The Best part

“They say that the best part about killing someone is the look in their eyes as the life fades. I have to disagree,” Esmerelda says and her voice echoes across the room, traveling from the shadow realm to the small office where The Don sits. The Don scrambles to his feet and pulls his sidearm. Scanning the room he is unable to see Esmerelda, she is one with the shadows.
“It’s that transition from fear to acceptance that does it for me. That first fight or flight that kicks in as they try to fight the inevitable,” as Esmerelda talks, the Don runs over to the door and reaches for the handle. The door covers in shadow magic and keeps him from reaching it.
“It’s disbelief that death could come to them like this, that they are stronger than their attacker just to find out they are wrong,” Esmeralda continues. The Don watches as a shadow walks from the wall and Esmerelda holding a blade made of shadow magic starts to walk towards him. He fires a shot, and the shadow bursts into a cloud of dark magic. Then another appears, and another, and another, until The Don can see, is clones of Esmerelda.
He fires his sidearm until he hears that click, letting him know that he’s out of ammo. Dropping his gun, he pulls out his knife and clutches it tightly in his fist. Sweat starts to form as multiple clones of Esmerelda close in on him. Dashing forward, he slashes at the closest clone, and they all bust into a cloud of magic.
The Don drops to a knee when a slash cuts at the back of his leg. He turns to swipe at the attacker, but there isn’t anyone there. Hobbling to his feet, he hops to the desk to gain some support. He drops his knife when a slash cuts open his arm wielding the knife. Grasping at his arm, there isn’t anyone around, just shadows.
“You’re a fucking coward! Show yourself!”
“There it is, that acceptance that you are near death. That you are going to die.”
“I ain’t accepting shit. I’ll fucking kill you, bitch!” The Don scrams holding his arm and scanning the room.
From the door, another shadow walks from the wall in the form of Esmerelda. Her shadow blade in hand she slowly crosses the room watching The Don’s eyes grow wide.
The Don hops forward and takes a swing at Esmerelda, she counters his attack and tosses him to the ground. He kicks and flails trying to get away from her, but she swats his attempts away and grabs him by the throat. Lifting him in the air, he gasps and grunts, trying to free himself from her grasp.
Esmerelda watches as his leg kicks grow weaker and weaker under her clutch, and just as they begin to die off, she tosses him over his desk and listens as he pulls in a deep breath following a coughing attack.
“You don’t have any idea who you’re fucking with. I’ll have you killed, I’ll have your parents killed, I’ll…”
“Pray to my god that my death is slow and painful? Believe me, Lord Erois won’t answer your prayer. I am his champion and I am his will. I am here because he is answering someone’s prayer.”
“How? I am loyal to Lord Erois. I would never betray his word.”
“Li Haoran.”
“Who? I’ve never heard of that guy.” Esmerelda laughs and it echos through the shadow realm and all around them.
“You never learned his name because he was of no concern to you. You gave him a new name and stripped him of his culture.” The Don opens his mouth as the realization of h And for years, you pissed Lord Erois off. But then you had to go after the only person he loves and if you are loyal to Erois you know, you don’t go after the loved ones of your enemies when they are innocent.”
“He cheated on my daughter!”
“And what did she do?” Esmerelda slashes and cuts the desk in half that is the only barrier between them.
“That bitch knew he was engaged.”
“An arranged marriage to a spoiled brat that didn’t love him is not a legitimate marriage. Especially when you allowed your other daughter to rape him.”
“Fuck you and fuck Erios. I’ll do anything for my daughters, and if they want to share a sick skin, I will give them a gods damn big tooth sick skin,” The Don says standing and spitting in Esmerelda’s direction.
“In the history of bad last words, I have to say, those might be the worst I’ve heard,” Esmerelda’s voice is now mixed with another. The Don notices it immediately. The Don opens his mouth but before a word can come out Esmerelda’s blade pushes through his heart.
“Unlike my champion, I love to see the light in my prey’s eyes go out,” the combined voice says. Esmerelda releases the blade and The Don folds to the floor.
“I could have done that, Erois.”
“I know you could, Kid. But sometimes I like to get my hands dirty too.”
“Sometimes? I have to fight you to keep control of my body any time I fight anyone with the slightest of skills.”
“What can I say, you fight interesting people.”
“Leave my thoughts and return to the bed of Lady Tabitha,” Esmerelda says vanishing into the shadow realm traveling home.
“Don’t worry, I don’t want to be here when you give your boyfriend a blow job.”
“Then you may want to stay away from me for quite some time, I plan to do much more to him.”
“That’s my girl,” Lord Erois says with a laugh then vanishes from her consciousness.
Esmerelda wonders if any other champions have to deal with their gods the same way she deals with Lord Erois.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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