Underdark Stories pt 2: A Song of Passion

Each strum of my fingers, cast a wave of magic into the club, sending ripples of loving magic to all the patrons of the bar. I lower my head to hide my casting, but all they see is me performing my heart out.

My well-practiced voice rings out singing stories about love and feelings, while hiding bits of spells cast out over the masses. It’s worth it when I see how many lovers are gazing into their partner’s eyes and sharing sweet embraces. My heart swells as I twirl about the stage with my guitar in hand and the microphone wrapped around my ear.

My dress is a classy little white dress that shimmers off of my topaz skin. My hair the color of sea foam hangs in curls around my face. A top of my head my favorite cowgirl hat that I rock with my matching boots. One day my assemble will be fancier, but not bad for a hometown girl that moved to the big city a couple of months ago.

In the front row, I see my friend Racheal and her beau. I didn’t think she was the type to settle down, but there she is sitting in his lap and wrapped by his deliciously tatted arms. Good for her, she deserves that kind of happiness.

As my set finishes, the crowd roars into cheers.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up again for Cherry Lassiter!” The manager of the little bar shouts. I take a bow then place the strap of my guitar over my shoulder and exit the stage. The manager is there to guide me down the stairs and I head backstage to put my guitar away.

Making my way back out to the floor, I take my seat at Racheal’s table and grab the glass of Drow whiskey they have for me.

“Bloody hell, if I knew country music was this good I’d started listing ages ago,” Racheal says giving me a friendly tap. I dare not tell her that even her friendly taps are rough. That’s just Racheal, a hardened warrior.

“Thanks, I don’t think a lot of folks realize that country is just music of the everyday person ya’know.” I say shooting back my glass and waving my waiter down for another.

“I must say, Miss, you are making quite the fan out of me,” Trevor, Racheal’s lover says.

“That makes me feel even better. What was your favorite song of my set?” They look lovingly into each other’s eyes and I can see a flash of the magic I released in them. They turn back to me.

“The one about being made for one another, even though we have scars,” Trevor answers.

“Good, I wrote that one about you two.” Trevor smiles widely.

“I fucking knew it!” Racheal yells, the amount of drinks she’s had starting to show. “Cheeky little bird you are?” She says and toasts to me before taking another drink. Once the glass is in my hand, I toast back and hammer another one.

“You know, if we are the subject of that song, I would believe we are owed some compensation. You know for helping your creative process.” Trevor grins.

“Let me get right on that with all the money I don’t have,” I laugh off. If only I was getting paid for these performances.

“You could pick up a sword and go on a few missions with me? We have a team of four, but a fifth wouldn’t be too much if we are training you.”

“No way. I’m a Dark Elf, not a Drow. I’ll stick to waiting tables and playing for tips. I’ll leave all the monster slaying to you.”

“You could give it a crack. One of my jobs would pay more than your monthly salary at the diner.”

“I appreciate the offer, but I must respectfully decline.”

“If you change your mind.”

“I know where to find you. I know Rach.”

“Bloody Dark Elves, must you cut every name short?”

“My dearest apologies, M’lady,” I say with a taunting nod in my best Drow accent.

“For that remark, I’m not paying for your next drink.”

“I’m sure I can find some man in here who’s willing to do that for me,” I say with a smile.

“How’s about hat Johnny over there by the bar? He’s been sending you looks all night.”

I turn to see an athletic man in the corner with a military cut and an impish grin. Wrapped in a fitting rust and cream-colored suit, he looks like the kind of fun I see myself getting into, or getting into me.

“Don’t let me stop you, besides, I think my gut is telling me it’s time for Trevor to take me home.”

“Not surprising,” I mock

“I would knock you for such a remake, but as it stands I’ve had quite the amount to drink.”

I go to help Trevor get her up and to the car, but he assures me that he has things under control. With my friend out of the bar, that leaves me with some time to go on the hunt.

Crossing the bar to him, I see that there’s is so much that I missed about him at the table. The hard jawline, the classy shoes, and the accessories that he chooses. Everything about him says I not only have money, but I’m smart with it. It’s enough to show his status, but not enough to show off.

Could I have found the one rich guy who isn’t a jerk but just a mature man?

“My, my, how the Gods have been good to me. The Cherry Lassiter is walking up to me? I have to buy you a drink, Doll.” Doll. That’s something I’ve never been called by an attractive man. I like the ring to it.

“Drow whiskey on the rocks, please.”

“You heard the lady,” He says turning to the bartender. I smile as I catch his suggestive grin surveying my entire body. He takes an extra second or two when he looks over my breast, easily one of my best assets.

The glass slides to me and he places the money on the counter.

