Kiss of the Vampire: pt 4

Emily’s tongue finds the gum and a smile creeps across her face.
“You are just full of good ideas aren’t you?” Emily says, with Aniker having no idea what she’s talking about. Taking the gum with her tongue, she rolls it into a small ball and wastes no time getting Aniker’s bottoms off, and one of her legs over her shoulder.
The wintery coolness of the gum feels divine with the added pressure of the gum rolling around on her clit. How in all her days has she never had this before? Her leg tensing around Emily as she relies on the back wall for support, Aniker’s eyes studiously watch the small window. Fearful that someone, anyone could walk in at any moment stuck in her chest. She did have to admit, it did add to the pleasure she was going through.
All the risk of being discovered, how she would be the talk of a rather large town excited her more than she would lend herself. This moment would play in her dreams for years to come, and maybe one day it will be a secret that she will share with friends. However, right now, she just revels in how much Emily is feeding on her sex.
Once a pulse of an orgasm rolls through her, her fingers lock on the pink hair once more. Unable to tangle with it, she grabs her bun and holds her head in place, letting a throaty moan escape. Lap after lap, sip after sip, more and more her resistance brakes and her head tilts back and her eyes close. Riding the tongue of Emily and completely at her mercy for only the Dragons know how long.
The feel of warm breathe on her neck snaps her attention. Soft kisses quickly became playful nibbles as Aniker mentally goes through how this was possible. One of Emily’s hands is still wrapped around her thigh, the other firmly placed at her waist, yet there is another hand pinching her nipples and another mouth biting at her neck. Aniker turns and her heart kicks nearly out of her chest.
Amanda was the extra hands and mouth working Aniker now. There were so many questions, but when Aniker opens her mouth, all she can do is accept Amanda’s mouth on hers. More moans as the three of them harmonize their pleasures.
Aniker’s hands move from Emily’s hair to inside the bottoms of Amanda. Amanda quickly slides her bottoms so that there is more access to her dampened core, then lifts Aniker’s top to reveal her small black lace bra. Pushing it up and out of the way, Amanda shoves Aniker’s aching breast in her mouth and starts to work it while massaging the other.
If Aniker had to guess, she would have never thought that Amanda could be this wet, this tight, but as her fingers move against her, the silkiness of her pull Aniker further into the beautiful chaos of it all. Her hair smelled of flowers and her tongue felt velvety as she worked her nipples in circles while Aniker did the same to her core.
With one last surge of orgasm, Amanda kisses her to keep her screams from escaping the closet and after the shivers pass, Emily lets her leg down and pulls up her bottoms. Wiping her mouth with glee, she lands a kiss on Amanda’s lips. Then she turns Amanda’s face to Aniker’s again and they then follow.
“We must do this again,” Emily smiles, then looks at her watch. “I have to get to labor and delivery, they sent me a page about five minutes ago. Get with Doctor Ramon if you have anything you need.” Emily says, then walks out of the closet all business. Once she left the room, Aniker and Amanda both take a gasp, then look at each other.
“Um, could you hand me the, um, shit,” Amanda spits out, then tries again. “Gauze,” Amanda finally says. Aniker reaches behind her and hands it to her slowly. Amanda takes it and seems as awkward as Aniker handing it to her. There is a little silence that goes with the transaction, then Amanda steps forward and kisses Aniker again.
“I know, we have so much to talk about, but first take your break, and we’ll get to this sometime today,” Amanda says, then hurriedly walks away. Aniker takes a moment to straighten herself out, then walks out of the closet as if she had the slightest clue of what just happened.

If being early was the reason why Aniker was having a good day, she would have to devote herself to showing up on time a little more often. Compared to triage, this was a breeze. A couple of slash and stab wounds came in. A few burns, and maybe two people with a little bit of nausea. This was nothing compared to the amputees and nearly dying patients she dealt with normally.
As awkward as her lunch break had been, Amanda and Aniker showed their full level of professionalism. Aside from Amanda stepping in to guide Aniker when she had a question about a patient, everything was as it normally was.
They talked a little more than normal, but everyone knew that was just because Aniker was on the floor for once, not stuck in triage.
Maybe Aniker had been a little too quick to judge Amanda, after all, it wasn’t Amanda’s fault Aniker was almost always late. Aniker seems to be a good leader and a great judge of character. She had seen ten more years of the medical field than Aniker, and maybe that’s why she rode her so hard. Like she had said earlier today, she thought Aniker was a good nurse, just had too many bad habits.
“I’m about to take a little walk. Aniker, walk with me,” Aniker nearly spit out her soda from the abruptness of it, but when she got control of herself, she nods. “Page me if someone comes in,” Amanda commands.
“You know it’s usually slower around this time. Guardians are out on patrol.” One of the other nurses says, and Amanda agrees.
Aniker follows her down the hall and when they make it to the first set of doors, Amanda starts up.
“So you’re the new girl.”
“Shh, should we be talking about this right here?”
“Yes, no one pays attention to people’s conversation in the hallways. Unless you’re being secretive. The best way to have privacy here is to say what you want in plain sight. As long as you’re not too loud or putting on a show, you’ll be fine.”
Aniker thought about that for a second. Every time she’d see someone having a conversation, she would just tune them out and keep going, but the second someone starts yelling, earphones are in with no sound so she could be nosy.
“You have a point.”
“I’ve been here a while, and you’re avoiding the question,” Amanda says as they turn the corner to head to the main lobby.
“I don’t know what that means.”
“You are Dr. Moulin’s newest recruit.”
“Newest?” Aniker says with confusion and another emotion she couldn’t quite pin down. It was either anger or jealousy.
“Oh, you are all the way in the dark I see. It’s okay, so was I,” Amanda says, opening the door for Aniker. They walk out into the small garden enclosure. This track has seen many steps, and it was a nightly routine for Amanda. “Do you even know about the Baiser du Vampire?”
“I know what it means.”
“But do you know what it does?” Aniker shakes her head.
“I know it makes me all kinds of horny when I’m around Emily.”
“Oh, it does more than that.” Aniker nods her head in agreement. “Le Baiser du Vampire is when a Vampire uses their natural magic, to bind themselves and their emotions to another being. It is supposed to be for bonded Vampires, but any mature vampire can do it.”
“Their emotions? So you mean it does more than making me want Emily?”
“If that’s what Dr. Moulin wants then that’s what you will feel. But it was banned in all circles because of the other effects it can have. Right now, you become uncontrollably aroused when around her, because you are new and that’s what Dr. Moulin wants from you. But say she was to not like you anymore. You would feel that despair just as strong as your urges are now.” Aniker gasps. “Hold on to that, it gets worse.” Amanda continues. “Just as you would expect ancient magic to be, the Vampires magic is highly addictive, I’m sure you remember the feeling you got when she bit you.” The morning memories of euphoria return to Aniker, and she nods her head. “Unlike most drugs, the effects don’t dull until the feelings of the Vampires dull. So as long as you keep Dr. Moulin happy, each time she bites you, it will feel just as wonderful.” A blush crosses Amanda’s face, but she quickly tries to force it away.
“What if we just don’t let her bite us?”
“Easier said than done,” Amanda scoffs. “There is a couple of issues that come up when trying to do this. First, your emotions are controlled by the Vampire, and I don’t know how you two ended up in bed together, but when it came to me and her, she can be very persuasive. Add in that with her magic telling you that this is what you want, and it’s already hard enough to stop at just that.”
“Not that it matters, but I perused her,” Aniker chimed in.
“That must be what she sees in you. God’s breath, I see that in you. You have this go-getter attitude, and that’s irresistible to some people,” Amanda turns to Aniker and smiles as they complete yet another lap. “But I’m getting off-topic. The other problem is, Vampire magic is an opioid. It’s highly addictive and if you don’t let her bite you, you will go through withdrawal. Trust me, you don’t want to know how bad they get.”
“Have you tried?”
“By the Gods no. I may have been duped into this, much like the rest of us, but I’m happy with our arrangement. My kids are adults and have their own lives. My bitch of an Ex husband is chasing some Drow to the Underdark and out of my life. And I am not lonely anymore.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”
“Don’t apologize, not many people here know anymore. Since I’ve met Dr. Moulin, I’ve stopped talking about it.”
“Does she really visit you that often that you don’t feel lonely?”
“Gods no, she and the other girls moved in with me. So I always have someone around.”
“Wait, you live with the other women that Emily bit?”
“Yes, we all get along. I’m not sure if it’s Dr. Moulin’s magic or what, but once I joined, I found that they all hung together. The next thing I know, we were buying a house for all of us to stay in.”
“How many of us are there?”
“With you being added, that would make five of us.” That wasn’t as bad as Aniker thought, but still. “We have room if you decide to visit,” Amanda says, tapping Aniker to signal it was time to head back.
“I’m not sure that’s a good idea. My husband only allows me to have sex with women, living among you all knowing what I know, seem to be a breach of our agreement.”
“I get that,” Amanda says. “A word of caution. Emily is very jealous.”
“She has five of us, and she’s the jealous one.”
“Trust me, she gives us all we need of her, but she doesn’t like sharing her girls.”
“Her girls?”
“Technically we are her thralls, but she doesn’t like that term, so she calls us, her girls.”
What had Aniker gotten herself into?

