History at A Glance


In the beginning of the universe, The Creator breathed life into four beings. These beings were the Old Gods. Thenonsan the Goddess of Life, Omanzie the God of Death, Omaliksis the God of Magic, and Bronksus the God of might. 

These four beings were given wisdom and power to mold the world any way they saw fit, but they did not know they were not alone. Unbeknownst to them, The Creator also created The Dragon King, Akhentut, and his wife Cleoitis. The Two dragons were given the ability to create more of their kind and the power to mold the world the way they saw as well. 

Rather than work together, the Gods and the Dragons went to war for centuries, until they decided they would create life in their image to do battle for them. 

The Gods created the Human, Elves, Orcs, and Dark Elves to live among the land. They created the Vampires and the Angels to protect their home and the Lycans to protect the portal to their home. 

The Dragons created the goblins, ogres, monstrosities, and other monsters to live among the land, and created the Demons to protect them. 

For thousands of years beyond counting, the wars of the races raged on without a record of history. Until a few Gods and Dragons grew tired of the fighting. 

The first great Dragon Osirus came to the humans and gave them the power of the Dragons. Thus the first Talons were born. 

This infuriated the Dragons and they sought to do the same. They changed the Elves, Dark Elves, and Humans into Merfolk, Fae, and Dryads. With these new races being created they were unstable and unloyal. the Merfolk went to the oceans to fight the Dragons, and the Fae and the Dryads fought amongst themselves for dominion of the forest. 

In one last-ditch effort, the Dragons came together to make the Phoenix race, Born from their magic and magical stones, they were living magic amplifiers. This worked for them, but they would lose more in the end. 

All was not well in the Land of the Gods, The Vampires revolted, wanting more power among the guardians. The revolt was led by a traitorous Vampire named Guierrie Faux. Guierrie was able to brainwash the leader of the Vampire’s army, Julius Beaujeu. Julius in his stupor showed that his powers had grown far past what the Gods thought and mortally wounded the God of Power Bronkus. When Omaliksis realized this, he removed the spell and tested Julius’ loyalty. Julius showing that he would always be loyal, quelled the rebellion as most followed because they believed he was with them. 

As a reward for his bravery, Bronkus bestowed his power to Julius, making him the Second God of Power, and the first Mortal to ascend to Godhood. 

Julius did not want the burden of being a God, so he fled to the realm of mortals where he would find a wife and live in peace with the mortals. 

For their betrayal, the Vampires were cursed with bloodlust and never to see the sun they wished to see. The Angels that joined them were given battle lust, forever in pain if they were not fighting, and the Lycans for turning a blind eye were cursed to never shift outside of their wolf form again. 

War broke out within the guardian races, and mortals were caught in the mix. The Gods pleaded with Julius to bring order to them, but he refused as he and his wife were with child. He promised the try once done.

but whether through treachery or misunderstanding, when a group of Lycans was sent to make sure Julius would not join the war, they killed his wife to intimidate him from joining the war. It did not work. 

Julius now enraged, Julius joined the side of the Vampires and forcibly took charge. Turning the tides of war, he made the Lycans surrender and enslaved them for centuries. Only after the war did Julius take his place as King of the Vampires and God of Power. 

Julius, weary that he would one day be controlled again, had his magic completely removed, making him immune to all magic. 

In the settlement Julius created, the guardian races found tribes of Demons and brought them to the side of the Gods, and not a moment too soon. 

The Dragons launched an all-out war against the Gods and their creations and allies. This would be the first Great War. 

The Great War was different from all the other wars of the Gods and Dragons because the mortal races were now independent of the Gods’ rule. No longer fully under the control of the Gods, in some cases they never were, the Gods would have their Alliance of races: Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Talons, Demons, Vampires, Angels, and Lycans. 

The biggest hero from The Great War was Khan James Volgas, Human Cleric of war. Most of the alliance was in part due to him. He was the first one to battle and many times the last to leave the field. He created a great alliance with the Guardian races as he befriended Katin Petrovitch, Grand Dictorus (leader) of the Guardian races (The Guardian races are the Vampires, Angels, and Demons. The Lycans did not join as they were enslaved at the time)

With the combined force of all the Gods’ races, they were able to repel the Dragons from wiping out their races as they had done before. Thus starting the first Era of history. Also, the Gods removed the curses on the Guardian races.

1st Era: 

In the First Era, the land was decided and countries were formed. Due to the alliance of the Humans and the Guardian races, Khan Volgas persuaded Grand Dictorus Petrovich to release the Lycans and grant them sovereignty. In the hopes of building a better future, they did, and the Lycans returned to the lands near the portals of the gods and named it Honin. 

