Dark Elves

A combined effort of the God of Magic and the God of war, the Dark Elves were created to be strong and ambitious. The Dark Elves are a Female dominated race that calls the Underdark home, a large expansive landscape underground spanning the entirety of the world. Though the Underdark is the largest country in Drekenvold, much of the land is inhospitable or too aggressive for any kind of life.
Much of it is covered with magma fissures that make it too hot, Some areas are cut off by deeper depression from the ocean, and others are just ravaged by wild beasts that even the Dark Elves will not challenge.
In the early days of the world, the Dark Elves were broken up into large tribes that controlled the lands. Much of Dark Elf history is hard to pin down, with warring tribes changing the heads of houses every so often.
These houses were ruled by women, with the title of Matriarch, a position that has been held from as long as three centuries to as short as a Day. The title is usually held by the strongest fighters, but some houses are ruled by the wiser, the healer, and in very rare cases, birthright.
During the first great war, a time when the races of the Gods fought back against the Dragons, Dark Elves joined the other forces and became one of the most important races on the front lines.
The most notable being Daneeria Waltham, Goddess of Hunters. Daneeria led many raids against the Dragons’ races (monsters) and even many successful ambushes against the Dragons themselves.
For her role in the war, she was allowed to join the council of the Gods once the war was over. However, like many Gods and Goddesses, after the war, they began to use their powers to interfere with the lives of mortals too much, and when Ryziell Rouse came to power as the leader of the Gods, she was a casualty of the war that followed.
The Dark Elves were enraged at the death of their Goddess, causing them to withdraw from the rest of the world. A small few had found lives on the surface and continued to stay.
The ones that stayed returned often to bring news and technology from the surface and with it, in a movement to adapt some of the surface ideas. They were ridiculed for years as the women in power refused to see men as anything more than a tool to get what they want.
It wouldn’t be until the War of the God of Death that the Surfacer Movement would take hold. During the War, Elaine Vrammagon, sister of Tabitha the Queen of the Souther Coast, returned home to take the title of Matriarch. Elaine defeated the current Matriarch and took the title of Matriarch and was not shy about her Husband, Raahil Vrammagon, being the reason she was so strong.
Many would challenge her rule in her time as Matriarch, all who challenged her in the house in ritual combat were swiftly defeated and any who tried to raid her house was crushed by her Husband.
In the end, her rule ended when she gave over control of the house to her husband as he was the reason she was so strong and she made all of her decisions with him anyway. Many did not believe he was the stronger of the two, but time and time again, he met any who would challenge him and showed his power.
Raahil did not wish to be Patriarch, thinking that it was time for a change, with his background in the Talon government, he changed everything becoming the first king of an Underdark Territory.
Quickly his kingdom grew as he and his Queen conquered the surrounding territories. Many who saw their success couldn’t question its validity. As King and Queen, they were able to control eighty percent of the Underdark.
It wouldn’t be until the second king of the Underdark that they would finally control the Underdark in its entirety.
King Arthur Vrammagon is the descendent of King Raahil. He was the only one of his decedents who took on his Talon trait (ability to take a dragon form) and showed unmatched power.
King Arthur became king at the untimely death of the King and Queen after a Dragon attack. King Arthur was able to defeat the Dragon but at the cost of his King and Queen. Seeing his might, the other territories ran to his kingdom for protection, allowing him a more unified and stronger nation.
King Arthur lead the Underdark on their greatest conquest, unifying the world under his rule. Taking to the surface, he was able to get every nation under his control, a feat that has never been done since.
He unified the world against the Dragon threat, and in their final hour, they would have been defeated had it not been for Lord Ryziell Rouse. After being saved by the God of Death, King Arthur brokered a deal with him, to aid in raising the next King of the Underdark as the Godfather.
Little did King Arthur know, he would be raising him alongside the Queen. Shortly after the end of the Dragon War, King Arthur and all the ambassadors of the world were assassinated by the Demon Queen, Cystala Varney, seeking revenge for the war of the Gods.
Queen Sofia Vrammagon, recovering from child labor, drafted her people into the Demon war, which all the countries rallied behind, but the unification was now fractured without the King. Queen Solaria Na’Garin, the now Queen of the Southern Coast And great-grand daughter of Queen Tabitha, commanded both armies until Queen Sofia was battle-ready.
Once Queen Sofia joined the fight, along with all the world’s leaders, they were able to defeat the Demon Queen, and restore peace after many years of war.
But the years that follow would be full of unrest and diplomatic battles. Queen Vrammagon tried for many years to regain control of all the nations, but many would not rejoin the Underdark, rather the would give them an Alliance.
Once Prince Simon came of age, He married a Lycan and rightfully became the King of the Underdark and unified Honin (land of the Lycans) and the Underdark.
Although King Simon Vrammgon was able to regain the allegiance of another county, He is referred to as ”The Soft King” as he would rather fight with diplomacy than raids. Although he’s fought in his first war at age ten and his second war at eighteen.
In the current era (5th), King Arthur has led the Underdark to economic prosperity, one of the world’s leaders in commerce, one of the strongest militaries, and the world’s leader in arcane magic and medical science.
The history of the Dark Elves has created two groups of people. The Dark Elves or also known as Spiders for the more traditional and the Drow also known as the Surfacers.
Dark Elves run the military, most political positions, and government roles.
Drows run the private sector, the most successful businesses, and education

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