“To you and the helluva performance you put on.” I toast to his praise and thank him for the kind words.

“Tell me something about the famous Cherry Lassiter, that no one else knows?” I blush from the way he looks at me and the way he asks his question. He didn’t ask what’s my age and sign, he didn’t throw out a pickup line, and he didn’t even ask the ridiculous how many drinks until he could get my clothes off like some men dared to. He asked something about me, personally.

Nice try but I’ll make you work for that.

“That’s a lot to give up to a man that I don’t know, especially when I don’t know your name.”

“Fair enough, I’m Dexter.” Dexter? Don’t think I’ve dated a Dexter before. If he plays his card right, it would be a first to cry out over an orgasm or two. Hopefully more by the look of him.

“Nice to meet you, and there isn’t much to tell about me. I’m just a small-town girl trying to make it in the big city.”

“Just? I think you’re underselling yourself. I’ve seen plenty of women come to these events, but none of them have the passion that you have. You have real talent. I wouldn’t sell yourself short.”

“Well thank you. Looks like I have a real fan.”

“Guilty as charged.” He says sipping away at his drink. “Does that get me an autograph?” I smile at him.

“Sure. It won’t be worth much.”

“It will be worth a lot to me.” He says reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pen. I take it from him and wait for him to pull out a piece of paper, but when he holds his arm out I grin. Wrapping my hand around his wrist and leaning on the bar to get at a good angle, I get a really good whiff of his rich cologne. I scribble my signature on his forearm and freeze when I feel his other hand slide across my back.

By the Queen, his hands feel strong. Stronger than a man in a suit like his should be. The grip I feel is the hands of a working man, I would know as most of the guys I’ve had in the past have been blue-collar. This man works with his hands, whatever he does.

I look back up at him and hand him back his pen. He just looks at me like he wants to devour me, I look back like I would enjoy it. Somehow finding the strength to move away from his hands.

“I’ll cherish it.”

“Until you shower it away,” I return knocking back the rest of what’s in my glass. He gives a smile like he has something to say, but he just adjusts his head and moves his hand to the bar.


“Maybe,” I say unintentionally huskily.

“So what small town are you from?”

“Oh, you’ve probably never heard of it. Just a little one-light town.”

“I’ve been through a lot of towns like that for work.”

“And what kind of work do you do exactly?”

“Sales.” Bullshit. No one in sales has hands like that.


“Yup, I sell farming supplies so I end up in a lot of remote places.” That might explain a little. If he’s handling the materials and running demos, he has to know what he’s talking about.

“I’m from Claxton,” I say giving a little bait.

“Is that over by Marshville? About three hours north of here?”

“You know Claxton?”

“Sure do,” He says with a smile that takes me off guard. “I used to play ball against them.”

“You were not a badger!” I slap his arm. He looks me in the eye like – I got you.

“Nice try, Marshville’s mascot is tunnel rats.” Well shit. He is from there.

“Well, I’ll be. You’re a country like me.”

“Yeah, I’m a good ole’ boy at heart.”

“What changed you to the white collar life?”

“The Army.” He waves for more drinks for us and he has me wrapped up in so much more now.

He goes through his story of how he was drafted into the War of the Demons. After the war was over he just stayed in. After serving for a while, he saved up money and got his degree in business. He landed a job in sales and wanted to work in an area that he was familiar with.

That explains how he’s so well dressed but still as rough as I like ‘em. His manners are a breath of fresh air. He’s chivalrous, but he’s not too much of a nice guy to not take me in his arms at the right time, flirt with just enough raunchiness, and be respectful. There has to be a catch.

When the live band plays a country love song we both love, he doesn’t hesitate to take me by the hand and pull me to the dance floor.

“May I have this dance?”

“Yessir, you may,” I say tipping my hat to him. He twirls me around the dance floor with grace and style, and if he has a weak spot, it is not his dance moves. It’s every country girl’s dream to fall in love to a country song, and I’m already halfway there.

The guitar and melody play homage to one of the greats as he takes me in his arms and moves with expert precision. I need to ask the right questions to not make the same mistakes that I’ve made in the past. What started as flirting with a stranger for a few free drinks, is turning into, could he be the one?

After a few dances, we find ourselves back at the bar giggling and talking about everything.

“So what’s the catch?” I say wrapped up close to his chest.

“Not sure I know what you’re talking about, Doll?” There it was again.

“You’re handsome, you have a nice career, you’re a good dancer and a real charmer. Where is Mrs. Dexter?”

“Well, I don’t know if you know this or not Ms. Lassiter, but a lot of women in the city aren’t looking for something serious.”

“Horseshit, look at all these women here tonight.”