The Orcs returned to their neighboring lands, WangGuo. The Orcs and Lycans take up the entire eastern Island. 

On the mainland, The humans settled in the northwest in their capital of Galvornia. The Elves settled in the great forest of the North, Ihlanthuhu. The mountains of the North East were claimed by the Guardian races, Kelzic. The vast deserts to the south were claimed by the Talons, Alsaahil Alijanubiu, but called the Southern Coast by all others. 

It was rumored that the Angles during the war killed off the Fae and Dryad, the Dragons killed off the Merfolk, but only part of that is true. The Fae were slaughtered by the Angels, and the Dryads went into hiding after. The Merfolk hide to regroup their numbers and when they were ready, the Dragon’s numbers had diminished. 

In the first era, many were still getting used to the idea of peace. For some, the idea was too much. Crime was out of control in most of the world and many organized gangs and law enforcement were created. The first successful agency of law was the Bounty Hunters.  

They hired fighters in the war to bring peace to the land. One of the most notable was a Wizard named Naziell Rousse. Naziell would go on to marry a ranger named Estelle and they would give birth to their only son, Ryziell. 

Ryziell was a magical prodigy, but his mother feared that his magic wasn’t enough, and trained him in melee combat. Now a cable fighter and dominant force in magic, Ryziell was rumored to be the most powerful mortal in history. 

Many would test that rumor, to find it more or less true. It was this testing that brought Ryziell’s true gift to life, Necromancy. Finding that he was naturally gifted in Necromancy, Naziell took Ryziell to the court of magic and got the court to agree to allow him to practice it openly as it was outlawed. 

They were successful with the one rule that he couldn’t use the Death magic of the God Omanzie, but rather they would seek out Thenonsan for help. The Goddess was more than delighted to help, in exchange for the young Ryziell’s body as service. 

This exchange would set the course of how Ryziell believed God’s should interat with Mortals. 

Ryziell made a name for himself as an innovator in magic and Necromancy. But he was always overshadowed by his father’s name. Seeking to make it on his own, Ryziell went on a great pilgrimage all over the world. Gaining knowledge in all cultures, languages, and styles of fighting. 

Ryziell was the first mortal to ever visit the Dragon’s mountain, south of the Southern Coast. There he would meet his lifelong friend Rajedi. Rajedi, one of the Dragons responsible for the Talons, would teach Ryziell Dragon Magic. Though many of the Dragons that made the Talons were outcasted by the others, Rajedi was a respected fighter and still carried weight in the order. Rajedi saw the war as useless and only helped bring it to an end so that they could build a stronger force. And Rajedi sought to use Ryziell for that purpose, but quickly had a change of heart when he got to know him. 

Ryziell was a brilliant thinker and had a gift for diplomacy. He brought balance where he went and Rajedi couldn’t deny that Ryziell was a person worth following.

East of the Southern Coast, was a wild place only known as the Blood Coast, where bandits ruled the lands. Ryziell sought to bring order to this place. With a group of friends and his Dragon friend at his side, Ryziell tamed the wildland and named it Los Mitichas. 

Ryziell founding a city was a great feat but making it a haven for those who wanted to practice necromancy with life magic was another thing. Since the birth of Ryziellian Necromancy, Omanzie saw it as a slight against him, but he ignored it. With the City built and thriving, Omanzie could not let it slide anymore. 

Omanzie went against the other Gods and started a war with Ryziell. Justifying his actions as he was working with a Dragon, therefore he must be the enemy, Omanzie sought to destroy him. 

In a battle that nearly destroyed the city, Ryziell was killed but not defeated. Using Dragon’s magic, Ryziell allowed his soul to travel to Omanzie’s realm, to steal the souls from there, weakening him from the inside, then freeing himself. Returning to the battlefield with an army of souls, Ryziell was able to kill the God of Death and absorb his soul, making him the second Human to ascend to the level of God. 

Now the God of Death, Ryziell went to the court of Gods and inserted himself as the God of balance as well. This was the start of the 2nd era.

2nd Era:

 When the other Gods challenged his power, they quickly found that he was more powerful than they were. With the powers of the Goddess of Life, and the Soul of the God of Death, Ryziell was officially the most powerful being alive. 

The Gods used their powers to turn their most loyal into Demi-Gods (Titans), starting the First Celestial War. A bloody battle that saw more Titans born and die. In the end, when Julius and Thenonsan joined Ryziell’s side, Omaliksis folded, officially signing a pact to make the Gods a council and naming Ryziell the leader. 

Under Ryziell, the Gods were no longer allowed to directly affect the Mortals. They could grant powers and wisdom, but no longer aid unless the entire council agreed.

