Underdark Stories pt 1: A bloody Start

It’s going to take forever to get this shit out of my hair, ugh – I hate the way troll’s blood smell. The only saving grace is that it sells for a pretty high price. Add that on top of my fee for clearing out this cave, makes this a pretty good gig.

Reaching in my rucksack, I grab a few flasks to collect as much blood as I can. The rest of my team can have the nails. Last time I tried to collect those, ended up breaking them and making them useless.

“Oi, Racheal, save some blood for me, will ya?”

“Piss off Thomas, you can have the hair.” He spits and suddenly I don’t mind the blood in my hair. The musky smell in my hair is one thing, but nothing is as bad as having it in your mouth.

“Bullocks, I get a hot sticky load in my mouth, no way I’m settling with just the hair.”

“Don’t act like this is the first time, Thomas.” It’s too easy to make the joke and even though its low hanging fruit, we all share the laugh.

“Least the bugger can do is take me to lunch first,” Thomas says taking a swig from his flask. He tells everyone it’s water, but from the ride over here, I could clearly tell it is Fae whisky. That’s one way to get rid of the taste. I toss him a bottle that I’ve filled, and keep the rest of them.

“Make sure that flask gets back to me. Those things aren’t cheap.”

“Cheaper than your brothel visits, eh,” he remarks. The rest of the group turn their eyes to me knowing that its true.

“One I have to fill up, the other fills me up, hardly comparable.” I get a bunch of nods of approval for my answer. “And for that remark, you don’t get another flask.” I say standing and getting a good look around. The variant shades of light coming from the bioluminescent life refreshes the beauty of the Underdark, replacing the grotesque images of the trolls that infested the caves a little too close to the city.

“Like you would give me another anyway.” Thomas says flipping his long icy blue hair out of his charcoal face. His red eyes, the typical Drow color, but hair a little more rare. Hard to believe that’s his natural color though, the stubble sneaking up on his face a telling sign.

“You’re damn right, you’re little more than a cheerleader. Sitting on the sidelines with your slingshot.”

“Where do you get the balls to call my pistol a slingshot?” He shows true offense.

“From your ex, she gave them to me after you weren’t using them.” A roar of laughter surrounds us.

“Come on you two, lets get back in the truck and get back home. If I’m going to deal with either of you anymore I’m going to need something cold in my hand or something hot in my mouth.” Clinton the priest says. There is a moment a silence as we turn to the scraggly man with the buzz cut hair and glasses.

“You don’t…,” Thomas starts but is quickly cut off.

“Don’t finish that sentence, realized it the second I said it. You both need to get right with the Gods.”

“Maybe you need a new group to work with,” I add.

“Unfortunately, this is the best group I’ve worked with in years. I’ve forgotten what its like to get hit by anything, and I’d like to keep it that way.”

“So you do love us?” I smirk.

“Love is a very strong word.” Clinton responds and tucks his priest symbol in his pack and head for the back seat of our combat truck.

“Care to add anything?” I remark to Caitlyn, our Fae understudy. She closes her spell book and clutches it to her chest and shakes her head.

“No, I’m fine, but I would like the hair if Thomas isn’t going to use it.” Her voice too shy for the likes of us.

“What’s it to you, honey?” Thomas asks mock flirting. “Maybe for a little peck you can have it.” Caitlyn’s moss colored skin shows a bit of pink as she blushes.

“Never mind,” she says, then uses her magic to teleport back to the truck.

“This requires a woman’s touch,” I say, equipping my field knife.

“You forget, Drow women are closer to men in every other circle of society.” After cutting loose a couple locks of hair, I turn to him with a smile.

“Yeah, that may be true, but boobs make everything better,” I say patting at my breastplate. Clinton just shakes his head and walks to the truck.

We all pile in and head back to town, and as I predicted, Caitlyn takes the locks of hair from me happily. Not that Thomas thought for a second that my statement was untrue, but he still grumbles about it.

For the rest of the ride, I lean back in the front passenger seat and we call chat, well save for Caitlyn. The ride is relaxing. For all the shit I give Thomas, he’s the best driver we have. Fucking Rogues and Rangers, no matter what it is, they can drive it, hunt it, or kill it.

Making it back to base, we all turn in our quest and collect our rewards. The trolls weren’t expected by the requester, and per the current laws, that means a nice pay increase. This makes the blood in my hair and guts on my armor worth it.

The group wasn’t completely wrong when it comes to my brothel habits. The extra pay I wasn’t expecting would definitely get spent there. Back in my earlier years it was bars. That changed to strip clubs, then prostitutes, and now I guess I’m finally in the final stages.

Gods’ piss! why does that sound so depressing? Fuck society! If I find my release in the company of a man that I can pay to tend to my wounds and sexual appetite, then so be it.

And there is only one man I have in mind.

After placing down the seat covers I’ve gathered for this exact times, I put my truck in drive and head across town. I need a bath and there is no way I’m going to dirty my own with trolls blood.

The parking lot to my brothel of choice is packed again. It is the most popular in the capitol of the Underdark. Although the King is happily married, he and his wife could be found here from time to time. Them and any others from the Palace that cared to partake.

An endorsement from the rulers is just the thing to make this the place to be if this is the lifestyle you chose. Five floors of fun for all kinds of people didn’t hurt either. The first floor typically suits me just fine. I’ve never been in a couple and the kinkier shit on the third floor and up is out of my league.

I find a spot in one of the last VIP spots in the front. I knew that extra coin would come in handy at some point. That and it saves me a shitload in fighting assault charges. Drunks at bars are one thing, drunks at brothels are next level.

If the smell of troll remains bothered any of the staff, they either don’t show it or are just used to it by now. The clerk at the front tells me that my room is ready and to enjoy my stay. Having an app to schedule ahead is fucking useful.

It doesn’t take much to cut through the path of party goers in the lobby. A fully equipped in heavy armor Drow woman with a huge axe and shield tends to make a path. A few of the working men and even some of the working women shoot me different degrees of looks. Some of longing as they never make it past the audition process, some of irritation as they never have had the chance to service me and my generous tipping, and the rest were admirers of my loyalty.

This brothel has seen my face for over a year. A lot of my coin went into this place and I don’t regret a single choice. In that time, I found my go to man, and since then, none of the other working people have made it to my room. This was the cause of a lot of gossip and jealousy among the staff.

It isn’t uncommon for people who spend money like I do to have a favorite, but not all of them are as good to their person as I am. A few rules have been put in place due to the mistreatment of some of the workers. None of those rules have ever affected me.

I reach for my badge and swipe at the door, entering my private room puts me in a better mood instantly. The cool blues and deep purples cover the room to make beautiful art of the room. Soft candle light highlight the features of the room from the loveseat to the circular bed and to the bath that sits out on the balcony.

But none of the beauty of the room matches the well dressed Drow that sits on the bed with a whisky in his hand and a smile on his face. The vest suit he wears is classy and humble all in one with its shades of blues that come together to make him look classy but not royal. He made sure to roll up his long sleeves to show his tatted arms and hands, a small display of the ink that covered almost all of his body.

His beard well groomed along with his hair that is evenly parted and out of his face. Nothing should cover his face save for my thighs and an other part of me that I tell him to devour. The candlelight flames dance in his purple eyes and illuminate his ash colored skin.

“Madam Racheal, shall I get you out of that armor and bath you?” Trevor says standing from the bed.

“Fuck yes,” I say nearly changing that last word to me. Gods this man drives me to madness.

“It shan’t take but a moment Madam.” Trevor crosses the room and hands me the glass of Drow scotch. The aroma of the malt takes over the soft lavender that I’ve grown to associate with the room.

The snapping of buckles and undoing of latches give sensations indescribable as warmth drips down my throat and down my thighs. The thunking of the metal hitting the floor causes thudding in my chest from getting closer to being naked in front of Trevor. Gods the way the man’s eyes sing praises to my imperfect body makes me feel like one of those surface dwelling women.

My body is hard muscle, or if I’m honest with myself, plumpness covering muscle. Thick curves that come from improper dieting, but physically demanding work. And fucking Trevor treats me like I’m the queen herself.

Gentle touches over my many battle scars, heart fluttering kisses over my dirty skin, and wanting grabs on all the wrong parts of me. Or right if you ask my throbbing sex.

After stripping me down to my birthing suit, he takes my hand and guides me to the large bath. The bath cycles through water so none fo the clients have to sit in the fluids they create, or in my case with the dried blood, brought with them. Although I’ve made this decent into the almost jacuzzi like tub, he still guides me like I’m a lady.

If I am to once again allow honesty to come into play. I like it more than I let on. Proper Drow women are hardened warriors, not frilly little women, but the way this man caters to me makes me think of what it would be like if I were to pay his tab to free him and make him my husband.

“Would you like for me to join you now or give you a moment to relax Madam.” The way he calls me Madam must have increased the temperature in the room.

“Join me now. I need this Troll’s blood washed out of my hair.”

“As you wish, Madam.” Gods it gets me again.

He starts with his vest and button by button my pulse increases. His chest bulges outwards, and so does his gut. Ever so slightly, but it’s there. I believe other women called this a dad bod. I call it fucking hot as hell.

The clothes fall off of him and his magical rod hangs down, leaving my mouth to do the same. Though I’ve seen it, felt it, tasted it so many times, yet it always leaves my mouth watering.

After grabbing bathing essentiels, he joins me in the pool. I lean up to let him slide behind me, then lean into his body feeling his warmth, and for the first time tonight, his erection. It presses into my back and it takes all my power not to adjust myself to sit on it. Trevor is after all tending to a task I asked him to complete.

“More whisky,” I command, and within seconds he fills my glass. I continue to take sips as I slip into the comfort that I could never afford if it was charged properly. He massages my hair and combs through it with expert precision. Once my hair is clean, his hand grips and work into the muscles of my shoulders.

“Gods yes,” I whisper tilting my head back and finding his lips there to greet mine. A couple of pecks and I let him continue on with his massage. Well I may make him pause a couple more times to give him a taste of the whisky on my lips.

It doesn’t take long before he taking parts of my body out of the water to clean it. Getting to every piece of my body he makes sure all of me is clean. I look at him with eyes that display the message that I can’t wait to get it dirty again. He smiles to show he receives the message, but for now he just holds me and shares in the drinking.

At some point the alcohol gets my lips working and I tell him all about my day and all the other time I spent away from him. He laughs at my jokes, shows concerns at my troubles, and takes interests in all the things I find fascinating.

This is why Trevor is mine. Mine for now, no man belongs to me. Trevor is just mine for now.

Turning to face him, I set my glass down and put my hands on both sides of him, trapping him between me and the walls of the bath. I lean in and kiss him to find his hand on my neck and other on my ass. He lifts up so that I can slid him inside me without pushing the water in, but then settle back down, so that I can ride him while in the water.

This is what I need after a long day. His large cock inside me, his tongue taking claim to my mouth, and his hands gripping with longing. Our combined moans meld in our mouths as our bodys roll together. It doesn’t take long before we are in different positions all across the bath. Standing, from the back, me sitting on the edge while he slides between my thighs, and even him pressing me against the wall.

Our love making makes it too the bed at some point. Love making? I mean fucking. That’s what this is. He is fucking me into bliss from one end of this room to the next. There is no way his strokes are touching my soul and his kisses are setting my heart on fire. No, his deep passionate thrust come from a place of lust, not love.

“I love you, Trevor,” my heart says, but surly my mind would never let such dribble come out.

“I love you too, Racheal,” Trevor says rocking deep inside me making me burst with emotions and an orgasm. He said my name. He never says my name. I will make him pay for this. He knows better.

I kiss him and the rich vanilla from the scotch becoming synonymous with his own taste. Then I feel him cum inside me. Now is the time to push him off me and correct him for calling me Racheal. I wrap my legs around him and bask in the afterglow with his lips pulling more of my surrender with every kiss.

“I dared not tell you how I felt about you Racheal. It joys me so that you said it first.”

“I say a lot of things, especially when you’re fucking me.” There is a pause between us. I kiss his neck, but he doesn’t move. I grab his face and when I bring his lips to mine, he does kiss me back, but it’s different this time.

“What’s wrong?” I bite.

“Nothing Madam, I forget myself.” He returns to kissing me, but again his kisses don’t feel the same. I roll over on top of him and push his hands into the mattress.

“Why are you kissing me like that?”

“Like what Madam?”

“Without passion?”

“Is that not what you want?”

“You know what I want!” I bark.

“Clearly I’ve misjudged, but I shall give it a go.”

“What does that mean?”

“Nothing, Madam, where were we.”

“Tell me what that remark was supposed to mean.”

“It’s nothing, come now. You’ve paid for a full night of pleasure, lets not waste it bickering.” I move off of him and stand up.

“Not until you tell me what the fuck if wrong with you.”

“Madam, I am simply your whore. It was silly of me to think otherwise. I mean no offense by it. Come, let me finish my job.”

“My whore? If I wanted a whore I would pay trinkets.”

“Right, my apologies. I am your escort. Where are my manners. The difference in coin clearly make a difference in my role.”

“Is that an attitude I sense?”

“Yes Madam, it is,” He says getting up. “I fear I shall have to face punishment for not fulfilling my duties to completion tonight. I shall just have to take what wages were to go to me and place them back in your coiffer.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m leaving, Madam!” He says storming across the room. I grab at his wrist, but he breaks my hold. He. Broke. My. Hold?

Racing to the Bath, he grabs his clothes and tries to leave, but I block the entrance.

“Where are you going?”

“Back to my quarters. I can not finish tonight Madam,” He says, his face drawing a bit of anger to it.

“And why in the Gods name not?”

“Because, I… I love you.”

“What?” Hearing the words, understanding them, but being floored by them anyway.

“I love you, Madam. I know, how silly of me to love someone when I’m but a whore. Sorry and expensive whore.” He tries to move past me, but is unable to. He huffs and gestures. “Madam, I would like to leave. I can’t be here right now.”

“You,” I gulp. “You love me?” He sighs.

“Yes, Madam. I know I shouldn’t have, it’s highly improper of me, but I can’t help myself.”

“How do you know that this is love?” There is a burning in my eyes. Fuck those candles are closers than I realize.

“My heart aches when you leave me Madam. Each day I pray to see your name show on my schedule. When I have a moment to myself. I think of your safety and wish you would put down your sword. But can’t imagine if you did because you wouldn’t be you. Plus I love hearing your stories of adventure.” There is a silence that falls. He wipes at his eyes and gestures once more. “Madam, I need to leave.”