“With their boyfriends and husbands. Where are all the single ones? And if you pay close attention, they are all older than us.” He wasn’t wrong. A slight detail that I forgot about now that I’m not on the stage. Tonight the club is packed with lovers. Could they be the only single ones here tonight?

“If there are no single women here, then why are you here?”

“A couple of reasons really. I like country music and this here is one of the only places that play live music.” Okay, that’s true. “Two, I knew you would be here. I’ve been coming here listening to you perform for a while.” Sweet. “And lastly, if you want someone with the potential to be a wife, then you go where you would want your wife to be on a Thursday night. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to tie down with someone, I’d want them to enjoy a nice chill country club over an over-sexualized club any day of the week.” Very solid points.

“So you really are a fan of mine?”

“Yes Ma’am I am.” He says with a grin that looks genuine. I smile at him for a while then I say.

“I don’t like romance movies. They’re too sappy. I’d rather settle down with a nice horror movie.” He tilts his head in confusion. I just place my hand on his nice strong chest and smile at him. “You asked me something that no one knows about me.” He nods his head in remembrance.

“What about action flicks?” I shake my head.

“They are as cheesy as romance is sappy.” He nods in agreement.

“I know they are, but sometimes I want something familiar.”

“I get that, but I want something that’s going to stop my heart a little. Ya know what I mean?” His head comes down towards me and I freeze. When his mouth comes down to mine, mine surrender to his. His teeth biting at my lower lip, his tongue seeking out and laying claim to my mouth, and finding a moan in its conquest. My hands grip him and my whole world stops.

He looks me in the eyes and licks his lips as if my mouth was the best thing he’s ever savored.

“Like that?”

“Mmhmm,” I am incapable of words. Good thing too. He goes in for seconds and I’m ready this time. I pull him into me so close that I can feel his member brushing against my leg. Queen’s breath, it feels so hot and thick. I reach down and slide my hand on the part of his pant leg where it was currently trying to break free. He moves away.

“Not here, grab your guitar, let me get you out of here.” He says so out of breath and sounds afraid that if I touch him, he’d be forced to take me right on the barstool. Apparently, he minds. The heat in my body wouldn’t care if we were on the stage. But I nod and run to retrieve my guitar.

He takes my hand and leads me through the tiny parking lot to a silver SUV. He opens the trunk for me and slides my guitar in the back and closes it. He opens my door for me, and when I go to climb in the passenger seat, I feel him grab my wrist. Shortly followed by cold metal latching down on me.

“Queen’s ass, what is that!” I screech spinning around, to the sound of metal clicking together. It’s too late, My wrist are in cuffs.

“They’re handcuffs.”

“Why are you cuffing me?” With hurt in his eyes, he reaches into his wallet and turns it around to reveal a badge.

“Because you are under arrest for the unlawful usage of magic.”

“What!” I pull away from him.

“You’re a certified bard, which means you took the exams. And you know that any usage of magic other than thaumaturgy to enhance your performances is illegal. You released several level-five doses of magic in your performance tonight.” He says and for the second time, he stops my heart. Pulling me from the front seat to the back seat, he guides me in, and I can’t even fight him.

This man is good. He lead me on and made me feel like I found the one, and in the end, he played me so well. I should have known that he was too good to be true. Locking my handcuffs to another pair that is attached to the door handle, he closes the door behind him and gets in the driver’s seat.

We leave the parking lot and I just look out the window. The big city lights are all a blur as we travel down the road. I feel his eyes on me. What reason does he have to look at me? Anger boiling in my veins causes me to look back at him when I catch him staring through the rearview mirror.

“Please don’t be mad at me, I really didn’t want to,”

“Save it.” I bite back.

“You weren’t supposed to be,” I cut him off

“I said fucking save it.”


“If you’re a real cop you know that’s not my real fucking name.” He sighs.

“Chelsea, I mean it. I really do like you.” Do you?

“Not enough.”

“I have to do my job.”

“You don’t.”

“Really? That’s your comeback? You know what’s it like coming from the country. We have to do what we can to survive. You have your singing and I have the law.”

“I won’t have my singing I after this. Shit, I won’t even have the shitty little cafe job I have by the time I get out.” He makes a turn down a street and gets caught by a red light.

“What would you have me do? You broke the law.”

“So what, it’s a stupid law. It’s not like I was using it to hurt anyone.”

“I know.”

“If you know, then why even bother with something so stupid?”

“Because it’s my job. I can’t help that.”

“You could,” I say bratty.

“I can’t,” he says turning to face me.

“I should have known no one like me that much.”

“I do,” He says, then someone blows the horn at him. He turns and focuses on traffic.

