Underdark Stories pt 3: For Good Girls (NSFW)

Tying my hair back as quickly as I can, I run to the side of the gurney as quickly as I can. An officer is being brought in with three GSWs in critical condition. He is accompanied by Dr. Hussain, nurses, and a beautiful Drow woman who looks like the sea.“Ma’am, I’m going to needContinue reading “Underdark Stories pt 3: For Good Girls (NSFW)”

Underdark Stories pt 2: A Song of Passion

Each strum of my fingers, cast a wave of magic into the club, sending ripples of loving magic to all the patrons of the bar. I lower my head to hide my casting, but all they see is me performing my heart out. My well-practiced voice rings out singing stories about love and feelings, whileContinue reading “Underdark Stories pt 2: A Song of Passion”