Underdark Stories pt 5: Making Decisions (British English)

If there is one thing I hate more than anything, it’s a conniving bitch, and Shelly is undoubtedly the most conniving bitch I know. Shelly blows a stream of smoke into the air, filling the disgusting woman’s bathroom with just one more thing that has me ready to be free of this Queen’s forsaken place. 

Look at her, standing there naked in what she believes to be all her glory, protected by her bodyguards. It is known that if you can display yourself in this most vulnerable state in front of your enemies, it shows strength. The fact that you are displayed with no defence in front of them, and they are powerless to take advantage, is a common tactic in prison. 

Many try to stop this display, but I am powerless to prove her wrong. Her warriors, unskilled thought they may be, are too numerous to take on in her current form. This is a disgusting show of force. She wants me to know who’s in charge here. 

You can have your prison. I run the largest territory in The Underdark’s capital.

 She may have been my mentor once, but life changes so much in the blink of an eye. 

“I thought the code prevented you from meddling in my affairs?” I speak up. 

“It wasn’t me, Little Bird.” Her voice is still too fucking pretty for a serious mobster. I know better, though. Too many have gone to the abyss for underestimating that about her. 

“Then how the fuck did they get me in chains?” 

“You’ve grown sloppy. I thought I taught you better than that, but I see you could use a refresher.” 

“Bullocks. I run a tight ship. There is no way I would let the fuzz get the drop on me.” 

“I’m not so sure about that. But as you say, it’s none of my concern.” 

“Then why am I here, Shelly?” 

“Because it’s customary that when you enter someone’s turf, you pay homage or bring a gift.” Her lips curl in a beastly way.

“Right, how have I could have forgotten your basket? Shall I run home and fetch it for you?” 

“You don’t get to go home until you go through me,” she says matter of factly. 

“Piss off. I’ll be out of here on the morrow.” 

“Not without my blessing.” The girls around her start to move, but with nothing more than a snap, they take a few steps back. 

“I see the box has started to make you looney, Luv. My lawyers will have me out of here in no time. I’ll be home with enough time  to catch this little charade on the telly.” 

“You would be wise to listen to your elders. They tend to know a thing or two.” Shelly flicks the butt of her cigarette at me. It takes little effort to swat away, but the message of disrespect is there. She flips her short dark grey hair, and her dreadfully plain obsidian skin shimmers as she walks away. Her posse tries to intimidate my girls and me one by one, but we don’t scare easily. 

We never have, and we never will. 

“Do you want me to kill her, Alyssa?” One of my girls asks. 

“No, annoyance though she may be, she’d kill you and most others I could send to her. She’s a tough cookie, that one, a real stickler for the rules. She won’t make a move unless provoked, and we don’t have the numbers to take her on her turf. 

“Besides, My lawyer will have us out of here tomorrow. No need to start an unneeded conflict.” My girls nod in agreement, and we leave once the last of Shelly’s girls have exited. 

Queen’s arse, I hate prisons. 

This is impossible! My lawyer has never not answered my calls, never mind four of them. 

“Move along, inmate. Your time is up.” A guard calls to me, and I know exactly who’s to blame by the tattoo on her forearm. I slam the receiver, and the guard plays her part in warning me with a write up, but I don’t care. That bitch Shelly will pay for fucking with my freedom. 

My girls and I are in lockstep with one another as we march to the other side of the hall and around the corner. Through those double doors and on the other side of the yard, Shelly is there overseeing her operations. 

The smile on her face is telling that she knows what she did. I will personally see to the removal of that smile. Shelly’s dark grey curls hang just above her lavender eyes. Her posture is relaxed in her snuggly fit blood-red jumpsuit. Although everyone wears the same suit, hers seems to fit her more than everyone else. 

One of her soldiers tries to peddle her illicit wares. I have no time for that. Pushing her aside, the group members form a tight formation around us. The way they move is very reminiscent of the palace guards, and one could be forgiven for mistaking this prison for the palace.

The way Shelly wields power and has trained her soldier, the parallels are uncanny.

