Kiss of the Vampire: pt 4

Emily’s tongue finds the gum and a smile creeps across her face.“You are just full of good ideas aren’t you?” Emily says, with Aniker having no idea what she’s talking about. Taking the gum with her tongue, she rolls it into a small ball and wastes no time getting Aniker’s bottoms off, and one ofContinue reading “Kiss of the Vampire: pt 4”

Kiss of the Vampire pt 1

Aniker hitches a breath from the masterful strokes of a tongue, her back arching to near painful limits as lush pink lips pull and suckle her pearl.  Aniker and the Vampire overseeing her pleasure let out moans as the Vampire lifts her head to place wet circles over Aniker’s clit.  Sliding her fingers in, theContinue reading “Kiss of the Vampire pt 1”