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Kiss of the Vampire: pt 3

Aniker thought about calling in sick on more than one occasion. But how would she explain to her doctor in a way that she would be able to have an excused absence? Even if she could, Amanda wouldn’t let up on her. Besides, admitting to her doctor that the new ER doctor put a spell on her to make her incredibly horny anytime she’s around while wearing a wedding band wasn’t something she cared to do today, or ever.
She needs a way to do deal with this. A way that would leave both her employment and dignity intact.
Little has been intact since the fated meeting of Emily Moulin. Behind her cutesy smile, was a destroyer. A destroyer of sanity, concentration, and willpower. Damn that bite! Aniker found a little peace in moving about and staying busy. Today seems to be a good day for it.
Just as she contemplated conjuring up her high school habits of feigning sick to play hooky, a patient came to the back. Young male, early twenty’s, suffering from goblin wounds.
When Aniker first started this job, she was fascinated by how such strong warriors could be wounded by things that seemed so weak.
Sure she wasn’t capable of taking on more than the weakest goblins and only one at a time.
Her brother on the other hand who had spent a brief life as an adventurer had explained. Compliancy kills. Once they stop seeing any risk, they often time slip up and get too comfortable. That had made sense to her.
She had gotten too comfortable with Emily and here she was the biggest danger to her career since she started.
Aniker takes another deep breath as she makes her way over to the bed. She doesn’t need to think about all the hot flashes of dirty sex that plagues her mind all morning. Just getting this wound cleaned, applying ointment, and getting it wrapped as slowly as possible that doesn’t draw suspicion.
The wide-eyed human acknowledges her bedside manners and tries to avoid eye contact. Aniker knew this move. This was the I’m so embarrassed by a hot nurse tactic. She calms this by telling the patient about her brother and how she knows that these things happen. Placing a hand on his, he relaxes a bit and tells his story.
Aniker always liked hearing their stories, it was fascinating. She didn’t want to tell her brother that she was upset when he quit, but she didn’t know how to feel. On the one hand, his stories are amazing, but on the other, he is much safer and she loves that.
The Human was ambushed after he completed his mission. He rescued some researchers who had gotten themselves stuck in the woods looking for Nymphs root, but once the pickup had been done, and he’d put his weapon away. A few stragglers jumped him.
That was his story anyway.
Aniker types up the report that way and tends to his wound all the same. There are smaller goblin bites, but they were infected. The way this infection seeps in reminds her of her wound.
The Goblin bight had been nearly in the same spot as he where Emily bit her, but just not as deliberate. Or at least she hoped not.
Aniker’s goblin however knew exactly what she was doing when she so viciously inflicted her wound onto her.
Heat creeps up Aniker’s spine and that only means one thing. Aniker works diligently and finishes the wrapping on the adventure’s leg.
Gathering all her things and tossing what needs to be disposed of, Aniker walks to the end of the hall where she stashes her WOW, or workstation on wheels.
Quickly pulling the rolling computer into a private room often used as a storage for broken WOW’s or just a quiet place to take a break, she finishes her report on her patient and logs all medicine given.
Feeling the heat push away, she tries to look out the window and see if she could see Emily. No such luck as the hospital door windows are near useless. A very different thought from a week ago when she had the most wonderful nap and knew no one would find her.
Trying her best to look down the aisle, she decides to try to kill a couple of minutes in the equipment closet. Stock up on some gauze or get some more tap for her station. Not many people would be there this time of day. This was lunch and too many people are trying to escape the hospital for a few minutes, not hide in a closet.
Dashing from one hiding spot to the next, Aniker makes it without any sight of Emily.
The closet space was cramped, but anything was better than being exposed to Emily again. Aniker leans against a rack and pulls some gum out and gives her body something to do while she thinks of her next steps. In her mind, there wasn’t much to think about. Either she stays in the ER, or she would be fired. Simple as that. She couldn’t get going through these spells of heat and keep her composure.
There was a burst of light and the sound of someone coming into the closet. By the grace of the Dragons, Aniker thinks as her heart sinks to her stomach. A sigh of relief comes when pink scrubs come into view. Closing the door behind her, Amanda looks over at Aniker and just asks for a roll of surgical tape.
“Good job out there,” Amanda says, showing her hand skills with an easy one-handed catch.
“Thanks,” Aniker can finally muster a normal genuine smile. “Do you need me?”
“No, it’s quiet for the moment. Take a break you deserve it. You can take lunch if you like,” Amanda says and is sporting a smile that Aniker never thought she would see her give. Aniker returns the smile and nods and then watches as Amanda closes the door.
Aniker turns back to the task of what to grab, but shortly after the door closing the air gets thick, and heat flushes through Aniker.
By the Dragons no.
She turns and is face-to-face with the evilest Vampire she’s ever met.
“Don’t mind me if I take my lunch in here,” Emily says. Stepping forward and grabbing Aniker by the hips, pulling her in, and invading her mouth with her tongue.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Kiss of the Vampire: pt 2

Aniker is having the best morning in her recent memory. Even more than prom morning and even more than the morning of her graduation. She was given a hand full of orgasms and breakfast. Not only that, but for the first time, she’s early for work, not just the usual, just on time or far too often a little bit late.
For once she could take her time as she wanders to her department and places her items in her locker. She wasn’t even bothered by the stares from the other nurses as she strolls over to the lounge to wait to clock in.
There is one that she didn’t want to hear from.
“What a shock. You’re actually early,” Amanda, the charge nurse says, looking up from her coffee and her phone.
Amanda is a sun-kissed human in her early forties. She carries a little more weight than the other stick-thin women of Galvornia, but she wore it well. Her green eyes brought out her mahogany bob-styled hair. If Aniker didn’t think she was such a bitch, she would find her attractive.
“Yeah, I got a ride today,” Aniker says refusing to do the same.
“What luck, I was about to write your name on triage again, but seeing as how you are here, that seems to be unnecessary. Aniker knew that bitch was putting her on triage to punish her. Now that she said it, she could report her. But it would be her word, a new nurse who’s been late more than a handful of times, versus the charge nurse, a veteran of at least ten years. Fighting her Underdark city girl instincts to call her out and possibly fight her, she just smiles as her brother has told her to do so many times before.
Though Talon, her family is from the Underdark. A rough place where strength is valued over almost everything. She and her brother who changed his name to, Kong Lijie, moved from there together. He took the starting a new life thing a bit further than she did, as he took to the Orcish practice of Taoism and donned an Orcish Name. It has taken Aniker some time to adjust to not only her brother’s radical change but also to realize that his teachings held some weight.
“In any case, I hope this ride of yours is consistent. I would like to see you flourish here. You are a good nurse. Just with one too many bad habits,” Amanda says then resumes her morning ritual. Aniker hates her for this because she shut her out and didn’t give her a chance to respond. Lijie’s lessons be damned.
“Maybe, maybe not, we’ll see,” Aniker says, unable to resist the urge to fight back. Her blood boils when Amanda doesn’t even look up to respond.
“Then you’ll stay in trial by the fire until you do.”
And try to remember no one pays attention to the triage nurse. You’re just one more distraction to them. If you want to move up and gain recognition, you’ll need to be on the floor working with patients. Anyone can be a pair of hands in triage, but it takes special nurses to tend to patients on their own,” Amanda’s words come out, then there is a sip. “Oh, and not to mention how easy it is to lose your nursing license if you make a mistake on triage. All of your mistakes are under a microscope there.”
Aniker doesn’t care if her words are true, she wants to fight her. It has been far too long since she’s gotten her hands dirty, mostly due to her brother, but Aniker realizes that this was just due to her dislike of Amanda as a person. How she likes to wield her power to try to groom the people she likes and damn those she doesn’t.
Finding a spot at the table, Aniker sits and starts to scroll through her social media apps. Determined not to let Amanda ruin her perfect morning, she finds herself biting her lips.
Then Aniker feels a warmth pooling between her thighs, her breast hardened, and she struggles to find air. Images of Emily’s hand wrapping around her neck, and working her mouth on her sex pops back into her mind.
Clearing her throat, Aniker adjusts to get more comfortable and crosses her legs, and tries once more to read the post in front of her.
Aniker’s body fills with fire as the memories don’t stop and the tight pressure of her legs crossing feels divine. Moving her legs back in forth, rubbing against her center, and the feeling of just her legs rubbing together summons jolts of electricity. Looking at her watch, she finds that she still has a little time before she has to be on the clock.
She stands up and walks out of the room as fast as she could without drawing suspicion.
Aniker quickly moves from the nurse’s lounge to an empty on-call room. Nurses weren’t usually allowed in, but they often did for one reason or another.
One of those reasons was why Aniker was in there now.
Locking the door behind her, she moves to the bed and leans back. Slipping her hands down her scrub bottoms, she finds it irresistible to keep her hands from herself. Moving her fingers in tight circles, she feels the pulses of an orgasm coming and she speeds it up to move it along. Tilting her head back she arches with the fiery feeling of all the buildup and when she looks back down at her hands, she sees a familiar little waist with pink hair flowing around it.
Emily’s face came into view between the bars of the bunk bed that Aniker was in, and her smile just broadens as she watches.
” I’m not on the clock yet,” Aniker breathes heavily.
“I know,” Emily says, her words dripping in deviousness.
“Then…,” Emily stops her before she can start.
“I want to watch you.” Unable to hold back, Aniker’s legs give way to trembling as the orgasm is more intense than she is ready for. “Delicious,” Emily says once the wave of spasms finishes.
“Are you going to torture me all day?”
“Non, ma petite. At some point, I’ll have to get some work done.”
“So you’ll just be popping in and out throughout the day?” There is a laugh from Emily.
“You could say that.”
“What do you mean?” Emily doesn’t answer. There is just a smile that is far too innocent for the face it’s on. Aniker’s eyes betray her as they can’t help but look lower and lower. Aniker’s heart stops for a brief second when she notices the badge attached to Emily. Oh, Aniker was in deep trouble.
Emily’s new attire was now royal blue scrubs, tennis shoes, and an ID badge that said, Doctor Emily Moulin.
Then it sunk in.
Aniker would have to work all day. With this heat. While Amanda and Emily watch her.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Fair Exchange: Pilot