I don’t move. How can I? A new warmth takes over my body and I can’t describe it. The world seems to slow down as Trevor shivers and by the Gods are those tears. I’m going to throw up. The sight of seeing him hurt drives me to such rage, but when I realize that I’m the reason for them, guilt twist my stomach.

Trevor walks forward and wipes at my eyes. Fucking candle smoke. It has me tearing as well. His clothes hit the floor and his arms surround me. He pulls me into a hug and emotions wrack my body so that hot tears spurt form my eyes.

“Please stay,” I manage between sobs. I feel his lips press to my forehead and I lean up to see his eyes are full of tears as well.

“Of course Madam.” He lifts me and my legs wrap around him as tightly as I can. He walks us over to the bed and once the cover draps over us, I start to kiss anywhere my lips land. My tears still heavy with grief he just wipes them away and tells me its okay.

“Why am I such a fuck up?”

“You’re not, Madam,” he says I hit him.

“Don’t fucking call me that!” I sob into his shoulder more.

“Racheal, its okay, Love.” Love, I’ve never been called that before. Even though it’s a popular slang thrown about to anyone for any reason. Somehow it never made it’s rounds to me. Until now.

“It’s not. I fucking suck.”

“You don’t. You’re a proper Drow, unlike me.”

“Shut the fuck up. You’re perfect. I’m the bitch that can’t admit that I love you.”

“But you did, Love. You may not have done it with your words, but you showed it far deeper than I could show.” I kiss him. I kiss him again. I kiss him again and again until we are a tangle of limbs and merged body parts that begin and end with the love in our hearts.

“Good morning, Love.” I hear as my eyes flutter open. My lips find their way open to take in Trevor’s tongue. I move back tasting the morning breathe on my tongue, but Trevor takes me by my throat pulls me back. I reach up and pull him down to me.

“Why the fuck are you clothed?”

“Love, it’s eight in the morning. I have other clients.”

“The fuck you do!” I sit up.

“Love, I am.”

“Were an escort. I’m going to go fix that right now.”


“Call me that again, and I’ll thump you,” I bite.

“Racheal. Be logical. It would take a massive amount of coin to pay for my freedom.”

“And you’re worthy every bit of it. Now get me my armor and help me don it.” Trevor tries to fight a smile, but can’t seem to hold it back. While equipping me, he makes comments of how nice a gesture I am making, but it’s not necessary.

“Trevor, if you are to be my mate, I will need you to shut up when I tell you.”

“If I am to be your mate, I need to be able to insert logic when you are being illogical.”

“You can’t be my mate if I don’t do something illogical.”

“If this is truly your wish, then let this be the last time, yea?”

“No promises but I’ll try.” I reach out to shake on our deal. He gives me a kiss instead.

The lobby is much emptier for the morning than the night time, but there are few people about with cups of coffee and entertaining a few workers. They give confusing looks in my direction. It has to be in my direction, because if any of them are looking at Trevor that way, paying for his freedom won’t be the only illogical thing I do today.

“Ms. Racheal, did you have any issues with Trevor?” The clerk says.

“Quite the opposite. I’m taking him with me. Bring me his papers,” I say it loud enough to cause a stir in the lobby.

“Ms. Rachel, I can’t do that. He has appointments all the way out till, Ah!” She screams when I snatch her form across the counter.

“I don’t remember asking you for anything other than his papers. I will compensate any inconveniences that this may incur.” Putting emphasis on any, I toss her back to her side of the counter. I hear Trevor’s feet shuffle closer to me when the security guards draw their weapons. When I turn around, they take a step back.

Oh no, did you forget about the S-rank emblem on my armor piece?

“Please make my day,” I say, ignoring Trevor’s attempts to calm me.

“There will be no need for that,” The Madam of the Brothel says coming from the back. I turn to face her. “Racheal, you’re one of our most valued members, I would hate to cause a stir with you. How can we resolve this?”

“Give me his papers, and let me leave with him.”

“That’s a bit irrational don’t you think?” Love is irrational.

“Possibly, but I’m well within my rights to do so.”

“But you must see my dilemma.”

“No not really.”

“I can’t let you just buy one of our best workers. Doing that will plummet sales and profits. If you buy him, you will effectively take away your money away. And where will I find another worker?”

“Not really my problem. But I can meet you in the middle.”

“I’m listening.”

“I buy him. And I’ll give you an extra ten percent of his total debt split into one year payements. In that year, any new patrons I find, I will take my usually referral fee and apply to my credit. I am an S-rank bounty hunter. We make six figues. Think about the clientele I could bring in.” There is a silence while she thinks it over. After glancing at the computer she grins.

“You’re willing to pay two hundred thousand for him now?”

“Lying to me will get your tongue ripped out and me leaving with him anyway. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought of buying him. I know down to the last penny what his debt is.”

“Fine, eighty grand.”

“Seventy-eight thousand, five hundred and twenty three dollars and forty two cents.” The Madam twist her face in confusion. “Tell your clerks to take off their glasses when you try to bluff me.” The Madam turns to the clerk who locks the computer and steps away.

“At least let him work tonight.”

“I might have allowed that if you didn’t just try to hustle me. Now, I don’t give a fuck if the King and Queen scheduled him for tonight.” I take his hand. “He’s coming with me and he’ll never see the place again if it’s not his wish.” With my free hand I reach in the compartment inside my breastplate and pull out my card.

“And yes I want my receipt.”

Underdark Stories pt 2: A Song of Passion

Each strum of my fingers, cast a wave of magic into the club, sending ripples of loving magic to all the patrons of the bar. I lower my head to hide my casting, but all they see is me performing my heart out.

My well-practiced voice rings out singing stories about love and feelings, while hiding bits of spells cast out over the masses. It’s worth it when I see how many lovers are gazing into their partner’s eyes and sharing sweet embraces. My heart swells as I twirl about the stage with my guitar in hand and the microphone wrapped around my ear.

My dress is a classy little white dress that shimmers off of my topaz skin. My hair the color of sea foam hangs in curls around my face. A top of my head my favorite cowgirl hat that I rock with my matching boots. One day my assemble will be fancier, but not bad for a hometown girl that moved to the big city a couple of months ago.

In the front row, I see my friend Racheal and her beau. I didn’t think she was the type to settle down, but there she is sitting in his lap and wrapped by his deliciously tatted arms. Good for her, she deserves that kind of happiness.

As my set finishes, the crowd roars into cheers.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up again for Cherry Lassiter!” The manager of the little bar shouts. I take a bow then place the strap of my guitar over my shoulder and exit the stage. The manager is there to guide me down the stairs and I head backstage to put my guitar away.

Making my way back out to the floor, I take my seat at Racheal’s table and grab the glass of Drow whiskey they have for me.

“Bloody hell, if I knew country music was this good I’d started listing ages ago,” Racheal says giving me a friendly tap. I dare not tell her that even her friendly taps are rough. That’s just Racheal, a hardened warrior.

“Thanks, I don’t think a lot of folks realize that country is just music of the everyday person ya’know.” I say shooting back my glass and waving my waiter down for another.

“I must say, Miss, you are making quite the fan out of me,” Trevor, Racheal’s lover says.

“That makes me feel even better. What was your favorite song of my set?” They look lovingly into each other’s eyes and I can see a flash of the magic I released in them. They turn back to me.

“The one about being made for one another, even though we have scars,” Trevor answers.

“Good, I wrote that one about you two.” Trevor smiles widely.

“I fucking knew it!” Racheal yells, the amount of drinks she’s had starting to show. “Cheeky little bird you are?” She says and toasts to me before taking another drink. Once the glass is in my hand, I toast back and hammer another one.

“You know, if we are the subject of that song, I would believe we are owed some compensation. You know for helping your creative process.” Trevor grins.

“Let me get right on that with all the money I don’t have,” I laugh off. If only I was getting paid for these performances.

“You could pick up a sword and go on a few missions with me? We have a team of four, but a fifth wouldn’t be too much if we are training you.”

“No way. I’m a Dark Elf, not a Drow. I’ll stick to waiting tables and playing for tips. I’ll leave all the monster slaying to you.”

“You could give it a crack. One of my jobs would pay more than your monthly salary at the diner.”

“I appreciate the offer, but I must respectfully decline.”

“If you change your mind.”

“I know where to find you. I know Rach.”

“Bloody Dark Elves, must you cut every name short?”

“My dearest apologies, M’lady,” I say with a taunting nod in my best Drow accent.

“For that remark, I’m not paying for your next drink.”

“I’m sure I can find some man in here who’s willing to do that for me,” I say with a smile.

“How’s about hat Johnny over there by the bar? He’s been sending you looks all night.”

I turn to see an athletic man in the corner with a military cut and an impish grin. Wrapped in a fitting rust and cream-colored suit, he looks like the kind of fun I see myself getting into, or getting into me.

“Don’t let me stop you, besides, I think my gut is telling me it’s time for Trevor to take me home.”

“Not surprising,” I mock

“I would knock you for such a remake, but as it stands I’ve had quite the amount to drink.”

I go to help Trevor get her up and to the car, but he assures me that he has things under control. With my friend out of the bar, that leaves me with some time to go on the hunt.

Crossing the bar to him, I see that there’s is so much that I missed about him at the table. The hard jawline, the classy shoes, and the accessories that he chooses. Everything about him says I not only have money, but I’m smart with it. It’s enough to show his status, but not enough to show off.

Could I have found the one rich guy who isn’t a jerk but just a mature man?

“My, my, how the Gods have been good to me. The Cherry Lassiter is walking up to me? I have to buy you a drink, Doll.” Doll. That’s something I’ve never been called by an attractive man. I like the ring to it.

“Drow whiskey on the rocks, please.”

“You heard the lady,” He says turning to the bartender. I smile as I catch his suggestive grin surveying my entire body. He takes an extra second or two when he looks over my breast, easily one of my best assets.

The glass slides to me and he places the money on the counter.

“To you and the helluva performance you put on.” I toast to his praise and thank him for the kind words.

“Tell me something about the famous Cherry Lassiter, that no one else knows?” I blush from the way he looks at me and the way he asks his question. He didn’t ask what’s my age and sign, he didn’t throw out a pickup line, and he didn’t even ask the ridiculous how many drinks until he could get my clothes off like some men dared to. He asked something about me, personally.

Nice try but I’ll make you work for that.

“That’s a lot to give up to a man that I don’t know, especially when I don’t know your name.”

“Fair enough, I’m Dexter.” Dexter? Don’t think I’ve dated a Dexter before. If he plays his card right, it would be a first to cry out over an orgasm or two. Hopefully more by the look of him.

“Nice to meet you, and there isn’t much to tell about me. I’m just a small-town girl trying to make it in the big city.”

“Just? I think you’re underselling yourself. I’ve seen plenty of women come to these events, but none of them have the passion that you have. You have real talent. I wouldn’t sell yourself short.”

“Well thank you. Looks like I have a real fan.”

“Guilty as charged.” He says sipping away at his drink. “Does that get me an autograph?” I smile at him.

“Sure. It won’t be worth much.”

“It will be worth a lot to me.” He says reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pen. I take it from him and wait for him to pull out a piece of paper, but when he holds his arm out I grin. Wrapping my hand around his wrist and leaning on the bar to get at a good angle, I get a really good whiff of his rich cologne. I scribble my signature on his forearm and freeze when I feel his other hand slide across my back.

By the Queen, his hands feel strong. Stronger than a man in a suit like his should be. The grip I feel is the hands of a working man, I would know as most of the guys I’ve had in the past have been blue-collar. This man works with his hands, whatever he does.

I look back up at him and hand him back his pen. He just looks at me like he wants to devour me, I look back like I would enjoy it. Somehow finding the strength to move away from his hands.

“I’ll cherish it.”

“Until you shower it away,” I return knocking back the rest of what’s in my glass. He gives a smile like he has something to say, but he just adjusts his head and moves his hand to the bar.


“Maybe,” I say unintentionally huskily.

“So what small town are you from?”

“Oh, you’ve probably never heard of it. Just a little one-light town.”

“I’ve been through a lot of towns like that for work.”

“And what kind of work do you do exactly?”

“Sales.” Bullshit. No one in sales has hands like that.


“Yup, I sell farming supplies so I end up in a lot of remote places.” That might explain a little. If he’s handling the materials and running demos, he has to know what he’s talking about.

“I’m from Claxton,” I say giving a little bait.

“Is that over by Marshville? About three hours north of here?”

“You know Claxton?”

“Sure do,” He says with a smile that takes me off guard. “I used to play ball against them.”

“You were not a badger!” I slap his arm. He looks me in the eye like – I got you.

“Nice try, Marshville’s mascot is tunnel rats.” Well shit. He is from there.

“Well, I’ll be. You’re a country like me.”

“Yeah, I’m a good ole’ boy at heart.”

“What changed you to the white collar life?”

“The Army.” He waves for more drinks for us and he has me wrapped up in so much more now.

He goes through his story of how he was drafted into the War of the Demons. After the war was over he just stayed in. After serving for a while, he saved up money and got his degree in business. He landed a job in sales and wanted to work in an area that he was familiar with.

That explains how he’s so well dressed but still as rough as I like ‘em. His manners are a breath of fresh air. He’s chivalrous, but he’s not too much of a nice guy to not take me in his arms at the right time, flirt with just enough raunchiness, and be respectful. There has to be a catch.

When the live band plays a country love song we both love, he doesn’t hesitate to take me by the hand and pull me to the dance floor.

“May I have this dance?”

“Yessir, you may,” I say tipping my hat to him. He twirls me around the dance floor with grace and style, and if he has a weak spot, it is not his dance moves. It’s every country girl’s dream to fall in love to a country song, and I’m already halfway there.

The guitar and melody play homage to one of the greats as he takes me in his arms and moves with expert precision. I need to ask the right questions to not make the same mistakes that I’ve made in the past. What started as flirting with a stranger for a few free drinks, is turning into, could he be the one?

After a few dances, we find ourselves back at the bar giggling and talking about everything.

“So what’s the catch?” I say wrapped up close to his chest.

“Not sure I know what you’re talking about, Doll?” There it was again.

“You’re handsome, you have a nice career, you’re a good dancer and a real charmer. Where is Mrs. Dexter?”

“Well, I don’t know if you know this or not Ms. Lassiter, but a lot of women in the city aren’t looking for something serious.”

“Horseshit, look at all these women here tonight.”

“With their boyfriends and husbands. Where are all the single ones? And if you pay close attention, they are all older than us.” He wasn’t wrong. A slight detail that I forgot about now that I’m not on the stage. Tonight the club is packed with lovers. Could they be the only single ones here tonight?

“If there are no single women here, then why are you here?”

