Kiss of the Vampire: pt 9

Aniker couldn’t believe that she was looking at a house complete with a white picket fence. The two-story house is elegant but has some traditional charm. The white house with blue panels has two beautiful oak trees on either side of the front door. Alluring all that with its inviting scene. The house looks like it was made straight out of the movies, with a massive garage, that Amanda was pulling in now.
In the garage, to the far side, sat a woman with a backward ball cap that read ‘Galvornia Shields’ complete with the logo of the basketball team. She sported a black tank top and black and blue shorts to match her hat as she works on a bicycle.
There were many hanging around the garage and parts for repairs and maintenance. She must be the house’s mechanic.
“Kaori!” Amanda calls out to the woman. Kaori? That was a Lycan name, this woman appeared to be human. The woman looks over her shoulder and when she catches a glimpse of Aniker, she grins from ear to ear. Getting up from her stool, she walks over to meet her, and when she gets close enough, Aniker could see that she indeed has the eyes of a Lycan.
Kaori was slightly shorter than Aniker, around one hundred sixty-five cm. Short black hair with pink highlights, an athletic body, and thin lips. She has a rougher body, she could tell that she worked with her hands a lot, and the bikes weren’t just a hobby. She carries the charm of a scoundrel, and Aniker thinks she sees what Emily sees in her.
“Damn, does Emily know how to pick them,” Kaori says, with a low whistle and checking Aniker out. Her hungry grin hovers around Aniker’s ass and she gets dangerously close. Amanda steps up, causing Kaori to step back.
“This is Aniker. A nurse that I work with. She’s thinking of joining us.”
“I can smell Emily’s magic on her. And,” she sniffs. “A man. Well, I see you still like to bat for both sides. Don’t worry, I’ll have you ditching the bats and balls before too long,” Kaori says, moving closer to Aniker again. Aniker simply smiles, possibly because she doesn’t know enough to be afraid of her. For the moment she finds her humorous and much like many men that she’s met.
“Down girl, let her decide if she wants to come to stay with us or not,” Amanda backs Kaori off. Kaori takes a few steps back and licks her lips at Aniker one last time.
“Of course, she’s going to stay, I mean look at us,” She waves at Aniker and throws out a nice to meet you, then returns to her work, but not without a few more glances at Aniker’s body. Amanda takes Aniker’s hand and walks her into the house. The garage door lead them to a cute little mudroom where Amanda strips of her jacket and looks back at Aniker who was still in her running gear. After removing their shoes, Amanda commences with a tour of the house, still holding Aniker’s hand.
The mudroom leads to a massive open kitchen with a chocolate and gray color scheme, it was beyond amazing. At the island, there was a counter with barstools. A woman is sitting there with long black hair scrolling on her phone while sipping wine.
“Nina, we have a guest,” Amanda calls out. The woman turns to reveal a beautiful Elvish woman. Intimidatingly beautiful, the thought runs through Aniker’s mind. Deep honey eyes lure Aniker, like magic plunging her into those orbs. Her skin was flawless, and if it was make-up, Aniker didn’t see a trace of it. Her lips were nice and full, inviting without effort. Her hair was long, black, and shiny, something that Aniker envies.
“I was wondering why you didn’t call me by my real name,” Nina, spins in her chair and crosses her legs. The mahogany mini-skirt she wore, with a black sweater and tan brown heeled boots, definitely shows the woman’s fashion and taste. She wore it so effortlessly, it made Aniker wonder if she could pull something like that off, with as much class.
“My name is Nonhle,” Nina says, the name harder to pronounce than Aniker was ready for. Even with her upbringing in Talon, which was closer than Human to Elvish. She still found it difficult to say. “It’s okay, you’ll get it eventually. As you can probably tell, I also answer to Nina, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” It’s a shock when Nonhle bows to her slightly. Forgetting how much honor plays a role in Elvish life, Aniker bows back, remembering the honor in her own.
“Felicia, the new girl is here, you simply must come and see her. She’s adorable,” Nonhle calls out to the living room, but Aniker can’t help but smile from being called cute by a woman as attractive as her. With the pitter-patter of shy feet approaching, Aniker turns to find a Drow woman huddled in a warm-looking sweater and clasping a book.
Long auburn curls drape around a short cute face that’s sporting glasses. Her frame was more like Aniker’s and average build with just a little thickness in all the right places. Her shy personality only highlighted her cuteness.
With all but Kaori in the room, Aniker could see what Emily had done. She was collecting the women off of particular qualities. There was the Lycan butch with an athletic body, The Elvish Lipstick with a model body, The Human Milf with a chubby body, The Dark Elf hot librarian or teacher with a curvy body, And now the Talon street girl with the average body.
Amanda squeezes Aniker’s hand to signal there was more to see, and much like Kaori, Nina and Felicia give Aniker sensual looks before returning to their business.
Was this the magic that causes them to behave this way? Or did Emily just pick girls with healthy appetites? Either way, Aniker was happy to be in a place where she was so welcome. So desired.
