Truth or Dare

There is no way I just admitted to always wondering what my best friend’s pussy would taste like.

Fuck it.

It’s not like our friendship is on track to continue anyway. Hubby-to-be will steal her away in two days, and I will never see her again.
To hell with that “you should come and visit” bullshit. We both know the male isn’t going to want another man around his woman. Especially after he’s gone through the trouble of buying and branding her with that serious gem work to prove who she belongs to.
“He’s Drunk,” Mellisa says, quick to laugh it off with that voice of hers that ignites my heart.
“Not with only two drinks in me.”
“Don’t play Doug. I know you.”
“No, you don’t know me, and I don’t want to play, not anymore. I’ve been doing that for years, and I’m sick of it.”
“You’re causing a scene,” she says in a forced whisper that’s far too late. Our childhood and college friends are already too invested in what’s doing with me.
“Don’t I always? Isn’t this Typical, Doug, the center of attention, the star quarterback in college, the life of the party? I’m all those things but more than that, I’m madly and irreversibly in love with you, but I’ve never had the nuts to man up and say it.” Mellisa quickly pulls me away from the gallery of onlookers, be it friends, family, or just some nosy fuckers who strolled into this particular club on this specific day. She shoves me against the wall near the restrooms and gets in my face.
“What the fuck has gotten into you?” Was that the question of the century? Oh yeah, it wasn’t.
“I don’t know, what could it be? Could it be the fear of my best friend moving to the other side of the fucking world?”
“Aren’t you moving to Galvornia? I thought so. So don’t act like I’m the only one moving on with my life.”
“No,” I say flatly. Mellisa’s face deflates. “I lied.” The look in her eyes says what her mouth can’t. Why would you do something like that? I answer, “Because I didn’t want to seem like some hopeless fuck that can’t get over my best friend leaving me.” The hum of the bar fades till there is nothing but silence between us. In our stares, a lifetime of unspoken words plays back and forth until her face turns in disgust.
“Why do this shit now! Huh,” She pushes me. ” I spent my entire life wishing you would say something, do something. And like the fucking coward you are, you never did a fucking thing.” She punches me in the chest. But there is no way she can do enough physical damage to cover the twisting of my heart.
“You’re no better. You knew I loved you, and you knew I was attracted to you.”
“If I knew, we wouldn’t fucking be here right now.”
“Why do you think I never wanted to be around you when you changed? I don’t have a problem when Tracy changes a top around us, but I always leave the room for you. Or how I always seem too busy for your sleepovers. I can’t be anywhere near you when you’re that tempting to me.” She slaps me.
“You’re a fucking asshole. I loved you too but thought you didn’t want me. Now I’m with Nick, and I can’t just leave him. Our families are.” I kiss her. Crushing my lips to hers, tasting the sweet plumps of her flesh and grabbing her neck, pulling her body to mine, savoring the tropical drink on her tongue, trying desperately to get drunk on her. She slaps me again.
“Don’t you fucking dare!” She bites. Her eyes are so full of rage. She pushes me into the women’s bathroom and forces me into a stall.
“You do this shit now. Why? To break me and Nick up?”
“I don’t give a fuck about Nick. All I’ve ever cared about is you.” She frowns more at me saying this.
She kisses me. She kisses me hard and fast, moving with quick hands to remove my belt, and I move to pull up the fabric that identifies as her skirt. Grabbing her by her ass and locking on her lips, I pick her up and place her on the toilet paper holder as it’s the only flat surface. I move her panties out of the way, and she pushes my head down to her slick opening. She sucks a breath as my tongue flicks her core, then parts her lower lips, getting a mouth full of her. My long licks catch all of her juices until it reaches her bundle of pleasure. Gods, her pussy is so wet and delectable. Her hand encourages me to feast to my heart’s content, but if she tastes this good, I can only imagine how good she will feel. My eyes lift to hers and speak this, and she nods—no time for hot kisses to her smooth stomach or her mounds of plump breasts. No, I need to suck her tongue as I push inside her, and she grips my hips to guide me.
“Fuck,” her voice comes out in a cry. Heavy breathing is traded by both of us as my pace quickens. Hooping and cheering can be heard by drunk women who cheer on her triumph. If only they knew she was effectively burning her future in a grand blaze by fucking her best friend mere nights before her wedding. As her pants get louder, she squeezes my ass as a gasp leaves. The resulting cry that leaves her is followed by a low growl and my seed shooting into her. Our joined moans and gasps escape us, staring into each other’s eyes, wondering what comes after this dangerous result of a friendly game of truth or dare. Would we dare keep this a secret or reveal our truth?

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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