“A couple of reasons really. I like country music and this here is one of the only places that play live music.” Okay, that’s true. “Two, I knew you would be here. I’ve been coming here listening to you perform for a while.” Sweet. “And lastly, if you want someone with the potential to be a wife, then you go where you would want your wife to be on a Thursday night. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to tie down with someone, I’d want them to enjoy a nice chill country club over an over-sexualized club any day of the week.” Very solid points.

“So you really are a fan of mine?”

“Yes Ma’am I am.” He says with a grin that looks genuine. I smile at him for a while then I say.

“I don’t like romance movies. They’re too sappy. I’d rather settle down with a nice horror movie.” He tilts his head in confusion. I just place my hand on his nice strong chest and smile at him. “You asked me something that no one knows about me.” He nods his head in remembrance.

“What about action flicks?” I shake my head.

“They are as cheesy as romance is sappy.” He nods in agreement.

“I know they are, but sometimes I want something familiar.”

“I get that, but I want something that’s going to stop my heart a little. Ya know what I mean?” His head comes down towards me and I freeze. When his mouth comes down to mine, mine surrender to his. His teeth biting at my lower lip, his tongue seeking out and laying claim to my mouth, and finding a moan in its conquest. My hands grip him and my whole world stops.

He looks me in the eyes and licks his lips as if my mouth was the best thing he’s ever savored.

“Like that?”

“Mmhmm,” I am incapable of words. Good thing too. He goes in for seconds and I’m ready this time. I pull him into me so close that I can feel his member brushing against my leg. Queen’s breath, it feels so hot and thick. I reach down and slide my hand on the part of his pant leg where it was currently trying to break free. He moves away.

“Not here, grab your guitar, let me get you out of here.” He says so out of breath and sounds afraid that if I touch him, he’d be forced to take me right on the barstool. Apparently, he minds. The heat in my body wouldn’t care if we were on the stage. But I nod and run to retrieve my guitar.

He takes my hand and leads me through the tiny parking lot to a silver SUV. He opens the trunk for me and slides my guitar in the back and closes it. He opens my door for me, and when I go to climb in the passenger seat, I feel him grab my wrist. Shortly followed by cold metal latching down on me.

“Queen’s ass, what is that!” I screech spinning around, to the sound of metal clicking together. It’s too late, My wrist are in cuffs.

“They’re handcuffs.”

“Why are you cuffing me?” With hurt in his eyes, he reaches into his wallet and turns it around to reveal a badge.

“Because you are under arrest for the unlawful usage of magic.”

“What!” I pull away from him.

“You’re a certified bard, which means you took the exams. And you know that any usage of magic other than thaumaturgy to enhance your performances is illegal. You released several level-five doses of magic in your performance tonight.” He says and for the second time, he stops my heart. Pulling me from the front seat to the back seat, he guides me in, and I can’t even fight him.

This man is good. He lead me on and made me feel like I found the one, and in the end, he played me so well. I should have known that he was too good to be true. Locking my handcuffs to another pair that is attached to the door handle, he closes the door behind him and gets in the driver’s seat.

We leave the parking lot and I just look out the window. The big city lights are all a blur as we travel down the road. I feel his eyes on me. What reason does he have to look at me? Anger boiling in my veins causes me to look back at him when I catch him staring through the rearview mirror.

“Please don’t be mad at me, I really didn’t want to,”

“Save it.” I bite back.

“You weren’t supposed to be,” I cut him off

“I said fucking save it.”


“If you’re a real cop you know that’s not my real fucking name.” He sighs.

“Chelsea, I mean it. I really do like you.” Do you?

“Not enough.”

“I have to do my job.”

“You don’t.”

“Really? That’s your comeback? You know what’s it like coming from the country. We have to do what we can to survive. You have your singing and I have the law.”

“I won’t have my singing I after this. Shit, I won’t even have the shitty little cafe job I have by the time I get out.” He makes a turn down a street and gets caught by a red light.

“What would you have me do? You broke the law.”

“So what, it’s a stupid law. It’s not like I was using it to hurt anyone.”

“I know.”

“If you know, then why even bother with something so stupid?”

“Because it’s my job. I can’t help that.”

“You could,” I say bratty.

“I can’t,” he says turning to face me.

“I should have known no one like me that much.”

“I do,” He says, then someone blows the horn at him. He turns and focuses on traffic.

“If you really did, you would give me a chance.” I feel a tear come out, then I feel the car slow down. He turns down a smaller street, then an alley. When he turns to face me this time, I can see the magic in his eyes.

By the Gods, my magic worked on him. And I was the object of his love. I suppress a smile when he reaches back and wipes a tear away.

“Chelsea, I don’t know how to give you a second chance. I was sent to apprehend you. They have a case on you.” How sloppy have I been? I didn’t think they cared about that stupid law as long as you weren’t using it to rip people off or take advantage of them. With the Underdark being riddled with heavy violent crime, wouldn’t they leave misdemeanors like this alone?

“Are you sure there is nothing I can do to get a second chance?” I release a little more magic. I can feel his feelings when I do. The lust in him is far smaller than I thought. But the genuine admiration he has for me is through the roof.

He swallows hard.

“You know I can’t.”

“You can. Just come back here and let me show you how sorry I am. Unable to resist my magic, he crawls to the back seat and takes my mouth. I let him. I let him savor every part of me as his mouth crashes into mine. Gods, the way he bites my lips rekindles that heat from the club. I want to him. I want every part of him, even if I want him to let me go, that changes nothing about how badly I want to feel him.

“Remove your pants.” He works his belt and unzips his pants. No sooner than his cock is free, I lean forward and take it into my mouth. Feeling it through his pants and having him in my mouth doesn’t compare at all. The thick heat of his rod is almost too much for me to take in. I’m able to work him halfway, and he guides me back up. His groans motivate me to try to go past where he allows.

“I can take more,” I say to him and he asks me if I’m sure. Instead of answering him, I dive down as far as I can, my tongue touching the base of him. I suck hard on my way up then let my body take over as I glide up and down him. His soft curses send a vibration of pride through me. Even if I was doing this to get him to let me go, It feels good to have this kind of power over him.

When I come up for air, he leans forward and unlocks the cuffs that bind me to the door. With his hands on my hips, he looks up at me and brings my face to his to claim my mouth again. .

I straddle his hips as he guides me, and Gods, once I rub back and forth over his heat even I get lost in the rush. He moves hikes my dress up, and pushes my panties to the side, my body is too eager to get him inside of me.

My hands still locked behind me only adds to the pleasure that it’s all up to my hips to please him, and all the lip bitting that is fucking hot. His strong hands find their way to my breast and glide up and down my waist as I ride him hard.

Fuck his thrust upwards not only rock the SUV but the deepest parts of me. Leaning forward to kiss him, he takes both hands and grabs my ass, and pounds me down onto him. I cry out for him as the cuffs are a little less than a slight inconvenience when they pinch my skin. Even then the pain from my wrist only add to a part of the arousal I didn’t even know I liked.

I cum first, hard legs shaking as he continues to crash into my sex. He isn’t long after me, bucking and letting out a low growl as he holds me through it. My mouth works a kiss onto him.

Was I really going to sink my magic into him to make him let me go? If I do that, I would be no better than the criminal that I told him I wasn’t. That is the kind of thing that law was put in place for. And even if I were so bold to do so, there was a case out on me. He would just find me.

“If you still wish to take me in, that is your choice,” I say. Giving him the option breaks the spell. Whatever he says now will be his own mind. None of my magic will be in him.

“If I let you go, you have to promise me something.” He says nearly out of breath.

“I promise I will stop using magic in my performances.”

“That wasn’t what I was going to say.”

“What?” I raise up as much as I can, but my core muscles aren’t what they used to be. Especially after sex.

“You breaking the spell now is proof that you want to do that. If you planned on continuing, you would have used your magic to persuade me further.” I should have known he was at least that smart. He was a cop after all.

“Then what will you have me promise?”

“Promise me, that this didn’t just happen to try to get out of this. Promise me that there is a possibility of an us. Promise me, that I can see you and court you properly.” My heart swells and before it can send the message to my brain, I am kissing him and promising him that.

He gets his keys to free my hands and when he does, I wrap around him and kiss him deeply.

“Even after this, I still believe you are too good to be true.”

“Well save that for after our third date. Well see how I perform.” he taps me to signal to let him up. Pulling his pants back up and putting his belt back on, he makes sure I’m okay. Aside from weak legs, I’m fine. He opens up the passenger side door and this time he lets me get in without slapping handcuffs on me. After buckling my seatbelt, I hear three loud bangs.


I turn my head to see a man with a hoodie walking up to the side of the SUV. His gun raises and I duck down to the driver’s side. There are three more shots and I feel glass shatter and fall onto my leg. there are a few clicks and then a bunch of swearing.

I hear as he runs away and I peak back up. I look up just in time for him to turn a corner, then I unlock the door and run around to Dexter.

For the third time tonight. My heart comes to a complete stop.

History at A Glance


In the beginning of the universe, The Creator breathed life into four beings. These beings were the Old Gods. Thenonsan the Goddess of Life, Omanzie the God of Death, Omaliksis the God of Magic, and Bronksus the God of might. 

These four beings were given wisdom and power to mold the world any way they saw fit, but they did not know they were not alone. Unbeknownst to them, The Creator also created The Dragon King, Akhentut, and his wife Cleoitis. The Two dragons were given the ability to create more of their kind and the power to mold the world the way they saw as well. 

Rather than work together, the Gods and the Dragons went to war for centuries, until they decided they would create life in their image to do battle for them. 

The Gods created the Human, Elves, Orcs, and Dark Elves to live among the land. They created the Vampires and the Angels to protect their home and the Lycans to protect the portal to their home. 

The Dragons created the goblins, ogres, monstrosities, and other monsters to live among the land, and created the Demons to protect them. 

For thousands of years beyond counting, the wars of the races raged on without a record of history. Until a few Gods and Dragons grew tired of the fighting. 

The first great Dragon Osirus came to the humans and gave them the power of the Dragons. Thus the first Talons were born. 

This infuriated the Dragons and they sought to do the same. They changed the Elves, Dark Elves, and Humans into Merfolk, Fae, and Dryads. With these new races being created they were unstable and unloyal. the Merfolk went to the oceans to fight the Dragons, and the Fae and the Dryads fought amongst themselves for dominion of the forest. 

In one last-ditch effort, the Dragons came together to make the Phoenix race, Born from their magic and magical stones, they were living magic amplifiers. This worked for them, but they would lose more in the end. 

All was not well in the Land of the Gods, The Vampires revolted, wanting more power among the guardians. The revolt was led by a traitorous Vampire named Guierrie Faux. Guierrie was able to brainwash the leader of the Vampire’s army, Julius Beaujeu. Julius in his stupor showed that his powers had grown far past what the Gods thought and mortally wounded the God of Power Bronkus. When Omaliksis realized this, he removed the spell and tested Julius’ loyalty. Julius showing that he would always be loyal, quelled the rebellion as most followed because they believed he was with them. 

As a reward for his bravery, Bronkus bestowed his power to Julius, making him the Second God of Power, and the first Mortal to ascend to Godhood. 

Julius did not want the burden of being a God, so he fled to the realm of mortals where he would find a wife and live in peace with the mortals. 

For their betrayal, the Vampires were cursed with bloodlust and never to see the sun they wished to see. The Angels that joined them were given battle lust, forever in pain if they were not fighting, and the Lycans for turning a blind eye were cursed to never shift outside of their wolf form again. 

War broke out within the guardian races, and mortals were caught in the mix. The Gods pleaded with Julius to bring order to them, but he refused as he and his wife were with child. He promised the try once done.

but whether through treachery or misunderstanding, when a group of Lycans was sent to make sure Julius would not join the war, they killed his wife to intimidate him from joining the war. It did not work. 

Julius now enraged, Julius joined the side of the Vampires and forcibly took charge. Turning the tides of war, he made the Lycans surrender and enslaved them for centuries. Only after the war did Julius take his place as King of the Vampires and God of Power. 

Julius, weary that he would one day be controlled again, had his magic completely removed, making him immune to all magic. 

In the settlement Julius created, the guardian races found tribes of Demons and brought them to the side of the Gods, and not a moment too soon. 

The Dragons launched an all-out war against the Gods and their creations and allies. This would be the first Great War. 

The Great War was different from all the other wars of the Gods and Dragons because the mortal races were now independent of the Gods’ rule. No longer fully under the control of the Gods, in some cases they never were, the Gods would have their Alliance of races: Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Talons, Demons, Vampires, Angels, and Lycans. 

The biggest hero from The Great War was Khan James Volgas, Human Cleric of war. Most of the alliance was in part due to him. He was the first one to battle and many times the last to leave the field. He created a great alliance with the Guardian races as he befriended Katin Petrovitch, Grand Dictorus (leader) of the Guardian races (The Guardian races are the Vampires, Angels, and Demons. The Lycans did not join as they were enslaved at the time)

With the combined force of all the Gods’ races, they were able to repel the Dragons from wiping out their races as they had done before. Thus starting the first Era of history. Also, the Gods removed the curses on the Guardian races.

1st Era: 

In the First Era, the land was decided and countries were formed. Due to the alliance of the Humans and the Guardian races, Khan Volgas persuaded Grand Dictorus Petrovich to release the Lycans and grant them sovereignty. In the hopes of building a better future, they did, and the Lycans returned to the lands near the portals of the gods and named it Honin. 

The Orcs returned to their neighboring lands, WangGuo. The Orcs and Lycans take up the entire eastern Island. 

On the mainland, The humans settled in the northwest in their capital of Galvornia. The Elves settled in the great forest of the North, Ihlanthuhu. The mountains of the North East were claimed by the Guardian races, Kelzic. The vast deserts to the south were claimed by the Talons, Alsaahil Alijanubiu, but called the Southern Coast by all others. 

It was rumored that the Angles during the war killed off the Fae and Dryad, the Dragons killed off the Merfolk, but only part of that is true. The Fae were slaughtered by the Angels, and the Dryads went into hiding after. The Merfolk hide to regroup their numbers and when they were ready, the Dragon’s numbers had diminished. 

In the first era, many were still getting used to the idea of peace. For some, the idea was too much. Crime was out of control in most of the world and many organized gangs and law enforcement were created. The first successful agency of law was the Bounty Hunters.  

They hired fighters in the war to bring peace to the land. One of the most notable was a Wizard named Naziell Rousse. Naziell would go on to marry a ranger named Estelle and they would give birth to their only son, Ryziell. 