Armed and tatted men are great in movies, but not sitting on Julia’s couch first thing in the morning. She cups her mouth to stop from screaming after locking eyes with the tatted sandy brown Orc sitting in her living room with a gun pointed directly at her.
“Good, you’re up. I could really use breakfast,” The Orc says, tucking the gun in his chest holster and putting the remote on the dining room table. There were a million things Julia wants to say, but all of them end with her shot in her apartment. She instead tucks them to the back of her mind and walks with faux confidence to the small kitchen. Julia wants to squeak when he gets up and makes the already tiny home feel like a cardboard box with a tiger in it.
“Is an omelet okay?” Julia says, rustling through the pots and pans until she finds a skillet worthy of the task.
“That will be great,” The Orc says taking a seat at her small round dining room table. He leans back in the seat and crosses his leg over his knee. Resting his hand on his cheek, his tatted hand shows vibrant colors and stunning art. Mostly of skulls, but stunning art nonetheless.
“Just the omelet or do you want something to go with it?” Julia asks, her heart drumming in her chest.
“What do you have?” His voice is like smoke, dark and dangerous.
“Anything that will not get me shot.” She says still maintaining some semblance of composure. The Orc cracks a grin.
“The diamond and ruby pinky ring you pocketed from the wrong guy will suffice for that. The breakfast is for making me come down here in the first place.”
“So sausage and biscuits?” Julia responds with a nervous smile.
“I’ll take bacon if you have it, but if not that will do.” She gives him a node then scours through the fridge for the other ingredients.
She collects all that she needs and places the bacon on a sheet tray and sets the oven. Placing the bacon in the oven she repeats the process with a couple of biscuits and then retrieves a bowl for the eggs. Every spare second she can, she glances over at The Orc and see his grin and stays relieved that at least it’s not a scowl. Adding seasoning to her eggs she finds some oil and preheats the pan.
While the pan heats up, she grabs the utensils she’ll need for cooking and eating and place them on the counter behind her. Any moment she could, she glances over, and every time she did, his eyes were only on here. Did he think she was dangerous? Did he think she would try to run or anything else stupid? If he did, he didn’t know that Julia’s fight or flight system works well.
Pouring the egg into the pan, she adds cheese and watches it cook. When her eyes drift to him this time, she has a new suspicion why he was looking at her. Could he find her attractive? She laughs at the thought. There was no way her messy bed head, gamer t-shirt, and sweats with holes in them made her turn heads. She couldn’t deny though every time she looks his way, his eyes are never near hers. They are always on her hips, and on some occasions when she faced him, her chest.
The eggs are done, she folds it and gives it a second to make sure that all the cheese is melted. With a sprinkle of cheese on top as garnish, she takes the omelet off the heat and plates it. The smell of the bacon lets her know that it’s done and if it’s done the biscuits won’t be too far behind. Grabbing an oven mitt, she opens the oven and pulls out the rack of bacon and pours off the grease, and places the bacon on a pillow of paper towel to drain.
Grabbing a butter knife and jam, she places it on the table in front of The Orc and fights a blush when she notices his eyes watching her. A quick glance back catches him eyeing her ass sway to the kitchen. She didn’t know why a chubby Drow bartender was attractive to an Orc gangster, but who was she to complain.
In the time it takes her to get butter, jam, salt, and pepper to the table, the biscuits are done and she removes them and starts to plate them next to the omelet. With all three things complete, she places the silverware on the plate and brings it over for him.
“Could I get you anything else?” She says smiling at him.
“Bring me the ring and make yourself a plate.” He says facing the plate and taking his fork and knife.
“I’m not hungry, something about guns ruin my appetite. I’ll just have coffee.” There is a soft laugh from him.
“In that case, I’ll take a cup of coffee, whatever creamer you have, no sugar.” She gives him a node then throws on a pot of coffee. With the pot running, she goes into her room and grabs the ring from her nightstand. That is where she keeps all of her spoils from rich assholes at the bar. The big Orc at her dining room table would make her revenge swiping halt for a while, but she wouldn’t apologize for doing so.
The Talon she palmed this from was a rude piece of shit. If forced to go before him, she would give her greatest performance of ‘I’m sorry mister’ she could muster, but again, that’s just her fight or flight system being a pristine as it needs to be.
Making her way back into the room, she catches sight of The Orc slicing into the omelet. His mouth was full yet he moves to stuff more. Did he enjoy her food that much, or was he just hungry? Either way, she sets the ring on the table and goes back to the kitchen, and grabs two coffee mugs. She pulls her chocolate caramel flavored creamer out and adds sugar to hers and just cream to his. Sitting his cup down by his plate, she goes to drink her cup in the kitchen.
“Have a seat,” The Orc commands, covering his mouth as he spoke with food in his mouth. There is some sense of manners to the handsome Orc. Julia couldn’t help but fight her bratty tendencies, but it helps to see the gun hanging from his holster, right next to a broad, muscular, and no doubt tatted chest. She takes her seat and hides her blush and her nervousness behind a sip of her coffee.
Taking the mug into his hand, he points to the painted ponies on the cup. Julia shrugs and just admits how much she likes ponies. The Orc shakes his head and takes a sip. The frown on his face makes Julia sit back sharply.
“Is something wrong?” Her already fast heartbeat races.
“This coffee is ass,” The Orc says, then swallows as much as he can. There is some relief in the fact that he’s still drinking and eating. Setting the cup down he goes back to eating the last of the bacon and biscuit, the omelet was the first thing to go.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect anyone to come over today. I only buy what I can afford.”
“Making off with rich guys jewelry should allow you to buy something better than this mud.” The Orc pops the last of the biscuit in his mouth and sucks the butter off his fingers. Taking a long look at the mug, he tilts it up and downs the last of it.
“I only do that to guys who are dicks. I don’t even pawn them.” That causes an eyebrow to raise.
“No shit?”
“No… sir,” Julia says, blowing on her coffee a little more to cool it a little more. The Orc chuckles and takes the ring and puts it in his pocket.
“Wait till the boss hears this, I’m sure he’ll laugh when he finds out that he wasn’t had by some cunning little thief, but just a cute little bratty Drow.” Julia takes another sip to keep from blushing at him calling her cute. The Orc gets up and takes his plate and mug to the kitchen. Julie reaches out to stop him, but when he shoots her a look, she decides to stay seated.
He starts the water and places the dishes in the sink. She Watches as he finds her sponge and soap and starts to do the dishes. He even rinses and dries them before finding the cabinet to put them away. She’s not shocked that he can find them, her cheap little apartment only had so many places they could go.
The Orc comes back into the dining room and finally, his eyes meet hers. She’s never seen eyes as granite as his before and they were captivating. Every inch of his face screamed dangerous and attractive. The piercing in his right eyebrow, the stubble of a goatee, the scar right above his nose, the buzz-cut hair that he wore.
Julie could feel her losing her battle with not staring at him. Her eyes may have traveled down his rust color shirt, wine color slacks, with black suspenders, but that was only fair. She caught his eyes on her lips and her breath hitches.
“So we’re square. Just a few rules before I go,” Julie wasn’t expecting his cologne to be so intoxicating, but with him so close, she had no choice but to melt. “If you see anyone with this tattoo,” He shows a weird arcane symbol on his hand then cup her face with that same hand. She nearly tips the table over trying to rise to his hand. “You do not steal from them. You understand?” Julia nods and is pretty sure she also bites her lip. “Good girl.” He lets her go and she is stuck in the position that he left her. He turns to get his blazer off her key rack by the front door. A quick few seconds later, he is gone.
In his absence, he left a pool of warmth in Julia’s core, shortness of breath, and erect nipples. It would take her some time to compose herself. Lucky for her, she didn’t have to be to work for a couple of hours.
Fuck that Orc was hot.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Kiss of the Vampire pt 1

Aniker hitches a breath from the masterful strokes of a tongue, her back arching to near painful limits as lush pink lips pull and suckle her pearl.  Aniker and the Vampire overseeing her pleasure let out moans as the Vampire lifts her head to place wet circles over Aniker’s clit. 

Sliding her fingers in, the Aniker’s lover’s slender fingers find Aniker’s g-spot and messages as if she is trying to pull her soul from her body. Aniker spasms when her body gives in to the sweet surrender of only the Dragons knew how many orgasms. 

A ragged breath finds a way to escape only to be cut short once more when the Vampire loops her arms around her thighs and pulls her in once more. Aniker’s fingers tangle with the Vampire’s pink hair, releasing curses fueled by the pure bliss of her skill. Aniker’s legs quivering with pleasure doesn’t slow the Vampire down. 

The pink-haired lover grasps at Aniker’s knees, nearly pinning her knees to the bed as her tongue plunges into Aniker’s sweet nectar. 

Aniker grips hard on the bedpost while shots of fire drive through her veins. The slurping and smacking of a wonderful tongue send waves of delight through her core and beyond. Aniker’s lips part, but the gripping of her thighs pulling her back in causes her to swallow a breath and she braces for another wave of ecstasy to wash over her. 

Her back snaps to an arch pooling her tangled yarn of hair in response to this unrelenting mouth that will devour her. Her legs quiver more, trying to find some strength after being sapped from the multiple orgasms that pulse through her. Nails digging into her rear adds much-desired pain to the pleasure, only adding more of the feeling of her juices being sipped and lapped with expert skill. 

A cry escapes her lips in praise of her skilled partner. She opens her eyes to a blurry vision, she turns her head to focus on something closer. Her small clock comes into view. She concentrates on the small black box as tingles of heat flash throughout her body. Her eyesight starts to sharpen, and when it does, it causes her to let out a different kind of curse.  

When she pops up, the Vampire snaps to look at her weary expression. 

“Something wrong ma petite?” the Vampire says, her accent sending the wrong type of emotions through Aniker. 

“I’m late for work. Again,” Aniker responds, scooting back on her bottom and rushing out of bed. She takes a moment to find her balance but then starts towards the bathroom. She can’t be late today. She just can’t be. 

Aniker hastily walks past the Vampire but turns as she doesn’t want to be impolite. 

“This was crazy fun …,” Aniker starts a syllable of a, then am, stretching it clearly looking for a clue. 

“Emily,” The Vampire corrects. Aniker takes a small win in being close. 

“But I should have left fifteen minutes ago, and I need to leave as soon as possible to not be in the ‘getting fired’ range. I hope to see you again, but you have to leave. Like now.” Aniker says, pressing a kiss to Emily’s lips. Emily’s lips curl into a dangerous smile, showing one of her fangs. 

“What if I could teleport you?” Emily says, for once meeting Aniker’s honey golden eyes shimmer with shock and hope. 

“You can do arcane magic?” 

“Again, I ask, what if I teleport you?” 

“That would give me like, um, fifteen minutes.” Aniker stammers, tripping over her words in excitement. 