Doesn’t this take me back?

“What the fuck have you done!” I shout. My girls are close to my back while hers move to encircle us.  

“I told you, Little Bird. The only way out of here is through me.” With a wave of her hand, her soldiers stand on either side of us. They are to either side of us as she sits on her ‘throne’. Giving us a clear path to her. 

“And what is it that you want?” 

“Just a small act of service, nothing too major.” 

“What act of service?” 

“Let me taste your cum, for old time’s sake.” Her girls cause a stir at her suggestion. Of course, that is what she wants. This really did take me back. 

“That part of my life is behind me. Choose another act of service or a price, and I’ll be on my way.” 

“Sorry, Little Bird. I make the rules in my kingdom, just like if I were in your realm, I would follow yours. It’s my way, or you stay.” 

“That’s a bit unreasonable, innit? I’ve never known you to be unreasonable. A bit rash at times, but never without proper rational.” Shelly shrugs. 

“Maybe it’s as you said. The box has made me mad. In any case, that is my price.” 

“There must be something else.” I hate myself for pouring sugar into my words. Maybe it could sway her if she still holds a flame for me. 

“There is not… I do suppose if you wish to stay, you could become my new lieutenant. Marsha here is excellent at her job but not nearly as qualified as you, Guard captain Alyssa Carter.” My old title. Maybe I should indulge her if she insists on living in the past. 

“As much as I appreciate your honour, Palace Guard Michelle Roberts, there must be some price, monetary price that I can pay you. I could give you some of my working girls or one of my soldiers. I have plenty.”  

“I’ve stated my prices. Either you at my command or in my bed. The choice is yours. I’ll give you until tonight to come up with an answer.” 


“I’ve spoken, Little Bird. Now unless I can provide you with some other service, I suggest you leave.” She lowers her eyes. The look she always gives before she strikes.  I would be foolish to think that she has not kept her skills sharp. If she’s ready to strike, then even the six meters between us is not far enough to be safe.” 

Unsure of why I do it, I bow and command my girls to follow. Sure, that is the proper respect of someone of her station. It is a requirement for me when on the city’s south side in my rightful place, but why would I respect her when she’s being so irrational? 

Once we are out of her range, one of my girls speaks. 

“My Lady. I did not know you were once an item with Shelly.” 

“It was a long time ago. She was my … has always been my mentor. Even though she is a conniving bitch, I hold a lot of respect for her.”

  My reputation will not allow me to tell my girls how I really feel about her. It undermines my position to prattle on about my broken heart. Better to show respect to keep face. My girls do not need to suspect anything more than formalities for the woman that outranked me. 

As someone who runs the south side, I don’t owe her any favours, but paying my dues always ensures that I am in the clear with any syndicate members. There is also no reason to let my girls know how much sway she holds over me. They did, after all, believe I was in charge. The way she wields her power in prison is a road map to what I must do if I am to stay here.

However, If I do not wish to stay here. I belong to my southern quarter of the Underdark, and I would not let her deter me from my duties.  

“Once upon a time ago, She used my feelings against me. A time when I was a young girl. It’s history now.” 

“It does not seem so. It seems as if it is still alive and well.” 

“To her, she likes to live in the past. Notice how she called me by my old status.” 

“Yes, My Lady, but your hands are trembling.” Looking at my hands, I mutter a curse under my breath. 

“It’s just the shock of it all.” I shove my hands in my pockets and walk away from the courtyard. 

I need a place to think. 

As is taught to the court wizards, when facing a complex problem, meditation is the best first step. With my girls keeping guard and knowing Shelly will not let anything happen to me for at least the next few hours, I allow myself to go into a trance. 

Allowing the flow of magic in my body to take over, I am in council with all my prior knowledge and experiences. My days at Uni when I studied magic come flashing in. I scan the memories looking for a spell I can perform inside the prison that could help me. Nothing of note comes to mind. 

Next, I scan my military career. Through countless battles and strategic meetings, not one thing comes to mind that is of use. Indeed if I could tamper with the magic dampeners, I could quickly flee, but with the miracle of getting past all of the guards, all of Shelly’s soldiers, bypassing all of the security and sabotaging the generators. It would be easier to just escape on foot. 

