The Demon in his heart part 7

“You’re mighty jumpy for someone who called us here for help,” Borjas says, motioning for Victor to put the spell away.“You’re quick on the draw for someone who’s supposed to be healers,” Victor responds.“You think people care if you’re a healer or not? You can still be robbed pretty easily.” Salib says, charging her weaponContinue reading “The Demon in his heart part 7”

Another day, another job

Esmeralda taps her fingers along to the song’s beat in her headphones while riding the bus. Positively humming from this morning. More than likely, the other passengers think she’s a little more weird than usual as she’s swinging her hair as she hums along. She didn’t care though, she’s been learned to be herself. ItContinue reading “Another day, another job”

The Demon in his heart pt 6

Surely the Dragons are Great! Salib’s mind is throwing a party, and she can’t stop squeezing Borjas’ arm. He got her approved to work undercover, which means she can wear a dress. It had taken her what felt like hours to settle on the yellow and gold asymmetrical one-shoulder dress. Salib even did her make-upContinue reading “The Demon in his heart pt 6”

The Demon in his heart part 3

Borjas smiles at his phone as he taps a few commands and watches the animation of his armies invade a small country nearby. His unsuspecting victim would get a notification in about thirty minutes that their base has been completely destroyed, and with no guildmates nearby, there was no way they would get reinforcements inContinue reading “The Demon in his heart part 3”

The Demon in his heart part 2

Salib stares over at Marcus, one of the suspects, with a look she’s practiced all of her life. Pure boredom of the meaningless task that she’s performing. The other three suspects had given her nothing, as they had practiced the age-old tradition of no snitching. Their lips had been so tight that she was remindedContinue reading “The Demon in his heart part 2”

Black Widow Woes Finale

Black Widow Woes finale “So she just turned herself in?” Borjas asks. The beat cop shrugs.“Yeah, she walked in with a redhead lawyer, but I haven’t seen the lawyer in a while.”“Thanks,” Borjas says, patting the cop on the back and walking over to Salib.“Why would she turn herself in now? She could have comeContinue reading “Black Widow Woes Finale”