Ryziell was a magical prodigy, but his mother feared that his magic wasn’t enough, and trained him in melee combat. Now a cable fighter and dominant force in magic, Ryziell was rumored to be the most powerful mortal in history. 

Many would test that rumor, to find it more or less true. It was this testing that brought Ryziell’s true gift to life, Necromancy. Finding that he was naturally gifted in Necromancy, Naziell took Ryziell to the court of magic and got the court to agree to allow him to practice it openly as it was outlawed. 

They were successful with the one rule that he couldn’t use the Death magic of the God Omanzie, but rather they would seek out Thenonsan for help. The Goddess was more than delighted to help, in exchange for the young Ryziell’s body as service. 

This exchange would set the course of how Ryziell believed God’s should interat with Mortals. 

Ryziell made a name for himself as an innovator in magic and Necromancy. But he was always overshadowed by his father’s name. Seeking to make it on his own, Ryziell went on a great pilgrimage all over the world. Gaining knowledge in all cultures, languages, and styles of fighting. 

Ryziell was the first mortal to ever visit the Dragon’s mountain, south of the Southern Coast. There he would meet his lifelong friend Rajedi. Rajedi, one of the Dragons responsible for the Talons, would teach Ryziell Dragon Magic. Though many of the Dragons that made the Talons were outcasted by the others, Rajedi was a respected fighter and still carried weight in the order. Rajedi saw the war as useless and only helped bring it to an end so that they could build a stronger force. And Rajedi sought to use Ryziell for that purpose, but quickly had a change of heart when he got to know him. 

Ryziell was a brilliant thinker and had a gift for diplomacy. He brought balance where he went and Rajedi couldn’t deny that Ryziell was a person worth following.

East of the Southern Coast, was a wild place only known as the Blood Coast, where bandits ruled the lands. Ryziell sought to bring order to this place. With a group of friends and his Dragon friend at his side, Ryziell tamed the wildland and named it Los Mitichas. 

Ryziell founding a city was a great feat but making it a haven for those who wanted to practice necromancy with life magic was another thing. Since the birth of Ryziellian Necromancy, Omanzie saw it as a slight against him, but he ignored it. With the City built and thriving, Omanzie could not let it slide anymore. 

Omanzie went against the other Gods and started a war with Ryziell. Justifying his actions as he was working with a Dragon, therefore he must be the enemy, Omanzie sought to destroy him. 

In a battle that nearly destroyed the city, Ryziell was killed but not defeated. Using Dragon’s magic, Ryziell allowed his soul to travel to Omanzie’s realm, to steal the souls from there, weakening him from the inside, then freeing himself. Returning to the battlefield with an army of souls, Ryziell was able to kill the God of Death and absorb his soul, making him the second Human to ascend to the level of God. 

Now the God of Death, Ryziell went to the court of Gods and inserted himself as the God of balance as well. This was the start of the 2nd era.

2nd Era:

 When the other Gods challenged his power, they quickly found that he was more powerful than they were. With the powers of the Goddess of Life, and the Soul of the God of Death, Ryziell was officially the most powerful being alive. 

The Gods used their powers to turn their most loyal into Demi-Gods (Titans), starting the First Celestial War. A bloody battle that saw more Titans born and die. In the end, when Julius and Thenonsan joined Ryziell’s side, Omaliksis folded, officially signing a pact to make the Gods a council and naming Ryziell the leader. 

Under Ryziell, the Gods were no longer allowed to directly affect the Mortals. They could grant powers and wisdom, but no longer aid unless the entire council agreed.

To make the process more diplomatic, Ryziell put in place the Celestial Assembly, an organization of the gods, that birthed the Celestial Academy. They scoured the planet for the strongest fighters, mostly children as adults who were already stuck in their ways, to teach them the path to power. 

Thought they hated Ryziell, the Gods loved this. They could bring in people to teach them their path, and create more Titans for their cause. 

With peace for the mortals for hundreds of years, technology began to boom. Giving them cars, guns, missiles, etc. But the mortals couldn’t know peace for long. Racial tensions start to fly as the Humans began to hunt the Guardian races for their parts to sell on the black market. 

This was seen as an act of war by the current Grand Dictorus, Jules Allister. This began the Northern war, Where the Humans of Galvornia and the Republic of Kelzic fought against each other. CA (Celestial Assembly) members Prince Erois Na’Garin and Detective D’wavorie Manstry were point on this. They were able to control most of the conflict from becoming a full-out war. 

Until Cystala Varney, Elf with the power of a Demon Lord entered into the fight. The Guardian races were holding her lover captive, causing her to lose control. In doing so, she nearly toppled the Kelzic republic into submission. If it were not for King Hosni Na’Garin of house Na’Garin rallying the Talons behind the Guardian race, the war would have been over. 

Hosni’s involvement caused Erois to return home. Hosni wanted Erois to join him in the war, instead, Erois killed him and became the first King of the Talons. Now a King and a Titan, Erois led his people to finish what his father started under the order of Lord Rousse, for fear that changing course would start a civil war. 

With this move, Los Mitichas joined the war with the WangGuo, Honin, and the Underdark (land of the Dark Elves) staying out. With the war raging on, Ryziell began to feel unwell, as the effects of holding Omanzie’s soul began to take place. Fearing the worse, Ryziell pulled Erois from the war to train him to do what was needed to be done just in case

Ryziell knew it would come to that, so he used his friendship with Rajedi to make a deal with the Dragons, that once he was gone and in the case that the other Gods followed, they would do right by the mortals. 

With the Deal in place, Ryziell held out as long as he could before Omanzie took control of his body. 

Omanzie in full control of Ryziell’s power and soul, Omanzie sought revenge on the entire world. He took control of the sanctuary city, Reve, and began killing Titans and making them his own. 

With an army of Titans, Omanzie brought war to the Gods. Erois would be the hero of this war. With the training from Ryziell, Erois was able to kill Omanzie and end the war. 

Learning from the last time, instead of giving Omanzie’s soul to Erois, the Gods all gave a piece of their power to Erois, making him the next God of Death. 

With understandable mistrust in the Gods, the Mortal races were split between the Gods rebuilding their world and them needing to go. Erois was not the diplomate that Ryziell was, nor was he as strong, so this created conflict between the Gods and mortals. 

Erois decided to side with the mortals that it was time for the Gods to go, and led the second Celestial war. With many mortals slain, all the Gods were dead, except Erois. 

Erois took his life as a sacrifice so that the mortals could finally be free, but just as Ryziell predicted, without the Gods to keep the Dragons in check, the Dragons, sought revenge for the First Great War. 

3rd era:

 Marked by the Fall of the Gods and War of the Dragons. This war’s hero would be King Arthur Vrammagon. King Arthur was the offspring of Raahil Vrammagon, previously Na’Garin. Raahil was the servant of Erois, but when Hosni kidnapped his sister and threaten to kill him, Raahil abandoned his name and took on the last name of his wife, Elaine Vrammagon the sister of Erois’ wife Tabitha. 

King Arthur not only unified the Underdark, but after killing a Dragon, and a few raids, he unified all of Drekenvold under him. Officially making Drow, the universal language. 

With all the world under one banner, they took the fight to the Dragons, and though they fought valiantly, their might wasn’t enough to defeat the Dragons. If it were not for the Greed of the Dragons, they would have taken control of Drenvold and ruled it in its entirety, but breaking the pact they made with Ryziell, brought him back from hiding to turn the tide of war. 

Ryziell with his restored power was not quite as powerful as he once was, but he was still as powerful as a god as his soul had been strengthened by its time with Omanzie. 

With King Arthur and the rest of the world, Ryziell and Rajedi defeated the Dragons, placing Rajedi as the King of the Dragons. 

Grateful for his help and seeing an opportunity, King Arthur asks Lord Rousse to be The Godfather of his son, Prince Simon. Ryziell never being able to have children himself, accepted. 

No one would know that instead of helping raise Prince Simon with King Arthur and Queen Sofia. It would just be Ryziell and Queen Sofia. 

At the time of the 2nd Celestial War, Cystala Varney was allowed to live as a Titan as she could keep the Demons at bay. With all of her friends dead and the Dragons not around, Cystala became Queen Varney, Queen of the Demons, and sought her revenge. 

She assassinated King Arthur along with all the ambassadors, destroying world peace and plunging the world into another war, and starting the 4th Era. 

4th Era:

With the allegiances broken by King Arthurs’s death, all the nations were independent again. They refused to join under Queen Sofia, especially as she was weak after childbirth. 

All mourning the death of King Arthur, second only to Queen Sofia, Queen Solaria Na’Garin, cousin to King Arthur and Queen of the Southern Coast, took charge of the Underdark Military until Queen Sofia was well again. 

It would take until Queen Sofia joined the fight with everyone else to take down the Demon Queen, and restore peace. But the damage done would last for years. The world was so close to world peace, but without King Arthur, it seems that it wouldn’t be. 

Queen Sofia tries for years to rejoin the world, but none would join her. The world would fight over territories with certain countries weaker after the war, but only very few differences came from this. 

While Los Mitichas was in a skirmish with Orcish refugees, The Southern Coast would try to claim it. This prompted bitterness between the Talons and the Drow as the Drow came to the aid of the Humans in Prince Simons’s first war at the age of ten. 

Prince Simon, alongside friends, was able to broker peace with the Orcs and fight back the Talon threat. He would also meet his best friend and future wife, Hako Yabe. Hako Yabe is the daughter of Demon war veteran Yasuhiro Yabe. 

Their lifelong friendship into a relationship would eventually earn her the title of Queen of the Underdark. This would also rebuild the allegiance of the Lycan nation with the Underdark. 

As the Underdark regains ground, The Southern Coast creates more division. Queen Solaria Na’Garin adopts an Orc girl, effectively making her Princess MeiLi Na’Garin, and successor to the thrown. Also with the allegiance of an Orc Paladin, Huran Al Na’garin, Queen Na’Garin gains the allegiance of the Orcish people. 

Seeing the world split up into superpowers, the Humans and the Elves join forces to not be alone. Effectively creating four powers. The Guardian races of Kelzic, The Kingdom of the Underdark, The Empire of Dragons, and the Heartland. 

With all the nations content with the powers being split somewhat evenly, a level of peace returns.

With the Dragons, no longer a power, the Phoenix race leaves the Dragon mountains to go out on their own. The Dragons can no longer protect them and they have spent time developing their magic and technology. 

The Merfolk emerge as they feel they have conquered the sea, unknowing of the wars that aided them on land. They try to conquer both WangGuo and Los Mitichas as they are close to the sea. 

Ryziell travels the world and discovers the tragedy of the Fae, resurrecting them, they become a power again, joining a loose alliance with the Underdark. And with the Fae back, their mortal enemy the Dryads return to fight them off, joining the Elves, but not trusting Humans. 

Feeling though they are the strongest race, the Merfolk seek to kill Ryziell who has effectively retired after Simon comes of age. With the Dryads not liking Humans either, they side with the Merfolk and start the War of Land and sea. 

The Fae join the battle at the side of Ryziell, and by proxy Humans, but they show that their loyalty is only to Ryziell and the Drow. 

Ryziell finds that with enough of the Dragons’ blood, the Merfolk were able to make their own Titans, and they gave that power to the Dryad. Now being outmatched, Ryziell is finally slain with old magics that sever his connection as a lich. 

The mortals now facing a threat unlike before with truly no gods on their side for the first time in history. Ryziell bands the Gods together one last time in the Spirit realm to grant powers to the best of their champions. They find they can empower Paladins with the power to tap into their God’s powers for a brief period. 

These Champions would turn the tides of war, most notably Huran Al Na’Garin, the Champion of the Demon Queen Varney, and Esmeralda Reyes, Champion of Erois Na’Garin. Both Huran and Esmeralda came from orders, Huran the Order of Paladins and Esmeralda the Order of shoguns. Their combined disciplines created the order of champions. This Event created the 5th Era.

5th Era:

In the 5th era, Phoenix, Fae, Merfolk, and Dryad try to find their way into this new world after the last war. The Phoenix stayed close to the Southern Coast as they believe that Queen Na’Garin’s power will allow them to continue to gain power. Fae has joined the Education system enriching the Underdark and the Human university with their natural magical abilities. Merfolk has started trade with Reve and WangGuo, most do not deal in legal matters, but they are finding their niche in the world. The Dryad align with the Elves and are starting to trust the Humans as they guard the magic of the forest. 

All leaders are currently looking to expand their reach, save King Simon. King Simon believes that each nation should hold on to its independence. Many call him weak, or the Soft King, but truthfully, he is following his Godfather’s rule book on balance. 

