Kiss of the Vampire: pt 7

As Aniker mounts the body, she relishes in the soft groans released. She makes a small trail of kisses down the chest and to the defined abs that her hands love to rub on. Arching her back, she watches as eyes lock on her ass as she continues her journey down while her hand rides up the thigh.
Her lover’s thrusting hips send a wave of mind corrupting power as she knows that they are wrapped around her finger. She takes her time as she cups her husband’s sack as her tongue traverses his thick shaft. Paul grips the sheets while her tongue makes it to the tip and she gives it a little peck. His thrust nearly makes it to her lips, but her reflexes pull her back just in time.
Digging her nails into her Husbands waist, she watches as his mouth opens to a sensual groan.
“Did I tell you that you can have it yet?” Aniker asks with as much sweetness as she can muster. Paul shakes his head no. “Then you be a good boy or you won’t get your reward.” A heavy breath leaves Paul as his hips just can’t stay still. Gyrating his hips, he waits as Aniker takes another slow and deliberate lick down, then up, down, and up until she watches his body strain in anticipation.
Aniker moves her hand from the gentle massage of his scrotum to getting a firm grip on his shaft. Paul tenses so much that Aniker wasn’t sure that he could go as far, but a short breathe shoots out when she wraps her mouth around his thickness.
Feeling the head hit the back of her throat makes her moan a little, and her tongue slurps soon after. May the Dragons show mercy! She has forgotten just how good it was to have him in her mouth. Memories of all the hot sex they had when they were engaged shoot in her mind as she fails at taking this at a slow pace and lets her pure animalistic instincts kick in.
Paul’s hand finds her hair and pulls, and while that does send a strong pulse to her core, Aniker removes his hand and gives his cock one deep pull in her mouth. Feeling his body cusp his climax, she bites his thigh and hears him hiss in air.
“No, no, mister. You haven’t earned that yet,” Aniker says in a playful tone. Paul bites out a curse and looks for something to do with his hands. Aniker reaches over to her nightstand and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Kissing up his chest and locking one on his hand, looping the chain through the bars of the headboard, then locking the other. She whispers in his ear. “There, since you have to be forced to behave.
The movement of his hips knocks Aniker off balance and puts his cock right at her crevice. Now it was her who was letting out curses.
The thick heat sitting just beneath the cloth of her lingerie made her flood with want, but she was in control and she deems that it was not time for that yet.
Then again, her mind wonders as he gyrates and even through the cloth, massages her pearl.
“Is this what you want?” She asks, with just a little more force. He doesn’t answer, just continues to rub up against her. When she wraps her hand around it, they both pant out feeling and watching his member slide in and out of her hand. Losing some will to fight back, she slides the cloth out of the way, just so that the tip could push its way through. The bite of pleasure has both of them holding their breath.
Paul pushes his head into the pillow and lets out a meaty breath as Aniker hitches on hers.
With the knowledge that Emily could be watching, she pushes away. Sinking her nails into her husband, and telling him not yet. The tease works as she can see that she has now fully awakened the beast in Paul that she knew was still there. That pure lust in his eyes and his inability to stop thrusting.
Turning around and lowering her head, she meets his thrust with her awaiting mouth. She can hear the chain of the handcuffs rattling as Paul fights to get his mouth to her cunt. She is careful to keep his mouth out of reach as she arches so that her ass is near his face but unreachable.
With his body fully in control, she takes her hands off the bed and leans even more forward, resting one hand on his thigh and the other wrapping around his cock, and working him alongside her mouth. Control like this feels empowering. Knowing she not only was the subject of his uncontrollable desire but that she was in complete control of his arousal and when he would cum.
While she often complained about how boring Paul’s diet was, his sweet taste was very welcomed as she has brought him to the point of pre-cum. Wiggling her ass in his face, she teases. “Don’t come yet, dear. You have to hold out for your prize.” There is a groan of agreement, that sends Aniker back to her work.
Gaining confidence, she removes her hand and rests both hands on his thighs as she opens deep to take his girth. She could do this for hours, the Dragons knew she could. She is lost in the bliss of how hard she made him. How his moans grow louder, and how much wetter it made her hearing them.
How the wetness of his tongue made it through her panties. Wait!
Aniker’s head sinks on Paul’s thigh when she realizes that she must have been careless. She put herself within reach, and Paul moved her cloth to the side and slipped his tongue to her center – with his mouth. Dragon’s mercy her willpower was breaking. Leaning back she kept his cock in her hand, working it as she rides his face. No matter what pace she went, Paul and his tongue keeps up. A flood of heat sends her legs into a shiver. Fuck she was cumming and she didn’t want to yet.