It feels strange to Aniker that she can’t bring up feelings from earlier today, and the dread it brought her, but she figured it was just overpowered by all the awe and spectacle of the house and its inhabitants. The rest of the house is just as amazing as the outside, with the various rooms that matched what Aniker would have thought each woman’s room would be.
Lastly, Amanda brings her to a room that could be hers. Nestled in the corner of the top floor, it was perfect. Various shades of purple filled the room. From lilac to wine, the room is the very picture of what royalty must look like. The canopy bed sits in the corner, looking as inviting as the offer to move here, and the closet nearly as big as Aniker’s current dining area. That’s not even bringing up the balcony that was attached to the room.
As close as this house was to the hospital, Aniker could fly there and back if ever needed.
She hadn’t used her dragon form in so long as she didn’t need it, so she may need to practice before depending on it. The pros of moving here just keep piling up. What was keeping Aniker from saying yes to this amazing deal?
Paul. Paul was keeping her from it, but try as she might, she couldn’t seem to keep him in her mind for long. Each time she thought to say she needed to ask him, just more words of excitement come out. Instead of her inner feelings of how she needed to make sure that her husband knew where she called home, all that came forth was how perfect everything was.
This was the magic of Emily. Aniker knew it. While listening to Amanda talk about the ins and outs of moving her, she takes a deep breath and calms herself.
She hated that Kong taught her breathing exercises to call forth Qi. She always hated magic class and she wasn’t a monk, so she didn’t feel like trading one for the other.
However, she was happy that she had taken the time to learn it, even if she only learned so he would buy her food as he promised her when he tricked her into the practice.
A small vibration of Qi vibrated through her, it wasn’t a lot, but it was enough that she could now see the thick mist of magic in the room. Dragon’s Mercy! Was this on purpose or was this a by-product of Emily’s magic? Briefly blocking out Amanda’s words, she focuses on her, to see there is a denser coat of magic surrounding her, and it was reaching out to Aniker, trying to bind with her.
This is why they all got along. It was Emily’s magic. Aniker curses in her mind that she didn’t pay attention in magic class to tell the propriety of this magic and how to fight against it. If she even could. Aniker knows that as soon as she drops this Qi, she will go back to her blissfulness, and was that so bad? Sure her emotions were being manipulated, but as far as she could see, it was for the better.
Aniker decides that she will try to get this information to Lijie. If ever there was a time to listen.
Aniker’s body heats up and she feels compelled to kiss Amanda. She thinks Amanda feels it too as Amanda leads Aniker to the bed. Her soft hair falling over her shoulder kisses Aniker’s cheek while the beautiful human takes her tongue in her mouth. Soon her breast is cupped and nipples pinched, causing her to arch into the waist of the Human.
Amanda sits up mounting Aniker’s hips when elegant hands remove her shirt. Nina was now caressing Amanda’s body while Amanda found Aniker’s breast with her mouth. Tilting her head back, she notices that Felicia is now removing her sweater to reveal all the curves previously hidden by it, and walks towards them in her lacy underwear. The Drow’s mouth makes a trail up her neck until their lips are now locked in a passionate kiss.
When a heavier moan than expected leaves Felicia, Aniker opens her eyes to see Kaori with a strap on, easing her way into Felicia. A slight head turns and she finds that Nina is now working her fingers in Amanda while stripping herself. Everything is happening so fast, Aniker tries to calm her breathing but can’t.
“You denied me the pleasure of playing with you last night,” Emily’s voice washes over the room. Aniker manages to find her in between the moments that Amanda’s suckles didn’t send her head reeling back. Heavy pants lock eyes with Emily as she continues. “Now I will watch as you fully become one of my girls.” Emily pulls up a chair and with a slight look, Nina moves from behind Amanda, and to Aniker’s center. Amanda moves to her side so that Nina has room to work, and as the fingers enter her and her tongue flicks against her clit, pure fire courses through her veins.
Aniker is caught deeply in Emily’s web at this point. Any movement to free herself from this pleasure prison is met with another woman taking her mouth, her breast, her cunt, or any other part of her. Emily removes her scrubs and sits with her legs wide, making slow circles on her center. The other women stop and Aniker gets a strong urge to crawl to Emily.
Emily’s hand guides Aniker’s mouth to her core and guides her to stroke her. Strong hands grip at her waist as she feels the strap-on reach deep inside her and hear the low curse of the Lycan. Soft hands smack across her ass, and she realizes the Elf is assisting. Masterful fingers work her as a thick tongue finds its way to her, and she notices that the Human is tasting her, and somehow even the Drow finds room to kneel beside her and pinch her breast.
Emily was in control, and there was no clearer sign that this was all deliberate. Aniker wants to fight this, but this type of prison consumes you, feeds you, makes you never wish to be free. But Emily confuses her with someone that doesn’t mind not having control. Aniker would find a way to resist this Vampire’s charm, But as the third orgasm makes her knees give in, she knows it won’t be today.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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