Dark Elves

A combined effort of the God of Magic and the God of war, the Dark Elves were created to be strong and ambitious. The Dark Elves are a Female dominated race that calls the Underdark home, a large expansive landscape underground spanning the entirety of the world. Though the Underdark is the largest country in Drekenvold, much of the land is inhospitable or too aggressive for any kind of life.
Much of it is covered with magma fissures that make it too hot, Some areas are cut off by deeper depression from the ocean, and others are just ravaged by wild beasts that even the Dark Elves will not challenge.
In the early days of the world, the Dark Elves were broken up into large tribes that controlled the lands. Much of Dark Elf history is hard to pin down, with warring tribes changing the heads of houses every so often.
These houses were ruled by women, with the title of Matriarch, a position that has been held from as long as three centuries to as short as a Day. The title is usually held by the strongest fighters, but some houses are ruled by the wiser, the healer, and in very rare cases, birthright.
During the first great war, a time when the races of the Gods fought back against the Dragons, Dark Elves joined the other forces and became one of the most important races on the front lines.
The most notable being Daneeria Waltham, Goddess of Hunters. Daneeria led many raids against the Dragons’ races (monsters) and even many successful ambushes against the Dragons themselves.
For her role in the war, she was allowed to join the council of the Gods once the war was over. However, like many Gods and Goddesses, after the war, they began to use their powers to interfere with the lives of mortals too much, and when Ryziell Rouse came to power as the leader of the Gods, she was a casualty of the war that followed.
The Dark Elves were enraged at the death of their Goddess, causing them to withdraw from the rest of the world. A small few had found lives on the surface and continued to stay.
The ones that stayed returned often to bring news and technology from the surface and with it, in a movement to adapt some of the surface ideas. They were ridiculed for years as the women in power refused to see men as anything more than a tool to get what they want.
It wouldn’t be until the War of the God of Death that the Surfacer Movement would take hold. During the War, Elaine Vrammagon, sister of Tabitha the Queen of the Souther Coast, returned home to take the title of Matriarch. Elaine defeated the current Matriarch and took the title of Matriarch and was not shy about her Husband, Raahil Vrammagon, being the reason she was so strong.
Many would challenge her rule in her time as Matriarch, all who challenged her in the house in ritual combat were swiftly defeated and any who tried to raid her house was crushed by her Husband.
In the end, her rule ended when she gave over control of the house to her husband as he was the reason she was so strong and she made all of her decisions with him anyway. Many did not believe he was the stronger of the two, but time and time again, he met any who would challenge him and showed his power.
Raahil did not wish to be Patriarch, thinking that it was time for a change, with his background in the Talon government, he changed everything becoming the first king of an Underdark Territory.
Quickly his kingdom grew as he and his Queen conquered the surrounding territories. Many who saw their success couldn’t question its validity. As King and Queen, they were able to control eighty percent of the Underdark.
It wouldn’t be until the second king of the Underdark that they would finally control the Underdark in its entirety.
King Arthur Vrammagon is the descendent of King Raahil. He was the only one of his decedents who took on his Talon trait (ability to take a dragon form) and showed unmatched power.
King Arthur became king at the untimely death of the King and Queen after a Dragon attack. King Arthur was able to defeat the Dragon but at the cost of his King and Queen. Seeing his might, the other territories ran to his kingdom for protection, allowing him a more unified and stronger nation.
King Arthur lead the Underdark on their greatest conquest, unifying the world under his rule. Taking to the surface, he was able to get every nation under his control, a feat that has never been done since.
He unified the world against the Dragon threat, and in their final hour, they would have been defeated had it not been for Lord Ryziell Rouse. After being saved by the God of Death, King Arthur brokered a deal with him, to aid in raising the next King of the Underdark as the Godfather.
Little did King Arthur know, he would be raising him alongside the Queen. Shortly after the end of the Dragon War, King Arthur and all the ambassadors of the world were assassinated by the Demon Queen, Cystala Varney, seeking revenge for the war of the Gods.
Queen Sofia Vrammagon, recovering from child labor, drafted her people into the Demon war, which all the countries rallied behind, but the unification was now fractured without the King. Queen Solaria Na’Garin, the now Queen of the Southern Coast And great-grand daughter of Queen Tabitha, commanded both armies until Queen Sofia was battle-ready.
Once Queen Sofia joined the fight, along with all the world’s leaders, they were able to defeat the Demon Queen, and restore peace after many years of war.
But the years that follow would be full of unrest and diplomatic battles. Queen Vrammagon tried for many years to regain control of all the nations, but many would not rejoin the Underdark, rather the would give them an Alliance.
Once Prince Simon came of age, He married a Lycan and rightfully became the King of the Underdark and unified Honin (land of the Lycans) and the Underdark.
Although King Simon Vrammgon was able to regain the allegiance of another county, He is referred to as ”The Soft King” as he would rather fight with diplomacy than raids. Although he’s fought in his first war at age ten and his second war at eighteen.
In the current era (5th), King Arthur has led the Underdark to economic prosperity, one of the world’s leaders in commerce, one of the strongest militaries, and the world’s leader in arcane magic and medical science.
The history of the Dark Elves has created two groups of people. The Dark Elves or also known as Spiders for the more traditional and the Drow also known as the Surfacers.
Dark Elves run the military, most political positions, and government roles.
Drows run the private sector, the most successful businesses, and education

Kiss of the Vampire: pt 9

Aniker couldn’t believe that she was looking at a house complete with a white picket fence. The two-story house is elegant but has some traditional charm. The white house with blue panels has two beautiful oak trees on either side of the front door. Alluring all that with its inviting scene. The house looks like it was made straight out of the movies, with a massive garage, that Amanda was pulling in now.
In the garage, to the far side, sat a woman with a backward ball cap that read ‘Galvornia Shields’ complete with the logo of the basketball team. She sported a black tank top and black and blue shorts to match her hat as she works on a bicycle.
There were many hanging around the garage and parts for repairs and maintenance. She must be the house’s mechanic.
“Kaori!” Amanda calls out to the woman. Kaori? That was a Lycan name, this woman appeared to be human. The woman looks over her shoulder and when she catches a glimpse of Aniker, she grins from ear to ear. Getting up from her stool, she walks over to meet her, and when she gets close enough, Aniker could see that she indeed has the eyes of a Lycan.
Kaori was slightly shorter than Aniker, around one hundred sixty-five cm. Short black hair with pink highlights, an athletic body, and thin lips. She has a rougher body, she could tell that she worked with her hands a lot, and the bikes weren’t just a hobby. She carries the charm of a scoundrel, and Aniker thinks she sees what Emily sees in her.
“Damn, does Emily know how to pick them,” Kaori says, with a low whistle and checking Aniker out. Her hungry grin hovers around Aniker’s ass and she gets dangerously close. Amanda steps up, causing Kaori to step back.
“This is Aniker. A nurse that I work with. She’s thinking of joining us.”
“I can smell Emily’s magic on her. And,” she sniffs. “A man. Well, I see you still like to bat for both sides. Don’t worry, I’ll have you ditching the bats and balls before too long,” Kaori says, moving closer to Aniker again. Aniker simply smiles, possibly because she doesn’t know enough to be afraid of her. For the moment she finds her humorous and much like many men that she’s met.
“Down girl, let her decide if she wants to come to stay with us or not,” Amanda backs Kaori off. Kaori takes a few steps back and licks her lips at Aniker one last time.
“Of course, she’s going to stay, I mean look at us,” She waves at Aniker and throws out a nice to meet you, then returns to her work, but not without a few more glances at Aniker’s body. Amanda takes Aniker’s hand and walks her into the house. The garage door lead them to a cute little mudroom where Amanda strips of her jacket and looks back at Aniker who was still in her running gear. After removing their shoes, Amanda commences with a tour of the house, still holding Aniker’s hand.
The mudroom leads to a massive open kitchen with a chocolate and gray color scheme, it was beyond amazing. At the island, there was a counter with barstools. A woman is sitting there with long black hair scrolling on her phone while sipping wine.
“Nina, we have a guest,” Amanda calls out. The woman turns to reveal a beautiful Elvish woman. Intimidatingly beautiful, the thought runs through Aniker’s mind. Deep honey eyes lure Aniker, like magic plunging her into those orbs. Her skin was flawless, and if it was make-up, Aniker didn’t see a trace of it. Her lips were nice and full, inviting without effort. Her hair was long, black, and shiny, something that Aniker envies.
“I was wondering why you didn’t call me by my real name,” Nina, spins in her chair and crosses her legs. The mahogany mini-skirt she wore, with a black sweater and tan brown heeled boots, definitely shows the woman’s fashion and taste. She wore it so effortlessly, it made Aniker wonder if she could pull something like that off, with as much class.
“My name is Nonhle,” Nina says, the name harder to pronounce than Aniker was ready for. Even with her upbringing in Talon, which was closer than Human to Elvish. She still found it difficult to say. “It’s okay, you’ll get it eventually. As you can probably tell, I also answer to Nina, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” It’s a shock when Nonhle bows to her slightly. Forgetting how much honor plays a role in Elvish life, Aniker bows back, remembering the honor in her own.
“Felicia, the new girl is here, you simply must come and see her. She’s adorable,” Nonhle calls out to the living room, but Aniker can’t help but smile from being called cute by a woman as attractive as her. With the pitter-patter of shy feet approaching, Aniker turns to find a Drow woman huddled in a warm-looking sweater and clasping a book.
Long auburn curls drape around a short cute face that’s sporting glasses. Her frame was more like Aniker’s and average build with just a little thickness in all the right places. Her shy personality only highlighted her cuteness.
With all but Kaori in the room, Aniker could see what Emily had done. She was collecting the women off of particular qualities. There was the Lycan butch with an athletic body, The Elvish Lipstick with a model body, The Human Milf with a chubby body, The Dark Elf hot librarian or teacher with a curvy body, And now the Talon street girl with the average body.
Amanda squeezes Aniker’s hand to signal there was more to see, and much like Kaori, Nina and Felicia give Aniker sensual looks before returning to their business.
Was this the magic that causes them to behave this way? Or did Emily just pick girls with healthy appetites? Either way, Aniker was happy to be in a place where she was so welcome. So desired.
It feels strange to Aniker that she can’t bring up feelings from earlier today, and the dread it brought her, but she figured it was just overpowered by all the awe and spectacle of the house and its inhabitants. The rest of the house is just as amazing as the outside, with the various rooms that matched what Aniker would have thought each woman’s room would be.
Lastly, Amanda brings her to a room that could be hers. Nestled in the corner of the top floor, it was perfect. Various shades of purple filled the room. From lilac to wine, the room is the very picture of what royalty must look like. The canopy bed sits in the corner, looking as inviting as the offer to move here, and the closet nearly as big as Aniker’s current dining area. That’s not even bringing up the balcony that was attached to the room.
As close as this house was to the hospital, Aniker could fly there and back if ever needed.
She hadn’t used her dragon form in so long as she didn’t need it, so she may need to practice before depending on it. The pros of moving here just keep piling up. What was keeping Aniker from saying yes to this amazing deal?
Paul. Paul was keeping her from it, but try as she might, she couldn’t seem to keep him in her mind for long. Each time she thought to say she needed to ask him, just more words of excitement come out. Instead of her inner feelings of how she needed to make sure that her husband knew where she called home, all that came forth was how perfect everything was.
This was the magic of Emily. Aniker knew it. While listening to Amanda talk about the ins and outs of moving her, she takes a deep breath and calms herself.
She hated that Kong taught her breathing exercises to call forth Qi. She always hated magic class and she wasn’t a monk, so she didn’t feel like trading one for the other.
However, she was happy that she had taken the time to learn it, even if she only learned so he would buy her food as he promised her when he tricked her into the practice.
A small vibration of Qi vibrated through her, it wasn’t a lot, but it was enough that she could now see the thick mist of magic in the room. Dragon’s Mercy! Was this on purpose or was this a by-product of Emily’s magic? Briefly blocking out Amanda’s words, she focuses on her, to see there is a denser coat of magic surrounding her, and it was reaching out to Aniker, trying to bind with her.
This is why they all got along. It was Emily’s magic. Aniker curses in her mind that she didn’t pay attention in magic class to tell the propriety of this magic and how to fight against it. If she even could. Aniker knows that as soon as she drops this Qi, she will go back to her blissfulness, and was that so bad? Sure her emotions were being manipulated, but as far as she could see, it was for the better.
Aniker decides that she will try to get this information to Lijie. If ever there was a time to listen.
Aniker’s body heats up and she feels compelled to kiss Amanda. She thinks Amanda feels it too as Amanda leads Aniker to the bed. Her soft hair falling over her shoulder kisses Aniker’s cheek while the beautiful human takes her tongue in her mouth. Soon her breast is cupped and nipples pinched, causing her to arch into the waist of the Human.
Amanda sits up mounting Aniker’s hips when elegant hands remove her shirt. Nina was now caressing Amanda’s body while Amanda found Aniker’s breast with her mouth. Tilting her head back, she notices that Felicia is now removing her sweater to reveal all the curves previously hidden by it, and walks towards them in her lacy underwear. The Drow’s mouth makes a trail up her neck until their lips are now locked in a passionate kiss.
When a heavier moan than expected leaves Felicia, Aniker opens her eyes to see Kaori with a strap on, easing her way into Felicia. A slight head turns and she finds that Nina is now working her fingers in Amanda while stripping herself. Everything is happening so fast, Aniker tries to calm her breathing but can’t.
“You denied me the pleasure of playing with you last night,” Emily’s voice washes over the room. Aniker manages to find her in between the moments that Amanda’s suckles didn’t send her head reeling back. Heavy pants lock eyes with Emily as she continues. “Now I will watch as you fully become one of my girls.” Emily pulls up a chair and with a slight look, Nina moves from behind Amanda, and to Aniker’s center. Amanda moves to her side so that Nina has room to work, and as the fingers enter her and her tongue flicks against her clit, pure fire courses through her veins.
Aniker is caught deeply in Emily’s web at this point. Any movement to free herself from this pleasure prison is met with another woman taking her mouth, her breast, her cunt, or any other part of her. Emily removes her scrubs and sits with her legs wide, making slow circles on her center. The other women stop and Aniker gets a strong urge to crawl to Emily.
Emily’s hand guides Aniker’s mouth to her core and guides her to stroke her. Strong hands grip at her waist as she feels the strap-on reach deep inside her and hear the low curse of the Lycan. Soft hands smack across her ass, and she realizes the Elf is assisting. Masterful fingers work her as a thick tongue finds its way to her, and she notices that the Human is tasting her, and somehow even the Drow finds room to kneel beside her and pinch her breast.
Emily was in control, and there was no clearer sign that this was all deliberate. Aniker wants to fight this, but this type of prison consumes you, feeds you, makes you never wish to be free. But Emily confuses her with someone that doesn’t mind not having control. Aniker would find a way to resist this Vampire’s charm, But as the third orgasm makes her knees give in, she knows it won’t be today.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Kiss of the Vampire: pt 8

