What’s for Lunch?

“I’m going to throw you over my knee and spank you if you throw another carrot at me,” Luis growls. 

“You wouldn’t dare,” Elise says with a playful laugh. 

He says nothing but turns around to attend to his chopping for the salad. Elise picks up another baby carrot, pops one in her mouth, and returns to her marinating. They are supposed to be preparing for a birthday party for a friend, but when have they ever done anything without being complete goofballs first? 


After Luis finishes his slice and dice on the cucumbers, Elise tosses a baby carrot over her shoulder, and if her calculations are …. 

“That’s it!” Luis says with a playful smile as he turns into a sprint. 

Reaching out to grab Elise, he misses by inches as she starts the game of catch-me-if-you-can. A quick spin move has her happy she spent all those years in ballet, as she gracefully moves around him. 

In the living room, she makes it nearly past the couch, and just as she does, the sound of the wood being forced over the carpet is heard as Luis pushes the couch in her way. 

Too late. Elise has already committed to making the turn, and before she can sidestep or do anything, her wrist is grabbed and yanked down. Elise releases a belly full of laughter as Luis sits and tosses her over his knee. She wiggles and fights to get free, but with precision tickling, she’s unable to get up. 

“You want to keep throwing carrots. I told you what would happen.” Luis pulls down Elise’s sweat shorts, and a gripping fear creeps up her spine as she didn’t think she would need panties at this particular part of the day and was shocked that it would throw off signals to her best friend. 

“Luis! Okay, that’s enough,” She says, placing her hands over her exposed flesh. But the six foot four ex-football player has no trouble moving her hands to the side and slamming into her bottom with quick action. A chirp leaves her lips, and when the hotness between her legs begins, she protests again. “Okay, Luis, that’s,” Another whack. The stinging pain enflames her cheeks, and not just the ones on her bottom. A low growl emits from her, and another smack from him has her gripping his thigh. 

One more slap to her ever-flushing ass, and a low moan escapes. 

“Did you just moan?” 

Her cheeks flush hotter. 

“I said let me go, Luis.” 

Another smack. A more prolonged, deeper moan. 

“And I asked you a question.” 

His fingertips move up and down her bright red ass, and she notices an erection poking into her stomach. 

“What if I did.” 

Another smack. She gets slick with want as he is quick and decisive with his blow. Her nails bite in on his thigh as she lets out a pant. 

“Did you just moan?” Luis’ voice turns dark, husky, and commanding. 

“You’re not. Ohh,” she trails into a moan again as his hand connects again. 

“I asked a question, and I expect a response. Don’t make me ask you again.”

“Yes, sir.” Elise didn’t mean to say it but is glad she did when he says. 

“Good girl.” His hand goes back to caressing her ass. “Now, did you moan?” 

“Yes, Sir,” she purrs. 

“And you just weren’t going to tell me you were a sub?”

“Why would I? Fuck!” Elise screams when he slaps her bottom again. 

“I asked a question.” 

“No, Sir.” 

“And why not?” 

“Didn’t know you cared?” 

More caressing. 

“You think I don’t care about you?” 

“I know you do. Didn’t think you thought of me this way.” 

“What does my cock say?” 

Her stomach is screaming to feel it from more than just the outside, but what would happen if they went that far?

“It does say otherwise. Oh, Gods,” Elise moans, dropping her head to the couch when his fingers slip into her. 

“Your pussy says you’ve thought about this before.” The pressure is removed, and she can hear him smacking from licking her off his fingers. She turns to watch and feels a quick strike to her ass. “I didn’t say you could lift your head.” 

Her nails bite into his thigh as he does the dip and lick again. His fingers return to her slickness, and he makes tight circles on her pearl while his thumb does the search and rescue on her g-spot.

Her body tightens as no one has done the two points of her arousal at the same time before. 

“Don’t hold it in,” Luis says, pulling her hair with his other hand. 

An explosion of built-up tension rushes out of her as his fingers don’t stop, and her body rides his fingers. Elise fights to gasp for air as he works her sex. His fingers snap against her sex, causing just enough force to send shockwaves through her. 

“Get up here and feed me like a good girl.” Elise’s eyes, aglow with lust, snaps back and watches his tongue work over his fingers to get all of her off his fingers. She pushes herself off of his lap and steps out of the shorts. Hands on his shoulders, she plants her feet on the couch and, with some assistance from him, straddles his face as his hand clamps down on her thighs. Using his hair as the reins, she rides his face through waves of pleasure as he takes her soul lick by lick. 

His mouth opens wide, and when she can hear huge gulps of her going down his throat, she loses it. 

“Keep your balance like a good girl. I’m trying to eat,” His voice comes out velvety smooth as her body is racked with another wave of orgasms. All she can say in reply is. 

“Yes, sir.” 

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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