Doing so would make me an enemy of the Syndicate. I could not survive going to war with one of the families in my current state. Never mind all six families at once. Even Shelly could send bodies after me because she ran the entire prison. From the Warden all the way down. 

None of that matters because, as the prison proudly displays in its main hall, there has never been a single person to escape its walls. Not even the master assassin Andre Coleman, who helped design its systems, could. My magic is powerful, but my skills pale compared to the hero of the Orcish war. 

In my military memories, one night in particular flashes and then come to a grinding stop. Shelly’s lips press mine while she is between my thighs and me sitting atop her desk. The way she covers me and bites at my neck while my fingers swim in her curls. I push hard at the memory, but it only takes me to another memory of her pulling my legs apart and licking at my wet pussy in a tent before a raid on an encampment of monsters. More focus, and I push further and spring awake. 

Gasping for air, I reach for my neck. 

“My Lady? Are …” 

“I’m fine,” I answer with laboured breaths. I can still feel Shelly clenching my throat as her strap-on penetrates me over and over again. My thighs ignite at how she holds me down and fucks me into sleep for so many nights. Or, on other nights, how I would feel her breast at my back and her hands rubbing my cunt. These occurrences play vividly in my mind. The worst memories are of her tender kisses that always make me surrender to her touch. 

I take a glass of water as it’s handed to me and down its contents. It’s surprisingly refreshing for something in prison, but I understand why that is so. I hand the glass back and wonder why those thoughts came to the front so strongly. Was I truly past her? Was that not what I vowed to myself when I realised I was not the only one? I was one of many, and no sooner than my back was turned would she have another young girl in her chambers. And what was the excuse she used? Right, she was out working late and lost track of time.

Such tired excuse that I am too mature to fall for now, but when young and in love, they sounded plausible. She, of course, was one of the Palace guards, and they were constantly in communication with the palace officials and briefed on court affairs. As Guard Captain, my plate was often times full of rosters, reports, briefings, and the like. And I only managed a small quarter of the city’s south side. 

So being in charge of protecting the whole of the Palace was a taxing job. Obviously not taxing enough. When every new recruit with long, friendly legs ended up in her grasp. 

But wasn’t I one of those? No, I fought off her charms. I did not give myself to her because of her prestige, lies, or money. No, I surrendered to her because of her honour. Something she lost shortly after my eyes were open. 

I mean, how could she try to kill the queen? Sure, the Queen is an outsider. The mere thought of a Lycan taking the throne over a proper Drow is ridiculous, but her duty was always to protect the King and Queen as long as they were appropriately appointed. And we were all there when Queen Sophia handed over power to her son, knowing he was married to Lycan. 

And not only that, but Queen Haku has earned her stripes by fighting in all three wars with the King.  Rage moves me to get up and leave my cell. 

“My Lady, shall we escort you to Shelly’s chambers?” 

“I have plenty of time before that.” 

“Umm,” one girl trails off. 

“What time is it?” 

“It is only two hours before you have to make your decision.” 

“You let me meditate for that long?” 

“You commanded us not to bother you for anything, My Lady.” That was true. That was my command. 

“No, Shelly will not let anything happen to me. I’ll be fine. In my absence, train. I may not be able to persuade her to release us so soon.” 

“You would serve her?” Would I?

“I will appear to if need be. Just long enough to get my Lawyer in here.” 

“Yes, My Lady.” My girls say in unison.” 

The walk to her chambers feels me with a dreadful fright, if I am being honest. I do not show it, though. The prisoners make vast strides to avoid me, even those not aligned with Shelly. Or maybe no one wants to go to war with her. Either way, I have no trouble making it to her cell. Shelly’s soldiers make a path to her cell that looks less like a cell than a normal door. 