“Making me play with one of my other toys, I like. If you wanted to send a message, it was received,” Emily sends her good morning text. Problem was, it started as that, but evolved into so much more.
“Something wrong, Sweetheart?” Paul asks, from his cup of coffee. Aniker places her phone face down and smiles back at him.
“No, Bae. Everything is fine,” Aniker lies and tries to hide it with a bite of bacon.
“Good, at least this will be the only thing on your plate then.” Aniker nearly chokes on the small bit she was working on.
“What do you mean by that?” Paul takes a long sip of his coffee without breaking eye contact.
“I think we should separate,” Paul says, and gives time for a response. Aniker needs it as her heart stops when the words come out. When she doesn’t say anything after a while, Paul crosses his legs and sets his hands on his lap linked. “I would guess you have a rebuttal for that.” Aniker doesn’t answer. She just holds her head down. “So I imagine this isn’t that much of a surprise for you.”
“No,” She speaks up.
“Before you showed up last night, I was doing a lot of talking with my sister and mother. They think the only way to fix the situation we are in, is to give each other time away to reevaluate what we want from this marriage.
“How long?”
“As long as it takes,” Paul answers then clears his throat. “There is no time limit on healing.”
“Will you see other women during this time?”
“Perhaps,” Paul answers. Aniker takes a deep breath but doesn’t dare protest. She has no right to.
“Did,” Aniker starts up, “never mind,” she decides against it.
“Did last night help at all. Of course, it did. Last night meant something to me. I know it meant something to you too. I don’t know what possessed you to come over last night, but I wouldn’t change the outcome of last night for anything. I felt closer to you than I have in a long time.” He reaches over the table and await Aniker’s hand. Aniker looks at it but doesn’t feel it would be a good idea to take his gesture. Paul gets up and walks around the round dinner table to Aniker, and kneels beside her, taking her hand.
Aniker turns her face away from him when he does. Not wanting to look him in the eyes as she feels tears building up again.
“Sweetheart, I know you’ve felt this coming. I can’t be the only one. You’ve been so distant from me.”
“I’m not crying because I think you’re wrong. I’m crying because I know you’re right,” Aniker says folding into herself and letting tears out into her lap. Paul rubs her back as the heaves start, but tries to reassure her.
“If last night taught me anything. It’s that we still have the connection that lead us to be married. But we can’t continue on the path we are on. It’s not working.
“I know,” Aniker sobs.
“I know that sex is an issue. And I wish I could tell you that I will be able to do what happened last night on command, but we both know that I can’t. Last night was a rare night where emotions took over and I don’t know how often that will happen.” Paul lifts Aniker’s face to greet him. “But I promise you I’ll try to fix all my issues in this time. Will you promise me you will do the same?” Aniker is silent for a moment.
“What if I fix mine, but you realize you’re better off with someone else?”
“Then we will figure it out,” Paul answers confidently. “I don’t want this separation because I don’t want to be with you. I want it because I don’t know how to keep you, and I need to find out how.”
“How does leaving, help you find out?”
“Sometimes you have to step back and look at the problem from another angle,” He says without a shred of doubt. As much as Aniker wanted to yell, fight, curse, protest, something. She couldn’t argue with his logic.
“I just think it’s funny that you want to separate after I make a mistake. I said I was sorry.” And of course, she can’t just say what she feels. She has to get combative.
“A mistake? I could start a blog on all the mistakes you’ve made recently.”
“And you haven’t made mistakes of your own?” Aniker fires back storming into their room.
“Of course I have, but I take responsibility for mine. Unlike you.” Paul says, kicking the chair out of his way and walking over to the counter, sagging his head in a fret.
Luckily Aniker was in the bedroom and he couldn’t see that his words hurt her, because they were a little too true.
Aniker has become a spoiled brat ever since Paul has become more successful and gave into her way a little more. The more he gave, the less she felt the need to correct her actions. He constantly knew that she was crossing the line in the beginning. If she wasn’t self-aware of it, she had Lijie who would always reassure her that she was heading down the wrong path.
She knew he was close to his breaking point, she just didn’t know how close.
Aniker goes into the closet and mindlessly grabs a few outfits and a few shoes. Pulling out her suitcase she starts to pack. She can hear Paul grabbing the dishes, and that stops her in her tracks. Quickly turning she heads to the kitchen and bumps him out of the way when he is making the dishwater.
Aniker wipes her eyes and says,” I may be a bad wife, but I’m still your wife.” Handing her the dishes, Paul watches as she does the work of cleaning their plates. He walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her. Aniker pushes him off with her elbow or rather tries. Her attempt fails and links their hands together as he hugs her.
He kisses her on the cheek, and then on her neck. Finding a sway to music that only he can hear, he moves her with him and continues to hold her tight. Spinning her around gives her a peck again, and again. Until her tears finally dry, and she can stand to look at him for more than five seconds without looking away.
“I may be a bad husband, but I’m still your husband,” Paul says, smiling at her. Aniker goes to turn away, but Paul won’t let her. He claims her mouth and once again has Aniker moaning into his embrace. Feeling the nudge of Paul’s friend, Aniker’s hand moves as if magnetized to greet him. Hard long muscle reawakens her desires for him as she simply looks him in the eyes and asks, “Again?”
“Again,” he returns using one of his hands to remove the button to Aniker’s jeans and she starts to remove the buttons on his shirt.
She didn’t want to lose Paul, and she would do everything in her power to make him see that she wanted no one but him. Even if it meant giving herself to him in the kitchen, living room, or where ever he saw fit. She couldn’t think of a better way to fix their marriage than with lots and lots of passionate sex. She smiles as Paul crouches next to her, placing her leg over his shoulder and taking deep laps of her warmth with his tongue.
She really couldn’t think of a better way to fix her situation than this.

“So, I told you to call Paul and tell him what’s going on, then call the cops to get Emily off of your back,” Lijie says to Aniker, walking beside her at the park. They started to come here on her first day off every week to work their way up to running a 15k race. So far they could make the distance in about ninety-five minutes. Lijie struck up the conversation during their cooldown.
“Yes, those were your instructions,” Aniker says happy to have her breathing back under control. She gulps the last of her water and eyeballs her brother’s in hopes that he would share. Lijie flips the bottle from his left to his right and hands it over, as he knows that’s what his sister wants.
“So instead you teased her by dressing in lingerie, and had sex with Paul because you knew she was watching.”
“And now, Paul wants to separate because he doesn’t know that you find safety in him, because instead of doing the thing that I told you to do. Which would have made him feel like more than dick and money, it would have shown him that you trust him enough to come to him with your problems, that you feel secure in him when you have an issue. No, your new plan is to fuck your problems away.”
“Yeah,” Aniker says handing him back his water bottle. Before she could explain herself, Lijie starts back up.
“Even though, the whole reason you are in this mess is that he couldn’t sexually please you and you wanted to supplement with women. But because he gave you two good ones, you just going to forget about the dozens, possibly hundreds that you endured before in hopes that this now older man, is capable of keeping up with your younger and stronger sex drive. Did I get all of that?” Aniker nods this time because it’s one thing to think all of these things, but it’s another to have someone lay it all out for you.
“I’m sorry Sis, but that’s one of the dumbest plans I’ve ever heard. And I work in IT, at a hospital. There is no shortage of bad ideas that I hear on a day-to-day basis.”
“It’s more than the sex. There is still a strong connection between us. I can feel it, and so can he.”
“Okay, then what has changed since now and before aside from two good fucks?”
“I apologized.”
“For missing dinner at an expensive restaurant that for most people is a once in a lifetime opportunity. In which his reply to you was to go fuck yourself.”
“He did not say that!” Aniker strikes her brother’s shoulder.
“I’m translating. What else?”
“That’s it. Aniker says, pointing to a bench. Kong nods and they both walk over and take a seat.
“Did you at least tell him about Emily?”
“I didn’t have time.”
“So between waking up, making breakfast, having a sex break in between, finishing breakfast, taking a shower together, getting dressed, and walking out of the door. You didn’t have the time?” Aniker hates when he calls her out.
“It didn’t come up, okay.”
“Then text him now.”
“This isn’t something that you text.”
“Then text him you need to tell him something important.”
“I will,” Aniker says getting annoyed.
“Do it now.”
“Am I interrupting?” an all too familiar voice calls out.
“Amanda?” Lijie says, sounding as if he isn’t sure he’s calling the right name.
“Hi, Lijie,” Amanda waves nervously. “Thanks so much for fixing my printer the other day.
“Don’t mention it. It’s not like I get paid to do it or anything.” Amanda giggles at Lijie’s lame joke.
“Do you mind if I snatch your sister really quickly?”
“Only if you don’t mind giving her a ride home.”
“You’re super eager to get rid of me?”
“No, I am on call and got a text a little while ago. I was going to tell you, but I had a couple of hours to get to the hospital. If Amanda will take you, this will be perfect.”
“I don’t mind,” Amanda replies.
“Then ladies, if you’ll excuse me. And Aniker, don’t forget.” Lijie says, with a stern look.
“I won’t,” Aniker reassures as he walks away. Aniker turns her attention to Amanda. “What’s up?”
“Have you given any thought to my offer?” Amanda asks, taking Aniker by the hand and leading her to her car.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Kiss of the Vampire: pt 7

As Aniker mounts the body, she relishes in the soft groans released. She makes a small trail of kisses down the chest and to the defined abs that her hands love to rub on. Arching her back, she watches as eyes lock on her ass as she continues her journey down while her hand rides up the thigh.
Her lover’s thrusting hips send a wave of mind corrupting power as she knows that they are wrapped around her finger. She takes her time as she cups her husband’s sack as her tongue traverses his thick shaft. Paul grips the sheets while her tongue makes it to the tip and she gives it a little peck. His thrust nearly makes it to her lips, but her reflexes pull her back just in time.
Digging her nails into her Husbands waist, she watches as his mouth opens to a sensual groan.
“Did I tell you that you can have it yet?” Aniker asks with as much sweetness as she can muster. Paul shakes his head no. “Then you be a good boy or you won’t get your reward.” A heavy breath leaves Paul as his hips just can’t stay still. Gyrating his hips, he waits as Aniker takes another slow and deliberate lick down, then up, down, and up until she watches his body strain in anticipation.
Aniker moves her hand from the gentle massage of his scrotum to getting a firm grip on his shaft. Paul tenses so much that Aniker wasn’t sure that he could go as far, but a short breathe shoots out when she wraps her mouth around his thickness.
Feeling the head hit the back of her throat makes her moan a little, and her tongue slurps soon after. May the Dragons show mercy! She has forgotten just how good it was to have him in her mouth. Memories of all the hot sex they had when they were engaged shoot in her mind as she fails at taking this at a slow pace and lets her pure animalistic instincts kick in.
Paul’s hand finds her hair and pulls, and while that does send a strong pulse to her core, Aniker removes his hand and gives his cock one deep pull in her mouth. Feeling his body cusp his climax, she bites his thigh and hears him hiss in air.
“No, no, mister. You haven’t earned that yet,” Aniker says in a playful tone. Paul bites out a curse and looks for something to do with his hands. Aniker reaches over to her nightstand and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Kissing up his chest and locking one on his hand, looping the chain through the bars of the headboard, then locking the other. She whispers in his ear. “There, since you have to be forced to behave.
The movement of his hips knocks Aniker off balance and puts his cock right at her crevice. Now it was her who was letting out curses.
The thick heat sitting just beneath the cloth of her lingerie made her flood with want, but she was in control and she deems that it was not time for that yet.
Then again, her mind wonders as he gyrates and even through the cloth, massages her pearl.
“Is this what you want?” She asks, with just a little more force. He doesn’t answer, just continues to rub up against her. When she wraps her hand around it, they both pant out feeling and watching his member slide in and out of her hand. Losing some will to fight back, she slides the cloth out of the way, just so that the tip could push its way through. The bite of pleasure has both of them holding their breath.
Paul pushes his head into the pillow and lets out a meaty breath as Aniker hitches on hers.
With the knowledge that Emily could be watching, she pushes away. Sinking her nails into her husband, and telling him not yet. The tease works as she can see that she has now fully awakened the beast in Paul that she knew was still there. That pure lust in his eyes and his inability to stop thrusting.
Turning around and lowering her head, she meets his thrust with her awaiting mouth. She can hear the chain of the handcuffs rattling as Paul fights to get his mouth to her cunt. She is careful to keep his mouth out of reach as she arches so that her ass is near his face but unreachable.
With his body fully in control, she takes her hands off the bed and leans even more forward, resting one hand on his thigh and the other wrapping around his cock, and working him alongside her mouth. Control like this feels empowering. Knowing she not only was the subject of his uncontrollable desire but that she was in complete control of his arousal and when he would cum.
While she often complained about how boring Paul’s diet was, his sweet taste was very welcomed as she has brought him to the point of pre-cum. Wiggling her ass in his face, she teases. “Don’t come yet, dear. You have to hold out for your prize.” There is a groan of agreement, that sends Aniker back to her work.
Gaining confidence, she removes her hand and rests both hands on his thighs as she opens deep to take his girth. She could do this for hours, the Dragons knew she could. She is lost in the bliss of how hard she made him. How his moans grow louder, and how much wetter it made her hearing them.
How the wetness of his tongue made it through her panties. Wait!
Aniker’s head sinks on Paul’s thigh when she realizes that she must have been careless. She put herself within reach, and Paul moved her cloth to the side and slipped his tongue to her center – with his mouth. Dragon’s mercy her willpower was breaking. Leaning back she kept his cock in her hand, working it as she rides his face. No matter what pace she went, Paul and his tongue keeps up. A flood of heat sends her legs into a shiver. Fuck she was cumming and she didn’t want to yet.
The hit of ecstasy has her reaching for the key to the cuffs and freeing his hands. In which Paul wastes no time in pulling her to his mouth and blurring her hold on reality. A swift smack to her rear, has her yelping, noticing the strong thrust in her hand. Leaning back forward, she takes him in her mouth again and rides another orgasm.
Paul’s timing is perfect as she finds it harder and harder to keep him in her mouth, from all the body collapsing orgasms, he pushes her forward and makes enough room for him to get to his knees. Before she can back up to him, she feels his possessive pull of her hips to his tip. Easing himself to her, ensuring she is plenty lubricated, he slides in gives her deep slow strokes.
Her body completely caves, as his slow strong strokes make her lose her grip on the sheets and go into a folded arm lean forward. Her body relaxes and is blissfully unaware, she doesn’t feel when her hair gets wrapped around his fist. As the strokes become thrust, then evolve into a pounding, Aniker’s face goes from a small grin to a ravenous smile.
Aniker wasn’t the type of woman that counts her orgasms, she was just lucky to have them. With her husband pleasing her the way she always craves, she doubts that she would be able to keep count if she tries. When he pulls out, she protests that she wasn’t ready to finish yet. But her words are silenced when both fingers massage her g-spot followed by tongue lapping up the remains. She finds it hard to speak when he reinserts her and keeps with the last pace not starting back to slow.
Her body has a complete body shut down as her hands are incapable of holding her up and her legs are not even felt at this moment. She doesn’t know what has got into her husband, but she can’t find the words or time to complain when she feels his weight on her as he lies down, wrapping his arm under her and locking hands with her. Kissing her neck as he slowly reaches her full depths.
She’s never had so much of him in one night before. Never has he been so attentive. Even when their sex life was good. Before the women were permitted to join her bed. He’s never brought both emotional and sensual tears to her during sex before. Amidst the kisses to her neck, shoulders, and back, he whispered how much he loves her and misses her.
Craning her neck to kiss him back, she tells him to cum. She finds the energy to meet his increasing thrust, as she finds herself returning some of those sweet nothings he shared. And in one beautiful moment of emotions, lust, desire, and magic, they both cum together. Instead of crying out to the heavens, they moan into each other as they share a kiss with their orgasm.
Lying in a puddle of their sweet, they hold each other. Paul rolls them to their side, to avoid crushing her, and Aniker pushes them together as to not lose the closeness they share. She rubbed little circles on Paul’s hand as his fingers fidgeted with her nipples.
“Bae?” Aniker calls out.
“No. Don’t talk.”
“But I.”
“I don’t care. I don’t want this moment ruined. If what you are about to say isn’t, I Love you, then save it for the morning.”
“I love you, Paul.”
“I love you too, Sweetheart.” He returns and grabs her tighter.
Aniker starts to cry, but even she isn’t sure what it’s about. There is so much going through her mind that she can’t even keep up with all of her emotions. She almost doesn’t feel when Paul turns her so that she faces him, but she feels when he starts to rub her back. Wrapping her arm around him, much like before, she pulls them so close together that there is nothing but skin to skin.
Her tears stream, as her body is treated to kisses, rubs, and being held close by his wrapping leg.
Soon, her tears don’t stop her from returning the kisses and her hand rubbing on his abs. She even gives in when his mouth finds her breast and his tongue starts to work her nipples. More surprising, her hand finds his member and how it’s already calling in for its second shift.
A part of her wants to hold him off, and she places his face in her hands. She kisses him as he mounts her. Her legs open for him, but he stays just on the outside of her. She guesses that he can tell by her kisses, that she wants to tell him no. She wants to just be held and cuddle. That she wants to talk about every emotion taking a stake in the war in her mind. That she wants to apologize, that she wants to be angry, that she wants to say I hate you, that she wants to say I love you.
All she does is kiss him. Over and over, until her hand grabs him by the member, and joins them once again. This time is nothing like the last. There is no animal lust, no hot and steamy, just two people in love. His hips roll to push himself into her and their lips lock as they share this love. When a warm tear reaches Aniker’s face. She realizes that it’s not one of her many, but one of his.
He stops and stares her in the eyes. She reaches up and wipes his tears then brings his face to hers and kisses his tear-stained cheeks. He does the same. She wraps her arms around his back and urges him, with her hips rolling to him. With a kiss, he starts back up.
“I love you, Paul.” She says.
“I love you too, Sweetheart.”