“Bah, that is no time at all,” Emily’s accent pours through her words. “What will I get for doing this for you?” She folds her arms over her breasts as to say, no more free looks. Aniker wasn’t looking at Emily’s delicious full chest – that much. There is a blur of words, that Aniker miss, just now realizing she was staring at Emily’s lips. Shaking the lust from her mind she refocuses. It wasn’t as if Aniker didn’t catch Emily looking at her hips and thighs through this little exchange. 

Oh right, she asked a question.

“I’d love to see you again, just have to check my schedule,”  Aniker finally responds.

“What about a date?” 

“Oh no, can’t do dates. My husband is fine with me having sex with women, but dating is a little too intimate,” Aniker answers, all too familiar with the rules. 

“Quand même? C’est fou! This is unacceptable, ma petite,” Emily says, pacing a bit. “ How badly do you wish to make it to work on time?” Emily faces her with a smile that Aniker knows better than to trust. 

“I need to be on time more than anything, especially today. What if I make myself available on my break?” Aniker tries to hold all the cards of bargaining by starting the suggestions, but Emily and she both know, who has the better hand. Emily places her hand on her chin, going over the offer. 

“Not your break, I want you when you should be working, while others are looking for you.” The idea sends flashes of heat through Aniker’s body. 

“Did you not hear the part about me almost being fired?” 

“Take your chances now, or take them later.” Her smile was two parts dangerous. One part sexy as hell, and one part devious. What other options does Aniker have? If she doesn’t take her help, she will be at least thirty minutes late. That is grounds for termination, but so is having sex on the clock. But one is hotter than the other and will make for a far better story. 

Her husband does provide for her, and they don’t need the money, but getting fired from her first nursing job isn’t on her bucket list, so she will need to be careful. 

“I’ll take your offer. Should we shake on it?” Aniker says, holding her hand out. She quickly finds herself being lifted and sat on top of the dresser. 

“I have a better idea,” Emily says, spreading Aniker’s legs. 

“Be quick, I only have about ten minutes or so,” Aniker purrs, her fingers finding themselves swimming in the locks of luscious pink hair. There is a laugh against her skin. 

“I like where your mind is, Ma petite, but no,” Emily says then opens her mouth. Aniker watches her elongate her fangs and winces from them brushing against her skin. She waits for pain that never comes. 

Instead, a warm euphoria pulses through her thigh and gives her a high she’s never felt before. Her body completely relaxes and warm memories flash in her mind of Emily kissing and caressing her. There is a tingle that gives her a slight buzz, and somehow energy all at the same time. 

Whatever this feeling is, she wants it all the time. 

“What, what did you do?” Aniker feels like her voice is different. 

“Le Baiser du Vampire,” Emily says, rising to meet Aniker’s gaze. She licks her fangs free of the blood and her green-gray eyes lock on Aniker’s lips. 

“You know I don’t speak Vampire,” Aniker says, unable to keep her hands off of Emily. Her hands start at her face, then make their way down to her full breast and flat stomach. From there they just decide to freely roam over the bronze skin of the Vampire. 

“The kiss of the Vampire. It is very taboo amongst my people to do to someone who is not my mate, but I think we can make an exception. Wouldn’t you agree, ma petite?” 

Aniker moans to agree with a mouth full of Emily’s breast as she caresses her thighs and ass. 

“ I knew you would,” Emily says, flipping her hair out of the way. 

Just pulling on Aniker’s hair was enough to nearly make her cum. Every touch, her sensations around Emily was increased tenfold. Emily grabs a fist full of Aniker’s hair and pulls it hard enough to send both Aniker’s gaze and arousal to the ceiling. 

“You need to get ready for work,” Emily says, placing kisses along her neck as she says it. It seems as though she is also struggling to restrain herself. “and you won’t be able to focus as long as you are near me. I’m going to get us breakfast. What would you like?” Her words cause more heat and arousal as her accent wraps her in. 

“I want … I need… whatever you give me,” Aniker’s words are coated in desperation. Every word meant, every word full of hunger. Emily growls and lets out a deep chuckle, its sensual roar sends vibrations deep within Aniker. 

She eases on the grip of her hair and uses the other hand to guide Aniker’s lips to hers. Emily stills Aniker’s body with a passionate kiss. Aniker feels Emily smile through the kiss and then she watches as Emily seems to glide across the room to the strewn-about clothes. 

Aniker’s eyes longingly watch as the dress wraps around Emily’s body and silhouettes above her knees. The black and white anime dress looks like a school girl’s outfit and watching the loose pieces hug her skin as she moves, sends pulses through her once more. When the door closes behind Emily, it was only then that she heard her say goodbye. 

Aniker sucks in a hard breath as she can finally move freely. Warm tingles dance about her skin where Emily touched her. Her body feels warm like the feeling of first love all over again. Her mind is in an intense state of euphoria. 

This has to be the magic of the kiss.

With the precious little time that Aniker has left, she hastens her steps to the bathroom. Staring down the army of beauty products, she only has time for her elite few. In a rush, she grabs what she needs, turns on the water, and hops in.

Not waiting for the water to warm, is something that she is all too familiar with. The life of a nurse is hectic and when she’s not working, she’s using what precious time she has for sleeping, tending to her husband, and of course, having hot and steamy sex with random women. 

After she washes her hair and puts in conditioner, she makes a quick lather and works on the rest of her small frame. Moving down to her thigh, she stops. The place where Emily bit her was no bigger than a  bug bite and nearly healed. This was not possible. Her fangs are much larger than that, and the wound should be much fresher. 

Aniker runs her hands over it, and with the slight bump being the only exception, it is smooth. 

Okay now, this was something that she needs to look into. Aniker is all into freaky things, but not when it makes little to no medical sense.

While it was true that Vampire bites are so rare that even some elven doctors well in their centuries of experience have never seen one, she is certain it would leave more of a scare than this. 

Aniker didn’t have the luxury of trying to figure this out. She forces her hands to move so that she can get ready before Emily comes back. Tilting her head back to rinse the conditioner out, she reasons that she plans to see her again. She’ll ask her questions then. 

That or just search on the Internet. 

Killing the water and jumping out of the shower, Aniker grabs two towels and wraps her hair and body while making her way to her dresser. 

Other people may not like studio apartments in the inner city, but Aniker loves hers. With all the open space she could want. Compliments of her husband. 

It is her place where she gets the sexual stimulation that he was no longer able to provide her.

Her sexual sanctuary.

Putting her mind back to task, she works her way to the closet and grabs any pair of scrubs within reach, and pulls a pink pair with birds decorating it. Scrubbing at her body with the towel until her skin was dry enough, she slips into the uniform. 

With that done, she darts to her vanity and starts her makeup. Looking over her pallet, she goes with her natural colors of bronze and starts the process of moisturizing her skin and applying makeup. 

Make-up is done,  and working on hair, Aniker checks her time and slips out a light curse. She has to be at work in twenty minutes, and there was no sign of Emily. She hopes by the Dragon’s grace that she wasn’t lying.

Did it matter?

She would be late either way if she was. Working the blow dryer to her hair, she gets it just dry enough to where she can style it in a ponytail, no time for anything else. Then when her hands return to her lap, she has an urge to rub them back and forth on her thighs. 

Heat prickles through her skin and she cannot stop herself from placing her hand on her throat and applying pressure. Dragon’s mercy she is dripping with arousal again, which means one thing. 

Aniker turns to find devilish green-gray eyes looking at her.

Pure impulse pulls Aniker across the room to Emily and lunges into a kiss with her. Her tongue finds its way into Aniker’s mouth and a moan finds its way out. Aniker feels as Emily’s arm wraps around her, and it didn’t matter that the paper bag from the cafe brushed against her skin. As long as she has Emily’s embrace she would be fine. 

“Ma petite, where do you work?” 

“Galvornia memorial on Mack and 2nd.” There is a buzzing in the air, and it tingles as Aniker continues to kiss Emily. The energy from the magic sends shocks through Aniker, but she doesn’t want to break the connection. 

She shivers a little bit from the fall wind whispering at her neck, and then she feels as Emily pushes her breakfast in her hands.

Aniker takes a look around then she can see that she’s on the roof of her job, and shortly after, she watches Emily disappear.

Left with a feeling of longing for Emily and hunger for the bacon, egg, and cheese croissant, Aniker takes her breakfast from her bag and starts to munch on it while heading for the stairs.

She couldn’t wait to see Emily again.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