To make the process more diplomatic, Ryziell put in place the Celestial Assembly, an organization of the gods, that birthed the Celestial Academy. They scoured the planet for the strongest fighters, mostly children as adults who were already stuck in their ways, to teach them the path to power. 

Thought they hated Ryziell, the Gods loved this. They could bring in people to teach them their path, and create more Titans for their cause. 

With peace for the mortals for hundreds of years, technology began to boom. Giving them cars, guns, missiles, etc. But the mortals couldn’t know peace for long. Racial tensions start to fly as the Humans began to hunt the Guardian races for their parts to sell on the black market. 

This was seen as an act of war by the current Grand Dictorus, Jules Allister. This began the Northern war, Where the Humans of Galvornia and the Republic of Kelzic fought against each other. CA (Celestial Assembly) members Prince Erois Na’Garin and Detective D’wavorie Manstry were point on this. They were able to control most of the conflict from becoming a full-out war. 

Until Cystala Varney, Elf with the power of a Demon Lord entered into the fight. The Guardian races were holding her lover captive, causing her to lose control. In doing so, she nearly toppled the Kelzic republic into submission. If it were not for King Hosni Na’Garin of house Na’Garin rallying the Talons behind the Guardian race, the war would have been over. 

Hosni’s involvement caused Erois to return home. Hosni wanted Erois to join him in the war, instead, Erois killed him and became the first King of the Talons. Now a King and a Titan, Erois led his people to finish what his father started under the order of Lord Rousse, for fear that changing course would start a civil war. 

With this move, Los Mitichas joined the war with the WangGuo, Honin, and the Underdark (land of the Dark Elves) staying out. With the war raging on, Ryziell began to feel unwell, as the effects of holding Omanzie’s soul began to take place. Fearing the worse, Ryziell pulled Erois from the war to train him to do what was needed to be done just in case

Ryziell knew it would come to that, so he used his friendship with Rajedi to make a deal with the Dragons, that once he was gone and in the case that the other Gods followed, they would do right by the mortals. 

With the Deal in place, Ryziell held out as long as he could before Omanzie took control of his body. 

Omanzie in full control of Ryziell’s power and soul, Omanzie sought revenge on the entire world. He took control of the sanctuary city, Reve, and began killing Titans and making them his own. 

With an army of Titans, Omanzie brought war to the Gods. Erois would be the hero of this war. With the training from Ryziell, Erois was able to kill Omanzie and end the war. 

Learning from the last time, instead of giving Omanzie’s soul to Erois, the Gods all gave a piece of their power to Erois, making him the next God of Death. 

With understandable mistrust in the Gods, the Mortal races were split between the Gods rebuilding their world and them needing to go. Erois was not the diplomate that Ryziell was, nor was he as strong, so this created conflict between the Gods and mortals. 

Erois decided to side with the mortals that it was time for the Gods to go, and led the second Celestial war. With many mortals slain, all the Gods were dead, except Erois. 

Erois took his life as a sacrifice so that the mortals could finally be free, but just as Ryziell predicted, without the Gods to keep the Dragons in check, the Dragons, sought revenge for the First Great War. 

3rd era:

 Marked by the Fall of the Gods and War of the Dragons. This war’s hero would be King Arthur Vrammagon. King Arthur was the offspring of Raahil Vrammagon, previously Na’Garin. Raahil was the servant of Erois, but when Hosni kidnapped his sister and threaten to kill him, Raahil abandoned his name and took on the last name of his wife, Elaine Vrammagon the sister of Erois’ wife Tabitha. 

King Arthur not only unified the Underdark, but after killing a Dragon, and a few raids, he unified all of Drekenvold under him. Officially making Drow, the universal language. 

With all the world under one banner, they took the fight to the Dragons, and though they fought valiantly, their might wasn’t enough to defeat the Dragons. If it were not for the Greed of the Dragons, they would have taken control of Drenvold and ruled it in its entirety, but breaking the pact they made with Ryziell, brought him back from hiding to turn the tide of war. 

Ryziell with his restored power was not quite as powerful as he once was, but he was still as powerful as a god as his soul had been strengthened by its time with Omanzie. 

With King Arthur and the rest of the world, Ryziell and Rajedi defeated the Dragons, placing Rajedi as the King of the Dragons. 

Grateful for his help and seeing an opportunity, King Arthur asks Lord Rousse to be The Godfather of his son, Prince Simon. Ryziell never being able to have children himself, accepted. 

No one would know that instead of helping raise Prince Simon with King Arthur and Queen Sofia. It would just be Ryziell and Queen Sofia. 