Rating: 1 out of 5.


Finally, this day has come. I watch my distant kin and other members of our house fight for the right to become the throne’s next successor. The air is thick with anxiety, fear, desperation, hope, and many other emotions that make me sick. We are Dark Elves, after all, take your fate and deal with it.

I am the only male amongst the sea of our kingdom’s finest females, but I am right where I belong. Though the other males are traditional and will be the servants and slaves of our house, I am destined for a higher purpose. Hand-picked by my King and great-great-grandfather, Raahil the Bold.

My King knows that I have the blood of the dragon, like him. The mixing of Dark Elf and Talon Blood seems to be unfavorable for the offspring to obtain the dragon abilities that the Talons were known for. My cousins James and Solaria are proof that it still happens.

I watch the fight between one of the lower-class females and my great aunt. The warrior skillfully wields her sword and shield while making a fool of my aunt. Her movements are masterful as she keeps just outside of my aunt’s reach and punishes her whenever she makes a mistake. To those with an untrained eye, it would appear that they are evenly matched, but I could see that she was simply toying with my aunt.

From the way she rolls off her attacks to the way, she leads my aunt to make a mistake, the pure joyful smile she’s wearing during the match shows that this is nothing but fun for her.

Did she just give me an eye?

Whilst amid battle, it would seem as though the lower-class warrior winked at me. Could be.

I have the attention of nearly every woman within the kingdom. Be it the warrior class women that want to kill me or the new wave of domesticated women taken to the surface lifestyle that want to bed me for being a wealthy noble.

The moment passes, and her gaze goes back to the fight, if it can be called as such. She has a new look now, this one looks more along the lines of boredom. My aunt foolishly believes she has an opening. She goes in for the attack, and shock settles in her eyes when the warrior moves with stunning quickness and strikes her in the knee. My aunt grunts in pain then drop to a kneel. The warrior grips my aunt by her hair and pulls her head back. With the kind of effort that says – well, this was a waste of time – she slits her throat and casts her body aside.

Before she the officials even call her the victor, she is making her way over to me with a slow and deliberate walk. It is only now that I really take the time to take in her appearance.

Her cobalt skin is clear and pure. I can tell that she takes care of her body. Her hair is a wine purple, and even though most warriors keep their hair short, she is bold enough to have it long. She keeps it tied up during the fights, but there is no denying that her hair is at least to the middle of her back once she lets it down. She has a slender face, soft for a fighter such as herself, but that’s where her gentleness stops. The rest of her body is hardened and thick. Where other women try to be slender, she is athletic with a little more weight. I can tell even through her armor that there was a sensual shape to her hips, thighs, and chest area.

It will be a shame for her to die here. More than likely, it will have to be by my hands. She makes her way to me.

“How honored am I to be in the presence of the mighty Arthur Vrammagon? Tell me, my dear Prince, am I not entertaining enough for you?” She sarcastically mocks the old dialect. She is clearly a surfacer. Though we speak the same tongue, over the years, our dialects have made an apparent divide between noble and surfacer.

I don’t even look her way. I continue to look towards the grand court. Waiting for the makeshift ring to be cleared.

“The strong silent type I see, well, try not to die before I have my chance at you,” she says and rubs her hand down my face. I turn my head to face her and see the sharp ruby red eyes that she has, not to mention those full lips into a sexy smile. For the cut-throat killer that she is, she has a kind of gentle beauty to her. She is not a part of our ruling class, and more than likely have been influenced by the surfacers. Pity.

She brings her blade to my throat. Even though I’ve seen its sharpness at work, it’s sharpness is near wasted on me, but her threat is not.

“You see, my dear Prince, I went through an awful lot of trouble to go out and have a gift made just for you. It would be a shame if I had to use it on someone else because you decide to let a girl down.” Her words are seductive as if she is flirting with me and the idea of killing me at the same time. “Maybe I should just kill you now and… fuck!” With a quick turn of my shoulders and placement of my foot, I trip her and continue to look on as the slaves gather the body of my fallen aunt and clean the blood from the granite floor.

The warrior springs up and crouches, ready to pounce on me in retaliation, but stops dead in her tracks when the loud cracking of lighting can be heard. Her head swivels and looks back at the King with summoned lightning in his hand as a warning. Easing up on her posture and giving me an evil eye, she backs away and places her sword back at her side. I watch her eyes go back to the King; I follow and see the Queen getting out of her seat to sit in the lap of the King. She places his warning hand to her waist and begins to kiss him to keep his attention on her.

With the King distracted and the warrior at bay the battles continue. The officials call me up to fight the next contestant. I step forward, wearing only my Muay Thai shorts with my hands and feet tapped. I do not wear my headband or sash as I have not earned the right to wear them outside of my Orcish teacher’s dojo.

I make my way to the middle of the court, past the columns and crowds of nobles here. Dressed in their best suits, they do their best to show their class while watching death matches for power. They pretend to hold the same tenacity as the Drow have always had, but even they have gone soft over the years.

I wait for my opponent to reach my opposite. She finally gets there and is gripping the holster of her six-shooter. She plans to make this a quick match. It will be the last mistake that she makes. If none of the females of the noble class have taken me seriously until this point, this will change their minds.

Before the official can clear the fighting area, she reaches for her revolver. I channel the Qi within me and dash for her. To her credit, she’s a swift shoot. She is able to get two shots on me, but no more. After her second shot, my elbow crushes her skull, and she collapses at my feet. I look down at the spot on my chest that took her bullets. Not even a scratch.

I walk back to my spot on the sidelines and wait to be called for the next fight. After a few moments of bewilderment, the male slaves clean my opponent from the arena. One looks up at me in amazement, but once I catch his stare, he lowers his eyes and gets back to work. It sickens me the way men of our race are so frail.

Once the court is ready, they call forward the next two fighters. The officials again call out the next two combatants and still no reply. Before they call a third time, they simply secure their weapon and walk away from the court. The officials call out the next group, and the same happens. After a third try, the warrior from earlier steps forward.

“Are you all going to back away?” Her voice is loud and commanding. The other women grimace towards her but remain silent. “If so, I can go ahead and challenge him,” she says, pointing at me. Not really a reason to. I am the only ‘him.’

All the other women seem to back up and let her have her way.

“Well then, don’t I feel like such a lucky girl,” She says and makes her way to the middle of the arena and waits for me. I reach her opposite and stare her down. That looks she gives me shows that she’s ready. Her smile is radiant as if I’m taking her out on a fancy night out. I guess with her taste in entertainment, it was all the same.

“Boy, bring me my spear,” She calls out to one of the slaves. He grabs the spear and runs to place it in her hand. His look of – did I do good?- is really annoying me.

It looks as if she’s taken the stance of Angel’s heavy-armed fighters. The Legionary. Is this possible? Where would she learn such a skill? I’m sure it’s just a ruse. But there is no denying that this is her real stance.

She looks back at me once the whelp runs off after completing her task. She gives me a wink and says.

“I’m sure we don’t need the official do we hun?”

“I’m sure we will manage just fine without them,” I return and wave off the official who was about to start the fight, but after seeing my gesture, just goes back to the crowd.

I fix my gaze back to the Warrior, and she is starting to take slow steps towards me. I start a light jog. She begins to glow red with an aura of power that is common in fighters, this is going to be a good fight. I channel my Qi and leap in with a flying knee.

Unlike my last opponent, she can keep up with me and move clear out of the way. She returns with a shield bash that I just swat away but I just nearly dodge the spear thrust that follows. I do a low block with my leg to block it but feel a slight sting when she headbutts me in the chest. It’s impressive that she is actually able to hit me hard enough that I can feel it.

Quickly retaliating, I start with a flurry of attacks that she either shields or dodge. She wields that spear with such a masterful hand that even I am finding it hard to manage. Well almost. I make a few more attacks to really watch her movements, and I see a weakness. She hasn’t quite mastered the transition from offense to defense like the more veterans of that style has, but she is surely taught well.

I throw an elbow which she blocks, then expels Qi into a stomp that throws her off balance long enough for me to catch her with an attack on the side of her face. The hit is hard enough to make her stumble, which is all I need. Closeting the distance quickly, I clasp my hands behind her neck and pull her to me as I knee hard to her gut.

She lets out a little of a shrill. I go for another when I feel an intense burst of force hit me in the chest and knock me back.

I regain my balance and see that the shrill was actually a shout aimed at my chest to push me back.

Clever girl.

I curl my lips into a smile. She dashes for me shield up, and spear pulled back ready to strike in perfect form, but I’ve had enough of this. I need to put her down before she pulls off a trick that is too much for me to handle.

I switch to my King’s chosen monk stance of Luohan’s fist, an ancient monk style handed down by the strongest of the Orcs. She attacks me. I counter with a strike that disarms her, leaving her spear in the ground. Making it possible for me to take her hand, toss her to the ground, and use momentum to fall into a mount. Before she can call her power to do another shout, I charge my fist with the lightning of my dragon’s blood and go for the killing blow.

“Enough!” The King says, his voice a roar that commands all to be still. My attack stops near inches away from the warrior’s face. I grab her throat with my free hand. I do not trust her to not strike me with a shout while I turn my head to my King. “Release her, Arthur. She will not die this day.”

“Of course, my King,” I say and look back at the warrior who’s a ball of complicated emotions herself. I release my grip and back off of her slowly, and it seems as though she is just as slow to recover. Once she makes it to her feet, she goes to attack me.

“I said enough, Sophia!” the King roars once more, and sparks fly from his eyes. The warrior stops dead in her tracks and backs away. “Do not make me into a liar,” the King says, giving her a look. She snaps into place and keeps her distance from me, then turns her face to the King.

“Now that I have your proper attention,” he says, hitting the kill switch on his powers. He rises from his throne and descends to our platform, and the Queen follows.

“You both have come here today in hopes of becoming the next leader of our house.” The King starts up, and his regal voice rings out. He maneuvers around the court with elegance while his voice is amazingly commanding for someone who spent the first years of his life as a servant in a Talon house. “But unbeknown to you, the Queen and I have already selected you well before this day.” The King and Queen are at the far end of the platform and talking to the warrior and me… Sophia, why does it seem like he’s starting a speech for everyone else.

“Arthur Vrammagon, son of Vincent Vrammagon. Since the day of your birth, I have taken a particular interest in you. Keeping you close to me to groom you for this day. Sending you to Wangguo to train with the Orcs to follow in my discipline. Taking you with me on missions to ensure you are not only battle-ready but also capable of leading the people and our military.

“Being my successor will not be an easy road. As the largest house in all of the Underdark, we are the biggest target from attacks from the other houses. The reign of your Queen and I have been more successful than any Matriarch or Patriarch in Dark Elf history. And we fully expect you to exceed us in your reign.

“It is with great honor and pride that I, King Raahil Vrammagon the Bold, do name you the rightful successor of the crown and officially add the title Prince to your name. Prince Arthur Vrammagon, turn and face your people. People of House Vrammagon, all hail your new Prince.”

“All Hail, Prince Arthur!!!” The crowd shouts.

“And Sophia Burke, daughter of Sir Elias Burke, I have carefully watched you as you’ve grown into a fine warrior and Drow…” I hear the Queen startup. What is going on?

“Born of an honorable Drow knight and a revered war hero of three wars, you have taken to his valor clearly. Born of a lower house, you have kept to the values of the noble house and rose through the ranks. Though your father fought hard to buy his freedom from my sister, the former leader of our house, you have pledged your life to serve as your father did before you.

But unlike your father, you have the mind of a scholar as well. Graduating head of your class and starting your module in biochemistry and medicine a year earlier than expected. Not only have you started university ahead of schedule, but you are well versed in several languages, active in many clubs, and a talented musician.

Surely you will have the heart of the people as you move forward as my successor.” I hear the Queen say but can’t quite make sense of the words. The only way for her to be her successor is if I am dead or… No, just no.

“It is with great honor and pride that I, Queen Elaine Vrammagon, do name you the rightful successor of the crown and officially add the title Princess to your name. Princess Sofia Burke, turn and face your people. People of House Vrammagon, all hail your new Princess.”

“All hail, Princess Sofia!!!” The maddening screams drive into my skull once the realization of the cruelty of my King and Queen is becoming more apparent as they speak.

“Good people of house Vrammagon, as you have gathered here today, we would like you to bear witness to the great future of our house. You have gained a glimpse into the power of the youth of our nation, and two people that the Queen and I have chosen to take our place. I’m sure you will agree, that with these two as the next rulers of our great house, none in all the world will be able to stop House Vrammagon.

“So it is with great pleasure that I will use the power given to me as the rightful King of House Vrammagon to join our two successors together on this day. Without any further delay. I do decree that on this day, the twelfth day of the third month, I join Prince Arthur Vrammagon and Princess Sophia Burke as husband and wife. At this time, you may kiss your bride and join our houses.”

