Kiss of the Vampire: pt 4

Emily’s tongue finds the gum and a smile creeps across her face.
“You are just full of good ideas aren’t you?” Emily says, with Aniker having no idea what she’s talking about. Taking the gum with her tongue, she rolls it into a small ball and wastes no time getting Aniker’s bottoms off, and one of her legs over her shoulder.
The wintery coolness of the gum feels divine with the added pressure of the gum rolling around on her clit. How in all her days has she never had this before? Her leg tensing around Emily as she relies on the back wall for support, Aniker’s eyes studiously watch the small window. Fearful that someone, anyone could walk in at any moment stuck in her chest. She did have to admit, it did add to the pleasure she was going through.
All the risk of being discovered, how she would be the talk of a rather large town excited her more than she would lend herself. This moment would play in her dreams for years to come, and maybe one day it will be a secret that she will share with friends. However, right now, she just revels in how much Emily is feeding on her sex.
Once a pulse of an orgasm rolls through her, her fingers lock on the pink hair once more. Unable to tangle with it, she grabs her bun and holds her head in place, letting a throaty moan escape. Lap after lap, sip after sip, more and more her resistance brakes and her head tilts back and her eyes close. Riding the tongue of Emily and completely at her mercy for only the Dragons know how long.
The feel of warm breathe on her neck snaps her attention. Soft kisses quickly became playful nibbles as Aniker mentally goes through how this was possible. One of Emily’s hands is still wrapped around her thigh, the other firmly placed at her waist, yet there is another hand pinching her nipples and another mouth biting at her neck. Aniker turns and her heart kicks nearly out of her chest.
Amanda was the extra hands and mouth working Aniker now. There were so many questions, but when Aniker opens her mouth, all she can do is accept Amanda’s mouth on hers. More moans as the three of them harmonize their pleasures.
Aniker’s hands move from Emily’s hair to inside the bottoms of Amanda. Amanda quickly slides her bottoms so that there is more access to her dampened core, then lifts Aniker’s top to reveal her small black lace bra. Pushing it up and out of the way, Amanda shoves Aniker’s aching breast in her mouth and starts to work it while massaging the other.
If Aniker had to guess, she would have never thought that Amanda could be this wet, this tight, but as her fingers move against her, the silkiness of her pull Aniker further into the beautiful chaos of it all. Her hair smelled of flowers and her tongue felt velvety as she worked her nipples in circles while Aniker did the same to her core.
With one last surge of orgasm, Amanda kisses her to keep her screams from escaping the closet and after the shivers pass, Emily lets her leg down and pulls up her bottoms. Wiping her mouth with glee, she lands a kiss on Amanda’s lips. Then she turns Amanda’s face to Aniker’s again and they then follow.
“We must do this again,” Emily smiles, then looks at her watch. “I have to get to labor and delivery, they sent me a page about five minutes ago. Get with Doctor Ramon if you have anything you need.” Emily says, then walks out of the closet all business. Once she left the room, Aniker and Amanda both take a gasp, then look at each other.
“Um, could you hand me the, um, shit,” Amanda spits out, then tries again. “Gauze,” Amanda finally says. Aniker reaches behind her and hands it to her slowly. Amanda takes it and seems as awkward as Aniker handing it to her. There is a little silence that goes with the transaction, then Amanda steps forward and kisses Aniker again.
“I know, we have so much to talk about, but first take your break, and we’ll get to this sometime today,” Amanda says, then hurriedly walks away. Aniker takes a moment to straighten herself out, then walks out of the closet as if she had the slightest clue of what just happened.