At the time of the 2nd Celestial War, Cystala Varney was allowed to live as a Titan as she could keep the Demons at bay. With all of her friends dead and the Dragons not around, Cystala became Queen Varney, Queen of the Demons, and sought her revenge. 

She assassinated King Arthur along with all the ambassadors, destroying world peace and plunging the world into another war, and starting the 4th Era. 

4th Era:

With the allegiances broken by King Arthurs’s death, all the nations were independent again. They refused to join under Queen Sofia, especially as she was weak after childbirth. 

All mourning the death of King Arthur, second only to Queen Sofia, Queen Solaria Na’Garin, cousin to King Arthur and Queen of the Southern Coast, took charge of the Underdark Military until Queen Sofia was well again. 

It would take until Queen Sofia joined the fight with everyone else to take down the Demon Queen, and restore peace. But the damage done would last for years. The world was so close to world peace, but without King Arthur, it seems that it wouldn’t be. 

Queen Sofia tries for years to rejoin the world, but none would join her. The world would fight over territories with certain countries weaker after the war, but only very few differences came from this. 

While Los Mitichas was in a skirmish with Orcish refugees, The Southern Coast would try to claim it. This prompted bitterness between the Talons and the Drow as the Drow came to the aid of the Humans in Prince Simons’s first war at the age of ten. 

Prince Simon, alongside friends, was able to broker peace with the Orcs and fight back the Talon threat. He would also meet his best friend and future wife, Hako Yabe. Hako Yabe is the daughter of Demon war veteran Yasuhiro Yabe. 

Their lifelong friendship into a relationship would eventually earn her the title of Queen of the Underdark. This would also rebuild the allegiance of the Lycan nation with the Underdark. 

As the Underdark regains ground, The Southern Coast creates more division. Queen Solaria Na’Garin adopts an Orc girl, effectively making her Princess MeiLi Na’Garin, and successor to the thrown. Also with the allegiance of an Orc Paladin, Huran Al Na’garin, Queen Na’Garin gains the allegiance of the Orcish people. 

Seeing the world split up into superpowers, the Humans and the Elves join forces to not be alone. Effectively creating four powers. The Guardian races of Kelzic, The Kingdom of the Underdark, The Empire of Dragons, and the Heartland. 

With all the nations content with the powers being split somewhat evenly, a level of peace returns.

With the Dragons, no longer a power, the Phoenix race leaves the Dragon mountains to go out on their own. The Dragons can no longer protect them and they have spent time developing their magic and technology. 

The Merfolk emerge as they feel they have conquered the sea, unknowing of the wars that aided them on land. They try to conquer both WangGuo and Los Mitichas as they are close to the sea. 

Ryziell travels the world and discovers the tragedy of the Fae, resurrecting them, they become a power again, joining a loose alliance with the Underdark. And with the Fae back, their mortal enemy the Dryads return to fight them off, joining the Elves, but not trusting Humans. 

Feeling though they are the strongest race, the Merfolk seek to kill Ryziell who has effectively retired after Simon comes of age. With the Dryads not liking Humans either, they side with the Merfolk and start the War of Land and sea. 

The Fae join the battle at the side of Ryziell, and by proxy Humans, but they show that their loyalty is only to Ryziell and the Drow. 

Ryziell finds that with enough of the Dragons’ blood, the Merfolk were able to make their own Titans, and they gave that power to the Dryad. Now being outmatched, Ryziell is finally slain with old magics that sever his connection as a lich. 

The mortals now facing a threat unlike before with truly no gods on their side for the first time in history. Ryziell bands the Gods together one last time in the Spirit realm to grant powers to the best of their champions. They find they can empower Paladins with the power to tap into their God’s powers for a brief period. 

These Champions would turn the tides of war, most notably Huran Al Na’Garin, the Champion of the Demon Queen Varney, and Esmeralda Reyes, Champion of Erois Na’Garin. Both Huran and Esmeralda came from orders, Huran the Order of Paladins and Esmeralda the Order of shoguns. Their combined disciplines created the order of champions. This Event created the 5th Era.

5th Era:

In the 5th era, Phoenix, Fae, Merfolk, and Dryad try to find their way into this new world after the last war. The Phoenix stayed close to the Southern Coast as they believe that Queen Na’Garin’s power will allow them to continue to gain power. Fae has joined the Education system enriching the Underdark and the Human university with their natural magical abilities. Merfolk has started trade with Reve and WangGuo, most do not deal in legal matters, but they are finding their niche in the world. The Dryad align with the Elves and are starting to trust the Humans as they guard the magic of the forest. 

All leaders are currently looking to expand their reach, save King Simon. King Simon believes that each nation should hold on to its independence. Many call him weak, or the Soft King, but truthfully, he is following his Godfather’s rule book on balance. 

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