“Do you know how to use magic?” Daniel asks the cuffed goon sitting across from him. True to the playbook, he can’t get a word from him. “Let me give you a little lesson in magic. You see, everyone thinks that witches can only use spirit magic, but we can use a little of both,” Daniel starts, pulling an old coin out of his pocket. “You see, we can change things from one to the other because we draw from the arcane realm and mix it with the spirits.” Taking the coin in both hands, he notices that the goon wants to look but keeps up the tough guy act.
Daniel opens his hands, and a poisonous spider crawls from where the coin was, but the goon doesn’t budge.
“Take your illusions somewhere else, pal. I told you I’m not talking without my lawyer.” Daniel puts both hands up and grabs his hat off the table, and walks towards the door.
The spider crawls up the goon’s arm, and when he swipes at it, he lets out a hair-splitting shrill. “Get it away from me. I’ll talk, I’ll talk!” The goon says, squirming in his chair, trying to put distance between him and the spider. Daniel walks over to the table and slams his hand down on the spider, and when he moves his hand. The coin is back.
“So let’s talk about your employer, shall we?”

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