I turn to face the warrior… Sophia… my wife? What in all the realms is this? When I woke this morning, I was a single monk, set on killing all in my way to becoming the successor. At no point in that did I expect to marry today. Let alone it being someone that I was planning to kill not more than ten minutes ago. I look up and see that she is walking to me, and within those eyes of hers are the same kind of emotions running rampant.

When she is within reach of me, I grab her by the throat and pull her into a kiss. The King and Queen are not known for their patience.

When her lips left mine, I could hear her softly say

“If I find out you had anything to do with this. I will kill you.”

“This cruelty stings us both. And do be careful with your threats Princess, I doubt you will be any more successful the next time you try to kill me than you were this time.” I say and tighten my grip on her throat.

“If you believe that your little display of power is a threat, I assure you, you have much to learn about me, my Prince.” Her lips turn into a slight smile that is both threatening and flirtation all in one. Not sure how she’s so good at that.

“Mabrouk el khotoba. O’bal ma ashel weladak,” the King says in the language of the Talons. He breaks out into that abundant regal laughter of his. Amusing old man. He wishes me a happy engagement and that I have children soon.

“La fursa,” Sophia says just loud enough for me to hear. She is getting more and more impressive by the minute.

“Keep impressing me like you are, and we’ll have to see if I can’t change your mind.

The Best part

“They say that the best part about killing someone is the look in their eyes as the life fades. I have to disagree,” Esmerelda says and her voice echoes across the room, traveling from the shadow realm to the small office where The Don sits. The Don scrambles to his feet and pulls his sidearm. Scanning the room he is unable to see Esmerelda, she is one with the shadows.
“It’s that transition from fear to acceptance that does it for me. That first fight or flight that kicks in as they try to fight the inevitable,” as Esmerelda talks, the Don runs over to the door and reaches for the handle. The door covers in shadow magic and keeps him from reaching it.
“It’s disbelief that death could come to them like this, that they are stronger than their attacker just to find out they are wrong,” Esmeralda continues. The Don watches as a shadow walks from the wall and Esmerelda holding a blade made of shadow magic starts to walk towards him. He fires a shot, and the shadow bursts into a cloud of dark magic. Then another appears, and another, and another, until The Don can see, is clones of Esmerelda.
He fires his sidearm until he hears that click, letting him know that he’s out of ammo. Dropping his gun, he pulls out his knife and clutches it tightly in his fist. Sweat starts to form as multiple clones of Esmerelda close in on him. Dashing forward, he slashes at the closest clone, and they all bust into a cloud of magic.
The Don drops to a knee when a slash cuts at the back of his leg. He turns to swipe at the attacker, but there isn’t anyone there. Hobbling to his feet, he hops to the desk to gain some support. He drops his knife when a slash cuts open his arm wielding the knife. Grasping at his arm, there isn’t anyone around, just shadows.
“You’re a fucking coward! Show yourself!”
“There it is, that acceptance that you are near death. That you are going to die.”
“I ain’t accepting shit. I’ll fucking kill you, bitch!” The Don scrams holding his arm and scanning the room.
From the door, another shadow walks from the wall in the form of Esmerelda. Her shadow blade in hand she slowly crosses the room watching The Don’s eyes grow wide.
The Don hops forward and takes a swing at Esmerelda, she counters his attack and tosses him to the ground. He kicks and flails trying to get away from her, but she swats his attempts away and grabs him by the throat. Lifting him in the air, he gasps and grunts, trying to free himself from her grasp.
Esmerelda watches as his leg kicks grow weaker and weaker under her clutch, and just as they begin to die off, she tosses him over his desk and listens as he pulls in a deep breath following a coughing attack.
“You don’t have any idea who you’re fucking with. I’ll have you killed, I’ll have your parents killed, I’ll…”
“Pray to my god that my death is slow and painful? Believe me, Lord Erois won’t answer your prayer. I am his champion and I am his will. I am here because he is answering someone’s prayer.”
“How? I am loyal to Lord Erois. I would never betray his word.”
“Li Haoran.”
“Who? I’ve never heard of that guy.” Esmerelda laughs and it echos through the shadow realm and all around them.
“You never learned his name because he was of no concern to you. You gave him a new name and stripped him of his culture.” The Don opens his mouth as the realization of h And for years, you pissed Lord Erois off. But then you had to go after the only person he loves and if you are loyal to Erois you know, you don’t go after the loved ones of your enemies when they are innocent.”
“He cheated on my daughter!”
“And what did she do?” Esmerelda slashes and cuts the desk in half that is the only barrier between them.
“That bitch knew he was engaged.”
“An arranged marriage to a spoiled brat that didn’t love him is not a legitimate marriage. Especially when you allowed your other daughter to rape him.”
“Fuck you and fuck Erios. I’ll do anything for my daughters, and if they want to share a sick skin, I will give them a gods damn big tooth sick skin,” The Don says standing and spitting in Esmerelda’s direction.
“In the history of bad last words, I have to say, those might be the worst I’ve heard,” Esmerelda’s voice is now mixed with another. The Don notices it immediately. The Don opens his mouth but before a word can come out Esmerelda’s blade pushes through his heart.
“Unlike my champion, I love to see the light in my prey’s eyes go out,” the combined voice says. Esmerelda releases the blade and The Don folds to the floor.
“I could have done that, Erois.”
“I know you could, Kid. But sometimes I like to get my hands dirty too.”
“Sometimes? I have to fight you to keep control of my body any time I fight anyone with the slightest of skills.”
“What can I say, you fight interesting people.”
“Leave my thoughts and return to the bed of Lady Tabitha,” Esmerelda says vanishing into the shadow realm traveling home.
“Don’t worry, I don’t want to be here when you give your boyfriend a blow job.”
“Then you may want to stay away from me for quite some time, I plan to do much more to him.”
“That’s my girl,” Lord Erois says with a laugh then vanishes from her consciousness.
Esmerelda wonders if any other champions have to deal with their gods the same way she deals with Lord Erois.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Kiss of the Vampire: pt 6

Stepping out of the shower with her wet hair resting on her shoulders, her mind takes a mental poll of the best showers of her life. This was absolutely one of them, top five really. Though a lot of them have been in the high numbers since she was given her own little space. No longer having to share real estate, space, or time in the shower with her husband has made her life so much better, but that’s not what gives ranking in her mind.
What did was the sex that came before the shower, and if this wasn’t the mother of them all, she would be hard-pressed to say what was. A hot and steamy threesome with Emily and Amanda will set the bar high for a while. Or will it just become the standard? She could take Amanda up on the offer of going to the house with the other girls. Then she would have more options.
No, Aniker shakes her head and removes the body towel to lie in her bed. She can’t start going down that path. What Lijie said has some truth in it. She was being unfair to Paul. He worked hard to give her this life. He’s been understanding, much more so than she originally thought. If she took advantage of his generosity, she would be no better than those gold diggers that she so famously judge.
Besides the point, Paul was an amazing husband and father. There was very little he did wrong. He fixed things around the house in less than a week most times, he gave her freedom and nice gifts, he showered her with affection and praise, and he has no problems spending family time. Unless that time just so happens to be when the game is on, but he’s earned that.
Sure he has some minor things that keep him from being perfect, but who doesn’t? Aniker was not the ideal wife, she thinks as she crosses her legs and finds entertainment in staring at the ceiling. Her legs swaying back and forth was her sign that she was starting to feel bad. Paul didn’t deserve what she was planning just moments ago. He deserves a wife that wants to be there with him.
If she left now, she could relieve the nanny a tad bit early and get some extra time with Akeem, By the grace of the Dragons, she knew she could use it. Just thinking of that little smile of his, fills her with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Getting a craving for some of his pictures, Aniker rolls over and finds her phone. She swallows a deep breath when she unlocks the phone.
It couldn’t be ten-thirty. She got off at seven and Kong got her home in thirty minutes. She places her hand over her mouth and thinks is it possible that she took a three-hour shower? Aniker swipes at the missed calls and sees that Paul has been calling her. Damn that silencer on the phone. She didn’t mean to keep it on when she got home.
“If you are on the way, don’t bother,” Paul says, answering the phone.
“Paul, I’m so sorry,” Aniker says sitting up. “I’ll be home in just a minute.”
“Fucking wow. You forgot didn’t you?”
“Forgot what?” Aniker says, scanning her brain for any important information. There is a soft chuckle.
“Obviously it’s not that important. Look, I would appreciate it if you stayed at your apartment tonight.”
“What? Stop talking like that. I’m on my way. I need to see Akeem.”
“And do you plan on catching a plane to Baldat Sahilia or are you going to drive the nine hours it takes?”
“Why would Akeem be in Baldat?” Aniker asks then gasps.
Last week they were talking about how they don’t spend enough time together and Paul said he would take a mini-vacation. They sent Akeem to his sister’s house in Baldat for a week. She worked that day and had to say goodbye through video chat. The memory slipped as she promptly went to the triage room after and helped remove quarts from a patient’s ribs after getting into a battle with some shamans.
“That was this week?” Aniker says with a squeak.
“Points for remembering, even this late.”
“Paul, I’m so sorry it slipped my mind. I’ve been super busy at the hospital.”
“Then stay the night at the apartment, get some rest. I have pizza, because I simply refuse to order take out from El Zullie, they tend to frown on that.” Aniker’s heart drops and the world stops for a second. El Zullie is the most expensive restaurant in Galvornia bar none, maybe even the entire Heartland. She’s only dreamed of going before.
“Please tell me we can go tomorrow night?” This time when Paul laughs, there is nothing soft about it.
“Even if I wanted to take my wife, who clearly I’m an afterthought to, all reservations for El Zullie for the rest of the year is taken,” he states while trying his best to control not only his laughter but his clear emotional distress.
“But, it’s only the beginning of fall.”
“Yes, and I had to buy these reservations from my co-worker at a very steep price because all the reservations for the year were done on the third day of this year. They won’t open them back up until after the next year.”
“If you say sorry one more time, I will just have you stay at that apartment until Akeem gets back.” There was no hiding the bite in his words. “I told you about this day a month ago. A full month Aniker, so no, there is no making this up to me. Call over some of the women you rather spend your time with and have a good night.” The phone call ends.
Lying on the bed, Aniker feels cold, unnaturally so. She pulls the cover over her and rolls up into it. Fury and guilt do battle as her heart and mind are fighting for control. Leaving her just empty.
Sure she feels like a bad wife for forgetting about their time together that she asked for, but who the abyss was he to take that tone with her? They could find something else to do. She didn’t need a super expensive restaurant to spend time with her husband. How dare he tell her not to go to her house.
Okay maybe it was his house, but she made it a home for him. Not as much as she wanted to recently, but she was not that bad of a wife. Or was she? Even she didn’t know anymore.
Of course, if she uses the standard that most people lived by, she was defiantly on the naughty list. Doesn’t sleep in the same bed, room, or even house as her husband most nights. Doesn’t cook for her husband most nights. Has extramarital affairs. The difference was these were all agreed-upon terms.
There is the creeping issue of lack of communication, lack of sex, lack of quality time making a scene, but all of that is fixable. Or so she hoped.
Paul is a kind, caring, and patient man, but Aniker is sure that everyone has their limits.
Aniker springs up from the bed with the mission to get out of her funk. So she picks up her phone and immediately thinks about tossing it.
A swarm of text from Emily flood her notifications, and that’s just the temptation that she doesn’t need. She checks her social media and clears the rest of her checklist of mindless phone use. Settling into a relaxing position on the bed, she finds comfort in some dance videos and light comedy. Until the videos begin to get a little sexual, and her mind betrays her.
She goes to close the app at the same time a text pops up. Putting her face to face with.
“I miss how you taste.”
Now her eyes betray her as they go up the list of all the messages that she was avoiding. Dragon’s mercy, her body begins to throb. She decides she has enough of these devious messages and moves to close her text app. Until she gets another.
“You up?” Aniker groans as she knows what this text means. She would not answer this text. She will let the evil Vampire believe she is asleep. There is no harm as long as she doesn’t respond to it.
“I bet you taste even better out of the shower.” Another text comes through. How? Aniker sits up and checks the windows and looks across to the far wall.
She checks the other windows and makes sure that Emily isn’t waiting outside of her window, and as far as she can see, there is nothing.
While up, she goes to the fridge and grabs a wine cooler. Just a little something to knock off the edge. She reassures herself that it was simply a comment and that she was not being watched or stalked by the Vampire.
By the Gods, she could just be imagining the whole thing. She has yet to learn the full effects of the Vampire’s Kiss.
Leaning against the counter in the kitchen and taking a swig, she closes her text app and opens up a cute little puzzle game that has been all the rage at the hospital. Aniker knew these games always got ridiculous in the later levels, but she hasn’t even struck the hundredth level, so she was enjoying the ease of the game.
The cheerful soundtrack and cutesy sounds of her matches do ease her a bit. Maybe it’s the wine cooler, she didn’t know. She would have more of both – just in case it was the combination. Sips follow sounds of victory from both Aniker and her phone as she meanders around her apartment.
“That towel is sexy but far too easy for me to take off. You should put something on a little sexier.” The text causes Aniker to jump a bit. Frantically looking around, because that was so much more than a coincidence. Going into her bathroom and closing the door, she text the only person she could think to text.
“What’s wrong?” Lijie is quick to respond.
“I think the Vampire is stalking me.”
“What? Tell me everything,” Kong sends back. After a quick flurry of texts, Aniker catches him up on the situation. “Okay, this is an easy enough fix. Here is what you do.” Lijie says and lays out a simple enough plan that Aniker can follow. The only problem is, she didn’t want to. Lijie’s plan would definitely be effective, but it would also cause drama at work and could possibly get Emily arrested. Sure she didn’t want her stalking her and wanted to set healthy boundaries, but she didn’t want to go through the legal process to do so.
“Okay, I got it. Love you, Bro,” Aniker texts sending an emoji. After a few seconds he responds, but Aniker didn’t read the text because she placed her phone on the counter and starts walking to her closet. She knows what she wants to do, but she will have to be smart about it.
Aniker drops the towel before she gets to the closet, she is sure that if Emily is watching, this would get her attention. As this apartment is her playhouse, it doesn’t take her long to find her corset, stockings, collar, and heels.
Bringing all her items out, she knew that if nothing else, they would give her the attention she wants. Tying her hair up, she starts the process of getting dressed near one of her biggest windows.
If Emily wants a show, then she would give her a show.
Only, she would let Emily know, exactly who was in charge.
Power courses through Aniker as a big smile crosses her face.

Rating: 1 out of 5.
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