pickup had been done, and he’d put his weapon away. A few stragglers jumped him.
That was his story anyway.
Aniker types up the report that way and tends to his wound all the same. There are smaller goblin bites, but they were infected. The way this infection seeps in reminds her of her wound.
The Goblin bight had been nearly in the same spot as he where Emily bit her, but just not as deliberate. Or at least she hoped not.
Aniker’s goblin however knew exactly what she was doing when she so viciously inflicted her wound onto her.
Heat creeps up Aniker’s spine and that only means one thing. Aniker works diligently and finishes the wrapping on the adventure’s leg.
Gathering all her things and tossing what needs to be disposed of, Aniker walks to the end of the hall where she stashes her WOW, or workstation on wheels.
Quickly pulling the rolling computer into a private room often used as a storage for broken WOW’s or just a quiet place to take a break, she finishes her report on her patient and logs all medicine given.
Feeling the heat push away, she tries to look out the window and see if she could see Emily. No such luck as the hospital door windows are near useless. A very different thought from a week ago when she had the most wonderful nap and knew no one would find her.
Trying her best to look down the aisle, she decides to try to kill a couple of minutes in the equipment closet. Stock up on some gauze or get some more tap for her station. Not many people would be there this time of day. This was lunch and too many people are trying to escape the hospital for a few minutes, not hide in a closet.
Dashing from one hiding spot to the next, Aniker makes it without any sight of Emily.
The closet space was cramped, but anything was better than being exposed to Emily again. Aniker leans against a rack and pulls some gum out and gives her body something to do while she thinks of her next steps. In her mind, there wasn’t much to think about. Either she stays in the ER, or she would be fired. Simple as that. She couldn’t get going through these spells of heat and keep her composure.
There was a burst of light and the sound of someone coming into the closet. By the grace of the Dragons, Aniker thinks as her heart sinks to her stomach. A sigh of relief comes when pink scrubs come into view. Closing the door behind her, Amanda looks over at Aniker and just asks for a roll of surgical tape.
“Good job out there,” Amanda says, showing her hand skills with an easy one-handed catch.
“Thanks,” Aniker can finally muster a normal genuine smile. “Do you need me?”
“No, it’s quiet for the moment. Take a break you deserve it. You can take lunch if you like,” Amanda says and is sporting a smile that Aniker never thought she would see her give. Aniker returns the smile and nods and then watches as Amanda closes the door.
Aniker turns back to the task of what to grab, but shortly after the door closing the air gets thick, and heat flushes through Aniker.
By the Dragons no.
She turns and is face-to-face with the evilest Vampire she’s ever met.
“Don’t mind me if I take my lunch in here,” Emily says. Stepping forward and grabbing Aniker by the hips, pulling her in, and invading her mouth with her tongue.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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