When Honor is lost part 3

Borjas enters his shared office space with gifts in hand. Upon seeing Salib and Rosa working on the case and catching up on all the events, he looks longingly at his burger and hands it over.
“Good job, you have potential,” He says, holding on to the Burger shack burger that he walked two blocks to get, a little longer than he intended to. Rosa must have taken notice. She shakes her head and pushes it back to him.
“I couldn’t, and besides, I brought my lunch,” are the words she chose, but Borjas can tell she wants it.
“Then let’s call it a trade.” He smiles. She takes half a second to grab it and looks at him with eyes that show her internal struggle.
“You know this is horrible for my diet.” Borjas gives her a good look over.
“I’m sure you’ll be fine.”
“Are you flirting with a married woman?” Salib says, mouth slightly full from her second bite.
“Not yet, still weighing my options,” Borjas answers and watches the corner of Rosa’s mouth curl.
“Detective, how inappropriate. You locked up my husband so you can have your way with me?” She says, taking a small bite of the burger while giving Borjas a little eye action.
“No, your husband tried to set me on fire, which is why I arrested him, but I have a pair of cuffs for you too,” He says, heading towards Rosa’s lunch box.
“Can you guys not do this while I’m eating?” Salib chimes in after a sip of her king-size refreshment. Borjas gives a little laugh.
“Sorry, Kiddo, does big brother flirting bother you?”
“I just don’t want to think about my big brother’s kinks while I’m chewing, or ever really.” Rosa laughs.
“There is nothing wrong with having kinks, my dear,” she says, facing Salib, watching her roll her eyes. “There is also nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting.” She says, now fully scoping Borjas out.
After taking Rosa’s lunch and placing it in the microwave, Borjas turns to the girls and starts going over what they knew.
“There is a reason they’re so stubborn about this. Zhao Dawei is one of their clerics,” Salib says, mixing ketchup and mayo for her fry sauce. After years of seeing this, Borjas still doesn’t like it. Following tradition, he pretends to gag. “Shut up. I say nothing about how you like to eat your falafel.”
“With ketchup and mustard, like a real Human,” Borjas says proudly.
“Do not lump me in with you. I’ve never done anything so uncultured. I eat it with the tahini that it comes with.”
“You don’t know what you are missing,” Borjas says, refusing to drop his smile. He grabs the lunch out of the microwave and is a little happy for the switch now. Arroz con pollo is one of his favorites.
“Anyway!” Salib shivers from the thought of how Borjas butchers her family’s food. Worse, even converting her little brother to his ways. “Clerics are protected in every region of the world. How are we going to deal with this?”
“The treaty clearly states that they are to uphold our laws. That means, even though you said the Shaman could go free, he still has a warrant out for his arrest. Sorry, will have a warrant out for his arrest when Walpurga learns how to file a complaint on the breach of contract,” Borjas is finding it hard to think with such good flavors melding with each bite.
“So we just lied to the Shaman?” Salib says, rubbing her fingers together to rid herself of the salt.
“No, we are letting him go. It will take a couple of days for the complaint to go through. I’m sure we have a friend who can help us push the paperwork.”
“This gives them time to flee,” Rosa throws out concern. Borjas shakes his head.
“They think they are safe behind sanctuary laws, they may not come out for a while, but this is better than when we showed up today. We will have a court order to be there. We can get the task force together and roll right into camp, and grab the Shaman. The Cleric will feel obligated to help his friend and attack, which will give us all the cause we need to take him in.
“And if he doesn’t?” Rosa says, wiping her mouth.
“Then we have the Shaman, and we press to get the Cleric later. The only way he gets away with this is another member of the order has to validate the kill. Seeing as how the victim was a college student in good standing, I’m pretty sure it won’t hold up.”
“Why do you have to be such a macho ass? If I didn’t have to kick you out earlier, you could have already set all this up.” Salib says, throwing a paper ball at him from her napkins. He dodges and isn’t even concerned with retaliation. He’s lost in the bliss of Rosa’s cooking.
“But then I would have had a burger instead of this, and I like this outcome better.”
“If you like how that tastes so much, just wait…,”
“Please don’t say what I think you are going to say.” Salib intervenes, placing her hands on her ears.
“Are you sure she’s untouched? I was going to say my tamales.” A blush appears on Salib’s face
“Naw, I like where she was heading,” Borjas flashes a smile.
“Detective! So forward. Need I remind you…,”
“No need. Married women usually come with no strings attached,” Borjas winks at her. Borjas can tell that she’s flattered, but in all honesty, this was just fun for him. He wouldn’t act on anything. “But in all seriousness, I need to start paying you for lunch.” Rosa beams with pride.
“What are you willing to pay for it?”
“Whatever you had in mind.”
“Oh, I have a lot of things in mind.” Borjas reminds himself that he wouldn’t act on anything.

*** ***

“Revenge is not vengeance!” Champion Kobayashi says, slamming his fist into his desk. Only due to Champion Kobayashi being seen from miles away through an astral projection on his communication sigil did Dawei feel safe.
The Champions of the divine are the strongest of Paladins and often time the avatar of that particular order, who were leaders of their order. Champion Kobayashi’s history ran redder than the evening sun and longer than all the rivers of Drekenvold. Dawei would have to tread carefully.
“Champion, if I may.”
“You may not!” His fury nearly felt through his voice. “You will hand yourself over to atone for your transgressions.” Champion Kobayashi was a Lycan of few words.
“Champion, I still have my gift,” Dawei says calmly, careful not to anger him more.
“Your gift is not one of vengeance but of corruption. Did we not warn you in your training years that the Demon Queen can provide the gifts as well. She was a Goddess and can grant those powers.” Impossible! Dawei searches his feelings and will not believe that he has succumbed to the Dark Mistress.
“As you say, Champion,” Dawei says, bowing to him. “I shall go at once.”
“Do not disappoint me. We have Paladins everywhere. If you do not follow my words, I will send one for you,” his tone strict.
“I assure you, I shall do as you request.” Dawei places his hand over his chest, and then Champion Kobayashi ends the transmission.
Dawei wastes no time, dropping to his knees and saying his prayers and rattling off the words of his oath that have kept him in his path for so long. Honor, duty, and determination, not just parts of the pledge but also part of his being. His heart plummets in a deep cold that he’s not felt before. The words do not bring him the hum of his power.
Again, he says the words. The words that have charged his divine energies for nearly half a decade, yet there is nothing. Not the slightest tingle of power drips from the spirit of vengeance to him. He feels alone, as if he … was forsaken.
He clutches his hands tighter, sings his words, pours his heart into his oath. Nothing. Dread starts to bubble within him, and he feels his power release, but how can this be?
“Hey, Sugga,” a voice drenched in sweetness calls to him. “Well, shoot, I guess that Champions has spilled the beans. No use hiding anymore.” The voice is alluring, with the accent of the ancient Elves—the same accent as, Her. “You haven’t received your power from vengeance in quite a spell, Hun. So I reckoned that I would just give you what you want. Is that so bad?”
“But you are, The Demon Queen Cystala! I’ve heard tales…”
“All lies, I assure you.”
“You feed on mortal souls!” fear seeps into his core, griping him into the reality that he’s been working against his vows.
“Lies, Sugga. I don’t ‘feed’ off of anything but good home cooking. These are the lies told to you by your people to keep you from getting what you truly want.”
“I want Vengeance for my people,” Dawei counters.
“Run and tell that lie to your order, but I know better. I can see in your heart Zhao Dawei. You know that your people have received their just due. They are a happy and thriving people once again, with no more or no less than what they started with. They are now closer friends with Los Mitichas, and everyone is happy. Except you. You know they deserve more. You know they are capable of more….”
“Stop vile demon. I will not allow you to corrupt me more.” Dawei says, trying to pull power to exorcise the Dark Mistress.
“Baby, I’ve already told you that won’t work. Your spirit has long forgotten you. But I tell you who hasn’t forgotten you. Me. I’ll tell you who can give you what you really want. Me.”
“I want salvation,” cries Dawei.
“Naw, Sugga. You want revenge,” The Dark Mistress’s voice grows darker. “And I can give that to you. I can give you and your people power as you’ve never known.”
“I will not be bound by a contract. I will not become a Warlock.”
“A Goddess has little use for an errand boy. What a Goddess Wants is a champion.”
“But the Gods are dead. What can you do that the spirits cannot?”
A red and black mist swirled about in the room. The divine and dark magic so powerful that Dawei could breathe it in. The magic formed in a shape of a woman, and slowly molding from her feet up, the figure of a beautiful Elvish woman appeared before him.
Fitted in a devilish red strapless dress, her curves and bust pulled a very different emotion from the fear he felt out of Dawei. Auburn hair fell gracefully down her shoulder and perfectly pooling around her breast. Dawei followed its trail to her lovely diamond-shaped face with full lips, a dimpled smile, and her Goddess golden eyes.
“Baby, you’ll be amazed at what I can do.”
Dawei bows before the Goddess.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

When Honor is lost part 2

“You will pay for your insolence!” The Shaman says. Borjas moves to strike him, but Salib gets in the way.
“Enough! If you hit him, you will create an incident. Go outside.”
“I’m not going anywhere, and I for damn sure am not leaving him alone with you,” Borjas’s eyes are full of rage.
“Ralph, I am okay. He can’t hurt me in here. His magic is gone, he is cuffed to the table, and you’ll be right outside if anything does go wrong.”
“Not a chance.”
“Listen to that bitch of yours,” The Shaman says, and before Borjas can get to him, Salib puts herself in his way. “We all know who’s really in charge,” He says, followed by a cackle. There is a brief second where Salib loses her will and almost lets Borjas go, but she quickly regains herself and pushes him to the far wall. She places Borjas’s face in her hands and forces him to look her in her ember eyes. Borjas grabs at her hips to push her off, but she steps into it and throws off his balance. Inches apart, she gives him a cold stare.
“I’m okay.”
“I will not have this…,”
“I’m okay.”
“He’s disrespecting you!”
“I’m okay, Ralph.” Her tone is getting softer and softer as she repeats herself. Everything fades away for Borjas except the memories of her following him around as a kid. How tough she’s always been, her resilience close to his. Their whole life, he’d protected her, but sometimes she has to remind him that sometimes she has to defend him.
Borjas takes a deep breath and snaps back to the present.
“I’m good.”
“Sure,” Salib says, not letting go of his face.
“Yeah, sorry about that. It looks like I owe you ice cream again,” He says with a smile. She laughs and lets him go.
“Make it a cheeseburger, and you have yourself a deal.”
“Aw, look at the cute couple,” The Shaman mocks, then jumps when a knife flies by his head and strikes the wall. Salib looks at him with her – seriously – look.
“You know I could have hit him, right?” Salib lets out a sigh of disgust.
“Go get us coffee. I don’t trust you in here right now.”
“Fine, It’s going to be a while. I need a smoke break anyway.”
“In that case, pick up that burger too,” She says as he grabs his coat and walks out. He waves an affirmation just before he gets to the door.
Now that Borjas and all his testosterone rage has left, she can think clearly, which is a bad thing because she’s not the one who’s good at this sort of thing. Borjas does the interrogations. She uses her powers to see if they are telling the truth or not. Dragons help her. What was she going to do?
She walks across the room and sits across from The Shaman. If she honest with herself, she wants to hurt him too. He had hit her with a boulder in their fight, and she didn’t believe she got enough payback for that. Salib knew that’s why Borjas was so pissed. He doesn’t like anyone hurting her, and she hasn’t exactly been subtle about her side still hurting.
“So detective, are we just going to stare into each other’s eyes?”
“I can get him back in here if you like. You do remember how you got in here, right?”
“That boy used dirty tactics to subdue me,” The Shaman hisses.
“Last I checked, throwing one’s henchmen at a person wasn’t a dirty tactic. Or are you referring to the punch to the jaw that followed?”
“He used my men’s bodies against me.”
“And you had us outnumbered.”
“And you were violating the sanctity of our laws!”
“And you are harboring someone who broke ours!” Salib stands and slams her hands on the table.
“Let me out of these chains, and let’s handle this as they did in the old days.” The Shaman says with a slimly smile. Salib knows that she can’t take him in a magic battle, and now was not the time for Borjas to come back into the room. The door opens, but she doesn’t break eye contact.
“Let’s do that, shall we?” Salib turns her head to see that Rosa enters the room.
“What are you doing here?” Salib asks.
“Solving a problem for you. I don’t work for LMPD. I’m a consultant who can act as I see fit. I may have to follow your guidelines when in the public eye, but I am an independent contractor if I do anything that breaks your ordinances. Now, what was this about handling things the old way?” Rosa says, and her eyes flash to demonic black. For the first time, The Shaman shows fear.
“Get that warlock away from me!” The Shaman says, moving as far as his cuffs will allow.
“What’s going on? Do you know him?”
“I know him very well.” A voice says coming out of Rosa’s body, but this wasn’t her voice. This must be her Patron.
“Let me introduce myself, mortal. I am Walpurga, Demon mistress of blood and sex magic. Lin Fa here and I, we have a bit of history, don’t we, Xiao Lin.” The smile on Rosa’s body is devious and puts the evilness of The Shaman to shame.
“Detective, I will talk to you. Anything you need to know, just get her away from me.”
“Why do you want her away so bad?” Salib asks.
“Because he owes me a debt. One that he didn’t think he would ever have to pay.”
“You tricked me! I will not give you what you want.”
“On the contrary,” Salib interjects,” You may have to. According to our treaty, thanks for making me read it; by the way, you will adhere to all laws of our lands when in our custody. And as it stands, any contracts signed with a Demon lord are admissible in court. Because unlike mortals who have been known to try to get out of deals; Demons, Dragons, Spirits, and Gods always keep their end of the agreement. So if you have not fulfilled your end of the bargain, She is well within her rights to take what is owed.”
“I’m starting to think I was wrong about you, mortal. I’ll have to apologize to Rosa later.” Rosa’s body steps forward, but Salib cuts her off.
“However, if you give me what I want, I can release you, then you can claim sanctuary. I’m sure you’re familiar with the process.” Rosa’s body produces a burst of soul-shaking laughter.
“Oh, I really like you, Mortal.”