If being early was the reason why Aniker was having a good day, she would have to devote herself to showing up on time a little more often. Compared to triage, this was a breeze. A couple of slash and stab wounds came in. A few burns, and maybe two people with a little bit of nausea. This was nothing compared to the amputees and nearly dying patients she dealt with normally.
As awkward as her lunch break had been, Amanda and Aniker showed their full level of professionalism. Aside from Amanda stepping in to guide Aniker when she had a question about a patient, everything was as it normally was.
They talked a little more than normal, but everyone knew that was just because Aniker was on the floor for once, not stuck in triage.
Maybe Aniker had been a little too quick to judge Amanda, after all, it wasn’t Amanda’s fault Aniker was almost always late. Aniker seems to be a good leader and a great judge of character. She had seen ten more years of the medical field than Aniker, and maybe that’s why she rode her so hard. Like she had said earlier today, she thought Aniker was a good nurse, just had too many bad habits.
“I’m about to take a little walk. Aniker, walk with me,” Aniker nearly spit out her soda from the abruptness of it, but when she got control of herself, she nods. “Page me if someone comes in,” Amanda commands.
“You know it’s usually slower around this time. Guardians are out on patrol.” One of the other nurses says, and Amanda agrees.
Aniker follows her down the hall and when they make it to the first set of doors, Amanda starts up.
“So you’re the new girl.”
“Shh, should we be talking about this right here?”
“Yes, no one pays attention to people’s conversation in the hallways. Unless you’re being secretive. The best way to have privacy here is to say what you want in plain sight. As long as you’re not too loud or putting on a show, you’ll be fine.”
Aniker thought about that for a second. Every time she’d see someone having a conversation, she would just tune them out and keep going, but the second someone starts yelling, earphones are in with no sound so she could be nosy.
“You have a point.”
“I’ve been here a while, and you’re avoiding the question,” Amanda says as they turn the corner to head to the main lobby.
“I don’t know what that means.”
“You are Dr. Moulin’s newest recruit.”
“Newest?” Aniker says with confusion and another emotion she couldn’t quite pin down. It was either anger or jealousy.
“Oh, you are all the way in the dark I see. It’s okay, so was I,” Amanda says, opening the door for Aniker. They walk out into the small garden enclosure. This track has seen many steps, and it was a nightly routine for Amanda. “Do you even know about the Baiser du Vampire?”
“I know what it means.”
“But do you know what it does?” Aniker shakes her head.
“I know it makes me all kinds of horny when I’m around Emily.”
“Oh, it does more than that.” Aniker nods her head in agreement. “Le Baiser du Vampire is when a Vampire uses their natural magic, to bind themselves and their emotions to another being. It is supposed to be for bonded Vampires, but any mature vampire can do it.”
“Their emotions? So you mean it does more than making me want Emily?”
“If that’s what Dr. Moulin wants then that’s what you will feel. But it was banned in all circles because of the other effects it can have. Right now, you become uncontrollably aroused when around her, because you are new and that’s what Dr. Moulin wants from you. But say she was to not like you anymore. You would feel that despair just as strong as your urges are now.” Aniker gasps. “Hold on to that, it gets worse.” Amanda continues. “Just as you would expect ancient magic to be, the Vampires magic is highly addictive, I’m sure you remember the feeling you got when she bit you.” The morning memories of euphoria return to Aniker, and she nods her head. “Unlike most drugs, the effects don’t dull until the feelings of the Vampires dull. So as long as you keep Dr. Moulin happy, each time she bites you, it will feel just as wonderful.” A blush crosses Amanda’s face, but she quickly tries to force it away.
“What if we just don’t let her bite us?”
“Easier said than done,” Amanda scoffs. “There is a couple of issues that come up when trying to do this. First, your emotions are controlled by the Vampire, and I don’t know how you two ended up in bed together, but when it came to me and her, she can be very persuasive. Add in that with her magic telling you that this is what you want, and it’s already hard enough to stop at just that.”
“Not that it matters, but I perused her,” Aniker chimed in.
“That must be what she sees in you. God’s breath, I see that in you. You have this go-getter attitude, and that’s irresistible to some people,” Amanda turns to Aniker and smiles as they complete yet another lap. “But I’m getting off-topic. The other problem is, Vampire magic is an opioid. It’s highly addictive and if you don’t let her bite you, you will go through withdrawal. Trust me, you don’t want to know how bad they get.”
“Have you tried?”
“By the Gods no. I may have been duped into this, much like the rest of us, but I’m happy with our arrangement. My kids are adults and have their own lives. My bitch of an Ex husband is chasing some Drow to the Underdark and out of my life. And I am not lonely anymore.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”
“Don’t apologize, not many people here know anymore. Since I’ve met Dr. Moulin, I’ve stopped talking about it.”
“Does she really visit you that often that you don’t feel lonely?”
“Gods no, she and the other girls moved in with me. So I always have someone around.”
“Wait, you live with the other women that Emily bit?”
“Yes, we all get along. I’m not sure if it’s Dr. Moulin’s magic or what, but once I joined, I found that they all hung together. The next thing I know, we were buying a house for all of us to stay in.”
“How many of us are there?”
“With you being added, that would make five of us.” That wasn’t as bad as Aniker thought, but still. “We have room if you decide to visit,” Amanda says, tapping Aniker to signal it was time to head back.
“I’m not sure that’s a good idea. My husband only allows me to have sex with women, living among you all knowing what I know, seem to be a breach of our agreement.”
“I get that,” Amanda says. “A word of caution. Emily is very jealous.”
“She has five of us, and she’s the jealous one.”
“Trust me, she gives us all we need of her, but she doesn’t like sharing her girls.”
“Her girls?”
“Technically we are her thralls, but she doesn’t like that term, so she calls us, her girls.”
What had Aniker gotten herself into?

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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