Underdark Stories pt 2: A Song of Passion

Each strum of my fingers, cast a wave of magic into the club, sending ripples of loving magic to all the patrons of the bar. I lower my head to hide my casting, but all they see is me performing my heart out. My well-practiced voice rings out singing stories about love and feelings, whileContinue reading “Underdark Stories pt 2: A Song of Passion”

Kiss of the Vampire: pt 9

Aniker couldn’t believe that she was looking at a house complete with a white picket fence. The two-story house is elegant but has some traditional charm. The white house with blue panels has two beautiful oak trees on either side of the front door. Alluring all that with its inviting scene. The house looks likeContinue reading “Kiss of the Vampire: pt 9”

Kiss of the Vampire: pt 8

“Making me play with one of my other toys, I like. If you wanted to send a message, it was received,” Emily sends her good morning text. Problem was, it started as that, but evolved into so much more.“Something wrong, Sweetheart?” Paul asks, from his cup of coffee. Aniker places her phone face down andContinue reading “Kiss of the Vampire: pt 8”