*** ***

The opening of the door to the shrine breaks Dawei from his meditation. He stays kneeling, unsure of the intentions of the small group of Orcs joining him in the small shelter. A few seconds pass, Dawei recognizes this as respect for his time. After a few more words of devotion, he rises and turns to greet them.
“Why have you come here?”
“To ask questions.” Dawei can’t hide the smile for long. It creeps across his face showing his approval.
“Ask away.”
“Why do you still serve the Gods if they are dead?”
“No one truly dies. They just move along to the spirit realm. The Gods are no different. Only their essence is so strong, they can affect the world still, though, not nearly as much as they used to.”
“So which God do you serve?”
“None,” Dawei says. He always loved this part.
“But, Clerics must serve the Gods… right?” they ask, all confused.
“Or a purpose. I serve the spirit of vengeance. I gain my power from protecting or avenging all who fall prey to the darker things in this world.”
“That’s a thing?” Dawei releases his power, forcing his fear aura over them. Unlike the brute Gen, they were entirely under his spell. They cower before him, unable to move in the presence of his devotion.
“Gaze upon my armor. The crest I bear is not one blessed by the Gods, but earned by an order.” The Orcs are too afraid to look for long. They bow before him and heed his every word. “We serve the people and fight against any that would harm the innocent. In Los Mitichas, they praise the wolf Yabe as a hero, but he is a murderer, and I will see to his destruction.”
“How can we help.” One of them asks. Dawei knew this would happen. He was counting on it.
“Take up arms with me, and pledge yourself to defend those who can’t. Vow to avenge the weak and the oppressed. Seek out and destroy the greater evil, offer no mercy to those who spread their evil into the world, and do so by any mean means.”
“By… by any means?” the youngest says with a tremble.
“By. Any. Means.” Dawei says. Dawei draws his sword and walks to the youngest. The oldest starts to chant those words. Clasping his hands and nudging the youngest, the other two join in. Dawei raises his sword and prepares it for a swing. They continue to chant. He leans into his swipe, and the blade stops at the neck of the youngest. His body is protected by a white glow that forms all around him. The youngest looks down at his hands and back up to Dawei.
“The Spirit of Vengence finds you worthy,” He says with a smile.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

When honor is lost part 1

Borjas doesn’t move when the arrow lands at his feet. Salib takes a step back, making Borjas a little agitated because he knew this would happen. Hence the reason he told her to wait in the car.
“I don’t want to make this any harder than it has to be. Just let me go in and grab young David Zaw, and we’ll be on our way.” Borjas says, exuding confidence. The stocky Orc who fired the warning shot isn’t impressed.
“Zhao Dawei! You can’t even get our names right,” The guard grumbles. “You know our laws. You don’t have jurisdiction here. Come back with your leader or get permission from ours.” The guard says.
“Xiao or Yan Wang are not our leaders. They are bounty hunters with lives. I can’t drag them away on police business every time this happens.”
“Every time this happens!” The guard yells and is joined by his buddies. “Are you to say that our people are filled with criminals?”
“Sure am,” Borjas doesn’t even miss a beat. “Petty theft, grand theft auto, distribution of narcotics, and the list goes on. Ever since the Treaty of the Three, Orc crime has increased. They know they can do whatever they want and then just run here for sanctuary.”
“There would be no treaty if your people didn’t slaughter our innocent,” The Orc says with a lot of his buddies chiming in.
“By your logic, we should be going to war because you are letting your people slaughter ours. I’m here to take him in to bring justice to our city and your tribe. Just as Yan Wang and Yasuhiro Yabe did before.” The gate to the village opens, and a few of the warrior Orcs walk up armed to meet Borjas and Salib. Salib starts to prep a spell, but Borjas stops her.
“They are just as afraid of Yan Wang as we are. They will not attack us. Not without cause,” Borjas said, lighting a cigarette. They march across the empty field until they are nine meters away. Then, showing their bows, swords, and shields, they try to bait them into fighting. Borjas doesn’t budge.
“Enough!” A voice calls out from behind the Orcs. They scramble and part for the Orc that they are clearly afraid of. An elder Orc, frail and thin, but the magical energy radiating off him is frightening. The air stands still for him, and the earth beneath his feet shifts with him, almost as if it was protecting him.
“This man is merely trying to do his job.” The Elder says.
“Thanks, finally someone with some sense.”
“But he knows our laws and shouldn’t be here.”
“Come on!” Borjas exclaim with a mouth full of smoke.
“There is no trust between your people and mine. That must still be built. This, our leaders knew, and this is why the Treaty was written so. You understand this, Detective.”
“I understand it, but what you don’t seem to understand is that your people are taking advantage of it. David didn’t even try to hide what he did.”
“Then we will bring him to justice on our end.”
“That’s not good enough for the family of the Talon that lost her life.”
“Would you fight this hard if it was one of our own? You only care because your partner is Talon.”
“That’s not true. We take every case as serious as the other.” Borjas says, finally letting his anger get the best of him. The one thing no one can do is bring up Salib to him.
“Careful Detective, you are not above our laws. Attacking us will put you in our legal system. Is that Talon worth it?”
“My Sister is,” Borjas says, flicking the butt of the cigarette at the feet of the Elder.”
“Borjas, don’t lose yourself. He is a powerful Shaman. I can feel his power.” Salib speaks up.
“Listen to your lizard friend,” the Shaman says and finds Borjas’ gun right between his eyes.
“Calling an officer of the law any slur is a hate crime. So I can take you in for that. And you may be a powerful Shaman, but bullets work on everyone.” The Elders’ backup moves to rush him, but the Elder holds up his hand to stop them.
“Are you willing to risk unrest over a girl?”
“You have the right to remain silent….” Borjas starts and turns the Elder around and freeing his cuffs with this other hand. The Elder laughs and nods his head. When he does, Borjas looks up and notices the other Orcs running to him. Clasping the cuffs quickly and pushing the Elder to the side, Borjas can hear Salib transforming and going into a breathing attack. Tapping into his Finesse, he swiftly moves out of spray range when Salib lets loose with her fire. The Orcs with shields step forward to protect the archers, but as soon as they drop their guards and the bows come up, they are tapped with shots to their shoulders.
The shield Orcs run to rush Borjas but are repelled by Salib’s magic pushing them back. In her dragon form, so takes to the skies and casts a barrier to keep the other Orcs from taking shots while she and Borjas take care of the ones closest to them. The barrier comes up just in time, and a wall of arrows slams into the barrier, but Salib’s magic was strong enough to take a few arrows.
Back on the Ground, Borjas was showing the Orcs what a Finesse user was capable of. Dancing around their attacks and landing precise blows to their jaw, knees, and throat whenever they opened up. It didn’t take him long to drop the big muscle-bound Orcs who couldn’t even tap into Power.
Turning his attention back to the Elder, he notices that the cuffs were on the ground next to him.
“Remember, detective, you asked for this.” The Elder says with a maniacal smile.