The door slides open, and the interior of her cell resembles a nicer three-star hotel than an actual cell. A fair amount of space to move, fully furnished with couches, TVs, a kitchenette, and a private shower. The bars were even removed from the window as she overlooks the cavernous walls of the Underdark, unobstructed and filled with the beauty of the bioluminescent wildlife. 

On the couch facing the door, Shelly sits. To the abyss with that damnable jumpsuit hugging all of her curves. She sits drinking what I can only imagine is some foul prison wine, but the smell seems to be better than that. Her legs are crossed as she gestures for me to sit across from her. Her eyes lowered differently from yesterday. Her lowered eyes explore all of me, and instantly I am transported back to my younger years. 

I sit where I am told, and with as much confidence as I can muster, I play the part of being in control. 

“Moscato?” She gestures to the glass. I shake my head and watch as she refills her glass. “So I take it you’ve made up your mind?” No, I haven’t made up my mind, but as the images of the trance play in my mind, so much didn’t make sense. 

Being young and heartbroken, I never thought to ask her what had happened. I told myself that since she didn’t want to spend anything more than a bed with me, nothing she did was my concern. But as the thoughts fly around in my mind, there is one thing I just have to know. 

“Why did you try to kill the Queen?” 

“I’m sorry. Is this something we talked about that I forgot?” 

“I looked up to you. And as guards, our first duty is to our King and Queen.” She takes another sip. “I’ve never felt more betrayed than when I found that you were arrested for treason for trying to murder the Queen. How could you?” 

“The Queen was… is making the King weak. I figured if I could eliminate her, we would get a strong king again. If I had to sacrifice myself for the good of the Drow people, then so be it. Because our first duty is not to the King, my Little Bird. Our first duty is to the people of our great nation.” 

“That’s Bullocks!” I sit up. “I remember the pledge I made. Our people are chaos wrapped in flesh. It wasn’t until our first great king united us that we were a great people.” 

“And who did that king value more than all others?” 

“The people, but that doesn’t change our pledge.” 

“Maybe not your pledge, but as a Palace guard, our priorities shift. We must always do what is best for the people.” 

“I cannot believe your lies.” 

“My lies?” She repeats slowly as if the words offend her. “When have I ever lied to you?” I cannot help but show anger. My face twisted in disgust. 

“How about all the times you lied about where you were when you were out with other girls.” 

“I never lied to you.”

“What about the other girls?”

“When did I tell you we were exclusive?” I search my memories and can’t think of a time. 

“When you told me that you loved me?” I say regardless. 

“And that was and is still true.” She sets her glass down and starts to unbutton her top. 

“If you love me, then how could there be others?” 

“Easy,” she says, standing and letting the top of her jumpsuit fall to her waist. “You were my love. The others were toys.” 

“Put your suit back on. I’m not done talking to you?” She gets one leg out of her suit, and with the other, she kicks and sends the suit to the far side of the room. That obsidian skin of hers glimmers like the gentle waves of the sea. 

“I’m hot,” she says while her nipples stand erect and point out at me. Her muscles draw a map leading down to her clean-shaven core, and hot flashes of memories pour in as she sits back down, crossing her legs. Picking her glass back up as she continues to sip. 

“Did you not once ever care about my feelings?” 

“Of course I did… do. Why do you think you had a choice? No one else here has a choice in what they do. The warden approves all the prisoners I want and releases those I deem. The guards police the halls according to my laws, not the ones set. And, of course, the prisoners have no choice in what roles they play here. They are either soldiers, consumers, or an actual prisoner on the very rare occasion. Sent to me by the Syndicate.

“But you, my dear, Little Bird. You’ve always had a choice.” 

“I chose to leave tomorrow. No strings attached.” 

“If that is truly what you wish. Fine. I guess I can give you that for our years of misunderstanding. But ask yourself, do you really want to leave without at least a kiss?” 

“What kind of question is that? Of course,” I get up and turn towards the door. 

“Then say it to my face.” I stop at her command. No, her words. She does not command me. This is simply something she said to me. I have no reason to obey. 

I turn on my heels. 

“I just did.”

“No, you said it from across the room. You are free to go, of course, but if you really want to be free of me, as I know you are not. Then you will come over here and tell me you do not desire me to my face.” 