The hit of ecstasy has her reaching for the key to the cuffs and freeing his hands. In which Paul wastes no time in pulling her to his mouth and blurring her hold on reality. A swift smack to her rear, has her yelping, noticing the strong thrust in her hand. Leaning back forward, she takes him in her mouth again and rides another orgasm.
Paul’s timing is perfect as she finds it harder and harder to keep him in her mouth, from all the body collapsing orgasms, he pushes her forward and makes enough room for him to get to his knees. Before she can back up to him, she feels his possessive pull of her hips to his tip. Easing himself to her, ensuring she is plenty lubricated, he slides in gives her deep slow strokes.
Her body completely caves, as his slow strong strokes make her lose her grip on the sheets and go into a folded arm lean forward. Her body relaxes and is blissfully unaware, she doesn’t feel when her hair gets wrapped around his fist. As the strokes become thrust, then evolve into a pounding, Aniker’s face goes from a small grin to a ravenous smile.
Aniker wasn’t the type of woman that counts her orgasms, she was just lucky to have them. With her husband pleasing her the way she always craves, she doubts that she would be able to keep count if she tries. When he pulls out, she protests that she wasn’t ready to finish yet. But her words are silenced when both fingers massage her g-spot followed by tongue lapping up the remains. She finds it hard to speak when he reinserts her and keeps with the last pace not starting back to slow.
Her body has a complete body shut down as her hands are incapable of holding her up and her legs are not even felt at this moment. She doesn’t know what has got into her husband, but she can’t find the words or time to complain when she feels his weight on her as he lies down, wrapping his arm under her and locking hands with her. Kissing her neck as he slowly reaches her full depths.
She’s never had so much of him in one night before. Never has he been so attentive. Even when their sex life was good. Before the women were permitted to join her bed. He’s never brought both emotional and sensual tears to her during sex before. Amidst the kisses to her neck, shoulders, and back, he whispered how much he loves her and misses her.
Craning her neck to kiss him back, she tells him to cum. She finds the energy to meet his increasing thrust, as she finds herself returning some of those sweet nothings he shared. And in one beautiful moment of emotions, lust, desire, and magic, they both cum together. Instead of crying out to the heavens, they moan into each other as they share a kiss with their orgasm.
Lying in a puddle of their sweet, they hold each other. Paul rolls them to their side, to avoid crushing her, and Aniker pushes them together as to not lose the closeness they share. She rubbed little circles on Paul’s hand as his fingers fidgeted with her nipples.
“Bae?” Aniker calls out.
“No. Don’t talk.”
“But I.”
“I don’t care. I don’t want this moment ruined. If what you are about to say isn’t, I Love you, then save it for the morning.”
“I love you, Paul.”
“I love you too, Sweetheart.” He returns and grabs her tighter.
Aniker starts to cry, but even she isn’t sure what it’s about. There is so much going through her mind that she can’t even keep up with all of her emotions. She almost doesn’t feel when Paul turns her so that she faces him, but she feels when he starts to rub her back. Wrapping her arm around him, much like before, she pulls them so close together that there is nothing but skin to skin.
Her tears stream, as her body is treated to kisses, rubs, and being held close by his wrapping leg.
Soon, her tears don’t stop her from returning the kisses and her hand rubbing on his abs. She even gives in when his mouth finds her breast and his tongue starts to work her nipples. More surprising, her hand finds his member and how it’s already calling in for its second shift.
A part of her wants to hold him off, and she places his face in her hands. She kisses him as he mounts her. Her legs open for him, but he stays just on the outside of her. She guesses that he can tell by her kisses, that she wants to tell him no. She wants to just be held and cuddle. That she wants to talk about every emotion taking a stake in the war in her mind. That she wants to apologize, that she wants to be angry, that she wants to say I hate you, that she wants to say I love you.
All she does is kiss him. Over and over, until her hand grabs him by the member, and joins them once again. This time is nothing like the last. There is no animal lust, no hot and steamy, just two people in love. His hips roll to push himself into her and their lips lock as they share this love. When a warm tear reaches Aniker’s face. She realizes that it’s not one of her many, but one of his.
He stops and stares her in the eyes. She reaches up and wipes his tears then brings his face to hers and kisses his tear-stained cheeks. He does the same. She wraps her arms around his back and urges him, with her hips rolling to him. With a kiss, he starts back up.
“I love you, Paul.” She says.
“I love you too, Sweetheart.”

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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