“If you really did, you would give me a chance.” I feel a tear come out, then I feel the car slow down. He turns down a smaller street, then an alley. When he turns to face me this time, I can see the magic in his eyes.

By the Gods, my magic worked on him. And I was the object of his love. I suppress a smile when he reaches back and wipes a tear away.

“Chelsea, I don’t know how to give you a second chance. I was sent to apprehend you. They have a case on you.” How sloppy have I been? I didn’t think they cared about that stupid law as long as you weren’t using it to rip people off or take advantage of them. With the Underdark being riddled with heavy violent crime, wouldn’t they leave misdemeanors like this alone?

“Are you sure there is nothing I can do to get a second chance?” I release a little more magic. I can feel his feelings when I do. The lust in him is far smaller than I thought. But the genuine admiration he has for me is through the roof.

He swallows hard.

“You know I can’t.”

“You can. Just come back here and let me show you how sorry I am. Unable to resist my magic, he crawls to the back seat and takes my mouth. I let him. I let him savor every part of me as his mouth crashes into mine. Gods, the way he bites my lips rekindles that heat from the club. I want to him. I want every part of him, even if I want him to let me go, that changes nothing about how badly I want to feel him.

“Remove your pants.” He works his belt and unzips his pants. No sooner than his cock is free, I lean forward and take it into my mouth. Feeling it through his pants and having him in my mouth doesn’t compare at all. The thick heat of his rod is almost too much for me to take in. I’m able to work him halfway, and he guides me back up. His groans motivate me to try to go past where he allows.

“I can take more,” I say to him and he asks me if I’m sure. Instead of answering him, I dive down as far as I can, my tongue touching the base of him. I suck hard on my way up then let my body take over as I glide up and down him. His soft curses send a vibration of pride through me. Even if I was doing this to get him to let me go, It feels good to have this kind of power over him.

When I come up for air, he leans forward and unlocks the cuffs that bind me to the door. With his hands on my hips, he looks up at me and brings my face to his to claim my mouth again. .

I straddle his hips as he guides me, and Gods, once I rub back and forth over his heat even I get lost in the rush. He moves hikes my dress up, and pushes my panties to the side, my body is too eager to get him inside of me.

My hands still locked behind me only adds to the pleasure that it’s all up to my hips to please him, and all the lip bitting that is fucking hot. His strong hands find their way to my breast and glide up and down my waist as I ride him hard.

Fuck his thrust upwards not only rock the SUV but the deepest parts of me. Leaning forward to kiss him, he takes both hands and grabs my ass, and pounds me down onto him. I cry out for him as the cuffs are a little less than a slight inconvenience when they pinch my skin. Even then the pain from my wrist only add to a part of the arousal I didn’t even know I liked.

I cum first, hard legs shaking as he continues to crash into my sex. He isn’t long after me, bucking and letting out a low growl as he holds me through it. My mouth works a kiss onto him.

Was I really going to sink my magic into him to make him let me go? If I do that, I would be no better than the criminal that I told him I wasn’t. That is the kind of thing that law was put in place for. And even if I were so bold to do so, there was a case out on me. He would just find me.

“If you still wish to take me in, that is your choice,” I say. Giving him the option breaks the spell. Whatever he says now will be his own mind. None of my magic will be in him.

“If I let you go, you have to promise me something.” He says nearly out of breath.

“I promise I will stop using magic in my performances.”

“That wasn’t what I was going to say.”

“What?” I raise up as much as I can, but my core muscles aren’t what they used to be. Especially after sex.

“You breaking the spell now is proof that you want to do that. If you planned on continuing, you would have used your magic to persuade me further.” I should have known he was at least that smart. He was a cop after all.

“Then what will you have me promise?”

“Promise me, that this didn’t just happen to try to get out of this. Promise me that there is a possibility of an us. Promise me, that I can see you and court you properly.” My heart swells and before it can send the message to my brain, I am kissing him and promising him that.

He gets his keys to free my hands and when he does, I wrap around him and kiss him deeply.

“Even after this, I still believe you are too good to be true.”

“Well save that for after our third date. Well see how I perform.” he taps me to signal to let him up. Pulling his pants back up and putting his belt back on, he makes sure I’m okay. Aside from weak legs, I’m fine. He opens up the passenger side door and this time he lets me get in without slapping handcuffs on me. After buckling my seatbelt, I hear three loud bangs.


I turn my head to see a man with a hoodie walking up to the side of the SUV. His gun raises and I duck down to the driver’s side. There are three more shots and I feel glass shatter and fall onto my leg. there are a few clicks and then a bunch of swearing.

I hear as he runs away and I peak back up. I look up just in time for him to turn a corner, then I unlock the door and run around to Dexter.

For the third time tonight. My heart comes to a complete stop.

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