“You’re just as looney as I remember. I have no need to prove anything to you.” 

“Like you didn’t have to ask me about my spat with the queen?” I close the gap between us, but only by half. 

“That has nothing to do with my heart.”

“Doesn’t it? I don’t think one admires someone the way you did me with just your mind.” 

“I did. As a wizard, it is an effortless thing to do.” 

“As a fighter, I can see bullshit anywhere.” 

“As a liar, you think you can trick anyone.” 

“I’ve not tricked you. How could I? The Wizards are far superior in battles of the mind than us warriors.” 

“Because of that silver tongue of yours. You spouted your lies about how I was special, how there was a connection between us, and how your heart fluttered at the mere utterance of my name. All rubbish!” 

“If there were no connection between us, then why are you drawn to me?” 

“I am not!” 

“Little Bird?” She says, pointing with her eyes to the floor. I look and gasp as I am a mere arm’s length away. “I love you, Little Bird. I always have. I can say that with all my heart.” I don’t see her hand reach out, and place my hand on her chest. 

“Alyssa, tell me you do not still love me.” her heartbeat quickens when my name, my real name, leaves her lips, and a shockwave ripples through me. 

“I despise you. I hate that you played with my heart and left me in a world that didn’t have you in it.” 

“Alyssa,” Her heartbeat increases. “Tell me you do not want me.” 

“I dreamed for years of forgetting you. You and all of your lies and your false promises.” 

“Alyssa, Tell me you don’t want me to kiss you.” 

“I want to be free of you, Shelly. Let me.” She kisses me. I push her away, and with fire in my eyes, I slap her. I slap her again, and again, and again. Shaky breaths leave me, and I start to turn away from her, but I can’t. Before I can fully turn away, I glance back at her and see her calm stare. I lean in and kiss her, cupping her face and tasting her mouth that tastes of cherries.  

Queen’s breath! If it wasn’t for the magic dampeners, I would swear she is using a spell to heat her skin. In an instant, her hand is around my throat. A flood of emotions overpowers me as I bend to her touch. I mount her, and her arms wrap around me. 

One second, my hands are behaving. The next, they swim in those dark curls of hers. One second, I’m clothed, and the next, a combination of hands strip me of anything that can keep her skin away from mine. One second I’m in control and only allowing myself the slightest taste of her. The next, our lips crash into each other with the wild abandon of my youth. 

Picking me up, she carries me to the bed. Her beautiful body, though filled with danger and power, gracefully moves up my body with white-hot little kisses counting down to my own demise. The look in her lavender eyes cracks years of practised resentment for this woman, but her lips, kiss by kiss, knock down those walls. 

I feel the pressure of her fingers entering me. I reach to stop her, but when her fingers move in waves that press at my g-spot, only guttural sounds leave instead of my level-headed words of reason. Free from trying to stop her pumping fingers, my hands land on her breast and abs. Roaming the fields of soft mounds of pleasure and strong, smooth muscles that move in unison with our bodies, and they meld together in passion. Those pumping fingers blur my mind to madness until the only intelligible sound that I can make is her name rolling off of my lips.

“Don’t,” I gulp a big breath, “don’t make me cum.” I manage to say. My protest is met with passionate kisses that send my rationale to the furthest recesses of my mind. I know that if she makes me cum I will be right back at her side. If she makes me cum, my heart will refill with all the love I’ve willfully ripped from my heart. If she makes me cum, I will, I will.

“I don’t. Want you. To make.” Too late. My body arches as an orgasm rushes out of me, destroying carefully built walls. In one hot flash of an instant, years of progress are destroyed. Carefully constructed steps to protect my heart are gone as if they never existed. Destroying progress like a massive wrecking ball smacking into a small fortress. 

Her fingers don’t stop pumping. More and more, my body melts for her, especially when she bites down on my breast. The scrap of her teeth causes my brain to forget the function of my lungs as I scramble for air. 