“Dawei. Dawei! They have the Elder!” a youngling Orc cries out in the chambers of Dawei. Dawei’s anger builds as he rises from the altar to face the youngling. The Humans have no respect for the laws of the Orcs. Yan Wang should have sided with the Talons to crush the Human city. Maybe then, Dawei wouldn’t have to kill their sick. Those who would side with the Humans.
“How is this possible!” Dawei roars. The youngling shrugs his shoulders and tells him to come quick. The warriors that went to greet the Humans came back injured. Dawei grabs his shield and sword and follows the youngling to see what affliction the Humans have caused now.
The healers have gathered near the village gate and were casting healing spells. Dawei was surprised to see burn marks as a part of their injures.
“How did this happen?”
“One of the Detectives is a Fire Talon. She used her Dragon form to breathe fire at us.” One of the Orcs says.
“Yeah, she’s a powerful witch. She was able to create a barrier in no time. Strong enough to take quite a few arrows.” Another says.
“This is why we should have never stopped fighting them,” Dawei starts. “They are ruthless and will be the death of us all. They don’t care that they attack our sons, brothers, fathers, and lovers. No, they only see us as criminals and monsters, ready to be killed or imprisoned.”
“Dawei, they were only here because you killed one of theirs!” Gen says. How Dawei really hated that Human loving Orc.
“And I only killed them because they are recruiting the other races to finish the job they started.”
“That’s not true, Dawei. Your hatred blinds you. I have lived among the Humans, and they valued me as one of their own.”
“Lies! They used you to learn about us. Learned our secrets to better know how to defeat us.” Dawei says, arming himself with his sword and shield. Gen sees this and takes the weapons from a guard. Gen is a warrior.
Dawei can feel his Power aura already. However, Dawei knows that Gen’s Power was no match for his Divine energy. Channeling the power of vengeance, Dawei creates an aura of fear around him. Everyone but Gen moves away from him in fear. Gen is stronger than Dawei gives him credit for.
Gen Shouts to the sky, and his body gains a blue aura. Dawei bites back a curse. A red aura is fine, the extra strength can be dodged. Blue auras, on the other hand, were harder to deal with. It was clear to Dawei that Gen was a defensive fighter. He would have to use all his divine energy to get around this.
Gen Charges Dawei, and there is a moment of fear in Dawei when he strikes Gen in the head, and not so much as a wince. Gen Tackles Dawei and smacks him in the face with the shield. On instinct, Dawei uses his magic to repel Gen off of him. Scurrying to his feet, he is just in time to see Gen’s knee hit him in the face. Dawei only stumbles back from the knee but quickly finds himself in the air from the uppercut slash. Facing the sky, he watches as Gen’s shadow covers his face. Reaching out with his power, Dawei manipulates Gen’s mind. The spell hits, and Gen forgets why he is fighting.
Dawei gets to his feet, and as soon as Gen drops his aura, he charges his shield with divine energy and smacks Gen in the face. The force from the attack knocks Gen into the Gate wall, and before he can remember what’s going on, Dawei’s sword plunges into his stomach. Dawei rips the blade out and turns his back on Gen as he bleeds.
“You see! The Gods see me as worthy. It is he who spreads lies!” Dawei yells to the group surrounding them. “The Humans are a threat, and we must prepare for them.”

Rating: 1 out of 5.

The real deal after all

“Now, Cesar!” Esmeralda yells. Yabe-Senpai’s back is open and would stay that way if Esmeralda had anything to do with it. Charged with divine energy, Cesar rushes the open area while Esmeralda does her best to lock Yabe-Senpai down. Her strike placed Yabe-Senpai’s sword across her back. A clean hit. Esmeralda couldn’t believe it. This is what she needed to turn her day around.
Was that a growl? No way! They had actually hurt him.
There was a swoosh, and he was gone. Esmeralda knew precisely what was about to happen. Yabe-Senpai teleported to the other side of the field and started prepping a spell. She knew that even before she felt the swirl of magic build up.
“Behind me!” Esmeralda shouts and builds her Power to send a slash to stop Yabe-Senpai from casting the spell, or at the very least, blocking some of it. Using her Power, she swings her sword in a horizontal slash and pushes her Power to create an energy slash from her blade. The red crescent flies across the battlefield and is pushed back from the wave of ice magic that pours from Yabe-Senpai’s hand. The crescent tries to keep the blast of ice magic at bay but quickly loses the battle.
Esmeralda prepared her sword to redirect some of the magic, but she knew this would be it. Wait. Is that Cesar taking point?
“Get behind me! Quickly!” Esmeralda screams. Esmeralda reaches for him, then feels a cooling calm wave through her. She felt of all things… safe? That can’t be right. Then Esmeralda noticed that there was a slight golden glow around Cesar. Was this true divine energy?
There is a loud crashing as the energy wave shatters under the pressure of Yabe-Senpai’s magic. Esmeralda and crew now faced a large wave of ice magic that is flash freezing everything in sight. Cesar still stood his ground. Placing his shield to his chest and planting his foot down, he took a defender stance. The area around them was encircled with a golden aura, and when the wave of ice magic hit the aura, it split and went around it. No. Way.
Esmeralda took this time to concentrate all of her power. There would be a small window of time after this spell that Yabe-Senpai would be open. She will take it if Cesar’s aura holds. In the sanctity of this aura, the only cool they felt was the divine magic that filled the air around them. The warming sensation of healing magic covered Esmeralda’s bruises, and she could feel Elisa pulling magic to her arrow as she prepares a shot.
The wave of magic ends, and the smile on Yabe-Senpai’s face disappears. In the slight moment that he needs to pull back to his stance, Esmeralda shoots across the battlefield. Esmeralda’s power-infused strike breaks his ice sword, and there is a genuine look of fear on Yabe-Senpai’s face when he nearly misses the business end of her blade. His near-miss is a short-lived victory. The magic shot from Elisa’s bow finds his side, sending him into a spin as he goes to the ground.
Yabe-Senpai’s armor kept the arrow from piercing through, but Esmeralda could tell by the way he held his side, the shot still did some damage. Following through with her attack, Esmeralda leaps in the air and comes down with a downward strike. Yabe-Senpai finds time to teleport out of the way, making her strike miss. Esmeralda quickly looks around to see him floating in the air.
“Kuraokami,” Yabe-Senpai’s voice echoes open fields of the training room. Esmeralda sucks in a hard breath and bites out a soft curse. Magic from all corners of the room pulled into his hand as a white and blue scythe appears in his hands. The manifestation of the weapons burst an aura of unnatural cold, chilling them deep within their bones. Frozen by terror and possibly ice magic, Yabe-Senpai’s eyes changed to a haunting yellow as he looks down on them.
“Yasuhiro! This is training, remember.” Xiao called out, getting up and pulling her headphones out of her ears. Yabe-Senpai’s eyes didn’t change. He hovers over Esmeralda and the crew, emanating power and creating dark tremors.
“Yasuhiro! Unless you fancy your face being shattered into pieces. Drop the scythe,” Xiao’s wife, Kira, yells from across the room. There was now a new power rushing over the area. This one was far more primal and matching her wife in training attire. Her voice shook Yabe-Senpai. Shaking his head and dispelling the scythe, he landed on the ground and looked around.
“What… what happened?” Yabe-Senpai’s voice was a lot less haunting without the scythe in his hand.
“You lost your bloody mind is what happened,” Kira says with more than a hint of annoyance.
“The kid blocked your spell, and you got smacked by a divine enhanced arrow,” Xiao says, showing her devious grin.
“The kid?” Yabe-Senpai says, and his eyes find Cesar. “You blocked my spell? How?”
“I don’t know,” Cesar admits. “I just didn’t want anyone to get hurt, so I ran in front of everyone and held up my shield. I asked Thenosan to grant me strength to protect everyone.”
“And the Goddess listened.” A smile warms Yabe-Senpai’s face. “Holy shit, you may be the real deal after all.”
“How did he do that, Yabe-Senpai?”
“He accessed celestial energy,” Yabe-Senpai says with the kind of pride that Esmeralda feels like she should have.
“How is that different from divine energy?” Cesar asks. Luckily he did because Esmeralda wants to know.
“Divine energy is pulling from the source of energy that the Gods or spirit of a cleric or paladin’s order pulled form. Celestial energy is the power given directly from the God or spirit. It’s been amplified, and it’s almost as powerful as if the God or spirit used it. It can only be as powerful as the host using it, of course, but it’s far more powerful than normal divine energy.” Wow, Cesar did that?
“How did he do this?” Esmeralda asks, patting Cesar on the back.
“The Holy Mother found him worthy of her power. This usually happens when the host is in line with the God or Spirit’s direct beliefs. They are then seen as worthy and become an instrument of their divine wrath, or in Cesar’s case, protection.”
“So I’m a real Paladin?” His hope is infections, and Esmeralda and the crew wait anxiously for an answer.
“Not quite, but he’s on the right path. He is past the first steps of doing it. He just needs to be able to do it when he wants to, instead of in dire situations.” This was still good news, and Esmeralda found herself pulling Cesar to her in an appreciative hug.
“I’m proud of you,” Esmeralda says, feeling his surprisingly strong hands.
“Thanks, Boss. I’m happy you believe in me.”
“Of course, You’re my Paladin.”
There was a smile on Cesar’s face, and for the first time in a while, there was also one on Esmeralda’s face. This was a good step in the right direction that she could do this. Everything before this moment faded away. No longer would she focus on his flaws or his past failures. This was her sign that he wasn’t hopeless, that she had made the right choice. That she would not have to kill him.
Feeling the pressure of the rest of her crew pile in on her, they huddle together in celebration of the progress they had just made. They hurt an S-rank bounty hunter to the point he nearly got serious. There weren’t many who could say they have accomplished this. Cesar is the star, tanking a full power spell from an Elite Arcane knight.
“What’s next, Boss?” Cesar says as they break up the huddle.
“We need to get you a squadmate—someone who will be on the front lines with you. But… we’ll worry about that another night. Tonight, we celebrate us coming together and getting stronger.” The crew cheers at her words, and there is clapping coming from the S-tiers not far away.
“Reyes-san, let me pay for it. You’ve earned it,” Yabe-Senpai says, joining the small circle. Esmeralda smiles and nods at him. This was only getting better for her.

Esmeralda comes too close to breaking the Bushido code, but luckily she did not indulge too much. The sake had been better than the last time she was there, or maybe sake just tasted better when you had something to celebrate. Esmeralda wasn’t sure, but what she did know was, she needs to get in the house and rest from all the parting they had done.
Luckily tomorrow was their day off anyway. Esmeralda struggles with whether or not she would give them an extra day off for all their hard work. Thinking back to Yabe-Senpai’s training, he had never given her a day off, but she had been built for battle. Her crew was made up of a couple of kids who wanted a bit of excitement in their lives. It was their choice to fight, no matter the reason, but she had to be aware of that.
Esmeralda taps her code a little slower than the norm but can still manage the task. After the tiny click of the locking mechanism, she pulls and wiggles her way through the door. Esmeralda didn’t remember the distance to the elevator being so far before. Maybe she had broken her Bushido code.
Letting that be something she would deal with in the morning, she pulls her feet and what feels like hardened cement all the way to the elevator. It’s only a couple of seconds before the ding alerts her that her chariot was on its way to swoop her to the magical place of her apartment. The hiss of the doors doesn’t sound as bad as they usually do. Tonight they sound like the start of a beautiful melody that will send her to the best of dreams. To doors open and spill dim flickering light.
Esmeralda steps in and holds props herself up against the wall with the buttons. Bumping the three button with her elbow, she rests her head against the coolness of the metal. Didn’t that feel amazing? Adjusting herself after the jutting of the elevator’s movement, she gets back in position. The voice that announced the floor was annoying, not sure if she had just realized that or if she was just still trying to pretend that her being drunk had nothing to do with this. Esmeralda tired of trying to pretend she wasn’t…
The doors hissed open, and evil seeped its way into the small corners of the elevator. This evil reeked of high-end cologne, and if Esmeralda was right, it would be wearing a tight-fitting polo, slacks, and boots. Esmeralda’s senses kicking back into high gear, she could now say for sure that if there was a hint of intoxication in her, it was entirely gone now, especially as her eyes landed on the demon at her door.
“Hello, Liebling.”

Rating: 1 out of 5.

When Honor is Lost part 4

Salib glides her thumb across the tiny screen, causing an impressive collapse of colored blocks. She raises her other hand to take a sip of luxury in a cup and does a tiny dance from its taste and warmth. A victory song plays as she’s beat the stage, and no surprise got the high score of all of her friends. A small banner appears at the top of the screen and invites her to a game sent by none other than Ralph.
No, Thank you.
She swipes up and tries to enjoy the time she has away from him. She takes another sip, hoping it will push out her memories of Ralph and Rosa, but there is not a coffee out there good enough for that. What those two called harmless flirting was the thing that belonged in romance novels, and they have probably exchanged enough words to fill one. Humans have no reserve. At least not like Talons.
Talons have the lowest number of mates of any other race, and it is becoming more than just a stereotype. It is becoming a fact. Her mind slips into the number of ‘mates’ Ralph has had over the years, and unfortunately, her best friend duties forbade her from forgetting all thirty-seven of them. Those being the ones he bothered to remember the names of, and there was no telling if there were any that he may have straight up forgotten.
Salib made that function of Ralph’s friendship easy. A loud and proud zero. Not so much as a first kiss. Salib takes another sip and starts working on the next stage while thinking about how different she and Ralph were. She was sure that he would remember all twenty-four suiters he’s had to scare away from her.
Maybe she should do the same for him. He could use a friend that would keep him from going down an immoral path. At his rate, he wouldn’t be husband material for anyone in a long time, and as much as she didn’t want marriage for her, the thought of her not having a little niece or nephew was unacceptable.
The high pitch laughter of Ralph’s favorite new person comes within earshot, and Salib knows what that means.
They’re back. Ugh.
Ralph and Rosa walk around the corner, and they may as well be hand and hand the way they carry on. While that may have been all in Salib’s head, they looked the part of ‘just friends.
“Hiding, I see,” Borjas says, silencing the sounds of victory music from his phone as well. No wonder he sent her an invite. She wouldn’t fall for it this time.
“I simply mean to give you to your space. I knew I couldn’t be your best friend forever,” Salib says, sipping from her cup and pushing play on the next level.
“You’ve never been my best friend,” Salib frowns. “You’ve been my kid sister since I met you.” Salib takes another sip to hide her smile. The scoundrel always knew what to say, that’s for sure.
“Besides, I wouldn’t want to become the best of the man who threw my husband in jail,” Rosa giggles.
“He threw himself in jail. He attacked me first knowing I was a detective,” Borjas gave a grin back.
“Why do your faces say different?” Salib says sharply. The both of them giggle.
“You’ll understand later,” Borjas says, losing the battle to lessen his grin.
“I’d rather not,” Salib quips, then squeals when she outdoes herself in a combo in her game.
Rosa and Borjas continue to talk, but all three stop when they hear a call from the Captain’s office. Excitement shoots through them as they move with haste to hopefully get the good news that they’ve been waiting for.
Captain Horst Schmidt was the best of the best in his time, which far more impressive due to him being a Demon, facing the prejudice of being a demon during the Demon Wars, and still rising through the ranks. This clearly shows how well he did, that the big wigs in LMPD couldn’t deny his loyalties or work.
Living dangerously close to all the criminals he took down. He wrote the playbook that many rogues like Borjas lived by. Being a bard himself, he carried a couple of skills that most rogues didn’t pick up, but he lacked in some of their subtle ways.
Salib always admired the Captain’s office. A bit of chic blended with modesty. Only a few paintings crafted by his daughter’s hands adorned his walls. An honor many of his plaques and certificates didn’t even get. A dracaena gold star plant kept him more company than most other living things. It was also his reminder to tend to himself. The plant only needs watering about once every week. This was when the department noticed he would take himself or some random lady out.
For all his skill in criminology, he had none in the art of dating. He tells the story of how he got lucky with the mother of his daughter, but after she passed, he had lost his touch. If it hadn’t been for his daughter insisting… demanding he find another mate, he probably wouldn’t have.
The Captain’s had a smile that always pulled away from the two horns that sat atop his head. Small backward curving spikes that could be hidden under his hat, which he usually did. However, with a small meeting of two of his top detectives and their consultant, who he knew was a warlock, he didn’t feel the need.
Lime and black-colored eyes peered from behind his desk as he gestured for them to sit. Salib always thought that his ash-gray skin helped his eyes pop more and found the combination beautiful. Still, she never voiced her opinions from fear of miscommunication making things awkward.
“Whattaya got for us, Boss?” Borjas asks with a grin that gave away any mystery of what was on his mind.
“That which you desire most, my boy.” He says, then notices Rosa standing between Borjas and Salib. “I’m sorry, my dear, I haven’t properly introduced myself,” He says, walking to her exchanging a handshake and names. “I’ve been told about your hard work around here. Welcome to the team.”
“I always expected a police captain to be a bit of a dick. How refreshing you are,” Rosa says with a relieved smile.
“My dear, there is good and bad in the world. Only you can choose which you will be. I could be the type of boss that wields my power like a whip, cracking down on those to submit to my will or be forced from my department, or I can use my power and knowledge to build the type of officers and detectives I would like to help me defend the streets. One just seems to make more sense,” He says, placing his hand on her shoulder.
Salib knew the smile that forms on her face at this encounter. It was the same one that she wore any time she and the Captain had a chat of their own. The feeling of a mentor instilling confidence in his crew. By the Dragons, did we need more men like the Captain in the world.
“The swat team have their orders. Tomorrow at 0600, you will move on the outpost. I need this to be by the books, Detective Borjas,” He says, turning to Ralph.
“Why do you say… Fine, I’ll be good.” Ralph doesn’t even try to smooth talk his way around it.
“You and Salib are still point on this. They don’t act unless you say so. Understood?”
“You can count on me, Captain,” Salib chimes in. A smile fills her face when he shows his approval.

*** ***

Deep in the forest northwest of Lao Jusuo, Dawei walks with purpose to follow the Dark Mistress’s words.
“Just a bit further now, darling,” her voice chimes in, guiding his feet and heart all the same. His sword helps him carve his way to the heart of the forest and through the few monsters that dared stand in his way. Why was he doing this? He couldn’t answer himself. He only knew that it must be done. He should be turning southward to the city of Los Mitichas. To the hands of their local authorities, as instructed by Champion Kobayashi, but yet his feet kept onward, unnaturally unburdened by his long travels.
“Here,” The Dark Mistress voice informs, and Dawei begins to look around. There was nothing here. Dawei turned all about, but he was just in the deepest parts of the forest. There was no lair, no temple, no … Dawei notices a sound. A sound known to all as fear, given breath. A beast feared by mortal men and often used to show the spirit’s rage.
A giant serpent.
The giant predator coated in scales of variant scales of greens and browns looked down on him, flicking his tongue to feel for his prey. Glowing with magic, it lets out a hiss that spews a toxic mist. Dawei’s heart locks from fear but hears the voice of the Mistress. “Have some faith in me.” Dawei could do that. Taking a step toward the creature and pushing his fear behind the Mistress’s words, he found that the mist did not affect him.
“Champions cannot be affected by poisons, toxins, diseases, or anything of the like,” her voice both soothed and strengthened him. He was a Champion now, and it was time to act like one.
The serpent looks surprised at him being unfazed by his toxic mist and retorts to show its fangs.
“Bring those to me,” The Mistress requests. No words were given back, only action. Dawei leaps up to the serpent and delivers two attacks. With a shield and sword strike, he liberates the serpent’s fangs and causes it to rear back. The serpent hisses once more and moves to slither, back into its’ lair, and away from Dawei.
“On second thought, I want its tongue too.”
Just like last time, no words are needed. The divine power fills Dawei, and he leaps across the distance and divides the serpent at the head. The spray of blood paints the forest with his deeds, and a barrier covers him from having a single drop on him.
“I like my Champions to look their best,” The Mistress remarks, and Dawei is filled with pride that she honors him so. His stride carrying the same purpose that drove him here, but that feeling is now coupled with confidence in his newly gifted power. His blade makes quick work of the head of the serpent, and it takes little effort to rip the desired muscle from the mouth of the slain monstrosity. Dawei goes to his knee as his Goddess makes an appearance, placing the required items in a pile.
Her gifts levitate and glow with her magic around until they merge into one ball of magic. The spirit of the slain enters the ball, and the magic can be felt in Dawei’s soul. A scream is pushed from Dawei’s throat when the magic of The Mistress floods him. The enchantment causes his armor to shred away, falling to the forest floor, and her magic covers him, feeling as it attaches to his skin and soul.
“You have witnessed the power I grant you, Zhao Dawei. Now stand and see your true potential.”
Dawei comes to a stand and is overtaken by joy when his eyes meet the reflection shown to him by the… His Mistress.
The plate armor of his old order was gone, and in its’ place is the armor from the scales of the great serpent. And the crest of his Goddess.
“I pledge my life to you, Mistress.”
“I knew you would.”

Rating: 1 out of 5.
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