I take a huge breath, trying my hardest to fight for some type of control, but when her hand moves and she moves my leg to allow herself between me. I feel her flower on mine, and she starts rocking her hips into mine. My head flings back, pushing into the pillow. The gentle feel of her hair tickling at my cheek while her body moves to rub against my wet pussy. She cups my breast, pinching and biting at my ear as I hold onto her through another orgasm. 

The low growl she produces when she cums sends a vibration through me, invigorating me to move to her tempo. I pull her hair and yank her neck down to my lips as I bite her hard as we go faster and faster. I can’t hold back the chain explosions when her hand finds mine and locks with it pressing it into the bed while moaning loudly. 

Our bodies seize as we share an orgasm, and no sooner than we have control, our lips press into a passionate kiss as she rolls over behind me and pulls me into her making her the big spoon. I have no energy to fight her as her hand trails in circles on my stomach until she reaches my waist and pulls me as close as possible. 

She plants soft kisses all across my shoulder blade and stops for one long press. I moan at the gesture. 

“Little Bird,” There is a heavy sign behind her saying that. “I did lie to you once.” I find the energy to face her. Watching her eyes fill with something akin to regret. “I did not try to kill the Queen.” I search her eyes for telling signs of her lying. “I was ordered to take charge of the prison so that I could infiltrate the Syndicate. In order to do that, I had to go along with the story that I tried to assassinate her but was spared because the gods favour me. While true, the Gods do favour me. It is because it’s a plan that was constructed by the God of Death.” Her words hit me hard as I search all the facts and see how that connects everything that has never made sense. 

“The plan worked twofold. It scared off the syndicate from trying any assassination plots for several years because of my renown in planning and skills with a sword. No one dared challenge the Queen if she could best me. And with the Syndicate believing I was on their side, they recruited me after I proved myself in prison. The syndicate now pays me for accomplishing the mission given to me by the King. Keeping the prison population either under control by me or in so much chaos they do not have time to start trouble for the rest of the population.”

“But it is said that no one can escape. Even Andre Coleman couldn’t escape, and he helped build it.” 

“Tell me, did you consider escape an option from me?” 


“And why?” 

“So it is escapable?” 

“Not under my watch, it isn’t. There are a couple of ways that the system can be exploited, but it would take someone with S-tier bounty hunter skills, the know-how of the system, and a lot of luck to get past me and my elite guards posted throughout the prison.”

“So if you are in control and still an active member of the Palace guard, was it really your doing that brought me here?” 

“I told you I only lied to you once. You have a mole in your organisation.” 

“Do you know who?” 

“Yes, everything you need to know is in a folder on by the computer. I was going to give it to you either way when you left. I planned on making it anonymous, but no need to hide it any longer.”

“So, did you mean for me to join the syndicate?” 

“No, I had hoped that you would stay a guard captain. I hoped you would work your way up the ranks until you made your way to Palace guard and would have learned this from the King.”

“It’s too late for that now,” I say, thinking back on the long list of crimes I’ve committed in the following years from my resignation. 

“Not exactly. The Palace Guards are still in need of people in the Syndicate. Knowing that you were truly a part of them and have been for years, and with my recommendation, you could make your way back into the good graces of the Palace.” 


“It won’t be easy, and they will test your loyalty, but if I put in a word to the Palace, they will contact you as soon as you are back in your compound.” 

Coming to Shelly’s room, I thought my choices were becoming one of her soldiers or bedding her just to satisfy her selfish ego. But the actual decision is to follow the lonely path of the new life I’ve built without her, where I am a top-ranking member of an organisation that values my ability to produce money which I am good at.

Or to return to my old life, pledging my allegiance to my King, Queen, and country and protecting the people of this country from people like those who accepted me when I was at my lowest. But also to continue a life with the first and only person I have ever loved. 

“If I return to my post as a guard, will I have you back?” She grabs my face and kisses me. 

“Alyssa. You never lost me.” 

“Will you be loyal to me?” I feel a tear form. She wipes it away and kisses where it nearly formed. 

“If that’s what it takes for you to come back. Gladly.” 

What choice do I even have?

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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